【Translation】 Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game Vol.4 Kanpeki Kareshi Hen


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

淫蜜脱出ゲーム Vol.4 完ペキ彼氏編

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: Dirty, Lovely Fingertips


Does it feel good when I touch your breasts with my hands like this?

Your moans are seductive. And that’s why it makes me search for your pleasure spots so that I can hear them again and again.


Even if you say that… Those are my true thoughts.

I react easily to your voice even on normal days it seems. Even at the office, if I hear your voice even slightly, it grabs my interest.

So, tonight, I want you to let me hear your voice fully.

A voice different from what I hear at the office.


It’s fun times where we can finally be alone together on a bed. So it’s fine, right?

Your cheeks are red.

It excites me when I consider how I’m the only one who gets to see that embarrassed expression.

Say, you like it when I trace along your body while kissing you, don’t you?

Entwine your tongue with me more. Put me more in the mood.


That’s right. There’ll be more good things to come if you continue to follow what I say, I guarantee it.

A level to which you’ve experienced before… I’ll be doing plenty of incredibly pleasurable things to you.

Even your ears are red. You’re looking forward to it already, aren’t you?

Your breasts are smooth and soft and feel good no matter how many times I’ve touched them. Even if I were to rub them forever, I would never tire of them.


Hmm? Is massaging them with just the palms of my hands no longer enough?

That expression…

You really can’t lie, can you?

I’ll touch the places you want me to touch. …Like the increasingly hard pointed ends of these breasts.


Moving around like that, where are you trying to run away to? Does it feel so good that you’re attempting to escape it?

I ought to get you more and more accustomed to pleasure.

……To that point that one day, you’ll be the one begging for more.

Though, that might be difficult for you.


What are you pouting for?

How could I possibly be experienced with handling women? Do you still think of me as a perfect being who can handle everything?

You’re greatly mistaken.

Oh well, it doesn’t matter. But, for your information, the only person whom I wish to love every nook and corner through and through of in my life…is you.


I can’t get enough of those red teary eyes.

So, what would you like me to do? Do you want me to lick your erect nipples the same way I lick your ears?

Ah. That’s a very nice voice. I guess I was right.

But too bad, I can’t do that just yet.

I have to complete this room’s mission of “pleasuring her using hands”, so feel good from just my hands.

I would like to use my hands, my tongue, my entire body in all the many ways to make you feel so good that it feels like your body’s going to melt, but I have to endure it, for now, don’t I?

……Because it appears that we won’t be able to leave this hotel until we complete this mission.


This really is a strange hotel, isn’t it? To think that we’d be forever locked inside the room unless we clear the designated missions.

No need to look so worried.

When it comes to this, people who enjoy life as it comes are the winners.

Besides, you have me by your side.

Uh-huh. Just leave it to me, it makes me happy when you rely on me. As your senior at work, and of course, as your lover.

In any case, just touching your breasts’ no longer enough, right?

This time, I want you to lay face-down.


The back of your neck’s beautiful.

…And so is your back.

Follow from the top of where your back caves to the bottom with the tips of my fingers just like this……

I’m happy you responded with quivers.

The sides and the area surrounding the tailbones appears to be a girl’s erogenous zone as well, it seems. What do you think?

Sorry, did that tickle?


Huh? Your underwear’s damp.

Did my hands feel so good that you got wet?

No hiding.

Turn this way. Allow me to confirm.


Hmm… You’re nice and wet.

Can you tell?

You can hear the obscene sounds, can’t you? Your precious place has swelled up and is leaking loads of naughty nectar.

You were shaking and trembling because you wanted me to touch this place, weren’t you?

Not just touch, do you wish for me to insert my fingers as well?

Come on, say it honestly.


Are you still feeling embarrassed?

What a troublesome junior.

Since it can’t be helped, I’ll give you a serious start-up.

Let’s immediately insert two fingers.


Wow, amazing, it’s still cramped, but it’s overflowing before my eyes.

Why don’t you just give in?

Give me a good look.

Your pink-colored naughty place looks like it’s almost breathing. When I see this greedily twitching place, it makes me want to insert something other than my fingers.


Your insides are warm, aren’t they? They’re firmly devouring my fingers and won’t let them go.

