【Translation】 Dekiai Weekend Sugiura Yuuto Ep.4 Motto Motto Labulabu Ni


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

溺愛ウィークエンド 杉浦悠斗 4話 嫉妬した彼に激しく……

CV: Kumagai Kentarou (熊谷健太郎)

Track 1: Even More Lovingly


Uh… Mhm, I’m home.

So you were still awake.

So you went out of your way to wait for me. You could’ve just slept but, thank you.

I wanted to talk with you too. Why was I so stubborn? …I’ve been regretting it this whole week.

I’m sorry about last time. I’m really sorry for lying.

Yes, I’ll talk.


The Kyoto business trip itself and it being canceled were lies.

Do you remember how I had a lingering cold?

To tell you the truth, the day I said I had a sudden business trip, I had a sudden fever and decided over at a nearby business hotel. I thought that if I said it was a business trip then it wouldn’t be odd that I was staying the night elsewhere.

If I was at home, it’d cause you to worry, and I didn’t want you to see me miserably stuck in bed. Also, I was worried about passing it onto you.

I’m sorry.

You’re right. I’m so sorry.


Uh-huh, I’ll promise you that. I’m so sorry for making you anxious.

I won’t be weirdly reluctant any more nor will I put up appearances. If I ever hold things back again, you can be as angry at me as you want, soーー

Can we make up?


Thank god.

Let me hug you.


I didn’t know what I was gonna do if you didn’t let me hug you.

Of course not! I would never find a girl I love more than you.

What about you? How do you feel about him, about Takahashi?

Thank god.

No, ultimately, it’s my fault for lying.


Can I kiss you?


I’m glad we were able to make up. I’m sorry for being so rough last time.

Thank you.

Mhm. It perked up, I guess.

Eh? With your mouth?

No, it’s fine. More importantly, I want to make you feel good.

Thank you.

Then is it alright for me to ask that of you?


It feels extremely good.

I’m about to cum, so let’s switch.

Please let me touch your breasts.


You’re enjoying it… Your voice is so cute.

Do your nipples feel good?

It quickly became tasty-looking.

This nipple too…


You’re shaking your hips.

Shall I lick the place below?


It’s soaking wet. Your juices are leaking out non-stop.

I’ll insert my fingers then.


Your insides clamped down the moment I inserted my fingers.

Are you about to cum?

Go ahead.


Did you cum?

I love you.


I just felt the urge to say it.

I want to hear how you feel too.

I’m happy.


So, are you at your limit?

Can I put it in?

I’ll put it in then.


Wow, it feels…like it’s tightening than usual.

I’ll start moving.

Mhm, I feel incredibly good too. I can’t stop my hips.

Even if it’s been a long time, even then, it feels way too good.

I didn’t masturbate either. I was always so anxious that when I returned home, you wouldn’t be there, so that was hardly on my mind.

I’m so glad you stayed.


Are you about to cum again?

I’m close to cumming too.


Me too…


That felt great.

We’re all sweaty, aren’t we?

Umm, is it alright if we take a bath together today?

Then it’s decided. …But only after we stay like this for a little bit longer.



Mhm, I was thinking about just how happy I am and how I wish this moment could last forever.

I’m really glad that we started living together.

Although I’m already extremely happy right now, if we were to get married, I’m sure I’ll be even happier.


Oh, I guess you could say it’s a dry run of my proposal.

It’s a secret.

Nope, please wait in anticipation.

In any case, does that mean that I’ll be expecting a good answer?

I’ll look forward to it.

Though, I would propose to you time and time again until you accept anyways.

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