【Translation】 Immorality Prison ~Inraku Choukyou Kangoku~ Choukyou Kanshu Mizuno Aki ~Maniac & Sadistic~


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Immorality Prison ~淫楽調教監獄~ 調教看守 水野秋 ~Maniac & Sadistic~

CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋)

Track 1: Arraignment


She’s sleeping so soundly.

I should take this opportunity… Alright, now she can’t escape when she wakes up.

Now, let’s give her plenty of affection.


Her lips are so soft. It feels so nice.

Say, where would you like me to lick?

Your boobs? Or is that place in particular?

Let’s lick that place then. Since that’s a girl’s most sensitive spot, after all.

Well, well, I’ll be digging in then.


Wow, even though you’re asleep, you’re leaking nectar non-stop.


More. Let me taste it more. Your taste is spreading within my mouth, and it’s making me dizzy.

Huh? I heard a moan.

Are you, perhaps, awake?


I knew it, you were awake. Good morning, my Master.


To suddenly kick me…

I’m so happy, I never thought that you would reward me for giving cunnilingus​, Master.

That said, you mustn’t apologize, it’ll put your wonderful reward to waste. Try not to apologize next time, alright?

No. I told you, you mustn’t apologize!

I’m fine with that. It’s a promise.


Oh, it’s best if you don’t move around too much. It hurts when the handcuffs dig into you.

Or, are you the type that enjoys pain?

Yup, I put them on your earlier while you were sound asleep.

Have you become aware of your surroundings, Master?

I’m calling you that because I want to. Even though I’m the one who’s actually in the higher position of power.

Here, I’m the warden and you’re the prisoner.

You’re also naked because you’re a prisoner.

To enter this place, you had to undergo a bunch of examinations. And to do that, I removed everything. Including underwear.


Huh? You never realized until now?

Frankly, I thought it was best not to train anyone until they were awake, but I made an expectation and attacked you during your sleep. So, did it feel good?

But you wished for that, didn’t you?

Your complexion changed. Was I right on the mark?

It’s certainly not out of the question, is it? Considering that’s why you were dumped by your ex-boyfriend.

However, that ex-boyfriend is pretty cruel, isn’t he? He filed charges against you after breaking up with you.


This place is owned by a secret organization. I can’t tell you the details, but it’s a place where the rule of law does not apply.

After hearing your ex-boyfriend’s complaints, you were brought here and your charges were deliberate upon.

And at the tail end of that, you were sentenced to carnal training!

Or to put it plainly, becoming my Master is your punishment.


You see, this is a place where people who have committed sexual crimes are punished.

Master, you were dumped for having all sorts of fantasies and having a somewhat unique sexual disposition, weren’t you?

Poor thing. If it were me, I would’ve paired very nicely with you. I am a pervert, after all.

Oh, I guess being lumped together with me would anger my dear Master.

Huh? You aren’t angry?

How dull. There was no problem with you being angry and had you punched me, I would’ve been extremely happy.

Or could it be that you desire to be punched by me instead?


Punch… I guess that’s not quite it.

Don’t you want to be teased? A normal situation isn’t able to rile you up, right? Moreover, you had been lying to yourself, weren’t you?

I know.

That’s why you have a direct sentence.

Oh, don’t look so sad. It’ll be alright. Because I’m far, FAR, more perverted than you. Hehe.

Ah! You were thinking that I was stupid just now, weren’t you?

You’re so mean. But, that look in your eyes arouses me.

Regardless, it’s the truth. Your wishes, your desires, compared to me, they’re cute. So much so I feel bad they weren’t fulfilled for you.

Thus, I’ll make you experience first-hand that there’s nothing weird about you.


Haha. Of course, later, I’ll make sure to fulfill your desires too. Prob.

I’m great at accepting the teasing, but this is the first time I’m doing the teasing. So sorry if I’m not too good at it.

The big-wigs here call it a punishment, but honestly speaking, we’re doing things that feel good and saving you instead. Carnal training so to speak, is to teach you that following your desires isn’t a bad thing.

In other words, during these next 7 days, I’ll be granting your desires under the moniker of training.

There’s nothing to be afraid of, I’m sure you’ll be happy by the time you’re released.

Don’t worry, trust me. We have plenty of time on hand too.


Well, it’s possible for you to be released on parole after the 3rd day, but personally, I wouldn’t want to leave that early on.

But it’s only natural for you to be thinking of leaving, isn’t it?

