【Translation】 Immorality Prison ~Inraku Choukyou Kangoku~ Stellaworth Rendou Tokuten


Thank You to Wilock for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也), Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: detention


K: What is it? Is there something that you’d like to say to me?

K: Are you saying that you want to remain here no matter what?

K: I see. So that’s how eager you are to be trained by me.


K: Sure, I’ll make a change of plans and educate you.

K: Are you disappointed that I pulled out?

K: Don’t worry, I’ll be giving you plenty of attention later. Though, it might not be the love-making that you desired.

K: Hmm? Yes, as you can see, it’s a cellphone.

K: I’m thinking of contacting a very particular person.


K: Hello, it’s me. Can you lend a hand with prisoner training?

S: What a pain.

K: Don’t say that, it’s not that bad. I want to give my prisoner plenty of affection, but I don’t have enough hands for it, you see.

S: You’ll owe me for this one.

K: Yes, of course. Then please come as soon as you can. I’ll be waiting.


K: Now then, he’ll be arriving in a bit.

K: Let’s have tons of three-way sex.


K: Oh. Oh my, do you not want that? I thought being loved by two different men is a common progression with 2-D, though?

K: Too late now, I’m snide by birth. Moreover, I become particularly snide when it’s with someone I like.

K: Do you not often see that in anime and manga?


K: Oh, looks like they’ve arrived.

S: I’m here.

S: I never thought I’d been called upon while off-duty.

K: Welcome. I really wanted to delight my cute prisoner, so could you please lend me a hand?

S: I told you this earlier, but you owe me for this. Got it?

K: Yes, I know.

K: Now then, let’s resume having sex.


K: Alright. Get on all fours and turn your butt towards me.

K: Yes, let’s first have sex while being watched.

K: You aren’t going to say no, right?

S: It’s better to listen. If you anger Kira, you’ll be in a world of pain.

K: Well done. Then as a reward, I’ll stick it in.


S: It’s not a bad sight.

K: How do you feel? Sena is here watching us have sex.

S: Hey Kira, it looks like she doesn’t want to be looked at, so what’s your plan?

K: Really? That’s strange, her insides have been coiling even tighter around me than before. To say stop despite being delighted by it, do you really not want to be watched?

K: Don’t lie, deep down, you want to be looked at, don’t you?

S: You haven’t changed.

K: If you don’t tell the truth, I’ll tease you by stirring up the entrance. Just like thisー


S: While shaking her head, her insides are begging for more, huh. Watching people have sex isn’t too bad.

K: Come on, beg for it. Beg Sena over there to “Please watch me!”

K: You can do it. Or do you want to be edged forever?

S: She has gone and done it, huh.

S: Sure, I’ll watch closely. I’ll watch you get vigorously thrusted into by Kira.


K: Okay, good job.

K: I’ll reward you then. Please savor it well.


S: How tempting. Although you’re not my prisoner, I’m aroused from watching you.

S: Hey Kira, can I have sex with her too?

K: Yes, of course, that’s why I called you. Shove it inside her mouth and give her that attention.

S: Alright.

S: Suck it. You’re not allowed to refuse, so suck it.

K: Please take Sena’s member into your mouth. You’re more than able, right? Because if you don’t, I’ll hit you the whip.


S: Yes, now that’s a good girl. You should’ve devoured it like that from the start.

S: You’re licking it well and not sinking your teeth in. You’re pretty much sucking on it like candy.

S: You’re doing good. Run your tongue along the head and suck on the tip.

K: It makes me jealous when I see you focusing on making Sena feel good. Please savor my member more.

S: Hey, your mouth has become lax. Suck it properly.

S: There, there. Good girl. As a reward, I’ll whip you nicely.


K: Sena, couldn’t you have said something before you went about it? Her insides had tightened and I was close to cumming.

S: Sorry about that. But the one most at fault is her for enjoying it. Is that not so?

K: You’re not wrong, she’s being ravaged from both the front and back and being whipped on top of that excites her. She’s certainly quite the slutty, lowly sow.

K: Oh my, your insides tightened again. Did being called a sow make you happy?

S: And you’re devouring my member greedily.

S: Kira, you trained her well.

K: Thank you. All of it was for love.


S: Love, huh. Whatever you say.

K: Leave it at that, I asked for something abnormal like a threesome for the sake of love.

S: Or so you say, you’re always abnormal.

K: I wonder about that.

K: However, she doesn’t mind it. Look, as we were talking, her juices have been leaking out non-stop and it’s creating these wet, naughty sounds.

S: Looks like her mouth’s tired.

S: Alright, I’ll help you out!


S: I’ll move your head, so open your mouth nice and wide. Don’t close it even if I hit the back of your throat.

S: The inside of your mouth feels nice.

K: Your insides tightened up for a moment. Did you get turned on from being forcibly face-fucked by Sena?

K: You’re so shameless. If you coil around me like that…I’ll cum.

S: I’m close to my limit too. Surely she’s about to cum too, isn’t she?

K: Probably. Her body, her insides, they’re quivering.

K: Shall we cum together? However, please swallow every last drop of Sena’s cum, alright? Otherwise, I won’t let you cum.


K: Good girl.


S: I’m about to cum. Swallow all of it like Kira told you.

S: Here, I’m cumming.


S: Yes, good girl.

K: Sena.

S: Jealous from just this? That’s not like you.

S: In any case, my role here is done. I’ll be leaving.

K: Yes, thank you. I’ll return this favor some time in the future.

S: I’ll be expecting it.

S: Until next time.


K: So how was it? How was your first threesome?

K: Of course not. You’re the only person I’ve done this for. To me, you’re special. Now then, please turn this way with it still inside you.

K: Since you went through the trouble of staying. So today, let’s not rush it. Let’s slowly take pleasure in each other’s body from now till morning.

K: Getting all beet red. How cute.

K: Are you that happy to be loved by me?

K: However, there will be a bit of training, so prepare yourself.


K: Speaking of which, today’s your safe day, right? Because if so, let’s try doing it raw.

K: It might be fun to see how much of my cum can fit inside you. Naturally, if you spill any, there’ll be punishment awaiting you, so look forward to it.

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