【Translation】 Immorality Prison ~Inraku Choukyou Kangoku~ Choukyou Kanshu Kira Kaito ~Gentle & Sadistic~


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Immorality Prison ~淫楽調教監獄~ 調教看守 吉良海翔 ~Gentle & Sadistic~

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: Arraignment


It’s time to wake up, sleepy girl. The effect of the drug should have worn off already.


Oh, are you awake now?

Good morning.

Though I say that, it’s already past noon.

I apologize. I am Kira Kaitoーthe warden in charge of you.

Are you still half-sleep? Do you feel anything waking up next to a man you don’t know?


Oh? Is your mind finally clear?

But isn’t it cold outside the futon? …Because right now, you’re naked.

What a cute reaction.

Like I thought, it’s better when a girl’s shy rather than when they’re brazenly nude.

This isn’t your house. This is the prison you’re imprisoned in. Well, hehe, it’s not strange that you don’t believe me, because, appearance-wise, it’s nothing more than an S&M room.

That said, I’ll make sure you understand that fully, so there’s nothing to worry about.


Oh my, what’s the matter? You’re staring at me with your cheeks flushed.

Ah! Are you captivated by my appearance perhaps? Have you taken a liking to my face?

It’s great that it’s to your liking.

Are you going to say that I’m wrong?

Though it’s hardly convincing when you’re beet red and staring downwards.

But it’s fine, I’ll be changing that attitude before long.


Yes, training.

It’s often featured in the world of 2-D that you’re so enamored with, no?

Such panic. Were you hiding the fact you liked 2-D characters from the people around you?

Nevertheless, I know everything about you, so trying to gloss it over now is pointless.

You’re asking why I know so much about you?

It is perfectly expected. I’m required to know the person I’m training closely.

Unfortunately, this is reality. And look, the futon is sliding down and exposing your soft fair skin. For me it’s a sight for sore eyes, but are you not embarrassed?


Blushing furiously… How cute.

I’ll be quickly removing that futon, but I’ll allow you to cover yourself for now. I haven’t explained anything yet, after all.

Why are you here, what is this place, and why are you naked, you wish to know, right?

First, let’s explain why you’re naked.

It is because I gave you an inspection. I haven’t done anything to incite a guilty conscience, so relax.

I can’t say the same for what’s about to happen, though.


Listen to what I’m saying.

You’re actually pretty confused, huh. This isn’t a game or anime. Though, it is certainly a precarious situation like ones you’d find in a story.

After all, you’ve been given a direct sentence of carnal training.


You’ve been chasing after 2-D characters and idols, and ignoring your real-life boyfriend. And you were sentenced for those crimes.

Though, it’s also partially his fault.

I know.

Your boyfriend was selfish and was only concerned about making sex feel good for him, and it became a pain, so you prioritized your hobbies. And soon enough, you had escaped to the world of 2-D, right?

Personally, in some sense, I think it was a natural response too.

However, charges were brought to our secret organziationーーby your ex-boyfriend.



It’s a confidential matter, so I can’t tell you the exact details, but let’s just say that it’s an organization that not even the major companies would oppose.

You’re thinking it sounds like something you’d find in the world of 2-D, right?

I told you, I know everything about you.

If you take your behavioral tendencies and thought patterns into consideration, it’s easy to infer.

It is not good to underestimate our investigative abilities.

As we had discovered, you’re entirely absorbed in the 2-D world. Surely, it has caused your ex-boyfriend hardships too.

Oh, but there’s no need to worry about that. We’ll be making it compulsory.

I’m looking forward to it. Though, it might be an unfortunate thing for you.


Hmm, you have an interesting reaction.

I didn’t think you’d be happy. Is that how devoted you are to 2-D?

As I thought, the direct sentence the organization deliberated on was correct.

Good question.

For the next 7 days, you’ll be disciplined by me.

Are you not going to get excited because it’s like something out of a 2-D world? Or have you not played anything game restricted?

Well, your body will be taking it regardless of whether you like it or not.

In your case, rather than being a punishment, it’s more of a lesson to teach you that 3-D men aren’t that bad compared to 2-D men.


Yes, so there’s no need to be scared or upset.

Besides, if you behave, you’ll be released on parole after 3 days. Thus, fear not, and obey me.

