【Translation】 Jibun wo Papa da to Omoikonderu Onii-san no Kyouteki Ikuji Nikki

Thank You to BB for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: KNOCK Nagamachi (KNOCK永街)

Track 1: Good Morning, My Beloved Child


Good morning, you’re finally awake.

That’s my girl.

You were sleeping so soundly that I thought you weren’t ever going to wake up again. I guess children’s sleep is rather deep.

I still lack experience, so I’m sorry if I’m not a dependable Papa.


Hmm? What are you looking around for? Is there something you want?

Is it milk, perhaps?

Or is it apple juice?

Since your teeth have already grown, I think you should be able to have baby food.

That’s not it?

“What is this place”…?


Are you okay? Are you still half-sleep?

This is my room. You’re in Papa’s… No, that’s not it. It’s yours and Papa’s house.

I am your father and you are my daughter.

Isn’t that right? Right?

Hmm? That’s a diaper. You aren’t at the age where you can go to the toilet yet, so it’ll be a mess if you don’t have one on.

You’ll get this precious baby dress dirty.

There aren’t many in your size seeing that you’re pretty big for a baby.

I finally found ones online and prepared several of them, but unfortunately, I don’t have enough to keep switching them, so please keep the diaper on.


What’s wrong? Why do you look so scared?

Are you afraid of Papa?

Of course not, right? We’ve been together since the moment you were born and never once have I done anything scary or that you would hate.

Did you have a nightmare, perhaps?

That dream surely didn’t consist of you being a child born to a different household and how you were already a schoolgirl and not a baby, right?

Surely not, right? You couldn’t possibly have such a bad dream, right?

You couldn’t possibly have a dream that will destroy that we’ve built up, right?


Oh, you forgot what it is?

Well, unpleasant dreams are best left forgotten. You’re my daughter, a cute baby, and my precious girl.

That’s without a doubt the case. I cannot be wrong about it. It is what’s right.

Now then, you must be hungry, right?

I’ve prepared some baby food. I did mention this earlier, but your teeth have grown in nicely, so I thought it’d be fine to introduce some solids instead of keeping you on just milk.

I’ll go bring it over, so wait just a sec.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

It’s rice gruel mixed with grated apples. It’s just the right temperature.

Here, say “ah.”

Oh, but before that, we ought to put a bib on you. It’s the same case as with the diaper, your drool and any food dropping would dirty the dress.

Come on, bring out your neck.

Bring it forward.

How cute.

Yes, yes, there we go. We’ve got it on properly.

The bib’s cute, right? It’s got bunnies embroidered onto it.


Now then, let’s get back on track and eat.

Say “ah.”

I’ll spoon-feed you, so say “ah.”

Yup, yup, make sure to chew, it’ll be bad if anything gets caught in your throat.


Does it taste good?

What’s the matter? Your face is still tense. Did it not taste good? Did it not match your taste?

But in any case, please just eat this for now. I’ll cook different things each and every day to find out what you like, so please bear with it for this one day and eat the rice gruel.

Come on, say “ah.”

Good girl.

Yes, yes, please fill your belly with the food that Papa poured his love into. I’ll cook more than enough for you.


Ah! There’s some stuck to the corner of your mouth.

I’ll get it off for you.

See? I got it off.

Hmm? Why are you so shocked? Is it that unusual for a parent to eat the food that their child spills?

We’re parent and child, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. This level of physical contact is extremely natural.

It’s one of the ways that a papa shows their child love.

Since you’re my adorable child, I might end up showing you too much affection.


Is something wrong? Why are you so stiff?

Seriously, you’re acting so strange today. Did something happen?

There’s no way that you would say that me kissing you was a shock, right? Is it that strange for a father to help themselves to their daughter’s first kiss?

There can’t be anything wrong with thatーyou belong to me. I’m meant to take your first kiss and your virginity.

But hasn’t this always been the case?

Yes, that’s right. We’ve always been like this.

We’ll always be together, both then and now. Together forever and ever. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be right.


Oh, sorry, I’m starting to act strangely too.

Good grief, it’s because you’ve been reacting weirdly. Come on, say “ah.” Even if it’s terrible at least finish this one bowl, else your body won’t last. Nutrition is absolutely essential for the healthy development of a young child.

There, there. Say “ah.”

Yes, eat it all up.

Good girl. Good girl.


Track 2: Can You Pee into the Diaper?


You finished everything! You’re such a good girl.

