【Translation】 Elite Salaryman Shiiku Keiyakusho ~Gyakugire Nakadashi Sex~


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

エリートリーマン飼育契約書 ~逆ギレ中出しセックス~

CV: Morita Noriaki (森田則昭)

Track 1: Taking in a Salaryman


Delinquent: Hey, old man!

Please stop…

Delinquent: Shut up. Old man, I’m sure you’ve got money. You see, I’ve been in a bad mood ’cause I ain’t got the money to fool around.

Even if you say that…there’s nothing I can do. I don’t have any money-

Delinquent: Shut up and hand me your cash.

Wait, stop! Do you realize that mugging someone is a crime?

Delinquent: So damn annoying. Remove that hand.


Delinquent: Hah?

Please stop.


Delinquent: Oh? You have more on hand than I thought. If you were going to win then you should’ve quietly handed it over.

Please wait…!

Delinquent: Shut up!


Hic. Hic…

No, uh, I’m fine. I apologize.

Oh, you’re right. I’m bleeding.

No, that’ll dirty your handkerchief.

It’s fine?

I’m sorry, I’ll make sure to buy you a new one to replace.


By any chance, did you witness the whole thing?

Must be pathetic, right? I’m a grown man yet I was had by a young hoodlum. You think so too, right? So just say it outright.

On top of showing that display, although it’s not something I should be telling a complete stranger like you… Today, I was fired from my company.

I mean, it was caused by my own mistake.

But I’ve been intensely focused on my job all these years and was trying to contribute to the company… I desperately concealed my awkwardness and that patheticness and yet, because of just one, just one mistake…

Dammit. Dammit!


Since I lived in company housing, I immediately lost my place to live. What am I even supposed to do…?

Uh, I’m sorry, even if you hear this, there’s nothing you can do, right? Since you were listening quietly, I accidentally presumed upon you.

It’s laughable, right?

Until just the other day, I was admired by many others for being an elite.

But now, I’m no different from this discard trash.


Hah!? What are you saying? Are you seriously planning to bring a man you just met home?!! What are you? An idiot???

You can’t just leave me be, huh…

Are you really okay with it? Do you not have a boyfriend-

So you don’t have one.

I’ll take you at your word then.


I apologize, you had to both cook and lend me your bath.

You live in a pretty nice house. Why don’t you have a boy-uh, I unintentionally touched on a delicate subject.

Huh? Me?

I don’t because of the life I was leading.

Thank you. I’ll impose on your kindness this one night. Tomorrow, I’ll start searching for a place to live.

Hah!? Are you seriously an idiot?!! What you’ve already done is already unbelievable, and to say that I could continue living here…

And in return, there are some terms and conditions?


A relationship contract?

So that’s what it is. So you had that type of interest and hobby, huh.

Obey every last sexual demand?

Hah, there’s no room for discussion. What kind of merit is there for me? There’s a limit to how far you can mock me-

Why do you know where I worked? Did you see my employee ID earlier?

Yes, that major company.

No, you’re not wrong that our president is at the top of the industry. They have a lot of influence on other company directors.


I see now. Surely, the reason I was fired is already well-known. There’s no way I could immediately find work and I can’t stand being homeless.

I just have to abide by the terms of this contract, right?

I understand. I’ll obey your sexual demands.


Track 2: Masturbation Training


Okay, now the contract is complete

So what should I do now? Do I just have to make you feel good?

In that case, let’s quickly-

Oh, I see. I just have to undress, right?


And then?

What are these? Hey, what are you doing to my clothes?!!

Hah!? Why would you throw them away??? Are you telling me to be stuck naked? Don’t joke with me.

No, uh, I did indeed sign the contract.

Dammit! I understand, I just have to wear this collar, right?


Are you satisfied now?

What is this? It’s even got lead on it. Are you trying to make me your pet?

Hmph. Looks like I’ve been ensnared by a perverse, Do-S woman. Has even fate abandoned me?

Ow! Don’t suddenly yank on it.

Why are you aroused? The way you’re panting gives me goosebumps.

