【Translation】 UB●R S●X ~Sawayaka Kouseinen ga Seijitsu na Kairaku wo Otodoke shimasu~ 300DL Track


Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Mitsuhashi Wataru (三橋渡)

Track 1: The Pair Afterwards


Are you alright? You’re not cold, right?

I see. That’s a relief to hear. Though, if we were coming all the way to a seaside park, we should’ve chosen a more sunny day. Today’s cloudy, so the weather’s not the best. Plus, the winds are strong.

Sorry for saying that I wanted to see the ocean. Perhaps, other places would’ve been a better choice.

My hometown’s in a landlocked prefecture, so seeing the ocean relieves tension for me. Had it been possible, I wish we could have ridden a ship together.


Do I find it cute…?

It’s kind of besides the point, but although I longed to have a date on a ship with my girlfriend, I never imagined that no ships would be leaving the docks due to the strong winds.

Umm, it’s cold, isn’t it?

My plan was for us to go on a short stroll after, but now I don’t know what we should do.


Would you like to come over to my house? It’s close to here.


To be honest, I was always hesitating as to whether I should invite you. Not many people visit, so it’s not exactly the prettiest of places.

Understood. Please follow me then.


Come on in. It is a bit messy, though.

My house has one combined dining room/kitchen, so I use the dining room area as my workspace. And that’s why you see a computer desk plus bookshelves over there; it’s where I usually write my articles.

That room is seriously just for sleeping.

Eh? Of course not.

The bed’s big because uh, I hate sleeping on small beds, that’s all. Were you feeling jealous?

I’ll go ahead and say this, but I start feeling jealous when you’re not direct.

Of other delivery men.

Had I not called out to you that day, you would’ve taken on someone else as your partner, would you not? It’s unpleasant to imagine and of course I’d get jealous.


Sorry for having an overactive imagination.

It’s during times like these that I hate the fact that I’m younger. I lack composure.

Please take a seat over there while I go brew us some coffee.


That’s uh, umm……

You’re free to look inside the box. But you might be a little taken aback, though,


Yes, it’s the toy I used on you.

When I quit my job as a delivery man, I took this since it didn’t need to be returned.

I had disposed of everything else, but because you had liked this one in particular, I couldn’t just throw it away, so I kept it.

Really? I don’t particularly…

Though it does remind me of all sorts of things, so I do enjoy looking at it.


Why don’t we try it out again after all this time? Because I’m always up for it.

Turn this way.

Ugh, this is a bit vexing. I was planning to kiss you on top of the ship, but it wasn’t happening.

I had a lot of fun having normal dates with you. It’s just that we’ve been having so many normal days that we’ve barely made out.


Are you wanting to take a shower?

No, I can’t wait.

So your underwear was pink today.

Hmm? Does it really only tickle?

That’s not the case, right?

Let’s lift you onto the bed. Up we go.


You’re not heavy at all.

I’ll remove your skirt as well, so please lift your hips up a little.

As for your stockings… Sorry, would it be alright if you could take them off yourself? I’m scared that I’d rip them.

I’ll undress too.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Uh, uhh… I’m sorry, I was instinctively formal. I’m mindful of it, but you know, old habits die hard as they say.

Is it a bit cold, perhaps? Your nipples are already erect.

So, why don’t we try using that toy again after all this time?

Yup, the egg vibrator.

Please wait just a moment.


Oh, but we don’t have any lube.

I should make you wet first then.

I’ll be touching you.

Nope, don’t press your knees together.


Like I thought, you’re pretty wet already. My fingers have already made this slippery.

You don’t actually want me to stop, do you? I know that you love being touched by my fingers.

When I spread this place open and move back and forth like this…

Look at how much you’re panting. It feels good, doesn’t it?

Seems like it’ll be fine for me to use the egg vibrator on you, I’ll take it slow in the beginning because it’s been so long.


You may want me to insert the vibrator inside, but I want to take on that role, so please bear with it for now.

I’ll turn on the switch,

How does it feel after so long?

Looks like it feels as good as I thought. The moment I pressed the egg vibrator onto your clitoris, this place visibly tightened. Not to mention, you’re leaking tons of pussy juice.

I wonder what state your insides are in.


It’s as amazing as I thought. I only have one finger inside yet you’re squeezing it so tightly.

Does the egg vibrator really feel that good?

It seems like it does. Shall we turn it up?

It hurts?

I guess it’s a bit painful when you feel it too much. But I really enjoy seeing you writher like this.

It’s hot and I can’t get enough of it.


I was really holding back when I was a delivery man.

Eh? Oh.

Really? Was that the case? I guess I didn’t really hold back.

Are you close to cumming? Well?

Let’s stop here then. I want you to cum again and again from “that”, so please wait just a moment.

I know.

Huh? You’ll ride me?

Please go right ahead.


My dick is already erect, so you don’t have to touch it so much.

Please don’t.

We never had a chance to meet last week, so if you do something like that… I’ll cum.

It feels good, but more importantly, right now-

Wait, seriously stop.

Jeez, I’m happy that you’d touch me in that way, but right now, I want to enter inside you as soon as possible.


Just like that…

Wait, it’s too tight.

If you show me an expression like that then of course I’d get bigger.

A little more.

It’s in.


Hey, turn your face towards me.


I’ll start moving a little.


Your boobs are swaying.

You can bury yourself in even deeper. You know where your own pleasure spots are, right?

Yes, the deep spot up top.

Press it right up against that area.


It’s no use? You can’t get it to reach?

I feel good, though.

In that case, I’ll go on top then.

Position your back… Yes, that’s right.



Well of course. I know just how sensitive you are, more so than you do yourself.


I’m referring to you, obviously. You’re soaking wet, and your pussy feels way too good.

I feel so hot it feels like I’m about to melt too.

I’m already…


I apologize, I’ll be moving for real for just a bit.

I’m about to…

Wow, just wow.

This place is super drenched. The way you’re leaking out so much pussy juice is adorable.

It’s sucking in my cock.



I know. It’s so tight. I’m about to too.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Hmm? You thought you were going to die?

Seriously, every last word out of your mouth is interesting

Though, when it comes to you and me, death during sex isn’t entirely an impossibility.

Regardless, I would like you to live a little longer. Try your best to not die when we do it too much.


Will you be staying over this evening?

Please stay over.

Frankly, I brought you over with no intention of letting you leave. There’s still a bunch more toys to use, so let’s make lots of love tonight.

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