It feels like they’ll melt.

And this cute little tiny bump is growing increasingly red.

I want to learn more, even more, about your tastes. Do you like it when I slowly churn up the wet folds inside you? Do you like it when I pull my two fingers in and out with force?

Amazing, you’re squeezing down tighter than before.

Crying out with such a sweet voice and shaking your hips so indecently, are you about to cum?


I’m hopelessly aroused from just hearing that voice of yours.

However, I cannot allow you to cum.

I’m not done with you yet.

For some reason, you look surprised. The mission was for me to pleasure you with my hands, but even without cumming, you felt plenty good enough, didn’t you?

Huh? I’m not teasing you.

I just rather that we cum together.


Hmm? Did you hear that? That was the sound of a locking shifting, wasn’t it?

M-m. Rather than the entrance, it seems that an inner room has unlocked instead. I thought it was a ploy that would only fool a child, but it appears that it’s the real thing. …This is interesting.

Oh, if I remember correctly, it was written that this is a series of missions.

Let’s quickly go take a look at the newly unlocked room. There might be an even more amazing mission waiting for us.

I’m looking forward to it.


Track 2: Additional Room


Come here. No need to be scared, you’ll be fine.

Take a look, we’ve been greeted with something rather peculiar. A bed with handcuffs attached, that’s quite the style. They had the care to include an eye-mask style blindfold too.

The handcuffs are layered with fur as to not harm one’s wrists as well.

This place is probably a room for enjoying soft S&M type play.


Hey, wait, where are you going?

Definitely impossible? It’s not like you to say that before trying.

I loved the part of you that, no matter how difficult the project, would always confront it with a positive attitude, though.

Naturally, I’m speaking my true thoughts.

Also, did you forget? We’re locked up right now.

There was the sound of the lock shifting when we entered the room, wasn’t there? So most likely, if we don’t complete the second mission, we won’t be able to leave this room, much less the hotel.

See? We can’t open the door.

We need to cooperate together as lovers to get the clears.

It’ll be alright, so come here.


Caught you.

No running away from me.

Yup, being obedient is one of your good traits.

Hmm? There’s a memo between the pillows. I wonder if it’s an explanation of the mission?

Oh, I was right.


The second mission is soft S&M play.

It’s what you see. I’ll make the best of the equipment; I’ll blindfold you with the eye mask and restrain you with the handcuffs.


Oh, right. Since we can’t leave this room, we can’t take a shower nor get a drink of water. This is troubling.

In that case, let’s end this as quickly as possible.

Alright. Good girl.

Now then, let’s first blindfold you.


Are you nervous? Your face is tense.

It’ll be alright, don’t worry.

I wonder why? Your nipples seem hard and erect.

Since I just had my way with you, rather than being nervous, are you perhaps turned on by the anticipation?

Lie faceup on the bed then. I’ll put on the handcuffs next.


Does it hurt?

Since both your hands are bound together with handcuffs, you can’t conceal anything.

You really are open to me.

Now then, how should we begin the blindfold play? Shall I touch these hard and erect nipples?

Each time you breathe, they sway as though you’re inviting me.

I’ll touch them gently with my fingers, so picture it.

Alright, here I go.

3, 2, 1…


Sorry, I lied. I thought it’d be more exciting to do something you didn’t predict.

Your body jumped and was shaking and trembling. It seemed like it felt really good.

Since we’ve gone through the trouble of blindfolding you, don’t you think you’ll get addicted to not knowing what’ll happen next?

I was aroused at the sight of you trembling in pleasure too.

And the place that I tended to until it was soaking wet earlier is aching painfully right now, isn’t it? So, where shall I lick next?


Hmm? You want me to kiss you?

Kiss, huh.

True enough. A regular kiss would be dull, wouldn’t it?

Stick out your tongue.

That’s right.


It seems the palate’s a sensitive place, so how was it?

You’re panting.

I’ll lick your breasts again.


You like it when I drag my tongue along as I lick you, don’t you? I wonder if you’ll enjoy being playfully bitten?

It does appear that you do enjoy it when I suck on them hard.

Then next, I’ll lick the place you want me to touch the most right now. A place that’s been aching far more than these pointed tips.

