【Translation】 Dekiai Weekend Hiiragi Tomoya Ep.4 Ijiwaru Dakedo Suki


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

溺愛ウィークエンド 柊知也 4話 意地悪だけど好き

CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川慎)

Track 1: A Little Mean but Loved All the Same


I’ve come to speak with you. Is it alright if I come in?

Thank you.

This is a gift. It’s your favorite pudding.


It’s fine. Please take a seat.

Why are you sitting so far away? Sit closer. Or, do you not want to?

So, uh, why are you crying?

There, there. I’m sorry about before.

I didn’t tell you why I accepted your confession, right? …It was because your response was cute. I wanted to see more of it, so I couldn’t help teasing you.

I’m sorry.


You felt anxious because I was being contacted by other women, right?

Are you apologizing?

I don’t hate it. Being jealous is a sign of how in love you are with me. If anything, it makes me happy. Very much so.

I did dodge the question the other day, but I accepted your confession because I was in love with you too.


Why would I lie?

I had always been in love with you, a person working their hardest under me. In truth, that day I was planning to confess to you.

Even if I knew how you feel, I didn’t think you’d confess, so I was surprised.


Why would I accept it out of pity? Do I look like that kind of a person?

You know, I’m only kind to the woman I love.

I’m sorry for making you worry. I won’t make you feel like that again.


We’ve made up, right?

I can stay the night, right?


Alright, I’ll wait so go ahead.


I couldn’t wait. Were you washing your body?

I’ll wash the rest for you.

It’s fine.

No, I’ll pass on the sponge. Obviously, I’ll be using my hands.

Come on, turn around.


It tickles?

Endure it.

Hey, don’t move.


Your body is so smooth. It feels so nice to the touch.

Don’t move.

You’re the naughty one for feeling it. I’m only washing you, but your nipples are already erect.

You’re quite the lewd little fella.


They’re hard.

Here, look, they’re super erect.

Since we’ve come this far, why don’t I wash them thoroughly?

Don’t lie, you actually want me to go further.


Why are you fidgeting? Do you want me to wash someplace different?

A bunch of lies.

It’s wet and slippery.

It doesn’t seem to just be the fault of the body soap, though?

Oh? Then why has this place swelled up this much? Look, it’s gotten so big that I can pinch it between my fingers.

Oh, it’s too slippery. I can’t quite get a hold on it.

But seeing it has gotten this big, you would want me to wash it carefully, right? Then I’ll answer your request and wash this place even more carefully than your nipples.


It’s not like you don’t want it, so admit that it feels good.

Did you cum from just me washing you?

You’re so lewd.

No, I was washing you with my hands very soundly like I told you I would, though.


I’ll rinse you off.


Your place below is too slippery, and it’s not rinsing off.

I’ll touch for a sec.

I wonder if there’s body soap inside?

Let’s rinse it thoroughly.


After seeing your indecent state, I would not wait.

Let me put it in.

Yes, in here.

Place your hands on the wall.

I’m putting it in.


It’s hotter than usual. Is it because you warmed up in the bath? Or…is because you got aroused?

You’re more turned on doing it in a place like this rather than someplace normal, right?

Then why are you clamping down this hard?

You don’t know? Well, I guess I’ll leave at that for today.


Hey, turn this way.

Are you about to cum again?

Then I’ll rub this place too. You like having your clit teased, right?

On that note, I’m about to cum too…


We came together, didn’t we?

You’ve lost your strength, are you okay?

You’re so adorable.

Don’t worry, I’ll carry you over to the bed.



Of course once isn’t enough.

It’s fine, no? We have the day off tomorrow. I’ll have my way with you tonight, so be prepared.

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