【Translation】 Noumitsu Sasayaki Sex ~Kodomo ga Neta ato, Fuufu no Shinshitsu de~


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

濃蜜ささやきセックス ~子供が寝たあと、夫婦の寝室で~

CV: Hashiba Rei (羽柴礼)

Track 1


Let me set tomorrow’s alarm…

Okay, that should work.

Oh, you know, I mentioned it to you earlier, didn’t I? I’ll be overseeing our neighborhood association. Although I’m not in charge this year, the old granny next door injured her leg, so she asked me to take her place for the time being.

It can’t be helped?

Does that apply to both of us?

It’s a bit of a hassle but I’ll be that old man watching by the side.


Say, is it alright if I come closer to you?

What? Are you feeling shy because it’s been so long?

But you are acting shy.

It’s been a long time, has it not? We need the occasional time where we have a casual beer together after putting the little one to sleep early, don’t we?

It’s been 2 weeks since we last made actual love in bed.

Ah! Or are you really tired?

If you’re not in the mood for it then it’s fine. I’m fine with putting it off till another day.


Kisses feel so nice…

I understand that you’re more than interested but it’ll be bad if our child hears, so please lower your voice.

But when you start feeling it, you lose sight of everything else. And while I really like that side of you, if something happens and it’s serious, I think I’ll cry.


When the thought of touching you after all this time crossed my mind, it reacted. It’s already rock hard.

At this point, I won’t be able to stop even if you tell me to.

So, let’s do it. Let’s enjoy ourselves thoroughly.

Hey, don’t run away.

You really are ticklish. Even though I love kissing you all over…


In that case, what about here?

Your nipples are erect.

The way your boobs bulge out is super hot. So it’s your sensitive period, huh.

Of course I know. I know everything about your body. When your boobs are sensitive, rather than using force, it’s better if I’m gentle…


Does it feel good?

You love it when I lightly suck on one nipple while I rub the other with my fingers, don’t you?


You’re shaking your hips. Are you off trying to seduce me already?

Is your pussy thirsting for it?

In that case, touch me too.



I knew it, having you do it feels better than doing it myself.

Stroke my dick harder.

Yes, like that.

Let’s touch each other’s nipples.



I can’t, it’s no use…I love it when you give me a handjob while rubbing my nipples. It feels so good.

It feels way too good when we do it to each other.

The pleasure is coursing through my dick and it’s bow sticky with pre-cum.

It’s your fault. Before you, I never felt anything from my nipples, so whether feels good for men… It’s because you touched them so much.

You were licking and biting my nipples, so what did you expect?

Take responsibility and take care of the aftermath.


Please rub them harder with the tips of your fingers.

Sorry, here I am being the one leaking my moans.

I can’t, I think I’ll be the one to lose myself after how long it’s been since we last had sex. I want to stick my dick in. I want to churn up your insides.


You’re super wet, huh. Were you turned on?

Look, you can hear the lewd noises from a simple touch.

Your clit is erect.

Rubbing the underside…

Does it feel good?

I’ll stroke my dick, so cum.


Did you cum?

You came?

There, there. Good girl, good girl. Let’s continue further.

Hmm? That’s fine, no? You love being penetrated with something thick when you’re sensitive from just cumming.

No need to be modest. Look, you’re wet from all the juices pouring out from inside you.

Come on, allow me to insert my dick.

I’ll rub against your deepest spots.


Wow, your insides are so soft.

Well? Can you tell? Can you tell that your insides are filled up by me?

I’ll start moving, so suppress your voice.


Your insides are twitching so much. Your edged clit, your sensitive pussy… Are you enjoying yourself?

I feel really good too.

Stick out your tongue.


This is bad, I’ll cum right away from this.

It’d be a waste to cum now, so let’s do it doggy-style.

You really love being penetrated from the back, don’t you? Plus, I think I’ll be able to last a little longer if I do it from the back.

Don’t cry.

Shift your leg this way.


Huh? Who’s calling this late?

Ignore it. Let’s continue. Continue.

Oh, I forgot about tomorrow’s meeting. I’m sorry. W-Wait just a second. It’ll be quick.


Hello, it’s Hanamura. Is something the matter?

It’s you?

Sorry, I’m busy right now, so call me later.

Eh? You’re being transferred here this time around?


Sorry, it wasn’t the neighboring granny, it’s my university classmate. They seem to have called me while drunk.

We can talk about that later, right now is uh…

Yes, uh, like I said.



Hey, don’t do that. Not my nipples. Hey.


No, it’s nothing.

I see. You have it rough too.

Yes, later.

Call me later. Uh-huh, alright, I’ll tell Sakurai next time.

What are you saying?

Hehe. Yeah, I know.

I’ll see you around then. Okay, bye.


What were you doing you perv?

I know it’s my fault for picking up the phone without checking it with you, but… What was I supposed to do if they were to hear weird noises from me?

They were drunk, so I don’t think they noticed.

Since you’re off being mischievous, I won’t hold back any longer.


Here, right? This place. Your sensitive spot.

Until you cum, I’ll press up and grind against it.




You’re tightening down on me… Are you about to cum?

Then let’s cum together.

Turn this way.

I love you. I love you so much.


Wow, you’re squeezing it out of me.

Even if you didn’t clamp down so hard, every last drop of it is yours.


We’ve sweated so much from covering ourselves with the futons as to not let our voices leak out.

Are you not cold?

Shall we take a quick shower?

I guess so. Me too. I want to sleep while hugging naked.


Uh. Ah, no, the phone call earlier…

You’ve met them once during our wedding, I think. They’re a classmate of mine.

He used his job transfer as an opportunity to start living together with this girlfriend, but he’s hesitant about marriage and was complaining to me.

“You’re always acting like newly-weds,” or “I don’t have any confidence with housework or child rearing.”

But that said…


I don’t have any advice. I still worry about it every day.

You know, ever since we first started raising our child, I’ve been racking my brain every day.

Even so, it’s fun because you and the little one are around, and it makes me work hard. So, if he’s anxious, instead of me, it’s much more constructive to talk it out directly with her.

You too. If there’s something about our family or work you’re concerned about, please tell me.

Thank you for your immediate reply. Seriously, had it not been you, I…

I love you.

I’ll continue to be in your care, my cute wife.

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