【Translation】 Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game Vol.1 Ore-sama Kareshi Hen


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

淫蜜脱出ゲーム Vol.1 俺サマ彼氏編

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Pushy Boyfriend


Ah. It’s so hot inside the room.

Hehe, are you tired?

You were all riled up because it was a long-awaited date even though you had just returned from work, no?

The whole “3-month anniversary of dating”, you quite like that, don’t you?

Idiot, don’t get so upset. It’s not like I said there’s anything wrong with it.

But well, I can’t deny that we’ve both gotten busy now that we’re working adults, so we’ve haven’t met much.

So I was thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just go at it at a hotel from time to time.


Soft. Stick out your tongue.

That’s right.

Hmm? I was being too greedy?

Well, it can’t be helped, right? I become like this when I’m in front of you. If it was going to turn out this way then I should’ve dated you sooner in university.


It’s true. I wouldn’t lie about it to your face.


I’ll remove your top and while I’m at it, please remove my tie.

Whoa! Your bra’s showing through.

Do you normally wear something this thin to work? It’s almost as if you’re trying to seduce men.

No, it’s not like I’m complaining, I’m just worried.

That aside, your chest looks constrained. Let me remove it for you.


You’re a little sweaty, and your pulse is extremely high.

Are you turned on?


Because you’re making such an indecent expression, I couldn’t hold back any longer.


You’re really wet.

Even though I’ve only kissed you, you’re so naughty to get wet from just that.

Don’t hide your face. Show me that incredibly lewd look of yours.

You want to have sex with me too, didn’t you?

Come on, lift your hips. Let’s remove everything down bottom.

Eh? That’s impossible. To be honest, I was holding before we even arrived at the hotel.

It doesn’t matter too much, right?


It’s still tight, but…it went in properly.

Don’t struggle. I’ll make you feel good, so relax. It’ll be alright as long as you do as I say.

Look, it’s wrapping around me tightly.

You like it when I’m forceful.


It’s all in.

While you tell me to stop, deep down, you love it, don’t you?

This place has stiffened up.

I’ll start moving.

It feels good when I rub against this place as I kiss you, right?


I hit bulls-eye. You’re squeezing way too tightly.

I’ll make you feel so good that it brings you to tears.

I’ll ram it into you more vigorously.


You’re shaking your hips so intensely and your nipples are hard as rock. So you’re acting so indecent that it’s unimaginable compared to your normal serious self.

It’s nice stripping you of the clothes you wear at work.


I won’t be tidying them up.

I feel like displaying them to the men at your workplace. It gives me a sense of superiority, you know?

Since I can’t see you at work, it’s fine for me to monopolize you right now, is it not?


Ah, it feels good.

Moving my hips, churning you up, and penetrating you deep…

Hmm? You don’t have to ask for every little thing. Of course I enjoy it.

No matter how many days it is that we’re apart, I wanted to see you, hold you, so badly that I couldn’t help myself.

You tightened all of a sudden.

Did what I just said make you happy?


You’re so cute.

Come on, become more of a mess.

Come on, let me hear more of your voice.

Yes. That voice just now was super wonderful.


Damn, it feels so good that I’m already about to cum.



It felt really good. It was great.


Come here, I’ll be your arm pillow.


It’s fine, don’t be shy.

For some reason, I’m feeling sleepy, so let’s rest for a bit.


Track 2: Locked Room


Hmm. Hmm? How long was I asleep?


Damn, I overslept. Come on, get dressed, and let’s leave!


Huh? I can’t open the door.

It’s not like we went over the time. Don’t tell me that the entrance is separate from the exit?

This door is to the storage room…? It’s locked.

All that’s left is the bathroom, toilet, and washroom, right?

I guess it can’t be helped. Let me contact the front desk.


It’s no use, it’s not getting through. Is the line busy?

Hmm? What are you looking at?

Oh, the hotel’s information booklet.

Let me see what’s written on it.


Eh? What’s this “Welcome to the deluxe suite”?

“Courtesy of the luXuria hotel, this is a special room in which once the room is entered, it cannot be exited until a series of missions have been successfully completed.”

Was this that unique of a room?


“The prepared missions are all those that can be easily cleared for those that truly love each other.”

And there’s a system that opens the exiting door once those have been cleared…

Is the gist of it.


I see. This hotel has thought of some rather interesting ideas.

Now, where are those missions?

There’s a paper slipped in here. Is it this perhaps?

“Kiss her 10 times throughout her body.”

Hah!? If I do this then we’d be able to get out of this room? …Seriously? How’s this being judged? Is there a camera somewhere?

