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CV: Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之)

Track 1: Time Apart



Good work out there, I’ll be done in a bit too.

I’m so looking forward to today. It’s been such a long time since we last went out to the movies and for dinner after work, hasn’t it?

I haven’t reserved anything, but if there’s anything you’d like to eat, please tell me over the phone.

So, what would be a good restaurant?

It’s been about 2 weeks since we last saw each other, right? I’ve been looking forward to it all morning. I want to just see you already.

Eh? “Sorry”?

What’s wrong?

Mhm. Mhm.

I see, so you don’t think you’ll be able to finish your task. That’s a shame.


Ah! No, I wasn’t blaming you just now.

While I’m sad that tonight’s plans are canceled, I like seeing you put your all into a job that you love, so don’t worry about it. More than anything, I’m worried about you.

Have you been sleeping properly lately?

You’ve been busy with work all the time.

Although I did say that I enjoy seeing you devote yourself to your job, I wouldn’t want you to collapse from exhaustion.


I’m glad you’re alright. We can set up a date anytime, so do your best at work today.

Eh? Am I not lonely?

Because you’ve been busy with work and we haven’t seen each other for so long?

Hmm, it’d be a lie to say that I wasn’t lonely. But I enjoy thinking about what we would do or what we would talk about the next time we meet. Not to mention, we call and message each other pretty much every day.

Besides, I’m sure that precisely because we’re apart now, we’ll be twice as happy the next time we meet.

Let’s spend some time together once you’re done with your job.

And, let’s see… I want to make lots of love to make up for the times we couldn’t meet.


Just kidding. In any case, you don’t need to worry about it.

I would like to continue hearing your voice, but you have to return to your task at hand, don’t you?

Call me when you’re finished.

Well then-

Eh? You want me to say that now?

I feel kind of embarrassed too.

I’ll say it. I will.

I love you, so please do your best at work.


Are you satisfied?

I’m glad.

Talk to you later then.


Track 2: Misunderstanding, and Unforeseen Event


Welcome, I’ve been waiting for you.

Come on in.


Hmm? What’s clean?

Oh, are you referring to the room?

Thank you. I put a little more effort than usual since you were coming. Though I say that, cleaning is almost like a hobby for me.

Doesn’t it ease your mind when your room is clean?

Cleaning, cooking, sewing, those are what I enjoy doing. Most people would say that it’s effeminate, though.

Thank you. I’m happy that you’d say that.

I enjoy doing it for myself, but I enjoy doing it for someone, for the person I love even more. So if you say that you aren’t great at those, just leave it to me.


Eh? I’m not popular.

Now please take a seat on the sofa. I’ll go brew some black, so please wait a moment.


Should I add some sugar?

Here you go.

Does it taste good?

I’m glad. During these past 3 years, I guess I’ve learned to make it taste to your liking.

I’m happy to see you. I’m glad I invited you today, you’re always hard at work every day. Just spending the day relaxing at my place today, okay?


Are you feeling unwell?

That’s a relief. Shall we watch a movie then?

Today we’re doing what we would’ve done during that previous date. And once we’ve finished the movie, I’ll cook some food that wouldn’t lose to any restaurant.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should make.


That movie was interesting. What do you think?

I’ll go prepare dinner then.

Things have been busy at work till yesterday, so rest. I’ll wake you up, so it’s alright for you to sleep too.


She hasn’t been looking well today.

She’s been occupied with work this whole time, so she’s probably exhausted. I guess I probably shouldn’t have invited her out today.

Perhaps it would’ve been better to let her rest at her own home.

But even so, phone calls just aren’t enough anymore. I want to see her more. I want to be with her more.

I can’t say this to my girlfriend who’s out there working her hardest, though.



!? What was that just now?

What’s wrong? Are you alrightーー


Are you awake?

Are you okay? Are you hurt? Are you feeling sick? Is there any place that doesn’t feel quite right?

Anyhow, I carried you over to my bed.

If you’re ill, I’ll bring you to a hospital.


I’m glad that you’re alright.

Remember? While I was in the middle of cooking, I suddenly heard the sound of you collapsing.

At first I thought it was from accumulated fatigue, but when I held you, it felt like you were burning up.

This bottle fell next to you and there were signs of you taking it.

It has “Make feelings mutual with the one on your mind” written on it. I don’t care whether it’s a joke product or a type of medicine, but why? I’m not trying to press you on it, but I thought my feelings were clear and I don’t remember ever making you feel anxious about it.

Did you not trust me?

I won’t be angry, so could you please explain it to me?