Hah? Masturbate in front of you?!!

As if that’s possible in a situation like this-

I told you not to yank on it.


Tsk. The contract… The contract.

I understand.

Why did things have to turn out this wayー?

Quiet! Why would I be aroused when someone’s watching me? Please don’t lump me together with someone perverse as you. Also, how could I get erect when there’s nothing to get erect for?

Enough, just continue?

That’s seriously awful of you.

No. I told you, I’m not enjoying myself!!! I’m forcing myself.


Stop, kissing a woman I don’t even like is-

Hey, don’t pull on the leash! It’ll strangle me.

What…is this? Even though I’m merely being kissed, it feels so good. I can’t stop my hands.

Dammit, a woman younger than me is having their way with me.

Wait! That, you can’t do that! Don’t touch the tip!


You look like you’re having so much fun.

It angers me, but, I don’t know if it’s because of how long it’s been but I’m already about to cum-

I’m going to cum-


Huh? Why are you-

It’s nothing. I wasn’t expecting anything.

Wait, is that my tie?

What are you thinking??? Idiot, stop! Where are you tying it? Don’t tie it there!

Hah? You want me to move my hand in this state?

I don’t understand what you mean.


Don’t grab my hands and move them…

Wait, we stopped just right before earlier, so I’ll immediately-

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

Wait a sec, because it’s tied, I can’t cum???

It feels strange. Seriously, stop. Stop your hand.

Wait, I’m about to cum yet I can’t cum… I’m begging you, no more. No more, please untie it.


I can’t. There’s no way I would talk that way. Like hell I would use honorific speech towards someone younger than me.

Wait. Idiot, that’s way too rough!

No, I’m seriously at my limit. I’ll lose my mind.

No more. I…

Too rough. No more, I’m really at my limit. You’re going way too far.

I’m telling you to remove the tie.


I refuse to beg. As long as my pride still remains-

Just about anyone would go crazy if you were to do something like this.

Shut up! My hips are moving on their own.

I told you, I’m about to cum. And yet…

Stop stopping right before.

Please stop, any more and my body won’t last. I’m begging you.


I get it. I’ll say it. I want to cum so badly that I can’t bear it any longer. I’m begging you, so please remove the tie.

Honorific speech? I would never use honorific speech towards-


I get it, I get it.

I ask of you to please remove the necktie. Please. Please…

Please touch the tip like you did earlier. And then…I’ll do the rest myself. Please, I want to feel good.



I don’t care about that right now. Hurry, I want to cum. I’m begging you, alright? I want to cum so badly.

That feels so good!

I can’t stop myself. This way too perverse. I hate it and it frustrates me, yet it feels so good that I can’t help it.

I’m going to cum…

While looking you in the eyes?


You really are a pervert.

I’m at my limit. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


There’s so much. My mind’s about to go blank.


Track 3: Anal Training


Huh? Next, it’s on the bed?

You’re asking for way too much. Are you that pent up?


Dammit. How many times have I told you not to yank me?!!

Put my arms up?

What are you planning to do this time?


Are these…handcuffs?

Take them off. Are you not satisfied after everything just now?

Huh? There’s still something you’re curious about, so you want to test it out?

Don’t make me a test subject.


W-Wait a second. That’s lube, isn’t it… Don’t tell me-


Are you stupid!? There’s no way it could suddenly enter so far.

Stop! I seriously can’t do it. Are you even listening?

Relax…? I can’t. It feels bad, so, please, please pull your fingers out… Because I just came, if you touch that place…

Don’t stroke it!

Both at the same time is…

If you touch it like that, of course it’s gonna get erect.


What is this feeling?

Not there, stop! Why do you look like you’re having fun?

You’re too rough with your hands!

If you rub it that hard, I’ll start acting weird again.

Shut up! Don’t laugh. Do you enjoy this type of thing?

Dammit, if only I hadn’t made that mistake. I wouldn’t be, by a woman like you……

Don’t increase your fingers! I told you that it feels unpleasant, didn’t I? I really can’t stand it any longer. It hurts.

