【Translation】 UB●R S●X ~Sawayaka Kouseinen ga Seijitsu na Kairaku wo Otodoke shimasu~


Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

ウー●ーセ●クス ~爽やか好青年が誠実な快楽をお届けします~

CV: Mitsuhashi Wataru (三橋渡)

Track 1: First Delivery


Pardon me, you must be the client, correct?

Thank god.

I’m the delivery man, Shou. Thank you for choosing our service. We offer safe, worry-free, honest sex, and we are happy for your patronage.


Did I say something funny?

I don’t think I said anything that would cause you to laugh, though…

Well, I guess it is strange to call it “honest” sex.

Dear value customer, although you had requested the beginner course, have you used other female-oriented sex services before?

No, most people are nervous and are at loss as to what to do during the first time. But seeing that you laughed, dear customer, I was under the impression that you were experienced in this regard.

Is that so?

I apologize. I misunderstood the situation. That said, I’m incredibly happy that you chose me for your first use of the service.

Now then, please allow me to first give you a run-through.


You’ve already taken a shower, correct?

Then please take a seat on the bed.

Our company focuses on the use of hands and adult toys for sexual play; there will not be any penetration involved.

Are you alright with that aspect?

In that case, I’ll be explaining the tools that I’ll be using.

This is an egg vibrator.

I’ve brought several of these egg vibrators. This one is your standard egg vibrators, so it’s small and round. Not only can they be pressed onto your clitoris, but they can also be inserted vaginally or anally.

When they’re this size, they’ll go in.

Next is this.


They look like Japanese confections, don’t they?

This is a product aimed at women produced by the same company that manufactures masturbation aids for men.
*iroha – designed by Tenga

Are you curious?

Would you like to try this out first then?

You can remain seated. Just spread your legs a little. Also, you’re free to keep your bathrobe on.

Please lean on this pillow in place of the cushion.

Don’t be so nervous, please try to relax. It’ll feel better that way.


I’ll begin by applying lube then.

You had answered that you had no allergies on the questionnaire, but please tell me if you feel any pain or itching.

It’s warm, right?

It’s warming lube. I’ll also be applying it inside, so I’ll be spreading this place a little.


It doesn’t feel uncomfortable, right?

That seems to be the case. The inside is already heating up.

Don’t hold back your voice, it’ll feel better to let it out.

You answered “normal” in the prior questionnaire, but it appears that you have a sensitive disposition.

I’m not lying. Because look, I’m merely placing my fingers in and around it and you’re already this…

You notice it, right?


That look of embarrassment’s nice.

Then let’s make you feel even better.

I’ll use the egg vibrator.

Don’t worry, I haven’t turned on the switch.

It’s soft, right? The other egg vibrator is of the hard variety, but this one is soft.

It looks like the right match, doesn’t it? It fits this place of yours perfectly.

I’ll turn on the switch then.


Immediately pressing it onto your clitoris would hurt, so I’ll slowly slide it over.

That said, whenever I reach the area between the clitoris and vagina, it causes both the inside and outside to vibrate; many say that they like it for that reason. So, how is it for you?

Are you about to cum?

Regardless, please restrain yourself for a bit. It’ll be harder on you later if you were to cum now.


I’ll move the egg vibrator upwards.

Like I thought, your reactions are different when I place it here. Shall I press it down harder? Or would you prefer I be gentle?

Understood. I’ll use more force then.

I’ll stop the moment it hurts, so please don’t hesitate to tell me.

You’re free to cling to my shoulders.


Well then, please go ahead and cum.


Did you cum?

Okay, got it.

Right now it’s a bit much, no? Feel free to plop down onto the bed.

So, what did you think of this? Did you like it?

But this isn’t enough for you, right? Why don’t we try a vibrating dildo next?

Have you ever had one inside?

No, uh, u-umm, I’m not referring to a penis, I meant a vibrating dildo.

Eh? Are you, by chance, a virgin?


What a relief.