But well, at this rate we won’t be able to leave anyway, so let’s give it a try.

No, I mean, I think it’s shady too, but it does seem fun.

And well, I did want to be with you for a little longer.


Come on. Come here.

Hmm? Don’t worry. I’ll make your mind so blank that you won’t have time to worry.

So, where would you like to be kissed first?

If I had to choose, I would like to focus on your weak spots.

First, your ears…

Haha! You really are weak to them.



Next up, the nape of your neck.


It has a sweet scent.

Perfume? No, I’m referring to your scent.

Stay still, otherwise, I won’t be able to kiss you properly. Come on.


Does it count as two? I don’t know how they’re counting.

It should be easier to tell if I’m rough enough to leave behind kiss marks, right?


It’s red now.

Even though you were anxious not too long ago, your eyes are now moist.

Darn, I think I might be getting turned on.

Next up is your chest, alright? Let me undo your buttons.



I wonder which spot I should kiss?

You trembled just now. How cute. Shall I kiss this place thoroughly?

Licking or sucking, which one do you prefer?


The tip of this other breast has gotten hard too.

So you felt it from being teased by my fingers and tongue.

Hmm? It’s not like it was written that it was against the rules to do things other than kissing.

It’s fine, even if we have to start it all over, I’ll kiss you from the beginning again.


Come on, next up is below.

The area around your navel is sensitive, right?

How many times is it now? Six?

Your skirt is in the way. Let’s remove it.

Off it goes. Next…

Spread your legs.


Hey, hey, we can’t get home if we don’t complete the missions, so it’s not the time to be refusing.

No, I mean, we should try to at least have fun.

Your inner thighs are soft, and I love them.

And your calves too.


Hey, what are you closing your legs for?

Nope. Open them up properly.

Oh, wow, it’s obscenely wet. Were you trying to hide this?

Look, here. You can hear the wet noises even from on top of your underwear. Shall we remove your underwear? They’ll get dirty if we don’t.

If it’s bad for you then it’s worse for me.

I ought to kiss this wet place too.


Hmm? No what?

You’ve been saying that this whole time… Even though you’re this wet.


This is bad, I’m in the mood for it again. Though if I were to say that, would you say no again?

So what about it?

That’s not convincing at all.

You’re trembling and moaning, you’re the one who made me lose control.

Now then, how many times have I kissed you?

You don’t know?


You’re such a mess now.

That was the ninth time.

For last…

To no surprise, it would be your lips.

Open your mouth and entwine your tongue around mine.


Even if it’s just kissing, it feels incredibly good.

I really want to stick it in now.

You’re holding back too, aren’t you? Because if so…


Did something unlock?


We were in a good spot…

Yes, yes, I know, I’ll go take a look.


It’s no use, it’s not opening.

In the end, did we not complete the mission properly? But I certainly did hear a click sound.


Did the click come from here, perhaps?

The door of the safe over there’s open, and there’s a piece of paper inside.


“Congratulations on completing the first mission. Please continue onto the second mission.”

What? There isn’t just one mission?

Oh, right, it was written that it was a series of missions.



I know that you’re anxious, but if the door can’t open, there’s nothing we can do. Plus, our cellphones are out-of-range.

Shall we try calling the front desk again?


As expected, they’re not picking up.

Don’t make that expression. We did indeed receive our next mission after I had kissed you 10 times.

We’ll be able to get out once we’ve completed them in order, don’t you think?

This is a relatively large hotel, so it’s probably just a type of attraction. I don’t know how it works, but in any case, let’s take a look at the next mission.

Let’s see.

“Take a bath together.”

Haha! For you to be embarrassed over a bath at this point…

If you just stand there, we’ll never be able to get out, and then next thing you know, it’s morning. And you have work tomorrow, don’t you?

Though I wouldn’t mind staying the night.


Things will work out.

You’re not alone, you have me.

Look, I’ll now princess-carry you over to the bathroom.


Track 3: Bathing Together


Whoa. As you’d expect of a love hotel, the bath’s huge!

You’re still hesitating?

Hurry up and get yourself together.

Come on, let’s undress.



There’s a huge mirror running straight across. I can see your naked body no matter where I look.

Don’t try to escape.

I get it, I get it, I won’t look. Right now I’m not looking.

Let’s first take a shower.


The kiss mark on the back of your next is still left there from earlier, and it’s hot.

Don’t hide it.

It works as insect-repellant.

Oh, right, it’s a rare chance, so let me wash your body.

No more being embarrassed.

Even if you try to hide it, it’s in plain view. Come on, show it all to me. It’s the special privilege of being lovers, you know?


Good girl.

