【Translation】 Senpai to GO in Iyashi Time ~Mimikaki & Oyasumi~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

先輩とGo in癒しタイム ~耳かき&おやすみ~

CV: Narumi Shuuji (成海修司)

Track 1: First Meeting with Senpai ~Ear Cleaning


Oh. Hello there!

Whoa. Whoa, no need to be so surprised. Are you a girl from this club?

Then come in, this is your club.

Jeez, it’s not like I would grab you and have my way with you. So come on, get in.


Oh, me? I’m Rinrin’s friend.

Do you know Rinrin?

He’s a 3rd year and this club’s president.

Are you a 1st year? I’m pretty familiar with all the girls at school, but your face is one that I haven’t seen.

Eh? A transfer student, huh.

Then you must not know me. I’m Mikadzuki, a 3rd year.

‘Mikadzuki’ written with “moon.” It’s a weird name, don’t you think?

Mhm. You’ve memorized it then, right?


What I’m doing?

I’m waiting for Rinrin.


Hah!? Training camp…?!! He’s at one, so he’s not coming here today? But this isn’t a sports club, so why’s he at a training camp???

Eh? Oh, I see. He’s acting as an assistant for the track and field club.

I see. I see…

Seriously, what is this luck? He said that he wanted to watch something, so I went out of my way to rent some blu-rays.

And the return date’s tomorrow.


Oh, would you like to watch them in his stead?

Something family-friendly?

No, I haven’t watched it myself, so I don’t know the details, but that’s how high school club activities are, no?

No, wait, I guess officially speaking, it’s just our group.

Relaxation association, I think we’re called.

Well, don’t you think it’s the perfect film if that’s the goal behind the club? But even so, I have no idea what Rinrin was thinking.

I thought he created this club so that he would have an excuse to skip out on school, but…

He has things like this health magazine.

Massage studies, nutritional science textbooks, and since he’s helping with the track and field club, that’s probably health management.


It’s been 3 years since he started studying this or that. You wouldn’t have pictured it from his name, but this is a rather serious association.

On that note, what about you? Why did you enter this club?

Since you’re a girl, were you interested in aromatherapy? Or was it perhaps beauty treatments?

Oh, research on new ways to relax…?

What do you mean by that? You are saying that you’re trying to think of new relaxation methods that had not previously existed?

So a relaxation therapy spa? So you want to open one of those, huh.

Interesting, even though you’re a 1st year student, you’re thinking quite far ahead. Personally, I’m fine with attending a regular university and becoming a regular salaryman.


Oh, right, speaking of relaxing, I’ve got a nice idea. I think it’s another way of relaxing, but…

Where did it go?


Eh? It’s ear-cleaning, though.

Eh? Why are you asking a second time? Like I said, it’s ear-cleaning.

Erm, why are you taken back?

No, as for this… It calms me down during my lunch breaks; something along those lines. Oh, you don’t seem to believe me.

Don’t look down on the pleasure of a good ear-cleaning!

Hey, don’t go “Hah!?” Have you never cleaned your ears? Because if so, I would understand why.


No, no, no, it, feeling bad, ain’t that only because you’re bad at it? And generally speaking, it feels good when other people do it.

Eh? Your mom?

Like I said, ain’t that because your mom was bad?

You really don’t believe me.

Come closer this way.

Not “I don’t want to!” Come on, just come here.

Huh? You’ll get eaten?

Yeah, yeah, I’ll devour you, so just come here. I’m saying that I’ll go out of my way to teach you the pleasures of ear-cleaning, you know?


Scared? Of me?

Hahaha! Why? It won’t hurt, so just come on over here.

Alright, good girl.

Take a seat to the right of me.

Now lay your body down and rest your head down here. Don’t worry, it’s just a lap pillow.

Eh? It’s not “just” a lap pillow?

But I mean, you’re not wrong, it certainly does require courage to place your head on the lap of an upperclassman you don’t know well.


Jeez, it’ll be fine. I’m gentle with girls.

I won’t touch any weird places. Now, lay down.

Let’s begin then.

Which ear should I start with?

Then turn that way. Yup. I’ll shift your hair little, alright?


No need to be so nervous.

I’ll be slow and gentle.


As expected of a girl.


No, I was just thinking that there isn’t much to clean. But, since we’ve come this far…

How’s that? It doesn’t hurt, right?

Does it feel good?

I know, right? I’m quite skillful.


Alright. Has anyone compared you to an animal?


No, you just seemed similar to my cat.

What do I mean by that? Erm, like the way you curl up your legs when you lay down?

Haha. I meant it was cute.