That aside, the more important matter at hand is what will grant you pleasure.

Alright, I’ll do my best.

To grant your desires and make you smile, that is.


Oh, while I did remove your clothes in order to perform the physical exam, I won’t be returning them.

But you have no need for them here.

I’ll return them if you so insist, but they’ll be torn.

Would you rather be given tattered clothes or untouched clothes? I’ll go grab them if you don’t mind exposing your body on your way home.

I see. Then remain naked then.


Yes, yes, it’s to do with the reason you are here, but you were drugged at an establishment.

Well? Do you remember the place that your ex-boyfriend invited you to?

That place belongs to our organization, so it’s easy for us to drug people. So after you lost consciousness, you were carried over to this solitary cell. Ding, ding, ding. Clap, clap.

Err, I think I already mentioned what you’ve more or less suspected anyways, but do you have any other questions?

You can’t think of anything off the tip of your tongue?

Well too bad, I’ll only wait for another 5 secs. In other words, if you don’t respond within 5 secs, this question and answer section will be over.

I’ll start the count-down then.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


Alright, time’s up!

If you don’t have any questions then question time is over.

Well then, let’s begin.


Track 2: Carnal Training Commence


Hey, entwine your tongue more with mine.

Or are you perhaps bad at kissing? Did your ex-boyfriend not teach you about pleasurable kisses?

Nice, nice. You can do it if you try.


To be truthful, a warden must never be naked during a training session, but I want you to feel as good as I possibly can, so please remove my top.

It’s off now.

Look, my nipples are erect, aren’t they?

See? See? When men get aroused, their nipples get erect.

Would you like to try touching them?

You’re bound with handcuffs, so I guess that’s impossible. What a shame. In that case, I’ll touch your nipples then, Master.


So soft, they feel so nice.

I’ll pinch your nipples hard, alright?

Here I go!

You let out such a nice voice. Did it feel good? Because if so, I’ll pinch them even harder.

You’re making such a nice expression. Does having your boobs played with while restrained turn you on?

But Master, you enjoy this type of thing, don’t you?

Don’t make that face. There’s nothing bad about it. Forget about that and let yourself enjoy it more.


How about I try rolling your nipples around with my tongue this time around? That way, you’ll experience a different kind of sensation.

Does it feel good?

I’ll suck on them next then.


Does it feel better when I suck them? Or do you desire a stronger stimulus? …Like me biting you.


You let out a particularly nice voice. So you enjoy pain more like I thought, huh.

In that case, I’ll bite you even more then.

Liar, it feels good, does it not? Shall we check?

As for how… By touching that place, of course. Look, it’s making these naughty, wet-sounding noises.

It’s making these noises and yet you say you’re not feeling it?


Ah! I figured out the problem.

Sorry, sorry, I was careless. I’ll blindfold you with my necktie.

You asked for it because this is the type of thing you enjoy, right? And yet your ex-boyfriend rejected you for it. Poor thing.

So I ought to fulfill your desires in his place, don’t I?

Alright, now your sight’s been robbed from you.

I’ll caress you while you can’t see, so make sure to feel it.

Oh, right, if the place doesn’t feel good, tell me via a kick. Though, in wanting to be kicked, I might just focus hard on that place.


No kick when it’s your chest.

What about your butt?

Oh? Is your butt also an erogenous zone? Because you’ve got goosebumps.

And that place…

It’s wetter than before.

Is it because I touched your butt? Or is it because you’re blindfolded and being teased all over? Though, in Master’s case, it might just be both. So lewd~

It’s fine to be lewd. Be more brazenly sexual.

Your reason, your logic, just throw it all away,


You juices are pouring out endlessly like nectar. I can even smell the lewd scent.

Mmm, I can’t get enough of it.

You see, I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you. So, I’m extremely happy that I’m able to love you like this.

Once I got to touch you, I realized that your body matched perfectly with my tastes.

The way it fits right with my fingers is wonderful.

I want to mess you up and I want to train you to wallow in me.


You must be happy, right? You are an M, after all. You love being bound and blindfolded like this, don’t you?

I wonder if you enjoy being called a disgrace?

You’ve had fantasies about being assaulted in your sleep, haven’t you?

You see, I’m the same as you, Master. An M. However, for your sake, I’ll take the extra mile and become an S. Otherwise, you won’t feel good, right?

As an M myself, I think I know what things you want to be done to you, Master.