I’ll start by washing your chest.


Have they gotten sensitive because I kissed them earlier?

This place is hard and erect again.

I told you, don’t try to escape.

Next is your back. Turn around for me.


Shall I gently wash your lower half too?

I’m kidding. If I were to do that, I definitely won’t be able to stop.

Over there, is the bathtub.

Are you done?

Come here, I’ll hug you from the back.


Ah…so soft.

Hey, hey, in this position, we’re reflected in the mirror right in front of us and I can clearly see your naked body. And it’s a wonderful sight. Wow.

Even the base of your ears are red.

Nope, I won’t let you go.

Give up and sit quietly within my arms’ embrace.

You’re the one who’s lewd, no? From the top of your head down to the tips of your toes, your entire body’s asking to be touched by me.

Turn your face this way.


Hmm? For some reason, I just wanted to kiss you.


So your insides are still wet. With just a slight touch of my fingers, I could feel the slipperiness.

You really are lewd. Your hips are moving indecently.

Do you want me to insert my fingers inside?

Even if we’re in a bath, it’s blatantly obvious that you’re enjoying yourself.

That said, are fingers really enough for you?


Ah. Was the heat getting to your head?

Well, it can’t be helped. I understand.

Let’s enjoy ourselves after we get out of the bath.

Yes, yes, I know. I haven’t forgotten about the missions.

In that case, let’s step out.


Track 4: Love’s Service


Ah! Taking a bath is refreshing.

Now then, has anything changed within the room?

What’s with that big box? It wasn’t there before, right? I wonder what’s inside? It’s big, but it also seems…very light.

Alright, let’s just open it.


This is…

A sailor girl uniform? A nurse uniform? A qipao? And a maid uniform?

“How was the bath? The third mission is to have role-play sex. Please help yourself to the clothes within this box.”

How should I say it? This is a hotel for enthusiasts, isn’t it?

Which one would you like to wear?

No, it’s no option to not wear any. That’s what the mission is, so you have to choose one of them.

Hmm…if you can’t choose then how about we try all of them?

I wouldn’t mind that.


Alright, alright, maid uniform it is. I’ll help you put it on.


Oh, this is nice.

The way it oddly emphasizes your bust and that stupidly short skirt, it’s just way too lewd.

Don’t pout, it suits you.

Well then, I’ll sit right beside you. Do as you like for the lines.

The maid lines.

“Please allow me to service you, Master.”

Come on, if you don’t get into the role, it won’t be role-play sex.

Even though you’re a maid, you’re not listening to your master’s orders.


Haha! Well done.

Then let’s have you service me at once.

First, get on top of me and kiss me.

That’s right.


This might be the first time I’m receiving a kiss from you.

This ain’t too bad.

Now, what will you do for me next?

You’re a maid, so you should think about how you’d be able to satisfy your master.

You look like you’re about to cry.


Idiot, even a man will feel good from having his nipples licked.


You look so happy.

Hey, hey, you don’t have to suddenly go that far-



That surprised me. Obviously, it feels good, but you’ve never done it for me until now…

That place feels really good.

This is quite the sexy scene, a no bra maid uniform is just way too much of a turn-on.

Your nipples are hard again. Did you get turned on from licking me?

I’ll undo your shirt buttons.

Come here.


Spread your legs and straddle over me like you did earlier. This time I want you to service me not with your mouth, but with this.

It’s fine, no?


Oh, right, you didn’t have panties on.

Eh? Even though we just took a bath, you’re all wet again.

For now, you don’t have to put it in. Just stay like that.

Start moving and start pleasuring your master.


Hmm? You’re unable to move?

If you’re unable to move then I’ll move-


What was that sound just now?

Damn it, we were at a good spot.

The light on the adult-goods vending machine is flashing. I guess that sound was us clearing the third mission.

I didn’t put it in yet, so what even is their criteria?

It peeves me, but for the time being, let’s investigate the area around the light.


Oh, there it is.

Could it be that we’ll be using adult toys this time-? Or not.

It’s not on the slip of paper.

“Congratulations on clearing the third mission. Your fourth mission is to have her experience an orgasm.”

I thought we’d be playing with toys, but it looks like I’ve been let down.

Oh well, we’ll go about that another time.

Experience an orgasm… I just have to make you cum, right?

That’s just the usual, so this is easy.

Okay, let’s head over to the bed.


Track 5: Gentle Boyfriend


As expected, I like teasing more than being teased.

Why are you looking down? Are you feeling embarrassed again?

This time, I’ll be making you feel really good.


You’re wiggling your hips around. Because we stopped midway earlier, are you happy that you’re finally able to cum?


