【Translation】 Shinda Danna no Otouto to


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CV: Ichijou Hirame (一条ひらめ)

Track 1: In Front of Your Husband’s Casket


With what has happened, as the new head of the Arita family, I’ve been freed, huh.


Hello, Sister-in-law.

What is it? Is my face that peculiar?

It’s fine, you can stare at it for however long you’d like. I was locked up in the confinement room for 2 years because of my brother, so it’s not strange that you’ve forgotten my face.

Regardless, please be sure to call me the Master of the house from now on.

What’s the matter? Come on, let’s go.

I’m acting as the chief mourner for my brother’s funeral, am I not?

I’ll be in your care.


How commendable. Is today your turn to burn the incense for my departed brother, Sister?

Keeping watch to ensure that the incense flames do not burnout throughout the night all by yourself must be rather difficult.

At the very least, bring the brazier closer to you so that you don’t get cold.

See? It should be more comforting when you’re warm.


I have arranged the plans for tomorrow’s funeral, so take your mind off of it and just stay by my brother’s side. …It is night, after all.

Put together? Me?

Not at all. I’m not in the same position as you who has lost their beloved husband.

Because he’s my actual brother?

I’m sure you know full well, don’t you? The one who threw me into the confinement room was my brother.

Well, it wasn’t a case of hatred. I’m grateful to my brother.

Yes. In more ways than one.


Look, we’re in front of my brother, so let’s end this topic.

You were a good wife and carefully followed all my brother’s orders. Not to mention, you’re an incredible beauty.

I’m sure he’s grateful in the afterlife for the happiness you brought him. Though it is unfortunate that he left without the chance to see his child with you.

What’s the matter?

Is the child inside you doing okay?

That’s a relief. It would be terrible if something were to happen to a child who carries the Arita bloodline.


Hmm? Yes, I know. Although I was confined to the room, my brother often visited me and spoke to me about various things.

You in particular.

He seems to have had many worries on his mind. But I never imagined that he would be so caught up in it that he lost his own life.

For today to the end, it seems almost like a lie.

Even now, he has such a calm expression it appears as though he’s merely asleep.


I’m sure he was happy living with you.

That said, he’s always been a fussy man. Not only that, but he also had a unique aspect to him.

What’s wrong?

What was my brother like in front of you? Was he a wonderful, reliable husband with the dignity befitting of the family head?

Is that so?

But he was different with me.

I know everything about my brother. Your secrets included.



Was my tone a little frightening?

Don’t worry, I won’t reveal my brother’s embarrassing moments in front of everyone. Also, there’s no need to be so vigilant around me, the main house is now just you and me.

Of course. Please stay in this house.

Aren’t we family?

Yes, family. Precious family.

Oh, what’s the matter? It’s not something to cry over. I know that just how anxious you were, but there’s no way I’d chase out my dearest sister-in-law now that my brother’s gone.

I would never do something like that. At the end of the day, all you need to do is become my wife.

If we were to do that, none of the relatives will be able to complain. And as for the future child inside you… Give birth to them as my child.

Either way, it’s the same blood flowing through them.


Is something wrong, Sister?

Oh, I guess it’s no longer an eventual thing, you are my wife.


Your family’s in Kyushu and it appears as though you’ve lost contact with them. Even though you have no home to return to, where are you trying to go by rejecting me?

In this day and age, it’s impossible for a woman to survive alone without her father around. However, if you were to stay there, you would have a roof to live under, money, as well as food.

Is that not so, Sister?



After the funeral, let’s announce it to the relatives.

That would be great.


Hmm? In a place like this…?

What place?

Before my brother?

Naturally, my brother would be delighted. As long as you put on a happy display while having sex with me, of course.

What’s the matter?

Oh? Your expression appears to say that it’s likely so, though. It’s not good to hide things from the man who’s soon to become your husband.


Forgive you for what?

For what?

It’s fine, even if you try to hide something, I’ll find out soon enough. ….Since you’re quite the adorable one.


Come on, turn this way.


Even if you have clothes on, you’re seductive.

It’s Sister-in-law’s scent…

Oh, what’s wrong? You aren’t in the slightest bit wet.

Whatever. It’ll be wet before long once it swallows me up. I’m sure you’re no different in that regard.