I’ll make you focus on me and make it so that I’m the only one reflected in your eyes.

So think of me. Have thoughts only of me. Let your mind be entirely occupied by me. Forget about that ex-boyfriend.

Oh, as we were talking, my hand ended up becoming completely drenched in your juices.

Seeing that you’re this wet, I can probably shove it easily into your ass.

So, are you interested in anal?

Do you like double-penetration? Would you like to try?


I got kicked…

Alright, let’s put anal on hold for now. I’ll caress this place thoroughly instead.


So, so, when and where should I churn to grant you the most pleasure? The entrance? When I scrape against the top side? Or is it when I knead the bottom side?

Ah! Your insides are quivering.

Are you about to cum?

From just fingers?

Or are you perhaps turned on by the scenario of being played around by an unknown man?

Go ahead, cum. I’ll put it in after you cum once. That way, you’ll feel painfully good.


Wow, you squirted!

So you enjoy the situation that much, huh.

I knew it. You’re extremely masochistic. I can feel our affinity. Ah! Nectar is dripping down from that place. …And it excites me.

Sorry, please allow me to clean it up a little.


You’re feeling it so much that your brain’s turning to mush?

Then let it be.


I keep licking and licking but juices keep pouring out from inside you. Even your butt’s wet.

I wish I could stick it in your ass.

You’re still fearful of anal, huh. How unfortunate. I won’t put it in your ass then.

Oh, I’ll be putting on a condom, so don’t worry.

Though, cumming straight inside and having you experience the thrill of being potentially impregnated is probably better for you. But it’s a rule.


There we go. I’m done.

Let me insert it then.

I’ll put it in slowly. Can you feel that I’m entering inside you?

Doing it slow is quite a turn-on, don’t you think?


Are you alright? Does it hurt?

While I’ve done enough foreplay to make you squirt, I haven’t loosened up your insides. It might’ve not been ready for it.

Or would you have preferred that it hurt?

Based on that expression, I guess pain is not a concern.

I think you might enjoy me ramming it in without any foreplay. But inserting it slowly after making you cum multiple times…the frustration isn’t too bad either, right?

The sensation of you clamping down on me as I enter deep inside you feels way too good. I feel like I’ll grow addicted.

Shall I pull in and out midway on purpose?

……Like this.


Your insides tightened like it’s telling me to not leave. How adorable.

Sure. I’ll drive it all in then.


It’s all in now.

What a shame. I wanted to excite you more.

But I guess it’s fine. This time I’ll pound all your deepest spots and make you moan non-stop.


What am I to do? Your insides feel super good.

I’m already…

I want to pleasure you but I’m here feeling good instead. Are you actually feeling it, I wonder?


Am I pounding your insides properly?

So this place feels good?

Then I’ll grind against it even more.


Hmm? You’re about to cum?

Go ahead, cum.

Come on. Cum.

No need to be afraid, squirt and cum like you did earlier.

You don’t have to tighten around me. I’ll end up cumming too.


I told you. I’ll end up cumming.

It felt really good. As expected of my master. Through overlapping our body, I’ve once again confirmed that, ah, I really do love you.

I’ll love you fiercely during these next 7 days.

So don’t leave halfway, alright? Do your best to oppose me and stay here as long as possible.

You’re all worn-out…

Did it feel that good for you?


Oh, is it the first time you’ve had such peculiar sex?

Then it can’t be helped.

Here, I’ll take the blindfold off for you.


That dazed look…I can’t get enough of it.

So cute.

I’m glad you enjoyed having sex with me.

Truthfully, I want you to become my master, but since you’re a masochist, I’ll become your master.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll discipline you for real in the neighboring training room.

So look forward to it, my dear naughty princess.


Are you happy? You must be happy, right?

Then tuck yourself in today. It’ll be a hindrance to you if you’re tired tomorrow.

There’re still 7 days left to go, so the real fun is yet to begin. Today, I’ll hold you like this until you fall asleep as a special exception.


Please continue to treat me well.


Track 3: Master’s Training, and Pleasurable Orders.


Oh, are you awake?

Good morning, my dear naughty princess.

This place is the training room, and this is a lewd chair that can restrain you with your legs open.

I carried you over while you were sleep and bound you to it.

But you had a yearning for this type of thing, didn’t you? I’m just fulfilling your desires.

I told you, didn’t I? While you are here, I will be fulfilling your desires. So be honest with your own fetish. That is why our organization exists.