You’re shifting your eyes.

Even if you try to hide it like that, I’ll know once I check.

Look, I’ll touch you.


You’re wetter than before.

For there to be this much trickling out, you’re so naughty. My one finger was swallowed up in an instant.

Like I thought, your body was aching from licking me, wasn’t it?


Don’t lie. Despite being this state, you’re quite adamant in saying differently. Look, your place here has swelled up so much that I can sense its shape without looking.

Besides, each time I pull out my finger, you start clinging onto them.


Spread your legs wider. Give me a clear view of that embarrassing place of yours.


It’s more exciting when you’re embarrassed, no?

See? It’s obvious.

It’s twitching and delightfully swallowing up my finger.

Your face says that one finger isn’t enough, so how does two sound?


There, two are in.

What an incredibly indecent sound. Plus, it’s twitching lewdly.

It appears that the young lady in the maid uniform prefers being serviced.

How about I lick you lots like you did for me?

Spread your legs wider.

You like it more when I lick this place than if I were to tease it with my fingers, right?


You’re moving your hips. It must feel good, right?

I’ll make you cum with my fingers.

You trembled just now.

Hmm? Go ahead. Cum.


You came just now, right?


Doesn’t seem like anything’s happened.

I didn’t hear any sounds.

Did something change in a place that we can’t see?

Hmm? What’s the matter? What’s with that awkward expression? Could it be that you didn’t cum just now?

Why did you pretend to cum…?

Don’t tell me that that’s been the case all this time?!!

You, feeling good, was that just an act?


If the part about feeling good wasn’t a lie then that means there were things that weren’t true.

Ah, no, it’s not like I’m angry.

But…I would like for you to be honest with me.


I knew it, so you never came.

Ah! Hey, idiot, why are you crying? I’m not disappointed in you. There’s no way I’d end up hating you over that.

Do you not realize how much I love you?

That sigh earlier was…

It was because I was frustrated at myself.

I just went ahead and had the idea that this would make a woman feel good, but it looks like I was self-conceited. My feelings of love for you took on a life of its own; I rushed things and I never asked how you felt.



But…it might be good that we’ve realized it now.

So, I want you not to be embarrassed and to tell how I’d be able to make you feel good and how I’d be able to make you cum.

We’re boyfriend and girlfriend, after all. Right?


Now then, please don’t hesitate to tell me everything you wish for me to do.


Eh? Darken the room? …Like pitch dark?

Oh, I see. So I should’ve started from there.

I’m such an idiot.

Though it is a shame that I can’t see your cute face when it’s dark.


Okay, it’s completely dark now.

See? We can’t see anything.

Looks like your senses have become more sensitive.

Your heart’s really pounding. Since we can’t see, you can go ahead and be as disheveled as you want.

And I’ll make you feel lots of pleasure.


Track 6: First Time


Then what? Is there anything else you wish for me to do?

You want me to kiss your ears more?

So you really were weak to your ears.

Right? Or perhaps, left? …Which one would you prefer?

I guess both.


It’s a voice so sweet that I’ve never heard it before.

In that case…

Next will be this.


Wow! Your body’s bouncing.

Next will be your lips.

The feeling off your tongue feels good.

It’s surprisingly nice to do it in the dark.


It feels like we’re doing something naughty, and senses besides sight, sharpen, and it excites me.

Even if I can’t see, I can tell that you’re aroused.

You’re panting more than usual.

And this place has perked up too.


Eh? That much?

I never knew they’d become more sensitive.

Do you want me to touch this place more?

Do you want me to rub them with my fingers? Or…do you want me to pinch them tightly?

Damn. What’s with that voice?

I’m about to cum from just hearing your voice.

So, what should I do to make you feel even more pleasure? Well?


So you want me to touch you while kissing you.

So it feels good when I roll them gently between my fingertips…


Wow. They have swelled up quite a lot.

Is it alright if I licked you instead of just teasing you with my fingers?

Even when I grind against this place……

You’re trembling so much.

So it feels just that good?


Speaking of which, the first mission was to kiss you 10 times throughout your body, right?

At that time, you were incredibly wet, weren’t you?

Do you enjoy being held in suspense as I kiss you?


Where do you want me to lick next?

It’s pitch dark, so I can’t see anything. Don’t be embarrassed and just tell me.

Your voice is so quiet.

I understand. Please spread your legs.


Yup. Even if I can’t see, it’s full of your sweet scent, so I can figure it out right away.

It’s this place, right?

Amazing. It’s soaking wet to an extent that’s incomparable to before.


I see. Like I thought, I enjoy being teased thoroughly and carefully.