So tight. Your insides are tight and narrow, and it’s comforting.

Look at me properly. Look at the face of your soon-to-be husband. Come on, look this way.

That’s right, look at me.

Well? It feels good being penetrated while lying on your side, doesn’t it?

Hey, stop biting down on those lips. Do it.


That’s a nice voice. My brother’s listening in too. My brother’s happily listening to your moans of pleasureーsatisfied at how cute his wife is.

Look, and before you know it, your pussy’s already soaked

It’s quite easy to move now that it’s leaking juices.

It feels good, doesn’t it?

Let’s have my brother hear more of your moans. Show him that you’re feeling so good from his little brother’s dick that you can’t stop your flow of lewd juices. So good that you’re crying.


Come on, get up.

Place your hands on my brother’s casket and give him a nice display. Both of your moans and your swaying boobs.

No, we have to show my brother.


Brother, your bride is truly wonderful, Brother. She’s soaking wet, coiling around me, and is feeling unbearably good.

You hear it, don’t you? It’s a great sound, right?

It was worth shoving it all in, wasn’t it?

How does it feel? Would you like some of your bride lewd juices in the afterlife?

You want it, don’t you? You loved dear Sister, after all.


My brother yearns for it.

Get on top of my brother’s face and give it to him.

It’s pitiful, is it not? To have you cum without being able to touch you, that is, Sister.

Come on. Straddle properly over my brother’s face.


Take a look. My brother’s face is right below your cunt.

He’s asking for it with such a tranquil expression, is he not? Asking for the juices that are trickling down from here.

He’ll savor it thoroughly on the other side. Alright?


Yes, good girl. My brother looks happy.

Move your hips slowly and give him a good taste of it.

Move even more.

My brother has never done that, has he? He has never happily drunk your drenched pussy juices, has he?

But in reality, he wanted to. He wanted to tease your clit, hold it in his mouth, and suck on it like a baby. And I’m sure he wanted to shove his tongue inside and churn up the place my dick just entered.

My brother was an idiot, you see. He should’ve just done it.

So now, he’ll do all of it.

Rub against it harder, so that he can die in peace.


Wonderful. This is wonderful, my brother’s face is covered.

Imagine. His tongue. His voice. And how he wants to make you cum with his mouth.

I’ll make you cum from my brother’s mouth.

Go on, cum.


Good girl.

Hey, stop crying and look at my brother’s face. It’s covered in your juices.


He looks happy, does he not? It’s like he’s saying that it tasted great and your squirt juices were wonderful.

Now then, shall we show him the sight of you cumming from being fucked by me?

My brother says he wants to see it. To see the sight of you enjoying yourself and cumming.


Place your hands on the casket again.


Honestly, your insides are incredibly wonderful. I wish I could allow my brother to experience it too.

Even your asshole’s twitching.

Quiet, I’ll tend to this hole with my fingers.


Even your asshole’s wet with juices. It swallowed up my thumb in an instant.

I won’t pull it out. It feels good, does it not?

When I shove it in both ends, you tighten even more. And aren’t you moaning? You like this, don’t you?

Shall I go further? More?


You came so quickly. Do you love it in your ass that much?

You love it, don’t you?

I’ll make it so that you can cum from just your ass one day.

I’m at my limit too…


Even after all this, you’re still tending to my brother’s incense sticks.

I’ll do it.


That’s such a nice, peaceful expression.

Seriously, why did you die?


Track 2: Meeting of Relatives


There’s nothing for you all to be so concerned about. She has devoted herself greatly to the Arita family, and that still hasn’t changed.

Taking care of her is the compassionate thing to do, is it not?

Her parents have passed.

No, they are no longer around. You all have heard of the wildfire in Kyushu, have you not?

She has already given up hope.

Therefore, it is only natural for us to become husband and wife. Also, I have a duty to protect my brother’s now fatherless child.


I’m sure it is a boy. An excellent successor with the blood of the main family flowing through his veins.

Now then, let’s end it here.

We can celebrate with drinks later. I treat you all to the nice sake stocked in the warehouse.

Isn’t that right?


Track 3: Violated Under the Persimmon Tree…


Oh, it’s you.

I was just thinking about having tea. Thank you.


Is something the matter?