There, there. There, there. Pat, pat.

Your hair feels so nice. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of stroking it.

Pat, pat. Pat, pat.


Your black hair reminds me of that person. That person, your mother.

Uh. Hehe. What am I even saying? You don’t have a mother.

What was I even doing? What was I even saying just now? Why did something like that come out of my mouth?

Just why? Why?

No, no, no, something’s off.

It doesn’t make sense for me to have such thoughts. Things won’t line up anymore,

This is odd. I have to alter the way I think.


Don’t you think it’s strange? The world consists of only you and me, Us being together like this is everything, and there’s nothing else outside of that. There’s no need for it.

…Is what I’ve decided.

That’s how things should and will be.

Ehehehehe, it’s weird, isn’t it? Sorry, sorry, if I, the Papa, is this unstable then you, my daughter, would start feeling anxious too.

Sorry, there’s no need for you to worry, I’m your Papa, so you can depend on me anytime. I will protect you from the world, my beloved daughter.


Sorry, you’re all I need. I couldn’t care less about other women.

Oh, this isn’t good, I’m being thoughtless as well to have mentioned the idea of other women in front you. You’d get jealous, wouldn’t you? Right?

No need to worry, you’re all I have. You and only you. You’re the only one I love.


What soft earlobes.

Does it tickle?

Sorry, sorry, your ears looked so delicious that I couldn’t help but play around. But since we’ve come this far, I’ll do it to the other side too…

It would be unfair to your left ear, no?


Did that feel rather nice? Do you like having your ears licked?

Because it looked like you shuddered. And you have goosebumps on the back your neck.

And it’s not just the back of your neck… Your entire body seems to be enjoying it.

Why are you so silent?

There’s nothing shameful about feeling good. It’s fine to be honest.

Or has the drug begun taking effect?


Yup. Drugs.

I mixed some into the rice gruel earlier. A diuretic, that is.

It’ll be bad if you don’t pee, right? It should be around time. So, do you feel like peeing?

You want to, don’t you?

Ahh…that must be why you were shaking earlier. Holding it in isn’t good for your body, so pee.

Don’t worry, Papa will watch.


Eh? Where?

Like usual. You have a diaper on, no? So you can pee here.

Shall hold your hand?

Mhm. Here. Squeeze.

Don’t worry, just go pee, alright?

You’ll do it, right? You’re a good girl, after all, so you’ll pee in front of Papa, right?


No, no, you’re still a baby, so you won’t fit on the toilet seat. So no need to push yourself, you can just do it here.

No worries, you can just let it all out into the diaper. I’ll clean up right after.


You can’t? You just can’t?

Hmm, what do we do? You do want to pee, right? Look, your eyes are starting to get watery.

No need to force yourself, just be honest. You’re a baby, after all.

There’s no need to be weirdly conscious, it’s natural.

Why? Why have you suddenly lost your ability to pee? It’s alright, it’s alright. Papa’s with you, you’ve already done this many times.

Yes, this is what we’ve always done, so there’s no way you would suddenly be unable to today. It’s, it’s almost like our everyday life is being destroyed…!!!


Hehe. Sorry, I’m sorry. For some reason, I’m emotionally unstable today.

During times like these, I ought to kiss your cheeks and calm myself.

My adorable daughter, my one and only daughter…

Oh, you’re trembling. You must really want to pee, right? To be still holding it in… Are you developing a sense of shame too, perhaps?

You’re such a precocious child​. So you’re embarrassed to have Papa see you pee.

But nope. I believe I told you this earlier, but holding it in is bad for your body. You have to let nature do its thing. Besides, it’s the job of the Papa to make sure their child pees.


Since that’s how it is… Come on, pee.

I’ll hold your hand. It’s alright, I believe in you, my clever daughter, so pee into the diaper, alright?

So come on, squeeze, squeeze my hand tightly. Squeeze tightly and then relax.

Once you do, it’ll come out. It’ll immediately come out.

Keep going, keep going, make sure to pee, alright?


It’s coming out, it’s coming out. Ahh, you’re such a good girl, you’re such a good girl.

Yes, yes, just like that. Let it out all.

Trickle, trickle. Drip, drip.

You’re such a good girl. As expected of my daughter. I was confident that you’d be able to do it.

Oh, you’re crying. Was it that embarrassing to have Papa watch you pee?

But worry not, this is normal between a parent and child. It’s not embarrassing, if anything, it’s an act worthy of praise. You actually peed.