It’s overflowing.

It’s an endless flow.

Hmm? What? The inside too?

That’s the first time you’ve asked something of me like that.

I’ll move my fingers slowly.


Please tell me which spots feel good.

Does stirring up your insides with them feel better than me quickly pulling them in and out?

I see.

Ah. You tightened again.

I’ll lick you while I move my fingers.


It’s such a thick erotic scent.

Let out your voice fully. There’s no need for you to hold back.


Are you really about to cum this time?

Go ahead. I’ll use a bit more force.


Are you alright?

Incredible. You’re quivering and convulsing.

Have you really cum?

What a relief.

It kind of makes me happy. That was super cute.


Was that the sound of a clear?

Ugh, it’s blinding.

The panel above the bed is shining.

Oh, something capsule-like opened. Are these a pair of bracelets…? And there’s a piece of paper in there too.

Let me turn on the lights.


Let’s see.

“Please attempt the final mission while wearing these pink tube bracelets. Once the mission has been clear, they will automatically turn blue.”

So if you hold these near the door once they’ve changed colors, it’ll unlock the exit door.

How high-tech.

Hmm? You still seem to be in a daze.

Give me your hand, I’ll put it on your arm.


Hmm? The description of the mission?

The final mission is for her to pleasure he whom she loves in the cowgirl position.

It’s fine if you don’t know, I’ll teach it to you right now.


Track 7: Joined in both Body and Mind


The cowgirl position is this.

Haha! Are you still embarrassed?

Well, it is no longer pitch dark this time. That said, as expected, it makes me happier to see your face.

Yes, just like that. Lower your hips.

Press the tip up against that place.

That’s right. Use your body weight to take it slowly inside of you.


Hmm? It feels big for some reason?

Well, even though we’ve made so much love, I haven’t stuck it in yet since doing it the moment we arrived here.

So…I’ve been put on edge and am super aroused.

It’s alright to take it slow.

Yes. Yes.


It’s been coiling around me since the moment it went in.

Oh, are you feeling good too?

Deeper. More.

Can you tell that we’re joined all the way down to the base?

It’s a really nice sight to behold.

Alright, now try swaying your hips gently.


It feels good. Your insides have been wet this whole time, so it’s taking it well.

Lower your head.

Let’s kiss.


It’s gotten tighter.

Move however you like. I’ll support your hips.


It feels so good, it’s wrapping around me snuggly.

Your chest’s bouncing on top of me and you’re shaking your hips with a lewd look on your face.


It’s sexy and cute.


I…I’m at my limit. I want to cum.

I’ll thrust up from below, so move alongside me.


We’re adhering to each so closely, and rubbing against each other.

I love you too.

Continue calling my name with that sweet voice.

You’re seriously way too cute, and I love it.


I’m…about to cum.

Hmm? You’re about to cum again too?

Let’s cum together.


Hmm? It feels good, deep?

I feel so good that I don’t think I can last either…

I’m cumming. I’m cumming!


Whoa. How should I say it? It’s like I’ve been shot with lightning, and this is the first time I’ve experienced this.

Did you cum too? Well?

That’s a relief.


Oh, this is bad. I don’t think I can live without you now.


It’s not a lie.


The bracelets have changed colors. In other words, this is a clear, right?

Thank god.

With this, we can leave, but how about we rest for a little bit longer?

We’re both a mess.


Well, up till this point, you always were embarrassed and never really moved much. It felt like I was the one doing things, but I didn’t particularly mind that.

But a relationship where we naturally make each other feel good like we did just now, wouldn’t that be nice?

Why are you getting all embarrassed again?


Come here, I’ll be your arm pillow again.


Now then, now that we’ve changed, why don’t we try and see if the door really will open?


This is kind of nerve-wracking.

How the bracelets near the respective door……

Oh, it actually opened.

It made a sound just now, didn’t it?

Alright, let’s go.


We’re finally out.

Somehow, even though it was at most a few hours, it felt like ages. It’s like we’ve experienced condensed time.


Oh, you’re right. There’s something written on the side of the door.

Let’s see.

“This room is a special room. There were many contraptions installed; however, a guest cannot exit the room midway. By entering this room, you have agreed to all terms and conditions.”

I didn’t notice it at all.

More importantly, when you’re coming to a love hotel, your mind is filled with nothing but thoughts about sex. If they put it here, who would actually read it?


But well, in the end, I had fun. Plus, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know about you.

How should I say it? It feels like our love has deepened.

There’s a lot of things that come with dating for an extended time, but let’s slowly learn about each other.

I love you, both now and for the future to come.

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