【Translation】 Dekiai Weekend Sugiura Yuuto Ep.1 Dousei Shoya


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

溺愛ウィークエンド 杉浦悠斗 1話 同棲初夜

CV: Kumagai Kentarou (熊谷健太郎)

Track 1: First Night of Cohabitation


Okay, that’s the last of them.

Thank you.


Whoa, it’s already this late. It took more time than we thought, didn’t it? But now, we can live properly together.

Then once again, starting today, we’ll umm…be living together. I’ll be in your care.

Or something like that.

Now then, let’s eat, take a bath, and then sleep early.

Oh, right, why don’t we have it delivered? It’s a pain to start cooking or to head out now.


Which restaurant should we order from?


I’m fine with anything, so pick a restaurant that you like.

Yup, okay. What will you choose from the menu?

You love that, don’t you? In that case, I’ll…

You know me well. As expected of my girlfriend.

Oh, was that your smartphone?

A message from him again? That Takahashi from work who transferred here from Osaka.


I knew it. He’s definitely targeting you.

Look at what you said, you’re defenseless, so be careful. You must never spend time alone with him.


Then please do.


I feel refreshed.

Sleeping in a place like this, and also, your hair’s…

Oh, it’s actually dry.

You passed out after you finished drying it, huh. Come on, let’s head over to the bed.



Ah! Sorry, did I wake you up?

You were sound asleep on the sofa when I got out of the bath.

You’re welcome.

Sure, what is it?

You’re such a spoiled girl, aren’t you?


I don’t think I can stop.

Let’s do it then. Tomorrow’s a day off.


Your nipples are already erect.

Can you lift up your arms?

Sticking out this much like they’re asking to be sucked…

Wait, I don’t remove your underwear first, it’ll get soaked through.

It’s not an exaggeration. It’s always soaking wet.

Lift your hips.


Look, it’s already soaking wet.

Are you embarrassed?

I’m happy, though.

How could I not be? You’re feeling this good from a simple touch of mine.

Then this time, your erect nipples…

The other one…


Hmm? Why are you rubbing your knees together, I wonder?

M-m, I won’t know unless you tell me, so please tell me what you want.

Come on, hurry.

Well done. I’ll lick the place below too.

Spread your legs.


It’s so wet. I was right to take off your underwear.


It’s overflowing again.

I’ll tease your insides with my fingers.

It’s so soft…


You came just now, didn’t you?


Can I put it in?

I’m putting it in then.

Yes, it feels good. Are you fine with me moving?

If anything, you want me to start moving already?

Haha. Sorry, sorry.


Earlier, I thought I couldn’t move anymore for the rest of the day, but when it comes to this, I surprisingly have the energy.

It feels so good…

Do you feel good too? You love it when I grind up against this place with a bit of force, right?

It doesn’t hurt, right?

That’s a relief.


Are you about to cum?

Me too. I’m about to cum too.


Did you cum?

Sorry, I’m close to cumming, so please bear with me for a bit.


We just took a bath and now we’re covered in sweat, but even so, I want to sleep like this tonight.

When I wake up tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, you’ll be by my side…


I was just once again realizing that our cohabitation life has begun.

Let’s continue to forever live happily.

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