……This place.


Track 3: Blindfolds and Restraints


It keeps on flowing out.

I’ll lick it up properly.


Your body’s cover in sweat. I can feel that your temperature has risen too.

It seems that you enjoy being indecently licked. Each time you tremble and sway your hips, it further increases my excitement.

Oh, right, you haven’t forgotten, right?

Even if you can’t see me, I can see your lewd state in its entirety perfectly.


Hmm? You want me to remove the blindfold already?


In my eyes, it feels lewder to do it with blindfolds. So, how does it feel to be blindfolded?

Have the senses besides sight sharpened? …Like hearing in particular.

Well? Do you hear these naughty sounds? Your place here is super wet, so it’s making some rather loud wet-sounding noises.

With it like this, no matter how much I lick it, there’ll be no end to it.

I ought to put a plug on it so that it doesn’t overflow out more than it already has.


You’re looking forward to me giving you the thing you want, aren’t you?


I think this is enough of the blindfold play. As you wanted, I’ll remove the eye mask.


Take a look at what your body has become.

I gave them lots of love, so the tips of your breasts are bright red. Also, look, this place was so wet that the sheets are drenched.

Perhaps, it was good that you weren’t embarrassed by it by being blindfolded.

That said, embarrassing you like this is S&M-esque, so it ain’t too bad.

Oh, but not the handcuffs. I’m not removing them.


Now then, I’ll insert this thing that you’ve been waiting for.

Take a good look.

See? It’s entering you in plain sight.


Your insides are hot. It’s overflowing. How does it feel to yearn for me while having your freedom taken from you?

A weird, yet different feeling from usual?

Is that so? I wonder if that’s why it’s even more arousing.


Since the following mission appears every time we clear one of these horribly vague missions, that must mean someone’s monitoring this room.

Let’s let them have a good look at us having sex.


Are you feeling it a lot more than usual? …You’ve gotten in the mood, haven’t you?

I never knew you had a fetish for being fucked while restrained.

You tightened.

You enjoy being humiliated with words too, don’t you? Since your moans are almost a cry, are you at your limit?

Sure. Cum.

I’ll carefully watch you as you orgasm and cum.


Since your hands are bound, you can’t hide that naughty expression.

Being restrained by your wrists, and enjoying being penetrated by me, you really are vulgar.

I’ll continue hitting your pleasure spots until you cum.


It feels so good…

I seriously cannot get enough of this.

Don’t hold back, I want to see your appearance the way it was meant to be.

Cum. Come on.


It feels so good…

I seriously cannot get enough of this.

Don’t hold back, I want to see your appearance the way it was meant to be.

Cum. Come on.


Aah… That expression is wonderful.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming too.


That felt good. And you seemed to have felt good too.

Looking at it again, it’s quite the spectacle.

You came while bound with handcuffs. I wish I could’ve recorded that appearance of yours.

I’m kidding. I’ll remove the handcuffs.


Hmm? The safe on the side of the bed is unlocked.

Since when…?

Let’s open it up and see.

Oh? Some rather interesting tools have appeared… Alongside the third mission.


Track 4: Secret Photo Shoot


The third mission is to film ourselves having sex using this hand-held video camera.

It must’ve been a coincidence, but it’s as if they’re answering my request of wanting to record the bondage play earlier.

Well, that’s how it is. Let us begin.



What? Are you embarrassed?

But we have to take it, that’s what the mission said. You had gotten that disheveled just a moment earlier while wearing handcuffs, so it should hardly be a concern to you now.

I guess it can’t be helped. Well then, this can be your turn.

You can hold this camera and film me.


I never had any intention of ending it after just once to begin with. I think you’re already aware, but I’m unparalleled. I may have just cum earlier, but I’ve already gotten this big from just imagining it.


Now then, please spread your legs nice and wide. I’ll insert it slowly so that you can clearly feel the process of us conjoining.

Make sure to hold onto the camera.


No matter how many times I’ve inserted it, it still feels good.

Hey, are you recording the sight of me drowning in pleasure as I enter inside you?

Shouldn’t I be the one who’s embarrassed since I’m the one being filmed? Why are you the one who’s red as a tomato?

Please film it properly.