Saw…? Saw what?

I was walking together with another girl the other day? The day our date was canceled?

Oh, uh, so you saw.

D-Don’t cry, please listen to what I have to say. While it is true that I was walking together with another girl following my shift, she’s my boss.

Am I cheating on you with that boss…?

Of course not!

You saw us exiting an accessory shop together?

About that, umm, uh, I was trying to find a present for you. I researched a lot of brands myself, but I didn’t understand any of it. Then my boss told me that she knows someone who works at an accessory shop and that they would give me accurate advice, and brought me all the way to the store to introduce me to them.


It’s the truth. I don’t mind phoning up that boss if need.

Of course it’s true, I would never lie to you.

But I’m sorry, it was careless of me too. Anyone would misunderstand if that’s the sight they saw.

I’m really sorry for making you anxious.

So that’s why you were acting strange today. Normally, you’d let me spoil you more.

Did you buy these pills because you thought I was cheating on you?

Where did you buy them? From the internet?

So people actually sell these things. On that note, did you actually believe that such things are real?

You didn’t think this would be the result?


That’s not it. There wasn’t any weird meaning behind that laugh.

It’s just that, rather than being angry or doubtful of you, I find it quite sweet that you’d buy this secretly and take it because you wanted our feelings to be mutual.

Sorry, sorry, don’t be angry.

I wouldn’t do anything to make you anxious. Even if our time apart continues, I would never cheat on you. I have no interest in anyone but you.

But if you ever do feel uneasy, don’t hesitate to tell me.

If you wish for it…

M-m, even if you don’t, I’ll tell you that I love you time and time again. I’m willing to do anything for you.

It’s true, I promise.


Hehe. Are you hungry?

I’m almost finished cooking dinner, so why don’t you sleep for a little bit longer?

Well, it is a rare chance, so maybe you can help arrange the food.

It brings back memories, doesn’t it? We met at a cooking class, didn’t we? We were in the same group and cooked together.

It was nice seeing you try your best to cook.


Why are you tense all of sudden? Did you hit something when you fell?

Does it hurt?

That’s not it? Then why-

Err, umm, uh, swelling down there? Don’t tell meーー


Track 3: Reconciliation and Joint Effort


Don’t cry.

No, I mean, it is natural to be shaken when you suddenly grow a dick, but in any case, please try to calm down.

There should be an underlying reason for this.

That medicine-like thing you took, isn’t it likely the fault of that?

“It also contains an aphrodisiac for the sake of making love with the one on your mind and for that purpose, there will also be changes to your body.”

See? Like I said, it’s the fault of this.

“Once you have relieved your sexual desires, you will return to normal.”

…Is what is said.


What a relief.

See? You’ll return to normal, so don’t worry about it.

Don’t cry. It’ll be alright, it’ll be alright.

I would never come to dislike you over something like this, would I? Not “but”, I’m telling the truth.

Even if you’re stuck with a dick, I still love you.

“Once you have relieved your sexual desires” was what was written on it, right? At the end of the day, it’s my responsibility to take, besides, when it comes to this, it’s more frustrating for me as a man.

So, is it alright if I touch you?


No, don’t hide it.

You don’t want to? You’re embarrassed to have it seen?

I won’t be dissuaded by it. I told you earlier, didn’t I? I’ll love you no matter what.

If anything, I want to see it.

Show me.


Did you feel good from just this? Is it because of those pills, I wonder?

Your place here is hard.

Even though I’m only licking your ears, it feels so good that it has become like this, huh. How adorable.

It can become even harder.

Say, I want to touch it directly. So, I’ll be undressing you then, alright?

Mhm, good girl.


It’s super lewd. Seeing you aroused makes even me aroused, so relax and leave everything to me.

Come on, open your mouth.


It’s already moist.

Can you tell? It’s already leaking pre-cum.

See? There’s so much leaking out.

Does it feel good?

Let out your voice. I want to hear your voice.

The head or right below it, which feels better when I touch it? The head? The place below it? Which do you prefer?

I’ll alternate between them then.


Here, look. Can you tell that it’s trembling?

When I think about how it’s yours, I find it so lovable and cute. Fluids are leaking out from the tip.

Shall I spread it around?

Do you like it when I rub it with my fingers like this? You like it, don’t you? You’ve had a dazed look for the past while.

Drown in even more pleasure, alright?


You’re at your limit?


You’re scared to cum?

It’ll be okay, there’s nothing to be afraid about. You’ll just be feeling even better.

I want to see you cum. Cum.


Wow, you came so much.

