【Translation】 SWEET×SWEET Mikasa Souji


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CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Welcome Home


Welcome home, my little kitten.


Whoa, whoa!!!

Caught you.

Were you surprised that I was waiting for you?

I hoped to see you face even a second sooner, so I’ve been waiting here for ages.

Yup, it’s an exaggeration. I noticed the entrance door unlocking, so I went on standby. So I think it’s been about 5-minutes total.


Thank you for the words that are more than what I deserve. But instead of a thanks, I’d much prefer this…


You had a feeling that I was going to kiss you, so you grabbed that?

Mhm, I’m home. I’m sorry for leaving you by yourself for the past 3 months.

Were you lonely?

I was really lonely too.

We messaged and called each other a lot, but now that I actually have you in my arms, I can no longer stop myself.

Not just kissesーmore than that.

Can we?


We can make out more as long as we aren’t by the entranceway?

Yup, I want to immediately make love with you. And to make that happen, let’s make sure there aren’t any distractions.

Oh, we have to take off your shoes.

Wait, wait, I’ll be the one to remove them.

Your balance is bad, so you’ll stumble?

It’s fine, just grab unto me.


Alright, now the other one.


Hmm, I’ve had this one my mind for a while but you’re often wearing those stilettos. Honestly, you girls are amazing. I can’t replicate what you do, my knees would be shaking.

Yes, yes, I find female models to be awe-inspiring too. They do multiple poses in quick consecutive succession.

And now I’ve got you lifted.

Sorry for making you wait.


Yup, if we’re going to make love, obviously, we’ll have to head over to the bedroom first.

Ah! You’ll hit your head, so lower it a little.

Alright, there, we’re heading in.


Track 2: The Little Kitten Who Enjoys Mischief


Yup, it’s fine now. You can lift your head.

Hey, hey, why are you biting-

It tickles when you bite my ears.

No, if you do thatーー

Look, it’s dangerous, is it not? We were close to the bed, so it was fine, but…

Ah! You’re doing it again.

It really tickles. Jeez, you’re such a mischievous little kitten. If you do something that cute, I won’t be able to control myself.


Hmm? The airport? …I returned home straight from it, though?

Oh, I get it, you’re messing around because I turned down your offer to pick me up. Were you peevish because of it?

But you had work, didn’t you?

I didn’t want to force you to take a day off. And if you are going to take a day off, I want to spend the entirety of it with you.

Turn this way.


Is this the 4th time we’ve slept together on this bed?

Even though you went through the trouble of moving in in order to live together with me, I’m really sorry for suddenly flying off.

Well, I mean, it was for work, so it couldn’t be helped, but I didn’t think it would take 3 months. Not to mention, I had returned to the country for a period.

Hmm? No, I did.

I imagined what it would’ve been like had you been there.

Eh? It’s the truth. Of course, I don’t mean all of it, there’re themes to follow, so it was only when it was fitting.

Also, whenever there’s a female model, I would, without a doubt, overlay your image over them.


I would never make an unfavorable comparison.

Ever since I met you and became aware of my feelings, the value of my photography skyrocketed.

I was amazing at it to begin with? Really?

Do you like my photos?

Then what about me?

I really love you too.


Oh, right, suits. It’ll get wrinkled, so let’s take it off.

Get up slowly.

Start pulling your right arm out.

Next, here.

It’s off.

Err, hanger…


No standing up.

Hmm? But I have to hang up your jacket.

Alright, I won’t leave. I’ll leave it over there.

Then next up’s your skirt.


Roll over like you did earlier.

Oh, wait, before that, let’s remove your hair clip. It’s dangerous.

As always, your hair is beautiful.

It’s soft and smells nice, so I like it.

Okay, now roll over again.


Ahh…that is so adorable too. You’re exactly like her.

Yup, yup, the cat I once had in the past; your demands for my attention are the exact same. Your cuteness is incomparable, though.

You’re just way too cute.


Mhm, had they still been alive, I would’ve wanted them to meet you. I’m sure you two would’ve got along.

Eh? I’d be the odd one out?

I’d be lonely, so let me make out with you.

Before that, please lift up your hips a little.