Yeah, it’s a nice view. I’ve always enjoyed looking at the garden from this porch. I often played in this garden with my older brother when I was a child.

Do you see that persimmon tree?

We would climb that tree and pick the persimmons. Although my brother was a serious, ruggedly honest person, he was skilled at climbing trees.

He was also good at Menko and very patiently taught me the tricks.



We’re siblings, there’s no such thing as either love or hate. We were each other’s closest playmates.

But once we grew up, we were no longer playmates…

We won’t get anywhere with this dull topic. Follow me.


When this persimmon tree bore fruit this year, my brother was still alive. But now, it has lost all its leaves and is completely bare.

So, why don’t you get completely bare and climb the tree?

I’m joking.

But this is fine, right?

Stay still, else I won’t be able to tie your hands together properly. Because my obi’s a little bit rigid, it’ll leave bruises on your arms if you struggle, so settle down.


Yes, good girl.

This is a wonderful feast for the eyes. To have both your arms tied to my brother’s beloved persimmon tree, I’m sure you’re overjoyed, right?


Frankly, I wanted you to climb the tree, but you look like you’d easily fall. So, tying you to it is more than enough.

Now then, what shall I do with you?

Free you…?

Why? Either way, you’d enjoy yourself. Look, your nipples are already hard.

What is there to be embarrassed about? Besides you and me, there are only servants in this house.

Well, they would be a little surprised that the lady of the Arita family is tied to a tree with her breasts sticking out. But even so, your breasts really are beautiful.

They’re soft like they’re melting inside my palms.

To have not paid respect to them under this tree, my brother’s truly a fool. Nothing comes out of hiding them.



Oh! Now that you mention it, the gardener is arriving shortly today.

So what if I knew? Is it not a good thing?

See? You’re giving such a nice reaction.

Pay no mind, just let out your voice.


Your lower half’s already wet, isn’t it? Look, it’s already soaking wet and dripping with juices, is it not?

Spread your legs wider.

Spread them.

Are you really that embarrassed?

In that case, lend me your obi as well.


Sorry to say, but it’s fully out-in-the-open.

You have both arms bound together while at your wit’s end, your breasts are exposed, you have one leg hung above you, and your black pubic hair and your insides are in plain sight.

You don’t want me to leave? You want me to come over?

Come over for what?

To free you?

How boring.

That’s not what you should say, is it? It’s “Please make love to this place,” is it not?


Even though you’re this wet, did you think you could resist?

You can’t, can you?

You are, by nature, a nymphomaniac. Deep down, you realize it yourself too, don’t you? Look, it has already loosened up.

Seems like I can increase the number of fingers inside you.

Take a look at it yourself. Look at the fingers you dirtied with your juices.


Shall we try spreading it more then?


Well? You can clearly see it, can’t you? You have a clear view of both your swollen clit and wet entrance.

You love being humiliated by me, don’t you? Because it instantly turned into a flood.

The way it sparkles under the sun is beautiful.

Both the fingers soaked in your juices and your shameful appearance are incredibly lovely.

…Even more than usual.


This is good.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had sex with you, but your insides are molded to my shape. For a quite a while, actually.


Don’t you find it odd? Despite first having sex the day my brother died, we’re so physically compatible that it’s like we’ve been doing it for ages.

It might’ve been obvious, I guess.

I had always been eyeing you in the event that we’d ended up in this type of relationship, so this is only natural.

Yes, I had always been watching you.

I masturbated countless times while thinking about how the place I’m ramming is covered the same black as this black hair. About slamming your pussy and impregnating you…


How nostalgic. Now I can have sex with you without any worries.

It feels good, it feels so good…


Huh? Oh, they’ve arrived.

We ought to allow them to tend to the garden, don’t we?

Hmm? Oh, I’ll free you.

After the trending, that is.


Yes, hello. I’m always appreciative of your help.

My obi got dirty, so I was right in the middle of changing. In any case, please come on in and have some tea first if you’d like.


Track 4: I Know Everything. About You and My Brother


Are you that saddened by the death of a stray cat?

It’s an eyesore. Bury it there.

What’s with that expression?

Hmph. You’re so sad that you’re brought to tears, huh.

You look sickened.

You’re more perceptive of a woman than I thought you were.