So jamming it in without any preparations should also be one of your wishes.


You look surprised.

Do you want me to insert it as-is?

But it’s a rule. I have to wear a condom.


Alright, we’re ready to go.

I’ll head over there then.


Alright, I’ll be putting it.


So tight…!

But you enjoy that pain, don’t you?

You’re clamping down so hard. It hurts yet it feels so good.

Look, it’s all in.


Did it hurt?

Tears are welling up in your eyes.

I’ll lap them up for you.


But this isn’t the end of it, you know? I have to start moving. It is an important morning greeting, after all.

I do apologize but you’ll soon come to love that pain, won’t you?

Because look, you’re starting to hear those naughty sounds. It’s proof that you’re starting to feel good, isn’t it?



Huh? Your reactions are a little strange. Do you need to pee perhaps? You didn’t go to the toilet in the morning, after all.

Is it about to leak out?

You want to go, don’t you? You want to go, right?

Come on, say that you want to go.


Go ahead, let it out. Let it out here.

You don’t want to?

I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll help you let it out.

If I tease the place where you pee comes out, it’ll leak out, right? Come on, let it out right here and now. It’ll come out if I stimulate it like this, right?

Come on, hurry. I’m getting impatient.


It came out all at once, didn’t it?

So you wanted to go pee that badly. How cute. You’ve dirtied your crotch, haven’t you?

I’ll lick it clean.


It tastes of your pee.

Why? Because you’re embarrassed?

But you enjoy feeling humiliated, don’t you?

Oh, but it’s best to punish you for wetting yourself, right? Considering that I’m your master.

In that case…


There it is.

The dildo. Let’s use that.

As punishment, I’ll shove this dildo up your ass.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want it. I’ll use your juices in place of lube so let’s first shove it into the mouth below.


I got kicked while being ordered to stop.

It feels so good to be ordered around by you. If I were to tease you more, would you curse at me and kick me even more?

If so, I ought to do things against your will, don’t I?


I wasn’t planning on using lube, but seeing that I want to jam it in immediately, I’ll use it. I’ll apply tons of it onto the dildo so that it’s nice and slippery.

I’ll shove it up your ass then.


Are you feeling it so much that not even your voice can come out?

It hurts a lot in the beginning, doesn’t it? But as I pull it in and out, you’ll soon come to love it.

So, does it feel good? Or do you hate it instead?

Will you berate at me for doing this?

Come on, say something.

Having so many tears well up in your eyes… So it hurts, huh? But you enjoy that pain, don’t you?

I don’t mind if you squirt like you did yesterday.


Don’t look so pained. Is it not thrilling?

I guess it’s still impossible for you to feel it just from your ass.

I’ll lick your clitoris then.


Something came out again.

Is it pee, or did you squirt?

Well, I don’t care which it is. It’s dirty, so I have to lick it clean.


Being ordered around feels wonderful. But if I don’t stop then you’d berate me even more, right?

So, I won’t stop.


What incredible moans. Are you feeling it so much that it hurts?

Hey, wet yourself again.

Show me even more of your shameful state.


Huh? The end buzzer?

Time’s already up?

This is hardly enough. I wanted to tease her more. Not to mention, I wanted to play doctor and have a pretend exorcism. And you can’t forget about pretend prostitution.

Well? You think so too, right?

Oh my, you’re floppy. Are you at your limit?

Then it can’t be helped. Let’s carefully enjoy the continuation tomorrow.

Besides, it’s not great that I’m the one doing all the bullying. Personally, I want to be thoroughly ill-treated.

Please make sure to curse at me and hit me more tomorrow, alright?


Then that’s the end of today’s training.

Eat and then fully rest.


Track 4: Erotic Roleplay Training 1


Welcome, let’s happily train again today!

Oh, this appearance?

I thought I’d fit the part, so I put on a priest outfit. Today, we’ll be performing an exorcism…!

This whip is custom made. The tip of it is a dildo.

I’ve already finished with setting up the exorcism, so please stand in front of the cross.

I had the fixings on the cross specially made too. By saying that it’s necessary for your situation, I can’t get anything made. It’s convenient, isn’t it?

Now then, without delay, let’s begin the exorcism!


You’ll let me, right?

That’s great to hear. Then quickly stand in front of the fixings.

Yes, well done. Let’s fasten your arms and legs then.


This should work.


Well then, let’s begin with the exorcism ritual. Alright?