Okay! Now lower your cute butt.



So you kept your stockings in place with a garter belt. Have you been doing this often lately?

Oh? You wanted to surprise me?

In which case, it was a great success. Also, it’s really sexy.

I want a better look at it so I’ll be removing your skirt. I’ll pull it down from this leg.

Okay, next.

You can put your legs down now.


Say, can you spread your legs a little and show me?

Show me.

You put it on to delight me, didn’t you?

Is that really all?


It’s fine, no? Come on, spread it nice and wide.


What an erotic sight. It’s irresistible.

It’s almost entirely lace; I can see your butt directly. Were you wearing something this lewd since morning and during work?

I was thinking that this was practically unimaginable when we first met.

It’s true. It was when you were managing me under orders from your company. Weren’t you extremely distant from me? You were completely in business-mode, and it made me lonely.

I know, you’re a serious person after all.

At that time, I was annoyed by girls constantly approaching me, so it was conversely, a breath of fresh air. And it made me think that you were a wonderful girl.

And before I knew it, I was madly in love.


Were you really alright during work? …Because you’re wet.

Because of me?

I wonder about that. Do you get this wet this quickly? Well?


You start moaning even with just this, huh. Then I wonder what’ll happen if I were to lick it.

What a naughty scent; it’s irresistible. I’ll lick it thoroughly.

Oh, looks like the bath is ready. Shall we take the opportunity to bath?

Yup, it’ll relieve the fatigue from work. Besides, we can make out in the bath too.

Mhm. Naturally, I’ll carry you there.


Whoa! Did the strength leave your body?

Jeez, you’re so adorable. I’ll hold you.

Right! No teasing my ears; you can do it all you want later when we return to the bed. I’d gladly welcome it.

But even so, did no one at work notice your lewd get-up?

I’m happy that you’re doing things to make me happy but since it’ll cause me worries, I’ll prefer it if you limit it to when we’re together all day.


Uh-huh, it’s a promise.

One more time just in case.


Track 3: While Undressing


Alright, we’ve arrived. I’ll place you down.

Careful with your step, hold onto me until you’re able to get a footing.

Okay, then let’s take off your shirt.


It feels kind of nerve-wracking, it’s been so long.

Ah. I had a feeling but the area your bra covers is tiny. It’s cute, but it’s way too arousing.

You’re getting all embarrassed now?

W-Wait, I’ll undress, I’ll undress too. I’ll take it off myself.


For some reason, you seem really forward today. Are you hiding your embarrassment, my little kitten?

I mean, of course I’d get hard. Your cute boobs and butts are concealed with lewd lingerie.


That also includes me touching your warm and soft body. But most of all, it’s because you’re doing so much to excite me.

I love you.


Mhm. Lower your arms, I’ll remove your bra.

Next is your underwear.

I’ll crouch down, so can you shift a little?

Whoa, this is something. Can you turn around?

Yes, good girl. Now place your hands on the washstand, and now look this way.


This is good. Wow, I wish I could take a photo of it.

If you answer so honestly, I really might do it. But it’s fine, it’s something for only me to enjoy, so I’ll burn the image into my eyes.

Oh, right, it’s cold, right?

Sorry about that. Let’s get in the bath.


Wait, I’ll take it off. Let me take it off.

Alright, give me your right leg, my little kitten.

It feels naughty. “Knee-high” they call it? They’re easy to remove that way. I hope that position isn’t taxing for you.

That’s a relief.

Left leg then.

Eh? I’m skillful? Who knows.

Okay, you can lower it now.


No, I’m fine. I was a bit surprised when your toes touched me, I thought you did it on purpose.

Rather than saying that I enjoy that type of thing, it’d be more precise to say that I enjoy your teasing, my little kitten.

Let’s take this off too.


It really is small. It clings to you tightly.

Lift your legs again.

Okay, left side too.

There we go.

Oh right, I have to undress too.


Alright, come here my little kitten.

Your body’s so warm and so soft; it makes me want to play around with you.

While we can do it here, let’s quickly take a bath first.

Yes, let’s warm up together.


Track 4: In the Bathroom


Hmm, I wonder if there’s any more shampoo left on you.