That’s right, I was the one who killed it. Don’t think stray cats are a nuisance? You should only care about your duties towards me. You should only ever think about me. So what’s with those eyes?


You’re so adorable. You’re hatefully cute.


A human heart?

I have one, clearly. Look at how much I love you. And aren’t you always getting so wet that you dirty your kimono as you swallow me up?


What’s with that? That’s quite a funny joke.

What could you have even done for me while I was locked up in the confinement room? There’s no way you’re capable of killing my brother, is there?


What would you do if I were the one who had done it?


I’m sure those final moments were agonizing.

Taking one’s life end is no easy feat. Although he was in such suffering each and every night to which he would end his life, his wife was sleeping peacefully beside him.

Don’t you think he wanted you to save him?

Don’t you think he called for your name in his final moments?

Again and again and again.

Calling out the name of the adulterous traitor, your name, while crying.


Why do I know?

That’s because…

I know everything. About you and my brother.


Where are you going?

I’m asking you, where are you going? You have no place to go. You only have me left, you have no choice but to stay within my embrace.

You’re a dim woman.

Come, I’ll tell you everything you want to know.

I won’t forgive you if you try to run.


Track 5: In the Confinement Room…


How does it feel to be locked up in the confinement room?

Ever since they threw me in here in order to silence me under the pretext that I had gone mad, I was constantly, constantly thinking about you.

Within this dark, cramped room without any windows, you were on my mind each and every day.

My thoughts of you bordered on insanity.


I was resentful.


“Why?” Do you not know? Are you not aware?

I loved you. I loved you far more than my brother. So now’s your turn. Let’s exchange secrets.

Inside this cage, agonize over both mine and your secret, and focus your thoughts only on me.

Both love me and continue to hate me.

It’s a good idea, don’t you think?


Shall I expose you then? Shall expose your infidelity to the relatives?

I’m sure it would cause a huge stir.

The woman they believed to have been modest and meek had been nothing more than a pervert who enjoyed having sex with men other than her husband.

I can imagine the look of surprise on their faces.


Go ahead. Because they’ll believe me.

There hasn’t been a day where your moans of pleasure haven’t echoed throughout the entire mansion whenever you have sex with me. Everyone knows you’re a nymphomaniac.

But you know, I’m no oni. I’ll show you pity.

There’s no way a lewd woman would be able to endure it when they’re with an impotent husband.


Hmph, of course I know. I know everything about you two.

Suck it.

Stick your head out from the gaps in the cage and suck it. You love my dick, don’t you?

Oh, I see. Do you want me to expose your infidelity right now? Or perhaps, do you wish to be imprisoned here for the rest of your life?

Then do as I say.


That’s good…

Haha! But even so, it serves my brother right. He was spoiled rotten because he was the eldest son, and him being an honest man is a complete pack of lies.

What about it?

If you take his veneer off, he’s a worthless impotent.

I wonder how it felt when his precious “son” was limp in front of a woman. It was probably awfully humiliating for you too, wasn’t it?

However, in truth, you were satisfying yourself by having sex with other men, weren’t you?


Suck it.

Did you think my brother never had the thought of driving it right into you? I’m sure he’s had persistent thoughts about messing you up with a hard, erect penis.

However, he just wasn’t able.

Even though a starving body dripping with nectar is right in front of his eyes, because he was a pathetic impotent, he couldn’t even lay a single finger on you.

Do you understand?

You see, my dick’s the one area that I beat my brother in. I was always in my brother’s shadow. It made no difference whether I was or wasn’t there.

My brother’s the light and I was the shadowーI hated him from the bottom of my heart.

So when I found out that my brother was impotent, did you realize just how happy I was?


My older brother was impotent. He had no worth as a man.

He’s just an impotent.

Oh, it brought me such joy. Such overwhelming joy and happiness. And his wife… Hehe! And now I have you too.

Everything’s like I imagined it to be.


I’m cumming-


Swallow it.


Come on, get on your side. You love being penetrated from the side, don’t you?


It’s overflowing. It flooded in an instant.

You got wet while sucking me off, didn’t you? Because that’s just the type of woman you are. Ever since I’ve first had sex with you, you’ve been an indecent pervert, and alluring to men.