Everything aside, was I to tear your hymen with a vibrator, I’d need to make a lot of preparations so to speak.


I do receive orders from virgins as well. In those cases, I do what I can to make them feel good, but if it’s their first time, it takes time for it to start feeling good. As such, I always like to ask for people’s personal statements right at the onset.


Has your body settled down while we were chatting?

Then please choose vibrator you prefer out of those. If nothing peaks your interests, I’ll tell you my recommendation.


No, no uh, I don’t exactly have a part on me to test it on.

That’s not what I-

You know, I mean, the whole anal penetration thing, I wasn’t talking about myself. Something this big won’t fit.

No, uh, I mean, if they’ve trained in that area, it might go in, but I haven’t, but I haven’t trained in that area.


I apologize, I didn’t expect this development.

No, umm, it’s fun. It’s not a bad thing.

Not at all. If anything, I find you cute. If you happen to utilize our services again, please request me once more. I would love a chance to see you again.

Now then, let’s test out my recommended vibrator before the lube dries.


This is the one.

Will you be alright with this?

Do you find it big?

It’s just that the tip of it is soft, so with this size, it fits snugly inside your vagina and gives you a really nice feeling.

Oh, and of course, I’m not talking from personal experience. It’s information I obtained from clients and others in this business.

Now, this time, let’s have you lie down.

Can you face up and place your knees up? I’ll apply some lube and prep it with my fingers.


Spread your legs a little wider…

Yes, that’s good.

I’ll insert my fingers then.


It feels like it has gotten hotter.

It is the lingering effect of before?

Dear customer, your place here is nice. It’s a pretty pink color and it tightens throughout, both here at the entrance and down further in.

This is what you call an excellent vagina.

Has no one ever mentioned it?

It does seem like a pretty tight fit though.

Please take a deep breath in. Slowly.

Alright, that’s the second finger. It doesn’t hurt, right? Since something big will be going inside here, I would like you to relax.


I’ll put it in then.

Please breathe slowly like you are now. If you tense up too much, it’ll get hard for you to breathe.

Yes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Slowly.

Can you tell that it went in just now?

About one-third of it.

Now, this is half. Is it too much for you, perhaps?

I’ll insert in all of it then.


It’s in.

I put it in slowly so that you’d quickly ease into it, but how is it?

I’ll move it with my hand then.

Can you tell? This is the shape of the vibrator.

Shall we turn on the switch then?


Well? It feels good, right?

Can you feel that it’s reached all the way in?

Like I thought, you’re sensitive.

In that case, why don’t we have you cum continuously? I’ll move it like a piston.

This place up top and this area deep inside are your sensitive spots. Please be aware of these when you’re doing it yourself.


Are you about to cum?

You came?

Then having just cum, I’ll press it up against your most sensitive spot here…

Alright, that’s the second time.

Do you think you’ll be able to handle a third time?

Then let’s have you cum a third time.

For men, after cumming once, we aren’t able to cum again for a period, but with women, it’s possible for them to cum non-stop if done properly. That said, I guess it’s starting to get too much.


Are you alright? Did I go too far?

Thank you, I’m happy that you’d say that. I’m very earnest in this regard, so it’s great to hear your satisfaction.

Please allow your body to rest for the next while.

I’ll excuse myself after I finish tidying up.


Track 2: Second Delivery


Hello, it’s Shou. Thank you for selecting me a second time.

I didn’t think you’d ask for me again so quickly, but I’m really happy. It’s wonderful to know you enjoyed the experience.

Me too. You’re someone who I find easy to talk to too.

Anyhow, let’s begin.


Hmm? Eh? No, that’s not it. I was constantly thinking about how “I’d use this on you” or “I’d tease you like this” since your request of me.

I wish to offer you my “service” immediately.

Would you like me to do the same thing as last time and use an egg vibrator along with a vibrating dildo on you?

There’s also the option of using the egg vibrators on your nipples, the electric massager, and so on and so forth.