It’s not amazing-


Wait. Seriously, wait…!!! I feel like something’s working its way out!

I do not want that.

Hah? Don’t hold back? How could I possibly?

Remember, this status-quo won’t last.

No, stop!


Thank god.


Track 4: Failed Training


That was awful.



I have one small request. Could you please remove the handcuffs? It’s digging into my wrists and it hurts. I can’t concentrate.

If you were to remove them, I think I’ll be better able to fulfill your desires.


Panting like you were before. What exactly are you imagining?

You are seriously perverse.

Come on, please remove these.


Quiet! Don’t struggle.

Oh, I’ve thought of a good idea.


This is a nice sight to see.

Where was the bravado you had while you were torturing me earlier?

What? Were you that turning on from torturing me?

Your nipples are erect, though.

You’re quite the degenerate, huh.


Huh? You’re scared?

Who cares about that. You’ve had your way with me through and through. This is what happens when you make light of me.

Remember it well.

And is your lower half not wet? Well? Come on, show me.

Tch. Don’t close them, I’m telling you to spread them…!!!


Whoa, why are you this wet?


Seeing that your hands are bound with handcuffs, you can’t hide it with them. I have a clear view of your naughty place.

Even though I’m not touching, your juices are gushing out non-stop, though?

Are you turned on from being watched?

That’s not it?

Well, I don’t care which it is. If you’re this wet, you’re more than ready, no?


Why would I stop?

Here I go.


Ahh…the tip’s already in.

Please use your vagina to pleasure me, alright?


Damn it all! Each and every one of you is there out mocking me. From just one mistake, someone as talented as me got fired.

Do they realize just how…hard I worked for the company?

You’re no different.

You pretended to be kind during a moment of weakness, and in the end, you used me to fulfill your own desires.



I feel refreshed now.

Come on, tighten your vagina more.

The sight of you obeying me is wonderful. How does it feel to be violently fucked by the member of a man whom you treated recklessly and to feel good from it?

Is it vexing? Is it sad?

You see, I’ve felt the frustration you’re feeling ten-fold, a hundred-fold more!!!

You’ve been enjoying yourself for the past while, yet you won’t say anything even a little seductive to me?


That look of panic in your eyes…is extremely arousing.

Huh? No more? Please?

Does it really feel that good?

Feeling good all on your own… Well, it has nothing to do with me!

Incredible, your insides are twitching. It’s clamping down so hard, I don’t think I can last.

It feels so good. I think I’ll get addicted to sex like this. It’s amazing.


I’m at my limit.

I’ll unload a full load inside you. You must be overjoyed, right? You’ll be receiving my excellent genes, after all.


Haha! Don’t make me laugh. There’s no way you aren’t happy.

Be honest and rejoice!

Beg me to “please cum inside me.” Come on, beg me. Say it.

I’ll penetrate you deep and cum together with you.


It feels so good…

Your mouth may be saying no, but your body wants my excellent genetic material.

I’ll unleash it all inside you like you wanted, so don’t spill any.

I’m about to cum-

Come on, cum with me.


I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!


Track 5: Quiet


I…I’m so sorry. That wasn’t my intention, I wasn’t trying to make you cry. I was just angry that so many people had been making a fool of me.

I am so sorry, I even broke the contract.

I won’t be selfish and ask you to forgive me.

I apologize. I’ll leave, soーー


Huh? You’ll forgive me?


Jeez, you’re way too good-natured.

No, I mean, one of the terms of the contract was to stay together forever, but…


You want me to embrace you gently?

But I’ve something horrible. But if that’ll satisfy you then…

Then, what do you want me to do first?

I want to match your desire, so could you please tell me?

Why are you suddenly embarrassed?

What? I can’t hear you if you’re so quiet.


Like lovers…?

To tell you the truth, I, uh, have never had an actual girlfriend, so I don’t know what it means to treat you “like a lover”.

I’ll do my best to satisfy you.


Hmm? More?

Entwine my tongue even more with yours?

Oh, I’m doing good?