Did it feel good?

Oh, but it’s still hard. Seems like the pills were strong. Or are you perhaps turned on yourself?

Shall we go at it again?

I got hard from seeing your cute reactions. Is it alright for me to feel good together with you this time around?

Pressing them together like this…


It’s super slippery from everything you let out earlier, and rubbing against your hard member feels so good.

You too?

You’re moving your hips.

Don’t be embarrassed, you don’t have to hide anything in front of me.

See? I told you it was alright.

Even if you have a dick…no, if anything, I’m even more turned on than usual. When we rub against each other, they jump just as much and it’s almost as if I’ve become one with you.


If you’re aroused too then I’m happy.

Say, is it alright if I touched it with my hands again? Wrap my hands around both of ours and mix my pre-cum with your cum…


So, you can’t hang on any longer?

Why do I say that? Have you not noticed? You’ve been rubbing up against my hand for the past while.

Copy me. Touch me.

Yes, it feels good.


Hey, don’t stare.

I’ve been staring at you since earlier? Isn’t it only natural to want to see the cute expression of the person you love?

You’re no different…?

When you say that, I’ve got nothing to say back.


That felt super good just now. Good, it feels so good.

You’re about to cum again?

Cum even more. Let me hear even more of your cute voice.

You’re embarrassed that you’re cumming so quickly?

Don’t worry about that, I just want to you feel extremely good. But if you’re embarrassed to cum alone then let’s cum together.

To tell you the truth, seeing your cute appearance has pushed me to my limit.


That feels so good!

I’m about to cum too. Cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.


Look, it’s become this sticky from the amount from both of us.

What’s the matter? Why are you standing up?


Your expression… It’s super dazed and also, super lewd. And this place is still perky.

Do you want me to lick it?

Sure. I would do anything for you.


I have no aversion to it at all when I think about how it’s yours.

It’s dirty from what we’ve both let out, so I’ve got to clean it.


It tastes good when I think about how it’s yours.

It feels strange?

Even though I’m only licking you, I’m becoming aroused too.

Does it feel good?

Me too.


Kuh. Cough, cough. I…I’m alright, I’m alright. I was just a little surprised.

Did it feel so good that you lost yourself in it?

I see. Do you want to feel even better?

In that case, I’ll go even rougher.


I’ll give you lots of love, so let’s continue.


Track 4: Reverse Anal FUCK


Are you okay? Are you tired?

Shall we rest for a bit?

Even so, this is quite incredible. You’re cumming and cumming, yet it’s still perky. But at this rate, you’ll never return to normal.

Don’t make that face, I’ll definitely figure out a way.

I’m your boyfriend.

Regardless if you under the effect of some drug or not, not being able to satisfy you hurts my dignity as a man.


Though I say that, I’ve already tested almost everything I could think of.

What am I to do to pleasure her even more?


Let’s rest for a bit.

Since we’ve come this far, why don’t we try out some more interesting play?

I’ll go search some up.


Hmm, is there anything good…

Don’t apologize, I’m doing it because I want to. I want to make you feel more, even more pleasure. Besides, there are a lot of things that we could’ve never done if it weren’t for this.

It’s a rare chance, so let’s have fun with it.



If it’s this method… But…

This might return your body back to normal, so could please wait just a moment?


Yes, position between my legs and as if you’re placing down a cover…

Being on the bottom position of the missionary position is more embarrassing than I imagined. My face and everything else are in plain sight.

I think this is the best shot at returning you to normal.

“For the sake of making love with the one on your mind” was what was written on the bottle, wasn’t it?

I think it isn’t just about relieving your sexual desires. I believe sex is also an important factor in it.

So uh, I’ve loosened it up properly, so…

How exactly?

I umm, applied lube in the bathroom, placed my hand on the walls, and uh, with my fingers, I… To make sure something of your size could fit, I continued until I could fit 3 fingers…



It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, but… No, let’s not talk about that. More importantly, you know, let’s begin while it’s still loose and relaxed.

You’ll put on a condom?

I’ll spread my legs then.


Like I thought, it’s embarrassing.

W-Wait! I know, if I don’t spread it, you won’t be able to see. I’ll spread it myself.

Is this enough? Can you see that place of mine?

That’s in the way and you can’t see?

I’ll lift my hips then.

Wait! Don’t grab my ass and spread it. Please don’t say that it’s twitching.

It’s so embarrassing.


Yes, just like that. Shove it in all at once.

I’m fine.

Just quickly shove it in. Fill me up.


It’s…it’s in. It’s bigger than I thought.