And that’s the end of my explanation.

Do you have any questions?


Oh, I won’t tell you where your clothes are. Although I removed your clothes for the sake of inspection, there’s no point being clothed with what we’re about to do.

It would be troublesome to have to undress each and every time, no?

First, get used to me seeing you naked.

Discard your unnecessary shame and pride together with your clothes.

Oh right! I would be happy if you would kneel while you wait whenever I visit this room.

If you do, I’ll give you a little more discretion in regards to the training.


You’re dumbfounded, huh.

Being told this the moment you opened your eyes, I can understand why your mind hasn’t quite caught up.

Plus, the way you ended up here is a development you often see in your beloved world of 2-D.

You were asked out by your ex-boyfriend yesterday, right?

That place is a place operated by our secret organization and the drink you drank was spiked.

After the drug caused you to lose consciousness, you were brought to this solitary cell.

In other words, you were sold out by your former lover.

Does it not sound like fiction?


I guess your mind still can’t catch up. But I did give you an explanation like I said I would, did I not?

Then let’s continue onto the next step.

Your mind will catch up eventually.

Yes, I told you, didn’t I? …You’re being trained.

Let’s not waste time. Let us begin.


Track 2: Carnal Training Commence


Now then, it’s time for your training.

Let’s head very to the neighboring room since that’s the training room.

Did you think I was going to discipline you here?

There’s an entertaining room next to this solitary cell, so let’s utilize that instead of this plain S&M bed. Besides, it’ll be better if we have your body remember that this is the place for rest.

Naturally, the opposite would apply to the training room.

It’ll be best if you get wet the moment you step foot in the room.

Balance is important, so please remember that.


Alright, I think I’ve talked a little bit too much. Let us switch locations.

Come on, don’t just stand there. Follow me.


Now sit down on the chair with restraints to spread your legs open.

By the way, you have no right to refuse.

Please know that if you disobey my orders, an even worse fate will be awaiting you.

If pain is what you desire then refuse all you want. Not to mention, it would be more enjoyable for me.


Wait. Why do you have that blanket on?

I told you to get used to me seeing you naked. I did not give you permission to cover yourself with a blanket.

Take it off.

I do not remember allowing that response either, so take it off. Take it off while I’m still smiling.

Well done.

Once again, please take a seat on the chair with restraints to spread your legs open.

Please take a seat on the chair.

I’m ordering you to sit.


Hmm, looks like you’re in need of some punishment.

Place your hands on that wall.

Make it quick.

Now spread your legs, lower your body, and stick your butt out towards me.

No questions are allowed. Hurry up and get in position.


Well done, now it’s time for punishment.

Please clench your teeth.

I’m not done yet.

Now say, “I’m incredibly sorry, I won’t do that again. Please forgive me.”

Please say it nice and clearly, word-for-word.


Hmm, I guess that’ll work. Now that you’ve learned it the hard way, you won’t disobey my orders anymore, right?


Now once again, please take a seat on the chair with restraints to spread your legs open.

You won’t repeat the same mistake again, right?

Very well, please help yourself to the chair.


Alright, you’re behaving.

Now stay still, otherwise, I won’t be able to restrain you properly.


Okay, I’m done. Now you’re no longer able to move. Your hands are tied up, and your legs are spread wide openーexposing your genitals.

What an indecent state to be in.

No man wouldn’t be enticed by this.

You’re embarrassed?

However, is it not better to be embarrassed?

Don’t lie, a part of you is looking forward to what’s about to happen. And as proof of that… You haven’t resisted at all, have you?

Oh. Oh my. Showing me resistance as if you just realized it now is pointless.

That isn’t the only proof of your anticipation.

Look, if I were to touch your exposed genitals……


See? It makes these obscene wet-sounding noises.

Aren’t you already wet?

Since you’re dripping with this much juice, it looks there would be no issues with me inserting things inside now.

Look, it swallowed it up immediately.

Tell me where your pleasure spots are.

Is it around the entrance? Or is it a little bit deeper?


Oh, you’re leaking some sweet moans.

Does this place feel good?

Then I’ll focus on it more.

What’s so bad about it? It feels good, does it not?

Oh? It doesn’t feel good? Really?