Hmm? It isn’t enough when we do it slowly? So you want me to be rougher than I was before?

But not yet. It was too sudden earlier, so let’s first take it slow.

Give me your hand.


How does it feel when we hold hands during it?

Clenching my hand so tightly… How cute. So you’re able to make expressions like that.

You opened your eyes.

Close them again. It’s cute when you have your eyes closed.


I had my eyes open the whole time.

Hmm? I’m being mean?


Well, since you’re saying it, that might be true.

So how was it? Did it feel good?


You’re drooling.

Opening your mouth like that… Shall kiss you more vigorously?


Track 6: Becoming a Beast


Hmm? What?

I don’t know which one of us is using who, but… Don’t rush, match your movements with mine.

Yes, yes, good girl.

I’ll touch the place below as well then.


Ah, it’s a mess of your juices and my cum from earlier.

Here, the entrance, can you tell that I’m stroking it?

Gently tease your clit…

Your body’s trembling. Does it really feel that good?

I’ll tease it even more then.




Wow, you’re even wetter than before.

Hmm? What’s wrong?

You want me to tease you more intensely? Weren’t you supposed to be a sadist?

Oh? Did you awaken to it after I forced myself upon you? Or perhaps, deep down, you’ve always desired it?

Hehe. Bullseye, huh.

If you so desire, I won’t mind. Besides, it looks like I get more aroused when I’m on the offense.

My tone might become harsh, so are you alright with that?


I see. Please allow me then.


Come on, tell me what you want. Picture the way you want to be teased, and I’ll fulfill your desires.

Sorry, is it alright for me to refer to you that way?

It’s better that way.

Then allow me to continue unimpeded.


Why are you rubbing your legs together?

Oh, you must’ve not had enough since you only came once earlier. You really are a masochistic pervert, aren’t you?

It genuinely arouses me.

Then spread open your legs and show me that lewd place of yours.

You’re embarrassed? What are you saying? I’m making you do something embarrassing on purpose.

Reason…? Isn’t that obvious?

It’s cute when your eyes are teary from embarrassment.


Your place here. Simply by tracing around the entrance, it’s become quite the sight. You’re becoming even wetter.

Look, it’s making these wet noises while your hips tremble.

So, does it feel good?

So you feel good from this?

Hmm, if it feels that good then I’ll tease it even more.


Does it feel good?

You’re panting a lot, you know? Are you that aroused?

Nope, not yet.

Since your body’s quivering, you wish for more, don’t you? You want to feel good, don’t you?

Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel super good right now.


I knew it, this sight is super erotic and arousing. The way it’s twitching like it’s begging to be touched, and the way your erect clit is in full view…

Hey, stop right there. Don’t close your legs.

I’ll make you feel good, so stay in that position.


How’s this? Does it feel good?

So it feels so good that it makes your hips shake.

Using my tongue…

Wow, it’s pouring out endlessly.

Hmm? No more? You’re at your limit? This must be the first time you’re feeling this good, right?

I won’t stop.

Go on, indulge further in this pleasure. I’ll suck it even harder…

Don’t pull back your hips. There’s no way I’d allow you to escape that easily now is there?


This place is twitching even more than before. Did you get turned on from being pinned down?

Stop holding back and just let yourself enjoy it.

Haha, it’s become an incredible mess. So you felt that good from being licked, huh?


Huh? Is licking the norm for me?

No, I’ve never done before and I didn’t think I’d ever want to. But for some reason, I felt the urge to do it.

To be frank, I’m surprised myself.

More importantly, since I’ve only been focusing on the outside, are you insides aching perhaps?

Come on, lend me your ear.


You want these fingers to churn up your insides, right? …While rubbing against your pleasurable spots.

You want me to pleasure your insides while I rub your clit, right?

Yes, good girl.

Here I go then.


Wow, it’s even hotter than before.

If I’m not wrong, it’s in this area…

Wonderful, your hips jumped and you gave out a nice moan. I guess your pleasurable spot’s here.

You see, when I press down and grind against this place with my fingers……

It looks like it feels really good. Your hips are trembling.