Good girl, good girl.

There, there. There, there.


I’m starting to feel strange after seeing you be such a good girl. Though as a Papa, it’s only natural for me to love my daughter, so it can’t be helped, can it?

No, no, more importantly, we have to change your diaper. I have to check what’s inside.

Wait, hey, why are you struggling so much?

Hey, hey, settle down! It feels unpleasant like that, doesn’t it?

Jeez… Come on, Papa will get angry. Stop struggling, stay still!!!


Alright. You’re such a good girl for listening.

Yes, yes, spread your legs.

Ahh… You actually peed, you actually peed into the diaper.

There, there. Now then, before we change it, let me check one other thing.

Hmm? What exactly?

There might still be pee left inside, no? Seeing how embarrassing you were, I’m not sure you let it all out. So I’ll check to see if there’s any left or not.


Inserting my fingers inside my daughter sure makes me excited.

Hey, don’t struggle.

Hey, I’ll seriously get angry!!!

Yes, yes, it’s best to be still. First I’ll wipe the top with a tissue…

Wipe, wipe.

Oh, what a beautiful pussy.

Your clit is small and tiny; it’s such an adorable-looking cunt.

Let me tease this cute little clitoris that’s hidden by this hood. Otherwise, it would hurt if I were to insert my fingers.


Here, I’ll stroke it.

You’ll be a good girl, right? I’ll stroke and stroke and stroke with the base of my finger…

You gave a little jolt.

You’re weak to this spot, aren’t you?

This is a girl’s weakness.

Stroke, stroke, stroke…


You were struggling so much, so I thought you hated it, but in the end, you’re enjoying it, aren’t you?

You really aren’t honest, are you?

Good girl, good girl.

You’re starting to get a little wet and you look like you want me to remove the hood from your clitoris.

That said, touching it directly would kind of hurt, so I’ll stroke it back and forth with the hood on.


You’re leaking more and more juices and your shut pussy is slowly spreading open…

No matter how young you are, at the end of the day, you’re still a woman. You’re feeling it from my touch. This is the moment where our feelings as Papa and daughter connect.


Let’s spread a bit of your juices.

Well? Do you hear it? It’s making wet noises. The juices pouring out of you are covering my fingers.

There, there.

Your pussy was lonely, wasn’t it? Not just your clitoris, you wanted me to give love to your insides too, right?

Now then, let me insert my fingers.

Relax. Come on.


They’re going in… My… Papa’s fingers are inside his daughter…

Your insides are so warm. And it’s twisting.

Having my fingers inside your vagina is like having me touch your innards, and it makes my heart race.


I said something frightening, didn’t I?

Sorry, my cute kid, don’t be scared, just feel it, feel my fingers, and feel my caresses.

Look, I’m checking to see if you have any more pee left in you.

I’ll press on your urethra from inside your vagina.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Like I thought, more sprayed out. So there was still more left in you, huh.


Let more of it out. If we don’t get it all out…

Come on, come on, come on.

For my daughter, my precious baby, to be spraying pee from my loving caresses… It’s wonderful!

Pee more out.

Come on, more. More!


There’s more.

Just how much do you have stored up in you? You let so much into the diaper and yet you still have so much more left.

You’re such a naughty girl.

Since you had this much left in you, I guess there wasn’t a need for a diuretic.

That aside…


Alright, it looks like we got most of it out.

Now then, let’s have you cum once before we change your diaper.

Yes, since you let out all your pee, I’ll dig at your insides and make you feel good.

Seeing that you’re this wet, you’re feeling it, aren’t you?  It’s not good to stop half-way, so I’ll have you climax.

I’m sure you know what it means to “cum”, right?

“No, no” again?

As expected, you’re developing a sense of shame, aren’t you? Seeing that you think it’s embarrassing to have your beloved Papa make you cum.

Though, I guess it is a bit embarrassing to have others see you writhe in pleasure.


But listen well, we’re not lovers nor a married couple of that sort, we’re parent and child.

We’re a Papa and his daughter, do you understand that?

Joy, sorrow, we share it all, so there’s no need to be embarrassed. Alright?

It’s alright. I’ll make you feel super good.

See? See? See? It’s almost like your insides are sucking my fingers in, no? It’s not rejecting them at all. Look, your insides are coiling around them as if to say that they don’t want to let go.

Your body is honest and is accepting the pleasure.


Good girl. Good girl.