I get it now, fingers aren’t enough for you I suppose. In which case, I’ll stop churning you up with my fingers.


You look so disappointed. Are you still going to insist that it didn’t feel good?

What a naughty girl you are.

Don’t worry, I’ll be offering something different in the place of my fingers.

Oh, I forgot about the condom.


Alright, now we’re done with the preparations.

You seem to dislike tedious foreplay, so I’ll just shove it in all at once.

Enjoy it your heart’s content. I want you to learn that sex is pleasurable, after all.


It’s still tight…

Please relax more. Else, you’ll be the one in pain.

Soon I’ll be able to reach even deeper.

How does it feel? How does it feel to have swallowed up my member?

Please relax even more, otherwise, you’re making it harder on yourself. Accept me mentally and your body will follow suit.


It’s in.

Your insides feel pretty nice, huh.

I see now. I can kind of understand why your former lover indulged himself and sex that only felt good for him.

Regardless, if it does not feel good for both parties, this act has no meaning.

Well? It’s not causing you discomfort, right?

Oh dear, that’s troubling.

Shall I try moving a little then? You might just feel good when I churn your insides up with my member.


So, which spot should I strike against to grant you the most pleasure?

Don’t just moan, tell me. Which place feels good?

Please don’t paint me with the same brush as that self man. It’s an order, so tell me. What place feels good?

“I don’t know” again, huh?

Looks like you know little about your own body.

Then I have no choice but to probe it myself, right? Let’s grind against all sorts of places while being careful not to indulge you, shall we?


Here? What about here?

Do you like it when I stir up the shallow end?

Although there are many people who are weak to their deepest spots, do you not feel anything?

Let’s churn it up nicely.

What pace works for you? Do you like it when I move around slowly?

Well? Are you starting to feel good now?


Hmm, you still don’t seem to be enjoying yourself. Is churning it not enough to make you feel good?

I guess it can’t be helped.

If you can’t cum from just your vagina then I’ll tease your most sensitive part simultaneously with it then.

Ah. Your insides tightened.

Was it that pleasurable?

Well, well, that’s a wonderful response. So you like having both of them stimulated at the same time.

In the case, I’ll suck on your nipples too.


You’re twitching and coiling around me…

It feels really nice.

Now then, please enjoy yourself even more.

That’s fine. Lose yourself. All that’s waiting for you beyond that is unimaginable pleasure.


You felt so good that you squirted?

What an indecent body you have. Not to mention, it’s squeezing me like it’s trying to squeeze it out of me.

Allow me to cum too.


Feeds so good. I nearly forgot about my responsibilities.


You look entranced.

How would you rate your orgasm?

You can’t even speak, huh. Real-life men aren’t too bad now, are they?

Blushing so furiously. How cute.

I see that you’re embarrassed to admit it.


Yes, what is it?

No, I won’t pull out just yet. Keep it inside you for a little bit longer.

This is an order.

In any case, you only need to keep it in you for now. We’ll continue things tomorrow, and I’ll make sure you’ll have lots of fun.

I have a general grasp on your body, and I’ll make you feel even more pleasure next time, and I’ll teach you just how enjoyable and pleasurable sex is.

Though by then, you might not be able to live without me and my body.

I’m looking forward to it.


Track 3: Absolute Orders.


Oh, what is this?

I’ll praise you for waiting on your knees like I told you to. It’s great. That said, why have you covered yourself with the blanket?

I told you to kneel naked, didn’t I?

What I told you was to not wear clothes, but don’t tell me that you thought blankets were fine because they’re not “clothes”?

Take it off. There’s purpose in you showing me your naked body.

Also, get used to being naked. There’s no meaning in having worthless pride.

Don’t dilly-dally, hurry up and take it off. Do you want me to spank you again?


Good, now starting tomorrow, please wait for me like that.

Now then, let’s head over to the neighboring training room.

Naturally, you have no right to refuse.

Good girl.


Alright, now, how should I pleasure you today? Is there something you have in mind?

Oh? You have no requests?

How dull. However, I don’t mind. Considering that you were obsessed with 2-D characters, asking for this and that for real-life sex would be difficult.

In that case, I’ll decide on today’s training regimen.

Let’s see…

You aren’t crazy about me, so for the time being, let’s have you learn about me.