Sure, go ahead. Enjoy it even more. Show me the sight of you feeling pleasure from my fingers.


Huh? Why would I stop now?

Next up’s your neck.

Because you seemed to enjoy being licked so much… It feels good, doesn’t it? You can’t stop yourself from trembling, can you?

Come on, stop resisting and descend into pleasure.


Wow, you’re way too wet. It feels good to be licked while you’re being played with, doesn’t it?


Your body’s trembling and your insides are twitching non-stop. What a cute sight that is. It makes me want to tease you even more.

But before that, I’ll grab a drink over there.


Sorry for the wait.

You wouldn’t want me to kiss as it is, right?

Looks like this place still needs some more development. I have to train to fit more closely with my preferences.

You’re making even cuter noises than before.

Does it feel that good?

Go on, it’s fine. Enjoy yourself more.

Go on. Come on.



It’s not impossible, is it? Because look, when I’m rough with this place even more gushes out from it.

Curving your back like that…

Must feel great.

The voice is super cute.

More. More. Show me the sight of you feeling good and breaking because of me.


Oh my, you’re so wet that the bed’s soaked.

Hmm? What? Why are you calling my name so much?

Like? Me?

What you love isn’t me, but rather the acts that grant you pleasure.

I’m wrong? …Then prove to me whether those feelings are true with that body of yours. And by the way, now’s the real deal.

I’ll make you feel even more pleasure using my member.


Come on. Get on all fours.

Your insides are so hot that I feel like I’m about to melt. It makes such naughty sounds each time I pull in and out and arouses me even further.

Look, I’ll grind against that good spot I found earlier.

Haha! That’s quite the moan.

When you feel that good, it excites me too.


So much is gushing out. Looks like I mustn’t grind against this place.

You really are an idiot, if you leak out such a voice, I’ll be forced to grind against it even more.

Like this!


Hey, why are you resting? If you don’t remain on all fours properly, I won’t be able to fuck  you.

I guess it can’t be helped.

I’ll tie up your hands.

Hehe. This? …This is the necktie you tied me with earlier.

What? Are you turned from just that?

Your insides tightened just now, though?


Whoa, are you that turned on from being tied up?

Thrusting my hips while holding the necktie with my mouth is a bit too lewd, but… Well, this feels good, doesn’t it?

You’re aroused and your insides have been twitching and clamping down the whole time for the past while. As I thought, your body’s the best.

We’re physically compatible, aren’t we?


Your insides tightened again.

Just how pent-up were you?

This is way too arousing. The only problem is… It feels so good that I’m about to cum.

Listen, I’ll be even rougher, so stay conscious throughout.


The voice you make when you lose yourself in pleasure is so cute. It’s such a turn-on that I can’t hang on any longer…

I already came once, so it’s fine, right?

I’ll unleash it all inside you.

Cumming. I’m cumming!


Track 7: Renewed Contracted


I’m sorry, it looks like I got a little too worked up again. I’ll remove the tie right now.


Uh, it’s turned red.

Shall I apply some medicine on it after you take a nice bath?

Huh? Oh, the contract?

What is it that you want to do?


Pretend it never existed, huh…

Are you really sure about that? I can’t leave you due to that contract, so if you void the contract, I’ll be freed and I might just disappear from here, you know?

Are you fine with having me gone?

I know, the only person who could satisfy the sexual needs of a masochistic woman like you is me.


Just kidding, it was a joke. When I saw your expression, I wanted to tease you for it.

In any case, since we’ve already come this far, why don’t we create a new contract?

It’ll be best to have a contract that benefits both of us, wouldn’t it? Like for example, I would fulfill your sexual desires; however, during the act, you’ll obey my order like a pet.

Well? It’s not a bad proposal, right?

Then let’s go take a bath together and discuss the rest.


Hmm? Whether I like you?

Let’s see…

You make a point. So, do you like me?

Oh? Sex with me felt so good that you fell in love?

I did feel good too, though.


Whether not I like you…

I’m sure you can tell from my kiss just now, no?

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