Oh jeez, don’t move. Come on, stay still.


Huh? My cat?

He’s called Toranosuke.

No, even if he’s a male cat, he’s cute.


Okay, I got it all out.

Hmm? Just a little. Ah! Don’t move yet.

Let me check one more time for earwax.


Looks to be okay.

Then onto the next one.

Turn this way.


Sorry, to tell you the truth, I’ve never really had anyone use me as their lap pillow. It is frustrating. It kind of ruins the atmosphere, doesn’t it?

No, it’s fine. It’s fine.

You should stay laying down. Since we’ve managed to finish one ear, we can clean the other as well.

If you’re worried, close your eyes. Alright?


What do you think?

Eh? Doing it lightly makes it tickles instead?

Idiot, I’m trying to be gentle.

Well, this side’s pretty clean too. It’s kind of dull when there’s not much for me to do.

No, no need for you to apologize.

But in any case, isn’t it calming to rest a lap pillow and have your ears cleaned? You could say it gives you a sense of ease.

No, no, proclaiming “It’s not calming at all” while yawning… Are you perhaps a ‘tsundere’?

I guess it’s fine.


Did you get sleepy because it feels good?

Either way, no one else is coming, right?

It’s fine, just sleep.

I always let Toranosuke sleep on my lap, so no worries, I’m used to it.

You really are like a cat in some ways.

It’s fine.

Good night.


Track 2: Lulled to Sleep by Senpai


Huh? What? Weren’t you asleep?

What? Boyfriend…?

I wonder about that. I’ve never done this with anyone, so I don’t know. But what about it? Is your ideal boyfriend someone who’d do such things?

No, I mean. Yeah.

Eh? Is that supposed to be a compliment?

Oh. I see.

Well, uh, thank you.


Ahem. Erm…

Hurry up and sleep, idiot.

Because you said something strange, I’m now conscious of it. If you’re a cat then sleep quietly like a cat.


I mean, that is true. You aren’t a cat.

No, it’s much easier with a cat. Whenever I gently stroke their fur like this, they’d quickly fall asleep-

Umm, I’m sorry. Your hair was soft so I touched it by accident.

Are you sure?

Well, I’m fine with it as long as you are.


Does it feel good when I pat your head?

I can kind of understand that too. It does feel good when you get your hair washed at the hairdressers.

Eh? You mean it in a different sense? …Is that so?

Oh, the feeling changes depending on whether there’s affection involved? Though now that you mention it, for the hairdressers, it’s their job.

I’m sure my care for Toranosuke goes well beyond that. It’s not a job, after all.

And when I stroke your hair like this, I really do think of you as Toranosuke.


Yeah, yeah, you’re not a cat, you’re a girl.

What? I’m playing the role of an ideal boyfriend?

That’s fine. I’m the one who forced you to rest on my lap.

Look, see? You’re yawning again.

I’ll wake you up later, so just sleep for a bit.

Huh? If so, I should say something boyfriend-like? …You’ve got quite the tongue, don’t you?


Napping with a pretend boyfriend as a new way of relaxing?

Oh, you kind of just came with it, huh.

Haha. Alright, alright, I’ll along with you for a bit. So in terms of something “boyfriend-like,” what should I say?

No, uh, when you’re that embarrassed……

Well, I guess it’s that? Should I just say things like “I love you”? Hah? I can’t say in a monotone fashion? …I have to pour my emotions into it?

You have so many demands.

Oh, jeez, I get it. So, come on, close your eyes. When you look at me so intently, it makes me feel shy.


I love you…


S-Shit. Please pretend that that didn’t happen, for some reason, I, err, it actually made my heart raceーー

Eh? It was good?

No, it may be great for you, but for me-

I like girls, but it’s not like I’m used to saying these things.

Huh? It almost made your heart skip a beat? …Really? But isn’t that the opposite of relaxing?

Oh, so a moderate mix of excitement and relaxation is better.

It seems kind of complicated.


And on that note…? You want to experiment more, so say more?

Damn. I’ll start charging you, you know?

I’m joking.

Alright, alright. Now close your eyes. I’ll continue patting you like this, so just sleep.


Do you like me? Have you fallen in love with me?

I just met you, so I’m not really sure. But that somewhat weird part of you…is kind of cute. And also, the way you act like a cat.


Your hair really is soft.

I kind of wish we could stay like this forever.


I’ve also… Yawn, gotten a bit sleepy, I think.

You open your mouth slightly when you sleep, huh. That part’s exactly like Toranosuke.

Good night.


Track 3: Senpai’s Sleeping Breaths



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