Is it alright for you to leave the choice of tool to me? Or would you prefer to choose them yourself?

Roger that.

Anyhow, please start by sprawling out on the bed.

I think the room is a little too bright, so please allow me to darken it a little.

Now then, I’ll be applying lube like I did last time. Please relax, stand on your knees, and spread your legs.

I’ll be applying it then.


I haven’t even touched you yet and you’re already wet.

I’m happy that you were looking forward to this.

Though if it’s too wet, it conversely gets too slippery and you won’t be able to feel much, so I don’t think you need much lube. But let’s still apply it this time.

Plus, it appears as though you like it when this place is a sloppy mess.


Wow, it’s even dripping down onto the sheets.

Do you become like this even during normal sex? Because it seems like it’ll be quite the clean-up if you were to do it at home, in your own bed.

Understood. I’ll use this egg vibrator then.

Please relax.


Can you tell? The tip of this vibrator V-shaped, so it can pinch your clit. For that reason, you can feel the vibrations more intensely.

The direct contact, the feeling of being unable to escape… It’s nice, right?

Go ahead. Go ahead and cum.

I’ll insert my fingers inside you.


It’s nice, you clamp down on my fingers whenever you cum and inside of your vagina’s twitching.

In that case…

Why don’t we use both at the same time today?

Rest assured, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Please leave it to me.


Look, it’s being swallowed up and engulfed.

Ah! Is the egg vibrator too strong?

I apologize, please bear with it for a little longer. It’ll start feeling really good.


It’s all in.

Now please breathe slowly, I’ll be turning on the vibrator.

When you have a clitoral orgasm from the egg vibrator, you’ll clamp down on the vibrator inside you and then you’ll have a vaginal orgasm. And since you’ll be more sensitive, you’ll have another clitoral orgasm from the egg vibrator. And so on and so forth.

And just like that, you end up in a state where you’re cumming non-stop so to speak.

You really are sensitive, aren’t you?


Hmm? Something coming?

Go ahead. Let it out.

Come on.


You squirted so much.

You didn’t wet yourself. It’s “squirting” as they call it. Well, the composition is more or less the same though.

But I’m happy that it just felt that good.

You’ve been cumming non-stop, no? Would you like me to stop?

Then let’s take a little break from the egg vibrator. But in turn, we’ll keep the vibrating dildo in.

It’ll be fine, so please do as I say.

I’ll be making some preparations, so please wait like that for a bit.

I told you, didn’t I? You must not turn off the vibrator.

Everything will be fine. Trust me.


You become less sensitive the longer you have the vibrator in, so I can’t recommend keeping it in for a long period of time, but in your case, I don’t think there’ll be a problem in leaving it in for about an hour or so.

Don’t worry, I won’t be doing that.

But… Why don’t we try using this?

Yes, it’s a blindfold.

There are many who enjoy these types of things, so what about you?

Then please lift your face a little.


Did you tighten up from the movement just now?

I’ll soon make you experience far more pleasure, so please wait.

Now please turn towards me and spread your legs even further. Give me a good look at your pussy.

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Come on, hurry up.


It’s entirely engulfed, isn’t it?

I apologized, I simply had the urge to tease you. So you’ve become so sensitive that you feel it from just my breath, huh.

It’s shifting a little…

I’ll pull out the vibrator for a bit. Please don’t cum from the sensation of me pulling it out.


That’s it for that.

For the last bit, we’ll have another vibrator to round things out. Today, we’ll be using this.

Though I say that, you can’t see.

Please feel it with your body then.

The feeling of being pushed in and spreading you open is nice, isn’t it?

I’ll spread it a little more.

It can still go in further. A little further. Has it reached deep inside you?

I haven’t turned it on yet, so I’ll be moving it slowly.


How does it feel?

In that case, let’s slightly change positions.

Lift your body and I’ll hold you from the back. The vibrator’s all the way, so there should be a problem with you getting up.

Though you might end up feeling good from just that.