There’s still more to go? It’s in so deep.

You’re tightly packed inside me. What is this? It feels strange.

Is it all in?


Hey, you’re throbbing inside me. It’s like I could feel your pulse. Did you feel the same thing when I was doing it with you?

If that’s the case, it makes me kind of happy.

I can experience the ways you feel good, so experience the pleasure I feel.

You can start moving.

Hold onto my thighs, use that as support, and slowly pull out.


It’s rubbing against me…

Now push it back in.

And repeat over and over.


Wait, no, please go more slowly-

You’re too rough…

W-What is this? It’s completely different compared to my fingers. My fingers could never reach this deep.

My insides feel so hot and tingly.


Wait. No way, it feels good. I never thought it would be like thisー

My voice is leaking out…

I’m embarrassed. I’m so embarrassed.



What was that just now?

Not there. If you rub against that place, no, stop, it feels too good…

Please don’t spread my legs.

If you-

I had no idea it would be like this, my mind’s turning into mush.


Don’t look at me. I don’t want you to see me like this.

I love you too.

I love you no matter what.


W-Wait, it’s like my insides are clamping down.

I’m about to cum. I’ll cum!

I’m cumming, I can’t…


No way, I… I didn’t even touch my dick.

Please stop, please don’t call a man cute. I wanted to be cooler in front of you.

Too late now?

But, m-m, I guess it’s fine. As long as you love me…

I love you. I love you no matter what.



I was trying to sound cool and yet…

But you’re right, you still haven’t cum yet.

Sure, let’s keep going at it until you’re satisfied. Move however you want, move in the ways that make you feel good.

There… I feel good too!


Even though I can’t pump out any more, it feels like something’s coming. I feel like I’m turning strange.

Are you about to cum too?

Cum. Release your loads inside me.


Did it feel good?

I see. That’s a relief.

I love you.


Track 5: Proposal


Good morning.

You slept soundly, didn’t you?

I just woke up too.

I’m glad today was an off-day. If it was a workday, we would have overslept.

See? It’s already this late.


Well, yesterday, you know… We were both worn out.

So how’s your body?

You’re back to normal!!!

Thank god, if you didn’t return to normal after all that then I would honestly be in a panic because I wouldn’t know what else to do.

I’m glad you were satisfied in the end.


You must be hungry, right? I’ll cook something for brunch.

Do you have any requests?

Ow, ow…

Sorry, I’m fine, I’m fine. Last night, I did something, you know, I wasn’t used to. It’ll fix itself after some rest.

Eh? You’ll cook?

Thank you. I’ll take advantage of your words today then.


You’re free to use whatever’s in the fridge.

Oh, wait, before thatーー

This. If you’re willing, I would like you to accept it.

Can you open it up?

I wanted to tell it earlier, but I couldn’t find the right timing.

You were worried about how we weren’t able to spend much time together too, weren’t you? And because of that, I even made you anxious.

That’s why, here on out, let’s spend the rest of our lives together.

Please marry me!


Can you tell me your reply?

Thank god.

Come here.

Thank you. I love you.


I was thinking about how fortunate I am.

You’ll be living in my house and we’ll be together every day, so I’m glad I proposed.

What about you?

I’m glad.


I’m fine now.

Strap-on dildo? So that’s what they’re like. I never knew you held onto an interest in that type of play.

If I didn’t want to, I would’ve refused.



It’s your fault that I’ve…

Wait, don’t stop, I like it when you top me. I ended liking it, so please thrust into me.

It feels so good. It feels so good.

Hey, do you feel good too? Are you turned on?

I’m glad-


It feels good when you’re rough… My insides feel so hot. I want it deeper inside.

There. It feels so good.

I love you.

Let’s kiss. I want to kiss.


This…this state is so embarrassing.


Having it deep feels so good…! More!

Eh? Why are you stopping?

Is something wrong?

You’ll force it in even deeper? How?

Turn this way?

Isn’t it better this way…?

It’s embarrassing sticking my butt out towards you.


You’re hitting a completely different place than before… It’s so deep…

Don’t ask me how it is…

No. No, no, this isーー

No, no, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’ll cum…! I’ll cum from anal!


Why do you look like you’re having fun?


Mhm, I love you too.

Eh? Tomorrow too?

Sure, and not just tomorrow. Let’s keep going at it well beyond that. We’ll always be together, after all.

I’ll love you forever.

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    Thank you for the translation! 🙇
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    Being the top was an amazing experience here haha
    I don’t think I’ve ever blushed this hard listening to it haaah really love him✨✨

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