Looks good.

Your hair’s clean now.

Yup, it smells good. Girls can look forward to the smell lingering from their hair treatments, but you don’t get that with men’s.

Eh? No way. I can use yours?

You’re so kind.

Oh, but you and I have different hair types.

This wonderful scent is something that makes you even more lovely, so it’d be a waste for me to use it.


Okay, next is your body.

Turn this way.

Hmm? Me?

I’m fine.

Wait, wait, are you sure about that? I’ve already washed.

Yeah, when I returned, I immediately took a shower.

Well, I wanted to take a bath with you. It is my duty to clean every nook and cranny of you, my little kitten.


Hmm? Did you want to touch my body that badly?

You can wash me tomorrow then. I’ll look forward to it.

Yup, today’s my day to shine.

I’ll start washing you then. Please tell me if there’s any place you want me to focus on.

Okay, lift your head.


Just looking at your slender neck makes me want to kiss it. I can’t do it now because it’s covered in soap, though.

Turn around.

Yup, turn your back toward me.

Your back is beautiful too.


Alright, I’m done with your back.

Now lean towards me.

Hmm? I don’t need a sponge, let me wash you with my hands.

What’s wrong?

I’m glad it feels good. Your body’s soft, so I was worried that I might be using too much strength.

Next up is your chest. This place is the softest, so I have to be careful.


This place has gotten hard. They’re perky and it’s cute the way they’re easy to pinch.

Ah, I nearly slipped on the soap. Sorry for startling you.

In any case, your stomach is next.

Pull your knees apart. Let’s wash the crevices between your legs.

Thank you.


You’re cute when you’re put on edge…

M-m, it’s nothing. Let’s rinse you off.

Is there any place where there’s still soap?

Alright, then your body’s done too. Thank you for cooperating.


You’re welcome.

Hmm? My expression’s gotten softer?

That’s because my cute little kitten is becoming steadily more beautiful by my hands. So of course my expression would soften.

Hmm, right now you look dazed and are enjoying yourself. You felt good from me washing this sensitive spot earlier, didn’t you?

Just by touching this place slowly and gently, you get super wet, and this place becomes nice and slippery.

Spreading your legs so wide…

Do you want me to rub it more? Well?


Oh? Are you holding back your voice?

Well, it would echo in here.

You’re cute when you’re feeling shy too.

Then let’s have you cum a little once.


So it felt so good it made you close your knees together.

Looks like you’ll cum in a moment’s notice.

Go ahead. Show me the face you make when you cum.


So cute…

This place is messy again, shall we clean it again?


Oh, it’s too strong?

Sorry, sorry, it wasn’t on purpose.

Huh? You want more?

Then let’s do it after we warm up in the bath.


Track 5: It’s Not Over Yet


Okay, it’s nice and dry now.

But even so, that hair treatment smells nice.

My little kitten, umm, are you sleepy by any chance? Ah… You’re dozing off. What do I do? Did I go too far?

You’ll sleep? On the sofa?

No, you’ll catch a cold. You have to sleep in a proper bed.

Uh, umm, are you really going to sleep and leave me here after not seeing me for so long?


Well, you are tired. Let’s head over to the bed then.

Eh? What?

Are you laughing?

Ah! I’ve been had. You’re lying about being sleepy. Jeez, you really are mischievous.

I mean, it’s almost my fault for teasing you, but, but it’s so cute when you’re holding back even though you want to be touched all over that I couldn’t help it.

Then let’s do it.


Hmm? You like this?

You like it, don’t you? Look, your nipples have perked up cutely.

Here too.


No, nope, you’ll catch a cold if you take off your pajamas. We’ll continue like this.

That’s for when we reach the bed. Right now, why don’t I make you feel good with just my fingers?


We washed it but it’s still wet and slippery. And this place is sticking out just like your breasts.

I see. I did tease you the entire time in the bath.

It’s been a long time, so it’s a bit tight.

My entire middle finger is in.


Your insides are so soft. Shall I insert my ring finger too?

I want to hear all those lewd sounds.


It feels good even if it’s just my fingers?