Princess, you’ve been possessed by a sexual demon, and oh, what a woe that is. Thus with this holy water and this holy whip, I shall begin the purification.

First is the holy water.

Hey, hey, don’t struggle, this is holy water.

Though, some call it “lube.”

It makes the holy whip slide across more easily.


Let’s apply lots of it.

Now you’re covered from head to toe.

Next up is the whip, isn’t it?

I have to find the place that the demon is clinging onto and hit it. So, where did the demon take hold?

How about we investigate this nape first?

Is there a demon here, I wonder?


Your reaction’s weak. This doesn’t seem to be the place.

Then this time, let’s investigate your boobs.

Oh? There’s a reaction.

I have to pinpoint the exact location. Like your nipples for example.

!? It’s here…! The demon’s residing in your nipples!

Alright, begone foul demon!!!


You let out a sweet-sounding voice… It’s proof that the demon’s loosening its hold. I have to hit it even more.

There, there. It went well.

But based on that expression, there must be more demons still attached to your body, Princess.

Those dazed eyes are proof of that.

Other than your nipples, where else are the demons clinging onto?

Is it here…?!!


What a powerful demon. It’s left traces in multiple places There must be a main body that is the source of all these little demons.

In any case, it doesn’t seem to be in the upper half of your body.

Then is it in your lower half?

Hmm, the slit between your thighs looks suspicious. Shall we check there?

This reaction-

A powerful sex demon has taken hold here.

I’ll clear it away with this specially made, holy whip. Alright? So, loosen up and relax.


Track 5: Erotic Roleplay Training 2


To have taken hold in your crutch, what a lascivious demon it must be.

I have to first trace your slit and perform the exorcism.


Do you hear it? It’s making such naughty, wet-sounding noises. The demon is making lewd nectar leak out from inside you, Princess.

I have to rub it even more.

Oh my, your body’s starting to quiver.

Here, the reaction from your clitoris. It’s the reaction when possessed by a demon.

I have to rub against it and expel the evil.


Making such a pained expression…

But hang in there, the stimulation is needed to drive out the demon.


I keep rubbing it, but I can’t seem to purge it.

Your cheeks are stained red and your eyes are filled with lust, Princess. It’s a sign that you’re assimilating with the demon.

I have to rub it even harder.


It’s sending shivers down my spine.

Condemn me with your glare.

It’s great. Please, glare at me even more, scorn me with a look of contempt. And then afterwards, seek more, even more pleasure.

Princess, you mustn’t beg.

Also, you must order me not to “stop”, but rather, “to continue.”

Is the demon making you lie, I wonder?

In that case, we have to chase out the demon.


Oh, I got it. It’s inside you, and that’s why I can’t seem to purge it from you.

Then I ought to stick this holy whip inside and stir it around.

Yes, a demon’s hiding inside this hole. Thus, I’ll scoop it out for you.

Look, your insides have swallowed up the whip.

The dildo at the tip is thick, isn’t it? I made sure it was thick so that you’ll feel it more easily, Princess.

It hurts, it’s too thick?

Then let’s pour holy water on it and allow it to slide more easily.


There we go.

Is it moving a bit more smoothly now?

Mmm, wonderful. It’s eating it up so nicely. I’ll focus on stirring up the entrance to exorcise.

You’re shaking your hips.

The demon’s currently clinging onto the entrance. You mustn’t tempt it to go deeper.

Hmm? What am I wrong about?


What about the places deep inside you? The demon’s at the entrance.

It’s deep inside…?

But why do you think that?

I see. If it’s hot and throbbing then it’s more likely the demon has taken hold inside. In which case, I’ll slam your deep parts hard.


How’s that? Do you think the demon’s starting to leave you?

Moaning so much like that…

Are those the death throes of the demon, I wonder?

Then as a final touch, I’ll stimulate your clitoris with my holy hand.


Well? How’s this?

Begone foul demon!


Your body’s shaking and trembling… Did you cum?

Wait, that’s not it. Has the demon been exorcised? Shall I remove the holy whip?

Wow, the dildo on the tip is drenched.

It isn’t drenched with lube, I mean, holy water, right? It’s almost entirely your juices.

How lewd. It’s wonderful.


Did you feel good?

That’s good to hear.

Now, go take a shower and wash off the holy water. You’re covered in it, aren’t you?

Alright, now that the exorcism is done, I’ll let you down.


Ah! Your wrists are red. Is it because you struggled?

Does it hurt?