First, please allow me to bind these hands and feet using these restraints.

One, two, three, four…

Ah, what a nice sight. Now let’s have you get on all-fours on the bed.

Naturally, you’ll be sticking your butt out towards me.

Oh my, you’re going to object?

I don’t remember allowing a defiant attitude, but if you aren’t going to be reasonable then I have no choice but to strike you with this whip.


Do you enjoy pain? In which case, please continue resisting and I’ll make you take an incredibly painful hit like you want.

I promise you that it’ll be an even more stimulating pain than when I spanked you last time.

Oh, my, my.

Haa…if you don’t enjoy pain then you should’ve been submissive from the start.

And look, you forgot to stick out your butt.

Lower your upper body, spread your legs a little, and lift up your hips so that your hidden place is laid bare.

Yes, yes, you’re such a good girl. It’s a very marvelous scene.

The place that normally no one can see is now laid bare before my eyes.

It’s quite thrilling.


Oh my, are you crying?

Why is there a need for you to shed tears?

Ah! You must find this position humiliating.

I see. It certainly is an embarrassing state to be seen in. Nevertheless, there’s no need for you to cry, I’m the only one watching.

Besides, you’ll be experiencing things that are even more embarrassing. That hidden place of yours has been twitching like it’s begging to be licked for the past while.

Therefore, please allow me to give it some attention.

Please stay still, alright?


Does it feel good?

Don’t mind me. In any case, please allow yourself to enjoy it more.

Your breasts are swollen as if they’re asking to be touched.

I don’t mind. I’ll tease your nipples while licking this place here.


Use your words correctly.

Your body isn’t against it. If anything, your insides are begging for more and more.

Looks like you enjoy being licked in this position.

I’m happy. I enjoy tying you up and inserting it from the back as well. Stirring you up like this too.


Your juices are leaking out non-stop.

Considering how wet you are, you must really like that state you’re in right now.

I’m happy that we’re rather physically compatible.

You’re enjoying it, yet you won’t acknowledge it… I like girls like you too. I’m really glad that I chose you in particular to train.

Normally, I don’t pick the people myself, but the moment I saw you, I was enthralled. And that’s why I took on the position as your warden.


Are you already about to cum?

You’re starting to tighten up.

In any case, just churning your insides is insufficient, it seems. In which case, let’s insert something other than fingers.

There just so happens to be a handy dildo right there.

Let’s insert this in place of my fingers.


No matter how you look at it, it’s a perfect match. I’m sure your vagina’s aching to swallow up this dildo, right?

I’ll put it in then.


Oh my, did you cum from me shoving it in?

It was the case yesterday, but you’ve got quite a sensitive body, don’t you?

There’s worth in training you, and it’s genuinely exciting.

The dildo inside you wiggling around… Is it not enough and you’re craving for more? Because in that case, I move it around even more vigorously-


It’s the sign that time’s up.

Sorry to say, but that’s the end of it for today, we’ll continue it tomorrow.

Yes, yes, please do well to remember that size. It’s approximately the same size as my member.

Oh, right, why don’t you keep it inside that mouth below till tomorrow so that it sinks into your body?

And don’t worry, I’ll remove your restraints.

Except if I were to find that you removed the dildo or pleasured yourself with it tomorrow, you’ll be punished.

You understand, right?

Good girl.


Track 4: Pleads


Good afternoon, I’ve come to give you your training today.

Oh! You’re such a good girl, you’re actually on your knees naked.

That obedient attitude makes me happy. For you to have become this obedient in just 1 or 2 days, you must’ve had that quality in you.

Now then, let’s see if you’ve kept the other promise once we arrive in the training room.

Let’s go.


What’s the matter? Are you unable to walk straight?

Is that so? Then quickly follow me.

You won’t say something foolish like just walking will make you feel it, right?


Well then, today, please take a seat on the chair with restraints to spread your legs open. …So that I have a clear view of that place that’s swallowing up the dildo.

Yes, well done. Now spread your legs out in an M-shape.

Yes, yes, good job.

Please allow me to restrain you then.


Hey, you mustn’t move. The one who’ll be hurting if I don’t do the binding properly is you.

Also, wouldn’t the dildo inside you rub against you and stimulate you?

That reaction… I knew it.