The voice you make when you’re embarrassed is incredibly cute. I’ll stir it up even more and make you feel even more pleasure.

Go ahead and cum.


You gave a little jolt.

It’s dripping down my hands…

Shall we head over to the bed? It’s still not over yet, right?


Track 6: First Time in a Long While


Let’s take off your pajamas.


Yeah. Dressing, undressing, there’s so much to do.

Is it alright if I lick your breasts? Oh, sucking them would be nice too. You can choose.

You’re so greedy, my little kitten.


This time, instead of you inside, let’s rub this instead and have you cum that way.

That’s a nice sound.

I’ll undress too, so please wait.


Oh, whoa, you startled me there. Is there something up with my stomach?

It’s hard…?

Hmm, well, I had trained myself as a test of my strength. But the way you’re touching me is… Wait, it tickles. Haha!

Okay, that’s enough. Goodness grief.

Come on, spread your legs nice and wide. I have to soften it up so that it can go in smoothly.

That’s right, just a little more. With my mouth and fingers…


But it has been a long time, hasn’t it? And I want it all to fit.

During our first time, it was hard just getting it in, no?

Nope, I have no plans of letting you escape. I’ll rub your insides while slowly licking this place.

Despite the many days, it’s gradually softening up…

I even made you cum many times over.


Hmm? It feels good, right?

Your insides are nice and soft now too.

If you tempt me like that… I won’t be able to restrain myself, you know? If I cum at least once, then it’d at least be a little-


I know right? I would prefer to do so inside too.


Ah, it’s tight.

See? Looking at this makes you feel a little uneasy, right?

It’s been a long time coming for me too. I’ve been suppressing my erection again and again for the past while, so I’m quite close to my limit.

So what do you plan to do?

Hold onto your knees and spread them wide. Nice and wide.


This is such a feast for the eyes. I wish I could view things from a separate angle.

Was that too nonchalant?

Well, I am a cameraman.

I’m a bit worried, but I’ll be inserting it slowly. Please tell me if it’s too much. Alright?

It’s a promise.


No, if I do it while kissing, it’ll be hard for you to breathe. So let’s save it for later, alright?

I’ll put it in then.

Let’s first start with the tip.


I’m so sorry, it’s already big the way it is, but today, it’s especially so.

You can take a bit more?

Then…let’s go up to this point for now.

Now let go of your knees, I’ll hold them for you.


You did well.

For starters, let’s pleasure your little entrance.


You seem to be feeling good. I’m glad.

Then I’ll push it in a little further.


Were you surprised by it? Because you tightened.

So you felt it.

Did the feeling of it rubbing straight against you feel good?

Then I ought to let you experience that more.

I’ll start moving.

Breathe slowly.


It’s softening up.

It feels good…

I think it can all go in now.


While kissing?

You sure love your kisses, my little kitten.

Mhm, me too. I really love kissing you.


All in one go…

This is good.

Yup, it’s all in. You’ve worked hard. Thank you.


Oh, I mean, it has been a long time. I was thinking that if it took as long as it did the first time, this day probably would be over.

I’m relieved now.

Should I stay still for a bit longer? Is your body alright?

I’ll start slowly moving then.


Wow, it’s clamping down on me so hard.

Let me rub against you harder.

It feels really good, my little kitten.


It feels good, doesn’t it?


Mhm, let’s kiss.


Can I cum once? I want to cum while inside you.

Hmm? You’re about to cum too?

You’re squeezing around me so tightly.

Damn, I’m so close to cumming.

Let me kiss you.


So tight…

Huh? You came?

Mhm, it finally stopped.

Yeah, I came a lot. I’m glad I was able to cum while you were feeling good, my little kitten.

Ah! I’ll pull out, so stay still. It’s still a bit hard.


Spread your legs a little more.

I’ll clean it up for you.


That should be about it.

It’s so soft.

Since I stretched it out so wide earlier, it’s twitching a little.


What a naughty-sounding voice.

I was so focused on kissing you earlier that I didn’t get to hear much of that cute voice of yours.

Ahh, I want to hear more of it.

Shall we go one more round?

Yay! Oh wait, I’ve still got the condom on. Please wait a sec.