Hey, you’re neglecting the camera. If you don’t hold it properly, we’ll never be able to leave the room. Are you fine with that?

I guess this was perhaps a bit too difficult for you? Shall we switch?

Pass me the camera.

I’ll start it over again from the beginning. Naturally, from the point where I put it in.


Come on, turn this way.

Incredible, that look of yours as you attempt to resist the pleasure is wonderful.

The place where we’re joined is in full view.

Viewing it through a screen gives it a fresh feeling. Look, even the process of me pulling in and out like this isn’t something I’d take the time to look at normally.

Threads are forming and its swallowing me up indecently.

Now then, I wonder what kind of expression you’re making while you’re enjoying yourself.


Yup, you look like you’re feeling really good.

I’m capturing it completely.

I should stop focusing all my attention on the camera and make sure I don’t neglect this place either.


When I rock my hips, so do your cute breasts.

Does it feel good?

I can’t tell if all you’re doing is moaning. Look at the camera and tell me using your words.

Come on, I’ll ask you again.

Do you like it when I shake you up like this?


Good job, you answered honestly.

I can’t tire of the face you make when you’re feeling it no matter how long I stare at it.

Shall I go a little bit rougher?

The sight of you trembling as you reach your limit is super wonderful. Somehow, doing it while filming is more steamy than I imagined.

You’re squeezing down really tightly too.

It makes me want to see your orgasm face right here, right now.


Shall I go more, even more, rougher?

I may not be able to hold the camera properly, though…


I’m about to cum…


Go ahead and cum. Don’t resist the pleasure.

I’m cumming too.


I’ve captured a nice expression. This is great.

Let’s replay it on the screen and watch it together.

Just kidding.

Can you see the camera display? It says “mission clear” and the following mission was carefully included as well.

Come on, read it.


Since you’re embarrassed again, I guess it can’t be helped.

“Fourth mission: Sexual requests.”

Now then, what is it that you desire?

Oh, before that, shall we take a wash in the shower? Plus, I’m feeling thirsty.

Hmm? We cleared the mission, so I think the door should be open.


It really was open.

My, my, what an interesting room this is. Once we take a shower, let’s continue on the large bed on the other side.


Track 5: Mark of Possession and Possessiveness


You’re refreshed from the shower, right?

Let’s continue then.

You haven’t forgotten the mission of the girl making sexual requests, right? But well, we have time, so think carefully about what you want to ask for.


……The lovely scent of body soap.

Though more than that, I love the scent of your body. The way it makes me want to do it again and again is honestly troubling.

Your defenseless ears, your pale nape, and your dainty shoulders…

Even though you’re the one who’s supposed to make the request, I’m wanting you. I want to leave my marks, the proof that you are mine, all over you.


There we go.

I’ll leave another kiss mark on your chest.

Two. And then one more.


Looks like you’ve started panting.

Have you thought of something you want to ask for?

So not yet.

I wonder if you’ll have an idea if I do more lewder things?

Mhm. A good plan came to mind.

Get on all fours.

Yup, now stick your butt out a little more.

Very good. And the thighs that I can catch glimpses of through your bathrobe’s erotic.


Hey, have you noticed that there are men in the office that look at you sexually? I really don’t like that, so shall I have my marks on your legs as well?

Lift your butt higher.

Uh-huh. I’ll kiss your inner thighs too.

Speaking of which, I learned of something nice earlier. If I insert my fingers and slowly moving them around while licking your inner thighs, it would feel like I’m directly licking your lewd place.

Hmm? …From a friend.

There are men who have a great deal of experience in regards to these things. And since we’ve gone this far, I would like to give it a try.


I’ll insert my fingers now.

What do you think? How does it feel?

Oh? So it was true. How interesting. I wonder if the entire area becomes an erogenous zone because it’s close to where the nerve bundles run through?


Inserting my fingers slowly and then pulling them out again.

Compared to being licked directly, which feels better?


This time, I’ll lick your precious place directly.


You’re reacting so sensitively. As expected, you must feel it more when it’s direct, right? You really love it when I lick this stiffened place with my tongue, don’t you?

……And when I suck on them painfully hard and then lick them viscously as well.

Hey, no, who said it was okay?