We’re sticking pretty closely together, but is that alright with you? It’s not unpleasant for you, right?

Yes, me too. I feel happy when we’re this close together too.

I’ll stimulate your clit with my fingers, and…

Your breasts?

Are you sure? I’ll be touching them with slippery hands though?

I understand. But, umm, if I were to touch your breasts in this position, even I would get erect. Would you not be uncomfortable if it were to press against your back?

Understood. Then…


Your breasts are bigger than I thought. And they have a bit of sweat on them.

Not to mention, the nape of your neck smells good…

Would you prefer that I tease them hard or would you prefer that I massage them gently?

Got it. Then your nipples…

They’re cutely erect.

I was planning to use an egg vibrator on them, but now I feel like making you cum with my fingers.

Would be alright with my fingers?


Your clit is perky too.

It’s so cute.

Then this place, together with your nipples… Oh, but before that, please allow me to turn on the vibrator.

Are you feeling it?

Your pussy instantly got wetter. My fingers are slipping around now at this point. Looks like it feels good.

It’s wonderful. You really are adorable, too adorable even.


I know.

Ahh… This is seriously hot.

You’re soaking wet with that vibrator swallowed up in you and your clitoris is sticking straight up. How lewd.

Go ahead. Cum.


I guess it’s not a surprise that you can’t squirt any more. What a shame. But let’s continue for a bit longer.

You trembled just now, didn’t you?

It’s scary not being able to see, right? But on the other hand, it makes you more sensitive.

Are you about to cum again?

Feel free.


Just wow. I wish I could want you cum all day long.

Is it alright for me to touch your nipples?

Being able to touch you like this makes me happy too. But if we keep this up for too long, I…

Oh, uh, as a delivery man, there are some lines I cannot cross. That would be illegal.

Now, why don’t we have you cum again?


Well done. I’ll pull out the vibrator then.


Your satisfaction is wonderful to see. I’ll be awaiting your next request.


Track 3: As a Delivery Man


Eh? Oh, uh, hello!

That startled me. I never thought we’d see each other in a place like this.

Do you live around this area?

That reminds me, you have weekends off work, right?

As for me, I’ve just returned from the office. I was picking up various tools there.

No, it hasn’t been like that recently. If anything, work of that kind has decreased.

Thank you.

But even so, I’m trying to be economical. I work primarily as a writer and I specialize in articles regarding sports medicine, And me starting this line of work was in part due to my main job.

They say that it increases the production of sex hormones and promotes good health. And when I was researching the topic, it caught my interest, so I thought I’d try out that type of work.


Yeah. I guess you could say I was occupied with my main job.

Oh, but if it’s you requesting it, I’d gladly take it on. Even right now if you want.

Of course.

The main problem is that I don’t have much tools on me, so I don’t know if I’d be able to satisfy you.

Eh? Are you sure about having me at your house?

Then, uh, thank you for having me.


This feels kind of strange.

No, I’ve never been to a client’s home before. That said, I’m happy that you invited me. I’ll be doing my preparation, so would you like to take a shower first?


No, I hadn’t been waiting all that long-

Umm… Do you only have a bath towel around you? Is it not cold?

Oh, right, you don’t normally keep bathrobes around the house. Anyhow, let’s quickly get you warmed up.

Now, please take a seat on the bed.

Let’s use this vibrator today.

Normally, I would choose them based on the client, but today wasn’t planned, so I apologize. That said, the lube is the same as usual, so please give me a pass.


Huh? Did I use too much?

No, that’s not it, you were more than wet enough already.

That was the case last time, but is it not troublesome that you get wet this easily?

I’ll start by using this vibrating dildo like an egg vibrator and then insert it inside you after, so please relax. I’ll be pressing the vibrator against your clit, is that okay?

I’ll turn it on then.


I’m sorry. Seeing that this is your weakest point, is this too strong?

I guess a hard vibrator is a bit too much.

I apologize, I’ll use my hand instead.

You’re right, seeing how engorged your clit is, using something that hard would be kind of painful.