There, there.

You’re such a good girl, so you’ll feel good from Papa’s fingers, won’t you?

Having your insides caressed…

Here. It’s here, isn’t it? The G-spot as they call it.

If I keep rubbing it, you’ll cum in front of Papa, won’t you? Come on, come on, cum. Your thighs are shaking, so don’t resist it.

Good girl. Good girl. You’re such a naughty girl.

Come on, cum. Just cum. Your pussy is quivering from Papa’s fingers.

Come on, come on. Cum!


You came, didn’t you? …Because your insides tightened.

This is great. This is wonderful. Being able to make my daughter cum with my own hands… This is what you call the joys of being a father.

Good girl, good girl.

Your body’s still trembling. Looks like you still haven’t gotten over your orgasm.

Oh, how adorable. Having your own child tremble within your arms, what an adorable sight this is.

It’s wonderful, it’s absolutely wonderful.


There, there. Good girl. You’re the best daughter I could ever have. Seeing how things are, you should be able to accept Papa, right?


Track 3: You’ll Accept Papa, Right?


Hey, don’t struggle.

In any case, your sense of embarrassment is way too strong.

What a precarious child you are. Do you hate the idea of accepting Papa that much?

You came from my fingers yet you’re opposed to what’s about to happen?

No need to be scared. When I saw you cum from my fingers, I just couldn’t control myself anymore.

Me, no… I want you to accept Papa.

You’re my daughter, so you can, right? It’s a given, right?


Good girl, good girl.

My beloved child, there’s no need to be scared.

Isn’t that right? This is your first time, so it’s not strange for you to be taken aback by it, right?

I plan to carefully take your virginity.

But… Since I’d be taking it either way, it doesn’t matter if I accelerated things a little, now would it?


I decided upon it the moment you were born as my daughter.

In order to complete our world, overlapping our bodies is essential, so there’s nothing weird about it nor is there anything to fear.

So, accept me.

You’re all I have. You’re all I have, my beloved daughter.


Are you completely unwilling?

I guess you’re afraid.

I see. I guess that can’t be helpedーseeing that you still can’t understand after what I’ve said.

There’s no helping it.

Since you won’t understand, your mouth is…

Oh, right, that exists for times like these.

Come on, put this in your mouth.


Yup! I thought it’d be sad if your mouth were to get lonely when your Papa was away, so I bought one.

A pacifier, that is.

Say, “ah” and hold this in your mouth.

Let’s silence this mouth that keeps spouting naughty thingsーespecially when your body is honest about it.

Hey, I told you to open your mouth!

Put it in your mouth! Do as I say!!! Do it, do it, do as I say…!!!


Good girl. Now don’t let go of that, because if you do, even I don’t know what I might do.

But even so, that pacifier really suits you.

It’s so cute. You really are the baby I dreamed of.

You’re a lovely daughter. Sorry for snapping at you, but some strictness is required when teaching good manners,

Listen, if you don’t listen to me, I’ll have to use force. Got it?

You have to make sure you comprehend that fully. I’m sure you understand, right? You’re a clever one, after all. You are my intelligent daughter, after all.


Yup. Good girl, good girl.

Then here I go.

This is the commemorative moment where Papa enters his dear daughter’s pussy.



I felt it with my fingers too, but I didn’t think it’d be this tight. To think the inside of one’s own daughter would be this-

Wait, this is, this is blood. There’s a bit of blood coming out.

Ahh, I knew it! You were an untainted virgin.

I knew since you were my daughter and I was sure of it, but you really were…

Thank god. Thank god.

I love you. I love you. You’re the best. Thank you, you’re the best daughter I could ever have.

You’re my treasure.


My beloved child, you’re such a good girl. You’re such a good girl.

There, there. There, there.

I love you so much, I love you so much that I can’t control it.


I’ll start moving. Here I go.


You’re squeezing me so tightly. It feels like you’re going to bite it off.

So this is how a virgin’s… So this is how one’s beloved daughter’s pussyhole feels.

You’re so young yet you were able to accept me; it’s amazing. Is this what it means to be a parent and child?

I’m so happy.

Don’t cry,

It hurts, doesn’t it? Of course it does. You’re still so young so taking on Papa’s dick is more than one can ask.

But…I just couldn’t wait for some reason.

You’re such a good girl for accepting it.


There, there. There, there.

Good girl, good girl.

Pat, pat. There, there. There, there.

