【Translation】 Senpai to GO in Iyashi Time 2 ~Doki Doki & Oyasumi~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

先輩とGo in癒しタイム2 ~ドキドキ&おやすみ~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Club Activities with Rinrin


What’s this? The lights were off, so I thought there was no one here.

Why do you have the T.V. on inside a dark classroom? Are you trying to mimic the feeling you get at a movie theater?

Oh, that’s an actual movie?


How nostalgic. Is the story about the kitty cat?

If I remember correctly, the plot revolves around the protagonist changing residences and having to leave his cat behind.

Though it is a bit surprising for me that you’re watching that movie.


Eh? Mikadzuki?

Oh, he came over again? Haha, and this time, he left that movie?

To show to me?

Haa…he has no understanding of my preferences. Also, did he not do anything weird to you again?

Hmm? Cat?

That you’re like a cat?

Well, now that you mention it… Ah, you know, the cat part.

Your gestures and hair?

Well, that is true. If you were to ask me what kind of animal you resemble, I would certainly answer with ‘cat’.


What? Did he call you “little kitten”?

Haha! I know, right?

You’d definitely get angry if someone were to call you that. And that’s why it’s like asking to be scratched by a cat.

So, the refreshment booth for the school festival…

You did mention that you had put together a proposal for what we’re doing, but how was it? Are we going forward with it?

Yeah, let me see.



Relaxation cafe. The girls that visit the cafe will choose the server they like…

Up to this point, it sounds like a somewhat dubious cafe.

And then, hmm, I see, said server will become their pretend boyfriend. Then they’ll drink tea together and then sleep together in the sleeping space at the back of the room.

Well, I do think it’s interesting.

You are intending this to be a refreshment for the school festival, right? But don’t you think the turnover rate would be pretty bad?

Also, the association is only composed of me and you, and to make it a reality we need capable staff.

If you consider the labor costs and turnover rate, I don’t think it’s viable.


Eh? Mikadzuki?

I mean, he does seem to have the spare time, so I think it could work.

In any case, are you interested in him?

Haha! No need to deny it vehemently, I was joking. No, wait, considering how reactive you were to the joke, it might conversely be true.


Oh, I’ll figure something out in terms of personnel. I frequently help out the sports club, so they owe me quite a lot of favors.

You might end up gathering quite a surprising number of them. Pretend boyfriends, that is.


You make a point.

Although the majority will be people from the sports club, let’s recruit some people from liberal arts before the event day.

So the front half of the shop is a cafe and the back half is for napping, right?

But for a cafe to relax in, guests will take about an hour, no?

Since it’ll take time before a sleeping space is available, I feel like they’d simply move onto the next stop. So what do we do?

Shall we spike the tea with sleep drugs?


Haha! I’m joking.

Oh, now that we’re on the topic of tea… I’ve gotten thirsty. Would you like something to drink as well?

Now then, if you want my opinion, I’d say we should remove the cafe part as a whole. Since it’s a school festival, there are many other places where they can buy drinks and I’m sure there are a bunch of other classes doing cafes.

I think it’s more noteworthy to go the simple route of making a space where you can nap with a pretend boyfriend.

What do you think?

Yup, we’ll do that then.

And after that, let’s see… The next question is how we would set the staff up as pretend boyfriends.


It’s the first time the guests are meeting the staff, no? And one wouldn’t think of someone they just met as their boyfriend, right?

We need something like a rite of passage​ to make the staff someone’s pretend boyfriend.

In terms of preparing events that have an easy emotional draw for the guests, we can prepare them ourselves, can’t we?

Erm…for example, we could first have a time set for the staff to confess to the guests, and then we could have a short scene of them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

Eh? That’s difficult for the average person?

Then, umm, from the moment they enter the shop, they could have a nickname for each other. Like a special nickname.

It’ll feel oddly unique to the pair, won’t it?


True enough, why don’t you call me “Rinrin”?

Then, from now on, I’ll call you “little kitten.”

Alright, call me that one more time.


What is it, Little Kitten?

Ahh, what are you acting all shy for? Is there now a feeling of closeness?

On that note…

So you don’t get angry when I call you “little kitten”, huh.

How adorable.


Well, that’s the general gist of it.

I think staging it so that one would think of the other as their boyfriend is pretty important.

Look at me with such reverence…..

Psychology-based topics like this aren’t my specialty.


It’s not like I’m not interested in mental relaxation, but I just think that if you’re able to relax your body, your mind will relax as well. I may be talking extremes, but no matter how calm your mind is, if you stay in a dull room for too long, you’ll slowly lose your patience, no?

But when you’re feeling stiff, soaking yourself in a warm bath would ease your mind, wouldn’t it?

And that’s why I think we should start with body relaxation.


I got an idea! Why don’t we test it out for a bit?

It’s not the massages that the sports club does, and I’ll only be massaging you lightly with the palms of my hands, but we might be able to come up with new ideas.


Track 2: Senpai’s my Pretend Boyfriend!?


Well, in any case, let’s get comfortably seated. You’re surprisingly energetic, so you don’t usually sit reclined on the sofa, right?

I see. It is certainly a bit hard on your backside if you have weight on it for too long.

In that case, why don’t you try sitting with your entire back leaned against the sofa today?

Don’t be so nervous. Relax.

Are you sure you’re loosening up? Because your face is a little tense.

Eh? My face is too close?


Now relax. Just like you do at home.

How about we do some breathing exercises? Breathe out slowly with your stomach, and then breathe in slowly through your mouth.


Then next, please lift up your shoulders as you breathe in.

Now lower your shoulders as you breathe out.