You haven’t forgotten, right? We have an important mission.

You see, I’m helping you out because you just aren’t making a request. Aren’t you wanting something besides fingers inside you?

Come on, hurry up and ask for it.

Say, “please stick it in me.”


Hmm…like I thought, that’s something you just won’t say. You’re quite the shy one, after all.

Both before and after we entered this room, never once have you said it.

I guess it can’t be helped. For your cute sake, I’ll stop teasing-

Eh? What did you just…say?

It was too quiet, I couldn’t hear.

“Please stick it in me,” is that what you said?


No way, I can’t believe this. To think you’d actually say it…

What? Have you been putting on an innocent act this whole time? …Since when did you learn to beg with such an indecent look on your face?

I’ve never taught that to you!!!

No, that was my mistake. Sorry, for some reason, I got flustered.

Right, back on track.

I get it, I’ll stick it in like you asked. You want this thing of mine, don’t you?


Wow. You love it when I shove it in all at once, don’t you?

Your body has become quite lewd, hasn’t it? Is it the result of my training? Or is it perhaps the results of someone other than me?

Hey, come on, lift your butt up properly. I’ll screw you nice and good.

I’ll overwrite all the memories of men that aren’t me.


Track 6: Obsessive Love


You really are lewd. It’s eating me up so happily. It’s wrapping around me and not letting me go.

Just how lewd are you?

Have you begged for it with your prior men this same way too? Or perhaps, somewhere I wasn’t looking…

Was it pointless?

I definitely will not allow you…to be with other men.


You’ve never said “please stick it in me” before. Aren’t you a girl who finally spread her legs after being treated gently by me?

Seeing you expose both your body and soul to me in this room made me happy.

Yes, I was indeed happy.

Gradually seeing you become more brazen in this space that consists of only you and me make me happy, or at least it should’ve. Seeing that side of you for the first time made me anxious.


I can’t be doing this…

I’m sorry for losing my composure. Is it really alright for me to believe? …To believe that you feel the same way as me.

If so, then squeeze me tighter, even tighter.

Don’t let go, long for me.

Come on. More. More! The only one who’s allowed to hurt you is me.


I want to steal away your everything. Everything. Everything!!!

Make you mine, lock you up… I should’ve kept you handcuffed so that you couldn’t escape from that room, shouldn’t I?

I can’t tell if all you’re doing is moaning.

Tell me everything.

I hate it when there’re sides to you that I don’t know…!!!


Go ahead, cum. Cum while having a good taste of me.

You, not belonging to just me, I’ll never allow that.


Are you perhaps…crying?

That wasn’t my intention. It wasn’t my intention to make you cry.

I’m so sorry, please let me hug you just a little.

I wasn’t trying to scare you. This is the first time I’ve ever loved someone this much, so when I imagine the thought of you disappearing from me, I get hopelessly anxious.

Did you know? You’re a kind girl who’s able to put others before them, so there are a ton of men who like you.


If only it ended with mere jealousy.

It’s too late now. I’ve fallen for you so hard that I’m no longer confident that I’ll be able to live without you.

I know.

I should know that you’d accept my weaknesses and not leave me. And yet, with just a little push, I get anxious.

Strange, right?

I want you, and I want you to be more fixated on me.


I’m sorry for being overbearing. Will you forgive me?

Thank you.

As expected, you are kind.

I’ll be gentle like you wanted.

Let’s kiss more.


Please allow me to continue.

I love you so much that I feel like I’m about to go insane.

I can’t stop.


It’s not too hard on you, right?

I want to bury it fully down to the base, I want to pleasure you lots the whole length through.

I like you. I love you.


I’m about to cum…

You’re about to cum too, right?

Hey, let’s cum together.

Let’s hold hands. Let’s climax together while kissing.




Sorry, are you alright? It wasn’t hard on you, right?

That’s a relief.

Let me give you a huge hug.


For some reason, I feel at ease.

This is shameful.

I didn’t come here to express these unsightly emotions, but…

Say, can I be your arm pillow?


Only ever look at me with those eyes, only ever call my name with those lips… Both now and forever in the future.


Track 7: Highest-level Restraints and Affection


I think I’ve finally settled down.