I don’t know if it’ll distract you from the pain, but I’ll stroke your clitoris. It’s a spot that you’ll definitely feel good from.


Stroke, stroke. Stroke, stroke.


My, your clitoris is popping out from under the hood.

Your body seems to understand that these actions right now evoke sexual arousal.

You’re such a good girl. As expected of my daughter.

Good girl. Stroke, stroke. Stroke, stroke, stroke.

Your body’s making jerks… It feels good, doesn’t it? If I keep teasing your clitoris, we’ll probably be able to cum together.


When you react from your clitoris, your insides tighten too. At this rate…I’ll cum so much sooner than I imagined.

Listen, I’ll cum inside. Papa will pour his white dick milk inside you.

It is what a proper parent and child relationship should be like. The Papa would cum inside his daughter and his daughter would accept it.

An infinite loop of that is what is ideal.


Here I go.

I’ll twist your clit, so let’s cum together-!


I’m cumming, I’m cumming inside… Inside you, inside my beloved daughter’s pussyhole,

I’m pulling out.


Cum is spilling down from inside you.

I came more than I thought I would. Your insides felt too good, and I loved you too much.

I love you.

Also, it hurt, didn’t it?

I don’t know if it’ll comfort you, but I’ll tend to the parent-respecting pussy that fulfilled its duty of accepting Papa.



I know it can’t be helped since it’s my cum, but…

Good girl. You’re such a good girl. Your pussy was the best. You’re the greatest girl in the world, you’re a daughter who fulfills her duties.


It’s a bit salty. It must be from the pee earlier.

But I don’t hate it. When I think about how it’s a part of you, I can’t help but love it.

You really are weak to your clit. You reaction so much just from me licking it a little.

It’s fine. Papa will suck on it. Papa will lick your early-developed all you want.


You’re about to cum?

I can tell even if you don’t directly say it. …Seeing how honest your body is.

Go ahead. Cum.


You came. Your juices poured right into my mouth.

You’re such a naughty girl.

Good girl. There, there. I’ll remove your pacifier.


So, how did your first time feel? How did it feel to take in Papa’s dick?


So you were happy. So happy that your voice is tearful.

What a relief.

Good girl, good girl.

Now then, you must be tired, right? Let’s take an afternoon nap.

Here, use this.


Hmm? Oh, it’s a restraining belt.

I’m kind of tired too, and I want to sleep with you, so I’ll have you use this.

When you’re the only one sleeping, I can watch over you, but… But what if something bad happens? Then you might no longer be my daughter.

You wouldn’t want that to happen, right?

So use it.

You’re a good girl, so you understand, right?




I love you, my dear daughter.


Track 4: The Cracks Between Dream and Reality


What was that? A dream?

Oh, sorry, did I wake up?

No, uh, sorry, I saw a strange dream. In that dream, my feelings were one-sided,

That person already had a husband and even a daughter. But like a fool, I fell in love regardless of our status.

And during that time, an incident happened.

That woman got hit by a car, and then, and then…


I…I didn’t know what is what anymore. I was confused, and then, and then at that time, I saw her. A girl that looked exactly like her. Her daughter.

Right. I thought that girl was practically her reincarnation.

From there, I kept pursuing her.

And before I knew it, that child became my emotional support and I was no longer chasing that person’s visage,

But hindrances followed her.

An evil man. On the basis that he is her father, the man who stole away everything that mattered to me was constantly lurking her around.

How could he do that? How is that allowed?


I had a thought. What if I was the father.?

How great that would’ve been.

But…that doesn’t make sense, right? I have you, my dear beloved daughter. Why would I want to become the father of someone else’s child?

It doesn’t make sense… It’s weird, something is…

From the moment you were a baby, I… That girl… How great it would’ve been to dote on you.


Don’t…please don’t abandon me. Please don’t abandon Papa. Please stay by my side. Please stay a helpless child forever.

If I were to lose you, I would lose the reason that I’m clinging onto to live.

So please, I’m begging you.

I love you. I love you. Please don’t leave me. Please don’t leave Papa alone.


What is it? I saw a stir.

You want me to remove the restraining belt?

But if I were to remove it…I have a feeling that you’d leave me.

You wouldn’t?

Are you, are you comforting me?

You’re so kind.

That’s right I have such a lovely daughter. It doesn’t make sense for me to have such a nonsensical dream.

There’s something wrong with me.


Yup. Sorry.

I love you. I love you immensely.

And I always will.

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