Fair enough. If you want to make yourself feel frustrated then move around all you like. The dildo will probably flail around inside you and punish you in my stead.

Oh? You aren’t going to move?

What a shame.


Alright, I’m done putting them on.

Now then, let’s have a proper lookーat the dildo swallowed up inside you.


Ahh…it’s swallowing it up deliciously.

Also, did you get turned on from being looked at? Your folds are moving and twitching like your insides are attempting to entice me.

Do you desire something more stimulating?

So greedy.

Oh, your juices have started trickling down like saliva. Your nipples seem darker than before and are hard and erect too.

Are you turned on?

Does it really feel that good to be seen swallowing up a thick dildo and leaking drool?

Then I’ll stare at you even more. …As though I’m stimulating you with my gaze.


No, I’m only watching since that’s the goal for today. You simply need to show me the sight of you spreading your legs and swallowing up a dildo.

Ah! You mustn’t relax.

Look, the base has slipped a little out of the mouth below.

Tight up and swallow it inside.

Are you unable to keep it in properly?

That said, I will not be lending you my hands. Please try harder.


It’s too difficult, huh. I guess it can’t be helped.

While I won’t lend you my hands, I’ll lend you my feet.

Here, I’ll shove it in with the tip of my shoe.

Ah…letting out a voice like that. Did it feel good? Although my intentions were to punish you, it has, instead, become a reward.

But in any case, it was successful.


Hey, look, the dildo’s slipping out again. Please suck it back in.

Moaning in so much pleasure…

Come on, if you relax, it’ll slip out again.

Have you taken that much of a liking to me using my foot to fiddle with the dildo? Normally, one would feel humiliated, but to feel pleasure from that… You’re quite the lowly sow, aren’t you?

However, I’m a kind warden, so let’s satisfy that vulgar body.


I wonder how long you can endure it.

I’ve got an idea. Since we’ve come this far, why don’t I caress your most sensitive part with my whip?

Oh? You like the taste of the whip too?

I’m not that skilled in using a whip, but I’ll do my best for your sake.



The dildo is wiggling and shaking… Are you about to cum?

That said, I won’t grant you any more stimulation than this. If you want it, beg for it.

Oh? Really? Are you really fine with me removing it? …Even though it’s swallowing it up happily?


Where’s the rest of it?

Alright, you said it. I was waiting for those words.

Then as you wish, I’ll allow you to cum.


Track 5: The Joys of Pleasure


Then let’s head over to the bed.

I’ll make an exception and carry you.


I’ll carry you then.

Oh, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to wear a condom.

Now then, I’m done with my preparations. Now all that’s left is to remove the dildo that’s inside you.

Oh my, did you feel good just from me pulling it out?

You’ve become quite sensitive, haven’t you?

This place looks lonely. When I insert my fingers, it’s twitching and coiling around them like it’s trying to eat them up.


No need to panic, I’ll ram the real thing inside you right now.


You were eagerly waiting for it, weren’t you? It swallowed it up down to the base all at once.

The man-made or the real thing, which do you prefer?

Tell me.

I can’t tell if you’re just moaning. Please answer my question properly.

What’s the matter? Are you unable to respond? Although you’re unable to answer questions, you’re begging for more?

Oh well, that’s fine, I’ll take that as your reply.


You feel particularly nice today.

You’re twitching and coiling around me, and if I’m not careless, I’m the one who won’t last.

My, my, seeing how absolutely wet you are, was the dildo that tasty?

You really are a shameful lady. You’re such a slut.


My goodness, were you happy being insulted? Your insides tighten.

You are, in every sense of the word, a lowly sow.

Oh? You’re still begging for more?

Just how greedy are you?

I don’t mind, if it’s just a question, I’ll ask. What is it that you want?


No, I won’t kiss you just yet.

There’s no going around that. You can still cum even if I don’t kiss you, right? Besides, we aren’t even lovers, so there should be no need for us to kiss.

You’re such a hopeless girl.

I’ll kiss around your ear then. That should be enough, right?

Look, you’re already feeling it more than enough from just your ears. Shall I try licking them this time?


You’re shaking your hips.

Does being penetrated while having your ears licked feel too good for you?

How cute.