Sorry, I tried to put in the effort to remain calm in regards to whatever issue I’m dealing with.

Is that your take?

Thank you.

Of course, I attend to never make a mistake at work both then and now. However, you’re a different story. I have to desperately control myself.

The way it almost seems like I’m the only one who’s this invested and that I’m loving you one-sidedly hurts.

I want to restrain your entire being.

I have the urge to lock you up.


You’re right. These are my true thoughts.

I guess it can’t be helped if you end up hating me.


Hehe. I see.

You really are a kind girl. Even if that was out of pity, that saved me.


It’s erect again.

This is unbecoming of me. Your kisses really are strange. I’m sure you’re tired, so how about we rest for a bit? And I’ll pat your head.

What’s the matter?

To suddenly-why?

Your tongue tickles, but…the inside of your mouth’s hot and it feels good.

Is it your form of opposition? As to say that you actually love me and that those were feelings of pity.


What do I do? This is troubling, I’m becoming even more aroused.

If you don’t want to, you can stop.

I wonder why? Perhaps, I lacked far too much confidence in myself?

For you, for you to say you love me and for you to wrap your arms around me… It makes me so happy that I don’t know what to do about myself.


I’m sorry, my hips are…moving on their own.

More. More. I can’t stop.

So you genuinely love me too.

Stop, I’m about to cum. I’ll cum. Please release your lips…

Are you really sure about this? I’m at my limit.

Cumming, I’m cumming!


You didn’t have to force yourself.

Are you alright?

Not at all, I’m happy. I felt your all-out love. Thank you.

You’ll promise me that you’ll continue loving me the same way, right?

I promise you that too.

……That I’ll always love you and you alone.


Huh? There was the sound of something unlocking coming from the direction of the entrance.

I see now.

Well, apparently, it seems that you licking me was the final mission.

Is that so?

What? So it was an accident.

It’s a shame that it ended up being simpler than I imagined. I was fine with being alone with you and never being able to leave, though.

Just kidding. That was a joke.


It doesn’t seem like a joke anymore?

That is true. There’s probably a lot of my true thoughts mixed in.

For hours, for days, I just want for us to be together forever and ever.


I wonder what time is it now?

When I think about how our break’s over, the sense of being returned to reality hurts. At the office, we’re just a senior and their junior.

Office romance isn’t that unusual, but there’s a bunch of problems that come with making it public.

I have to endure until the weekends by picturing you in my head again.


It feels lonely.

I think I lost my confidence in being able to control myself.

In thinking about Monday, taking a break now feels almost like a waste. Well, since it’s a rare chance, how about we do it one more time?

It’s not like I was planning to return home tonight anyway, so let’s enjoy ourselves here.

You got turned on from licking, didn’t you?

Look, it’s this wet, and it’s also twitching. How lewd.

If you can allow me to be conceited. Is it alright to assume that you became so naughty because of me?



Thank you for giving me the answer I wanted.

Let’s feel super good together again this time.


Straddle on top of me.

Now lower your hips as-is.

That’s right. Take it slow.

So hot. It feels so good. You’re taking it down to the base.

Come here.


It looks like it went in all the way deep inside.

It’s incredible.

Your juices are overflowing and even my inner thighs are wet.


This position is pretty nice too, don’t you think?

I can hold you tightly and feel your heat.

The sight of you straddled on top of me and shaking your hips is naughty and cute.

Sorry, I was being a tease again, wasn’t I?

I’ll move together with you.


Let’s kiss.


You’re good. The way you shake your hips is extremely lewd.

Go ahead and move as vigorously you want.

Today, I exposed my shameful side to you, so to redeem myself, I have no choice but to aim to be a truly perfect boyfriend who can keep you fully satisfied all day and all night.

That way, you’ll eventually never be able to think about anything but me ever again.

And if you ever try to leave my side, I’ll bind you to me like this. Again and again and again.


Does it feel good?

I feel really good too.

Hey, let me hear your voice.

I told you, didn’t I? I like your voice, so let me hear plenty of your cute moans.

I want to hear that voice all night long.


If it’s with you, I feel like I really can remain joined like this forever.

I love you.

Let’s fall together. Just the two of us, to wherever it may lead.


I love you more than anyoneーー

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