Yes, you’re doing good. Now rest your entire body on the sofa. That’s right.

You can stretch out both your arms if you’d like.


Relax both your arms.

Yes. Good girl.

I’ll borrow your left hand for a bit then.


Did you know that there’re a lot of acupuncture points on the palms of your hands? So it feels surprisingly good when I squeeze them.

Look, here, the base of your pinky…

What do you think?

Little Kitten, your hands are so plump. It feels like I’m touching the paw of an actual cat.


Have your hands steadily gotten warmer?

It’s squishy, so I feel good too.

This place is where many types of acupuncture points gather. Going along the base of your pinky to your wrist… What do you think? Does it feel good?

You’ve relaxed significantly, haven’t you?

Next up, I’ll be massaging your fingertips. I’ll go through them one-by-one like this.



That’s right, there are different acupuncture points on each finger.

The index finger is linked to the stomach, I believe.

Mhm. In order.


I don’t think it’s that my hands are big, it’s just that your hands are small, is it not, Little Kitten?

It feels like I’d break them if I don’t touch them with care.


Hmm? Are you feeling warm and sleepy?

Your face has relaxed too.

It’s fine. If you’re sleepy then close your eyes.

Pull tricks on you?

I won’t.

Cross that. If you really do fall asleep, Little Kitten, I might a little.


Now then, let’s move onto your other hand.


This side’s tiny too.

So cute that it’s a bit too cute. It gives me the urge to just hold them.

Oh, did you know? When wild sea otters sleep in the ocean, they anchor their bodies to kelp so that they don’t get washed away by the tides. But aquarium otters don’t have access to kelp, so instead, they sleep while holding each other’s hands.

It’s a cute image, right?

It’s not a lie. It’s true.

Then shall we visit the aquarium next time to check it ourselves?


What’s with that lackluster reaction? Are you saying that you don’t want to go on a date since we aren’t a couple?

That’s not it?

A date with me is too nerve-wracking, so you can’t bring yourself too?

Eh? Why?

Not at all. I think you and I, Little Kitten, would make a pretty fitting couple.

Haha! That’s because you revere me too much. I think you’re more than charming enough.

No, no, it’s not a lie.


Are you not confident in yourself?

I think being an attractive girl isn’t just about having a cute face or an extra nice personality. Being able to properly convey your goals or being honest for example, are another aspect of appeal.

Little Kitten, your appearance is, well, it is cute, but you’re always thinking about future goals, no?

That part of you is particularly likable.

You have your own way of handling things, and you always listen to whatever I have to say in earnest.

Being able to properly listen to what the other person has to say is important, is it not?

And that’s why I think you’re a charming girl, Little Kitten.



Oh, so that means you want to be seen not as an underclassman, but as a girl. In the sense that you want to have appeal as girlfriend material and as not a little-sister type character.

Hmm… For that, we need some excitement.

No, no, there’s no need to forcibly create sex appeal. If anything, a girl’s allure, is something a man draws out.

Now then, please lend me your ringer finger for a bit.



Oh, sorry, I must’ve startled you, right?

But did it make your heart race?

Stay still.

Hmm? Hehe. This place has acupuncture points too.

The acupuncture points that increase female hormones, that is. I don’t think it’ll suddenly bring out your sex appeal, but that’s more or less the gist of it, Little Kitten.

I’ll stimulate it thoroughly.


What? …It’s lewd?

But you want that sexual allure, no? So persevere through it, and I’ll cooperate with you.

Hmm? You feel strange?

Mhm. Sure. Just a little. Just for now. Alright?

Let’s do a dry-run for the school festival.

Yup, pretend that I’m your boyfriend, Little Kitten. Your pretend boyfriend.

That’s right. Are you trying to poke fun all the whilst seducing me? Because, if I were to actually get rejected, I would get a little depressed.

So sorry, could you please allow me to put up a mental wall?


Mhm. Thank you.

Then starting now, I’m your pretend boyfriend.

Well, if so, is it alright if I were to lick your fingers again?


The tips of your finger are red now.

Come on, bring your hands closer to me. Allow me to kiss other parts of your tiny hands, Little Kitten.

Does it tickle? Or does it feel good?


Hey, Little Kitten, do you love me?

That’s not good, you have to immediately reply with “I love you” too. Because right now, I’m your pretend boyfriend, no?

Come on, say it. Say that you love me. Please.

Me too. I love you too.


Hey, look more directly at me.

Yes, that’s right.

Your face is beet red, isn’t it?

If you make an expression like that, I’ll end up wanting to kiss you on the lips.


I won’t. That’s for when you’re actually serious about me, Little Kitten.

Now then, close your eyes while keeping your body relaxed. The main event of the school festival dry-run is napping together with your pretend boyfriend, right?

I’ll stay by your side until you fall asleep, Little Kitten.


Oh, shall I pat your back too?

Like a baby?

It’s fine, I’m your boyfriend, so let me spoil you.

Come on, I’ll make space on the sofa, so lie down.

Yes. Good girl, good girl.

Relax, and sleep.

And breathe slowly, and while you’re at it, think about me.


Yup. Don’t worry, I’ll be beside you.

I’ll pat your back for you.

Good night. I love you, Little Kitten.


Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat.


Hehe. Wow, you’re curled up into a ball like an actual kitten.

Since you have both hands held next to your mouth, are you perhaps lonely?

Hmm…while it appears that Mikadzuki has taken interest in you, unfortunately for him, if he’s there taking his sweet time, I’ll end up taking you first.

Sweet dreams, Little Kitten.


Track 3: Rinrin Gently Patting My back


Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat.


Track 4: Rinrin’s Sleeping Breaths



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