Track 7: Please Allow Me to Continue


Then straddle over me.

Turn your butt this way.

It may still be hard, but it’ll be soft going in. I want you to do what you can with your tiny mouth, my little kitten.

No, keep your butt turned to me.

Otherwise, I won’t be able to service you now would I?

Look, your little entrance is soaking wet; I’m sure it’ll feel even better if I were to lick it.

Let’s lick each other.


Lower your hips just like that.

Yes, good girl.

It looks delicious.


It’s twitching. How cute.

Little kitten, why don’t you give me some affection too?


Just your hands?

I want to lick you, so I’ll still continue though.


Even just you sucking the tip feels way too good.

Stroke the rest with your hands.

W-Wait, if you go any further… It’ll leak into your mouth.


Incredible, it feels so good.

I’m about to cum, so please take your mouth off it.



No, I may have cum once, but I can still pump out more, so let go.

Hey! No!


That was close, I nearly came.

Looking so disappointed… Let’s save that for next time. That’s something we can enjoy later on.

But even so, it would surely startle you.


Do you think you can lift your hips as is?

Yes, place your hands forward.

Your butt’s soft too. You’re soft all over.

I’ve rubbed it and loosened it up a lot, so I think it should be fine.


Doing it from the back is nice too.

You tighten.

Did you cum from me suddenly putting the rest in?

What is that? That’s super cute.

So much of your cute moans leak out just by shifting a little. I’ll strike deep and rub against the inside of you then.


Your insides, your body has finally recalled me it seems.

Hmm? You want me to edge you?

When I suddenly go slowly, your insides start twitching. Do you like it when I thrust hard and deep into you?

Shall we do it while looking at each other’s faces?


Pass me your hands.

Turn this way.


Lower your own hips. It’ll be fine.

You’re doing good.

It’s so cute when you’re putting all into it.


Hey, if you close your eyes you won’t be able to see my face. Look at me properly.

No shifting or turning away either.

Mhm, I’ll thrust up from under you.

Does it feel good?

You told me before that it feels better when you say it out loud, didn’t you? Each time you say it, you tighten around me.


Let’s cum together again.


I thought I’d last a bit longer but when you say that…

I’m…I’m going to cum.



Don’t lift your hips. Wait until I finish cumming.


At the end, you called my name so many times, didn’t you?

Looking all dazed…

Hmm? Mhm, I came so much again. You were too cute, my little kitten. But, we ought to take a break.

I’ll pull out, so do your best to stand on your knees.


You trembled just now, didn’t you? Would you like to lie down?

We both did so much, haven’t we?

It felt good?

Me too.


Hmm? Are you not sleepy?

It’s hardly convincing when you look like you’re nodding. It’s not like I’d be gone the next day, so let’s sleep today.

Oh, right, are you thirsty perhaps?

Will you be alright? Shall I wipe your body again with a towel?


Alright, I get it. I’ll stay here, so let’s sleep.


Shall I sing you a lullaby?

It’s not that funny, right? If it’s for you, I’d like to do whatever I can. I am deeply in love with you, after all.

Yes, I’ll quietly sleep.

Good night, my cute little kitten. Sweet dreams.


Track 8: Good Morning, My Little Kitten


Oh, you’re awake?

Yup, I woke up a bit earlier. I’m still sleepy though.

Come here.

Good morning, my little kitten.


Hmm? Then another from you?

Then one more good morning kiss…


What shall we do while I’m here?

You finally have your paid vacation, so we’re free to choose. Is there any place you’d like to visit?

I guess you’re still sleepy.

You can sleep a bit more then.

Oh, but I’ll be back there again the day after tomorrow, so it would be unfortunate. If I were to force you to wake up now, you might end up having to take a nap.


You’ll do your best to get up?

Wash your face, and let’s go out for food. There we can decide on where we should go.

Eh? If we’re heading out, it’d be by car though?

We won’t be able to adhere closely together though. Do you not want that?

I prefer staying like this too. I want to make out even more with you, my little kitten.


Then we’ll go out tomorrow.

Today, let’s spend the entire day snuggling up against each other inside. In any case, let’s stay here until we feel hungry.

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