Let’s take it slowly.


The entrance to your vagina is twitching. Is it wanting it already?

What is it?

Me too. The moment I touch you, I can no longer myself either.

I’ll insert my fingers then.

Ah! Wow, it’s incredible as always. The way it’s squeezing my fingers… Not to mention, it’s extremely hot inside.

You’re more than ready, but would you be alright with this vibrator?

But my fingers wouldn’t be enough, right? It has it’s hole open and is waiting for it…


Please lie down over there. I’ll try putting it in for now.

It looks to be fine even now it’s in. Don’t hesitate to tell me if it ever feels uncomfortable.

I’ll move it slowly. How does it feel?

Hmm? Top? Like this place?

Is it here?

I’m sorry, the shape is different from the one I usually use. Ugh, if only I brought it.

Let’s pull it out for now.


I’m so sorry, it must be frustrating, right?

Umm…I don’t have any other good tools and normally, it would be extremely inappropriate for me to bring it up, but would it be alright if I were to “put it in”?

I’ll take responsibility and make you feel good. Would that work for you?

Understood. Thank you.

Can I borrow your shower for a bit?

I understand. I have condoms on hand, so no need to worry. You may not have noticed but I put them on the vibrators; otherwise, there might be a chance of STI transmission.

Oh, sorry, this isn’t the time to be talking.


I’ll inform you beforehand, but I’m a little big.

It’s slightly greater the size of the vibrator we used the other day. But since that fit, it should be fine.

Would missionary work for you?


Is it alright if I start?

A little more.


It’s in.

Are you alright?

You’re squeezing me so hard. I’ll do my best to not cum before you.

I’ll start moving.

How is it?

This is the spot that feels good, right?




Oh wow, looks like it feels good when it’s deep. You’re getting wetter and wetter.

Do you think you’ll be able to cum?

Huh? Do as I like?

If you say something like that, I’ll get the wrong idea.

Huh? Is something the matter?


To tell you the truth, I’ve been wanting to have sex with you all this time ever since you first called on me. You were just so cute.

Before I entered this line of work, I thought I’d be able to carry things through without getting too into it, but… But even so, I got so hard the other day that I had to rush out of the hotel and relieve myself in a public bathroom right after we finished. It just wouldn’t subside.

I’m sorry, I’m telling you something that shouldn’t be said, aren’t I?


Is…that so?

Me too.

Spread your legs a little more.

Yes, just like that. This is the place that feels good for you, so…

You’re clamping down so hard. Are you about to cum?

Go ahead. Please cum.


You can still cum, right?

It’s fine. Please cum more. I really love seeing the face you make when you cum,

Damn, you’re just so darn cute.

To make such an expression because of me…

I’m sorry, I’ll start moving again.


This is bad…

Huh? Did you just-

I’m sorry, I’m at my limit too. I’m cumming.

I’m cumming!


Oh god…

I’m sorry, I ended up moving however I wanted to at the end.

I’m so, so sorry, I’m a failure of a deliveryman, aren’t I?


Yes, me too. It was the happiest I’ve been too.


Track 4: Please Become My Girlfriend


Sorry for the lack of notice. It’s me, Shou. There’s something I’d like to talk to you about, is that alright?

Uh, uh…

Thank you. I’m so sorry that it was so out of the blue. Technically speaking, I’m forbidden from coming to a client’s own home, but…

Yes, I apologize for the intrusion.


No, uh, please don’t mind me.

I’m so sorry for coming on your day off. I’ve decided to quit being a delivery man, so I came to greet you.

You know how, uh, you and I had sex the other day?

Sexual intercourse is forbidden by the company, so I no longer qualify as a deliveryman. And to add to that, servicing other girls has become, umm, difficult.

As such, I can no longer continue work as a delivery man.

……Because I’ve fallen in love with you.


It’s troubling to have me mention this so abruptly, right? But, but if you’re willing, please consider it.

Would it be possible for you to become my girlfriend?

