【Translation】 Dekiai Weekend Hiiragi Tomoya Ep.1 Shuumatsu Futari Nomi


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

溺愛ウィークエンド 柊知也 1話 週末ふたり飲み

CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川慎)

Track 1: Drinking Together on the Weekend


Good work all week.


Ah. I knew it, beer tastes great when you’re tired.

The week was pretty hectic. All week we’ve been on the last train home, so it was definitely tough. But thanks to your mutual effort, we’ve managed to ride it through.

I’m confident that our presentation next week will yield good results.

Thank you.

Well then, let’s dig in before the food gets cold.


Oh, right, we need that…

Here, it’s been a long time since we last had home-delivery pizza, hasn’t it?

It’s hard to split it. Look, the cheese is stringing across.

You should quickly grab a piece too.

Pfft. All the ingredients are falling off, you know? You seriously never betray my expectations, do you?

I get it, I get it. Here, I’ll put them back on for you.


This should be fine, right? Don’t let them fall off this time, alright?

Oh, would you like some tabasco sauce?

I’ll have the usual.


Huh? This much is normal for me, no?

I’m digging in!


Mmm, delicious. It’s nice having some junk food ever so often.

It’s fine, it’s not like I’m having it every day.

I’ll tell you before it goes out of hand, so don’t worry.

Ah! It fell.

You’re always so clumsy.

Here, a tissue. Have you gotten any on your t-shirt?

Don’t worry, for the cushion, we can take the cover off and wash it. Also, take this. Wearing your current clothes is out of the question.

It’s fine, I can wash it later.

More importantly, we don’t hurry up and eat, it’ll get cold.


Mmm…this cheese is delicious too.


See? I thought there was too much on it, but it works surprisingly well.

No, I’ll pass. I’m not good with sweets.

That looks especially sweet.

Really? Then I’ll have a bite.


No surprise there, I’m not good with sweets.

I’m empty.

Oh, thank you.

For you to drink this much… That’s unusual.

Oh? On that note, you’re funny when you’re drunk. Speaking of which, you were pretty drunk when you confessed to me.

Yup, yup, we were on a business trip and after drinking a lot, we used alcohol to ease our nerves when we were alone together. And ultimately, you got so drunk, you confessed to me.

You were super cute then.


How could I forget?

Well, I already kind of knew how you felt about me even before that.

It’s true. You’re easy to read.

Your face is red.

No, it’s not just the fault of the alcohol, is it?


Hmm? I simply felt the urge to have some dessert.

I can’t handle sweets, so you’ll be my dessert.

Eh? You can take the shower later, can’t you?

You smell pretty good though?

Hey, don’t struggle.

If you’re not in the mood, I’ll stop.


What’s with your nipples? They look perky even though I haven’t touched them.


I teased them a little and they got hard.

I guess I won’t be stopping. They’re so hard that they’re practically pushing back against my tongue.

Here too.


Are you more turned on than usual?

Wow, even your stockings are wet.

Can you lift your hips?


It’s soaking wet.

When did I tell you that I won’t be licking it? You say you don’t want it, but you’re feeling it way too much.


Did you cum already?

You say that, but you seem to be enjoying yourself.

I’m putting it in.


Your insides are squirming around so much.

You did just cum.

You’re squeezing down way too much.

You’re shaking your hips.

I know. You want me to grind against this place, right?

Looks like I was right?


Does it really feel that good?

When you’re drunk, you’re not only amusing, but you also become quite lewd, huh.

Why? It’s fine to continue drinking.

Except, you’re only allowed to drink this much in front of me.

If you understand then let’s kiss.

Not a peck. A proper one with tongue.


Did you cum as we were kissing?

You’re so lewd.

I’m close to cumming too.


It felt good, so it’s fine, no?

You were really enjoying yourself.

I get it, I get it. Cheer up, I’ll wash you clean.

You know that when you say that, it makes me want to do it even more, right?

I’ll prepare the bath, so please wait for a moment.

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