My member’s better than the dildo, right? Yet you got so wet from the toy…

What a naughty girl you are.

Promise that you won’t get turned on from the toy anymore. If you do, I’ll let you cum.


Good girl.

Now cum to your heart’s content.


Go ahead. Cum.

I told you… Cum. Cum for me right now.


I came……

You look so worn-out. You must be tired, right?

Not even the strength to reply, huh.

I guess it can’t be helped even though there’s still time left. I’ll let you rest for today. You’ve become submissive and you’ve started lusting after real-life men.

Although it’s the organization’s decision to make, most likely, at the earliest, you’d be released on parole tomorrow.


Are you happy to leave this place?

Do you want to be rid of me? Or do you wish to spend a little more time with me?

The most important thing is how you feel, so think about it carefully.

Until next time.


Track 6: Parole Decision―—Will You Leave or Will You Stay?


Hey, wake up.


Good morning.

Though I say that, it’s not morning yet.

Are you still half-sleep?

In that case, why don’t I slap you awake?

I’m joking. But now it looks like you’re awake, so it worked.


It’s your clothes. You’ve been released on parole.

Are you happy? Or are you lonely?

I won’t know if you remain silent. Answer me.

So, what’s your plan? Will you be leaving this place?

I believe I told you that what’s important is how you feel.


Are you unable to decide? Because if so, I’ll go ahead and settle things on my end.

Yes, it’s your reward for working hard these past couple of days.


You’ve been wanting to be kissed by me like this the whole time, right?


What’s the matter?

Those eyes… Are you trying to seduce me?

Well, I guess there’s no need for me to say that. No matter how you look at it, you’re obviously trying to seduce me.


I’ve been sucking them and now they’re erect.

I’ll give attention to this side too.

Your stomach… Below your stomach…

I’ll kiss that place too.

Come on, spread your legs.


Obeying me quietly… You’re such a good girl.

I’ll reward you then.


Oh? You’re already wet?

Did you get aroused simply from being kissed and having your breasts teased?

Well, you can hear them, can’t you? …These lewd noises, that is.

You’re shaking your hips.

That movement goes to show that you now understand the merit of real-life men.

So, between those 2-D ikemen and me, which is better?


Okay, well done.

Then you understand what you’re asking for, right?

Yes, I’ll give it to you. Lots. Right now.

However, before that, I have to wear a condom.

Put it on for me. If you don’t know how, I’ll teach you. First, remove the condom from the wrapper.

Hmm…I ought to be ready to go too, don’t I?


I guess I can’t be laughing at you. I got hard from that little bit of touching.

Are you surprised?

But when a man touches a woman they’re fond of, they’ll get aroused and become erect. That’s how men are.

Yes, so don’t be embarrassed and put it in.

Careful with both sides.

That’s right. Roll it down and cover it with the condom.

Very good. You’ve done well.

Then as a reward, I’ll shove it in all at once.


This is your hole, isn’t it?

Now lower your hips straight down.

Come on, hurry.


Look, it went in all at once.

In that case, why don’t you try moving?

Move in ways that feel good for you.


You’re moving so frustratingly. If you’re that slow, you won’t be able to cum. Please shake your hips more furiously.

Is that what you call rough?

That’s not it, is it? This is what you call rough!


That’s a nice sound. Please cry out even more.

The level of pleasure is completely incomparable to before, right? Come on, indulge yourself in it. Indulge in it much so that your mind is filled with thoughts of me.

A request?

Do you have a habit of asking for kisses when you’re feeling good?

No, it’s fine. Let’s kiss.

Come on, turn your face this way.


Oh my, you pulled your mouth away.

You’re the one who asked for the kisses, though?

I can’t tell if you’re just moaning.

Come on, let’s continue kissing.


I guess it’s not the right time for that. Is my member that tasty to you?

My, my, are you about to cum already?

That’s quick.



Let’s end it here.

We’ll continue after you answer my question.

So, what do you plan to do? Will you end it here and leave on parole? Or will you drown in pleasure with me here?

Please choose. Everything is hanging on how you feel.

Well? What answer will you give me?


Understood. You’re such a good girl.

But think about it carefully, are you really sure about that response? I’m willing to wait until you give the correct answer.

Naturally, there’s no need to rush.

We have plenty of time till morning.

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