Or does the stinging feel good?

Since you’re an M, I guess it feels good. Right?

Wait, there’s no way you’re able to get over to the shower room unless I free your left arm and leg.

Sorry, sorry, I’ll free them right now.


Okay, you can go.

Take a long bath. You’re free to laze about after.

You’ll be washing everything clean. Your insides. Everything. I’ll be checking it tomorrow.

Take your time then.


Track 6: Parole DecisionーI Won’t Let You Escapeー


Oh, did I wake you?

Sorry for coming in the middle of the night.

Mhm, these are your clothes. I came to bring them to you.


Umm…a decision has been made on your parole.

You were satisfied with today’s play, weren’t you? You out loud the things you wanted to me, your warden.

So tomorrow, you’ll be released on parole.

It’s why I brought these clothes but…

I don’t want to return them.


I can’t take this. I won’t let you be released on parole.

If this is likely the last then I’ll mess you up.

I won’t do any foreplay. I’ll shove it in all at once without even a condom.


You’re not really wet. If I were to shove it in now, it would hurt, wouldn’t it?

But burn that pain into your body.

Even if it hurts, I won’t stop.

Look, it’s all in. However, this isn’t the end of it. I’ll thrust you hard.


Hey, please say that you won’t go. Insist that even though you’re able to leave on parole, you don’t want to be released.

Remain by my side.


Look, the naughty, wet-sounding noises are echoing. You’re starting to feel good even though you’re having such forceful sex.

Our compatibility is perfect. Both physically, and emotionally.

So, so, please don’t go.

I don’t want to be apart from you.

I won’t hand you over to anyone, I won’t let anyone else touch you. I don’t want anyone to lay eyes on you.


What is it? If there’s something you’d like to say, say it.


Yeah, you’re right, your sentence is only 7 days. Even if you don’t leave now, you’ll eventually slip away from me.

If that’s the case then how about this? You could live together with me.

After you leave this place, you could imprison me instead.

Well? Isn’t that a good idea, Master? I’ll handle all your sexual needs, Master. Oh, and I don’t mind if you take me in as your bitch, your pleasure toy either.


Does that not entice you?

Then order me to be your boyfriend. Because if you do, I’ll become your lover. I have a masochistic disposition, but if you want me to be the S, then, like I’ve done there…

Mhm, I’ll make sure that you don’t see even a smidgen of my masochism.

So, so please, please don’t leave me. I’ll make you feel good right now.


Hey, don’t just moan. Say something

I get it now.

If you aren’t going to reply then I’ll do things my way.

I’ll bind us together with these handcuffs. Indefinitely, until you promise me that you won’t go.


Now you can no longer escape. I won’t let you escape.

So nod and say that you’ll stay with me forever.

I won’t pull out until you give me that nod. So…Master, please say yes. Let’s stay together forever, and drown ourselves in pleasure forever and ever.

Come on, it’s fine, isn’t it?

Let’s start that master-servant relationship. I’ll leave deciding who’s the Master to you.


Huh? You’re about to cum?

Go ahead, cum.

I won’t stop until you agree.


That was close, that was close, I was close to cumming.

Cumming’s fine too but I ought to press you more.

I know. You’re super sensitive because you just came, right?

Even if you scream and cry, I won’t stop. I’ll continue pushing until you promise me that you’ll be with me forever.


Huh? What is it?

Say it loudly, I can’t hear you.

Really? You’ll really stay with me forever?

Yes. It’s a promise, got it? I’ll cum inside you as proof of the promise. Naturally, you wouldn’t mind, right?

Okay, then I’ll fill you with my desires.


Your insides are filled to the brim… Can you feel that I’ve cum inside you?

Now you belong to me.

Or would it be more correct to say that I now belong to you, Master?

I don’t care which is it because I’m extremely happy right now.


These handcuffs are our oath ring.

M-m, vows are nothing to take light of. They are proof of restraints. We’re now both lovers and a master and servant.

I’ll be in your care.


So, tomorrow, please come over to my house and make tons of love. In a place where no one’s watching. Just the two of us.

It’s a promise.

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  1. It me

    I want to know what is happening to the lame boyfriends who complain about their lady friends instead of being decent partners, yo

      1. It me

        I assume they get their own drama CD. I saw a good one on DLSite that was just like “sexy doctor constantly kicks you in the crotch for a week.” I’m just gonna imagine that’s what they get after “reporting” their nice girlfriends

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