Despite lusting hopelessly for men…

You love being fucked mercilessly with no room to rest, don’t you? You love it, don’t you? ……Ever since the moment you were blindfolded by my brother and had sex with me for the first time.


Hahaha!!! You’re fine with anyone. You don’t care who fucks you like this. Because after all those years of having sex, you never realized the other was me.

That’s right, I was the one who ravaged you while pretending to be him.

The one who pumped you with cum every night in his stead, was me, his younger brother.


Did you really not know?

After all that lovemaking, I guess you were feeling so good that you couldn’t grasp the sensation of this dick.

I don’t know how happy you were, but weren’t your juices spilling while you shook your hips?

You seemed to have been feeling so good.

Or is it perhaps that? Are you going to make the excuse that you pretended to feel good because it was supposedly my brother?

Regardless of your fancy excuses, this hole doesn’t lie.


It gets itself ready to have sex with me and is soaking wet without me even touching you. And you don’t want it?

I’m tired of hearing that.

You’re a nymphomaniac who gets turned on from having sex with strangers.

ーーA crazy lady.

Come on, get on all fours like you did that day. You love being fucked from the back while feeling his presence nearby, don’t you?

I’ll blindfold you so that it’s exactly the same.

Show me that look of pleasure while feeling for even my brother’s ghost.


It’s twitching. You want this, don’t you?

Did you know that he was actually quite the perv? He was aroused when his younger brother was having sex with his wife right in front of his eyes.

He watched you with his eyes wide open as you shed tears of joy.


I’m about to cum again.

You now belong to me.

Ever since the moment I first laid eyes on you, I made a promise to myself that I would make you mine without fail. That’s what I resolved to do.

You’re mine. It doesn’t matter whose wife you temporarily were, both now and then, you belong to me.

You only have me.


I’ll go ahead and say this but I’m not the one who killed him. My brother committed suicide.

That day, the day my brother died, he came down to this prison, drunk, and was unusually spiteful with his words, so I said this.

“Why don’t I pull the blindfolds off the next time I have sex with that woman? And rob you of your woman entirely. Either way, the child is mine, and you’d be zealously raising a child that isn’t yours.”

He then ran off.

I think I heard the sound of an engine, and then he died all too quickly.


It’s laughable, right?

Why? My reason for it?

He enjoyed stealing from others.

I’ve always been watching you. Ever since middle school. Always. The one who found you first was not my brother, but rather, me.

My brother picked up the handkerchief you used to wipe your tears when you got into a fight with your friends at your all-girls school, right? But the one to actually pick up the handkerchief was me.

During the slight gap in time while I chose the right timing, my brother, without realizing anything, grabbed it from my side.


Nevertheless, you’re mine. Regardless of what happened, I had a feeling that things would still end up this way.

Isn’t that so?

I would follow you as you wandered around and visit the same cafe as you countless times over. I would watch you smile as you opened a magazine and chatted with friends. And whenever I heard your voice, my dick would throb painfully.

So, I would buy the girl magazine you bought and masturbate to it time and time again. And when I unloaded onto the magazine, it felt like I was unloading into you.

Since those days, I’ve only ever had thoughts of you.

I’m the one who loves you most.

And yet, you married my brother……


But it’s fine now, right? You made a bit of a mistake, but now you’re on the right path.



Don’t try to escape. Alright?

That filthy stray cat, my brother, all the nuisance are now gone. There’s nothing to worry about, it’ll be just you and me.

Oh, right, the child would get in the way too.

Let’s kill it right after it’s born.

What? Isn’t it no different from the cat? If you get pregnant with another child, we just have to kill it again.


Listen, you are to only look at me. Both your love and your hate belongs to me. I won’t allow another man to steal your attention.

You never loved my brother, right?

It was merely a fancy, not to mention, the one who took your chastity was me. And the man you loved first was me.

Both now and then, and hereafter.


Hey, what’s the matter?

What’s wrong?

Don’t make that face. There’s nothing to worry about, you only need me in your mind.


Well? Do you understand now?

Sex is a momentary act, but hatred can last forever. So hate me.

Because ultimately…

Because ultimately, it’s the two are one and the same.

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  1. Dung

    I was looking for a translation of this after I bought it. I was interested in it because it has dark themes, but never predicted bit will be this dark. I was surprised. Many thanks.


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