【Translation】 Noumitsu Sasayaki Sex ~Test ga Owatta Gohoubi ni~


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

濃蜜ささやきセックス ~テストが終わったご褒美に~

CV: Noki Yuusei (乃木悠星)

Track 1


Hey, wake up. It’s morning.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding, that look on your face… You look way too flustered.

Also, isn’t it more your fault for sleeping, Senpai? You’re occupying my bed. Perhaps, I should pull an even greater prank on you.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Now that my exams are done, I’ve been a little careless, haven’t I?

Senpai, I’ve been putting in all like you have, after all. And because of that, my homeroom teacher has praised me saying that I can do it if I try.

I’m really thankful.


You’re not wrong.

The final exams may be over, but the entrance exams are yet to come, so I understand that it’s not time to relax.

But I require some laid-back rest time with my beloved girlfriend too. Hehe.

Let’s kiss.



More… Senpai.


I wanted to do this for so long.

But when I see you teaching me classes in earnest, I can’t say that I want to kiss you or I want to have sex with you.

I was, I was. I was really holding back.

Senpai, did I get the result that you wanted?

Then I’ll go back to working hard again tomorrow, so please reward me.


Huh? My parents?

Don’t worry, they’re still at work. They don’t return home at this hour, and even if they do return, the door is locked.

As long as you don’t let out a loud voice, it’ll be fine.

When we cover up to our heads like this, it’s like we’re playing hide-and-seek, and it’s fun.

So, what is it that we want to hide us doing, Senpai?



Clothes… Let’s remove our clothes before they get dirty.

I’ll undress.

Come on, you too, Senpai. Raise your arms up.


Like I thought, it feels so good to snuggle naked.

Let’s remove your bra too.


I missed these boobs.

Yes, yes, that reaction. I wanted to touch your body so badly that I could see it in my dreams.


Do your boobs feel good?

I’ll continue then…


I knew it. You’re more sensitive here, right?

So it, so it feels really good.


Huh? Oh, sorry, did it touch your leg?

Well, it can’t be helped, right? I’ve been holding back this whole time. I had been constantly thinking about having sex with you the next chance I get, Senpai.

Come on, touch it. Touch my rock hard dick.


Damn, it’s gotten really hard, hasn’t it?

I didn’t touch myself at all during the exam period, so I think it has become pretty sensitive.

No, uh, I mean, I’m not saying that it was not even once. When it just wasn’t going down or when it was affecting my ability to study…I, you know, masturbated. But, uh, I did hold back a lot.

Eh? Reward?


Senpai…? Don’t tell me, with your mouth, you’llーー


No way.

Senpai, I didn’t take a shower when I returned home. It’s not like I don’t want it. Fellatios always, err, makes me embarrassed.

Doing this suddenly is cheating.


That feels good…

Senpai, you’re way too lewd.

Yes. Slide your lips along it.

This is bad, I think I’m at my limit. Hey, don’t talk while it’s in your mouth.

No, cumming like this is way too embarrassing. I want us to feel good together.


Wait, Senpai! That, not that.


No, I don’t want to cum yet.

Let go of my dick.

You idiot…

Senpai, I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Are you okay?

Your face is covered. That’s why I warned you. Rather than rewarding me, aren’t you teasing me instead?

Here, wipe your hands and face.

Huh? Don’t tell me you swallowed a little.

Jeez, what are you doing?

I’m not mentally prepared for that at all. I’m both happy and embarrassed, and my heart’s pounding.


T-Then it’s my turn to take the initiative. I’ll make you feel so good that it would lose to that, Senpai.

Why are you surprised?

It’s alright, no? You want to go all the way too, don’t you, Senpai?

I’m fine. Just now was reflexive, it only counts as 0.5.

I’m not saying that I can cum a lot! It counts as one only when I’m having proper sex with you, so… Please spread your legs, Senpai.


It’s wet. Look, just by rubbing against it a little…

Do you hear it? Do you hear these naughty, wet sounds?

So your pussy became like this while you were blowing me, huh. Should I first insert my fingers first or should I just insert my dick as-is?

So, which is it?


Okay, I’ll put on a condom so wait just a bit.

Oh, I brought it in together with the tissues. Gotta be prepared, after all.

This time, together… Alright?

Spread your legs wider.


It’s been so long since we last had sex. I missed your insides, Senpai.


Can you feel my dick slowly entering inside you?

Look, this is the entire thing.

I’ll start moving but hold back your voice.



Are you okay? It has been a long time. Is it hard on you?

Then why do you have eyes closed shut?

Look at me.

Look at me more.



Huh? It’s embarrassing?

Why now?

Are you feeling shy perhaps because of how long it’s been since we last had sex?

You’re the one who started it. How convenient for you.

No, I won’t let you escape. Show me your embarrassing side.


Here? This place feels good?

You let out naughty sounds.

Suppress your voice. Hold it in.


Your pussy is rubbing straight against me…

I feel good too.

Wait, don’t pull back your hips.



No way, don’t tell me my parents actually came home…!? Why at this timing???

We should stop, but…

No, I can’t. I can’t stop.


Wow, Senpai…

It’s so tight.

I love you. I love everything about you.


Sorry, again I’m about to-


I came.

That felt too good, that was the best I’ve ever felt so far.


I’m sorry.

No, but, at that point, how could I be like “Alright, I’ll pull out”?

I was in a panic because I heard a noise by the entrance, but it seems like it was only a courier service.


Whoa, the condom’s all flappy.

I came way too much. It felt way too good.


You’ve lost your strength… Are you alright?

I felt really good too.

Let’s make out a bit more while the room door is locked.

What? I thought you’d go with the flow and say okay.

I get it, I’ll escort you home before it gets too late. So, umm, umm, uh, could you listen to my two requests?


First is…uh, before we sleep, I want us to talk on the phone for a bit.

The other thing is, err, I did say that I was going to go back to working hard tomorrow, but I still want kisses and to have sex every so often.

Is that a no?

Occasionally. Just on occasions.

Truthfully, I want to do it a lot, but…

Mhm, mhm.

Not at all. It’s important to me.


Then I won’t hesitate to tell you when I want to kiss you then.

Senpai, I want to kiss.

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  1. Anonymous

    Normally I gotta fluff my sheets up to make sure my cat isn’t gonna attack my toes, but the recent hunks-lurking-under-blanket trend in dramaCD-land makes me wonder if I should start checking for sweaty dudes too.

    Also re: cover art— PUBE ALERT


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