You’re right… I barely know anything about you, but seeing you makes me happy. I have fun talking to you and I always would find you adorable.

Also, when we parted last time, I noticed that I was anxious that you would never call on me again and that we would meet again.

Could you please give me a reply?



My full name is Tanabe Seishou.

Mhm, you don’t have to use honorifics any more.

Thank god.

I’ve always wanted to kiss you…since while I was working, I couldn’t.

I can’t stop either.


I can’t?

What, so it was that?

Then let’s take a shower together. Alright?


I hadn’t had the chance to do this all this time. I was holding back.

Did you want me to?

I should’ve confessed to you earlier.

But even so, it’s a bit cramped for the two of us. No, but, it, being cramped is…



Go ahead. Touch it.

Damn, when I think about how you’re touching me, just the thought of it is-

Sorry for being so big.

But didn’t I tell you last time? I’m sure I did.


That spot feels good…

Lick the tip of my cock.

Suck it harder.

You’re pretty good at fellatios.

This is bad… Please stop for a bit.


I want to lick you too, so please sit down on the rim over there.

Spread your legs.


It’s so wet. Is this your pussy juice or is it water?

Let me lick it to see.

Your insides have such a rich taste…

Frankly, I wanted to give you cunninligus the whole time, but since I was prohibited from using anything but as a deliveryman, the tools provided and my hands



Whenever I press the egg vibrator against this place, it turns red and quivers. And the way you tremble whenever you feel good is so adorable.

I’ll put my fingers in.


Your insides are squeezing around me so tightly.

I should lick your clitoris too.

You’re clamping down so hard. Are you about to cum from me licking this place?

But please don’t cum just yet, alright? Cum from “that” instead.

I wanted to have sex in the bath, so I prepared one.


Have you ever done it while standing?

Eh? Really?

Since you’re so sensitive, I thought you’ve already… No, but, the fact that you don’t have much experience makes me kind of happy.

I think you’re the type to experience more pleasure when doing from the back.

Come here.


Place your hands on the wall. You can also grab onto the shower tap if you want.

Here I go.


Are you alright? It’s not too hard on you, right?

Thank god.

I’ll start moving, okay?

Look, this place feels good, right? Not to mention, in this position I can easily touch both your pussy and tits, so I’m super happy.

You’re so wet.


Hmm? It’s fine?

Well, we are here after all.

Can you tell that you’re feeling it? Your insides are clamping down so hard and your nipples are hard as rock.

Please tone down your voice a little. This is the bath, so the neighbors might hear.

But I guess you can’t.

Then, sorry, let me pull out for a bit.


I’m sorry, we were at such a good spot, but it’s not good to have your voice reverberate, right? So this time, we’ll do it from the front.

Place your back to the wall.

I’ll support you, so feel free to put all your body weight on me.

I told you that I was a sportswriter, didn’t I?

I love sports and I personally enjoy physical training as well. I’m pretty confident in my arm strength.


Give me one of your legs.

Here I go.


It slipped right in…

You’re leaking way too much juices. I’ll slip right out.

Give me your other leg.

Wrap your legs around me.

Yes. Yes, it’ll go in even deeper like this, and I can rub against your pleasure spots constantly.


Your voice is about to leak out?

Kiss me.


Wow, it feels so, so good.

Eh? That’s…

Your expression’s so lewd.

I really love you too. The thought of you calling upon a delivery man other than me puts me in a panic and it’s unbearable. I’ll make sure you’re always satisfied, so reject everyone else and wait for me instead.


Your boobs are swaying… You really are lewd.

Damn, this way too good, I’m going to cum.

Are you about to cum?

Alright. Go ahead, cum. I’ll be cumming too.


Hey, did you cum just now?

Your pussy is clamping down on my dick.



You now belong to me, alright?

I feel so happy.

In that case, I’ll properly… The order is reversed, but this time around, I’ll begin with my self-introduction.

Phone number, e-mail address, age, there’s so much more left to know.

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