【Translation】 Meichou (Pantarei) 3 -Ake no Hoshi wa Ai Tomo ni Utai-


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迷蝶 (パンタレイ) 3 -明けの星は相ともに歌い-

CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: Final Ovations


It’s a relief that everything went smoothly all the way through till the concluding program.

Mhm, thank you.

I merely oversee what the actors and staff produce once the curtains are lifted, though. But even so, it makes me nervous every time.

With the audience’s applause, I can finally relax.

Shall we go greet the spectators?


When it comes to achieving something, a single lifetime might be too short. This famous classical tragedy is from long ago.

Did you know?

At some point, they met, fell in love, and married, but because of strife and missed passings, the two were torn apart.

Even though I know this to be written as a tragedy, I longed for the straightforward desire within it.

And that’s why, for this public performance, I rewrote the lines so that they pledge their true love under the moon. To me, the moon is not fickle, instead, it is an existence that links unchanging emotions.

And my years-long desire has finally been granted.


Oh, but inviting you here might’ve been a failure on my part.

You heard the singing voice of the leading actor, didn’t you?

Really? He’s attractive and he’s good at acting, so he’s popular. In particular, many girls turn into fans of his after hearing him sing.

They say it’s like the mating call of a skylark.

But well, I don’t think I’ll lose in terms of loving chirps, though.

Except, I’ll only ever sing for you.


Would you like to hear?

Then, tonight, let me hear your cute singing voice too.


Track 2: On a Balcony in Verona


What are you laughing for?

Really? It somehow seemed like you laughing over something you remembered, and I was thinking that, as you peered at the moon, you also were feeling nostalgic.

Today’s full moon is huge, and it feels as if we could reach it if we were just to reach out our hands.

No, I miss the place where I was born and raised, but it’s as if I wish to return.

Because on this planet, there’s something I cherish.

I’m glad I boldly came to Earth.

Every day, I think about how happy I am.


It’s fine, is it not?

It’s very important to put things into words. Especially between you and me. When it comes to words, sometimes it makes me anxious whether I’ve truly conveyed it to you.

I love you.

As I communicate my love for you, I constantly wish to ascertain it through that reaction.


What wish did you make to the moon?

Is that so?

Could it be that you didn’t?

I see. From you’re from, the practice is to make a wish on a falling star, isn’t it?

The moon will grant your wishes too, so try making a wish. Because no matter the era, the moon will always be watching over us.

Look up at night sky and just continue wishing for it strongly.


As for me…

When I first met you, I prayed that we’d once again meet.

Mhm. It hasn’t changed, even now.

Do you find it strange? When I pray for it before I sleep, I’d see you again the next day, no?

It’s already been…so long since I started dating you.

It’s been precisely one month since we got married.

We’ll continue to be together, right?


Now then, the breeze has gotten cold, so let’s hurry up and return inside.


Track 3: The Spider and the Butterfly


Oh, shall we drink the wine I bought?

I’ll grab it right now, so please take a seat.


You would want something to pair with it, right?


Well then, cheers to our one-month anniversary. Though, we already had a toast earlier at that restaurant.


Tastes great.

Oh, right. There’s something I’d like to give you.

Please wait just a moment.


Here, a present.

Huh? One for me too?

“The Spider and the Butterfly”

Oh, a picture book. So, why did you choose this book?

At the bookstore?

So you liked the story.

I see.


It has such beautiful illustrations.

Uh-huh, I’m very familiar with this story. And the basis for this storyーI know it all too well.

It’s strange.

You always unknowingly display vestiges of our past.

It’s fine. You wouldn’t understand, right?

Sorry, sorry.


Oh, no, I don’t own it. This is my first time seeing this as a picture book.

Thank you, I’m really happy.

I’ll take my time to read it later.

Well then, why don’t you open up that box?


It’s a pendant.

Wanna try putting it on?

I’ll put it on for you.


Yup, it really suits you.

You did mention that you wanted this design, but it was out-of-stock, didn’t you? And so, I had it custom-made.

Do you like it?

To tell you the truth, it’s part of a pair, so there’s one for me too.

Yup. I would like to show you, but because I made the unreasonable request of having it almost exact, even yours was finished barely on time.

It’s unfortunate, but when it’s done, let’s wear them together.

Look forward to it.


But even so, it’s better made than I thought.

Let me have a closer look.

A butterfly motif suits you perfectly.

I had this made with materials from the moon, so if I were to inject my powers into it…


It’ll flap its tiny wings. It’s cute, right?


Say, is it alright if I hugged you?


Asking you whether I could touch you has become almost a habit. I guess it makes me anxious if I don’t check beforehand.


I’m fine now.

Oh, but I want to hold you for longer. Not just with my arms, but also with my tentacles.


Sorry, sorry, I wasn’t planning on squeezing you that tightly.

I probably wasn’t able to retrain myself well because I was jealous of whenever that it is that you remembered while peering at the moon earlier.


Eh? The day we first met?

So that’s what it was…? To think I was jealous of my past self.

Well, it made you smile, so I guess it’s fine. I swore to make you happy, after all. I’ll be happy as long as you’re smiling.


Let’s do it right now. I’m extremely blessed, so how about I teach you how blessed I am?


About this much, I think?

It tastes of wine. It’s a nice taste.

Yes, what is it?

What’s the matter?

Tongue…? Show it to you? Like this? Is it because it was coiled around your tongue earlier?

It’s normal right now.

Are you curious about what it can become?


But if I were to show you, it’ll startle you. So, are you sure about this?

Then in exchange for showing you, I want you to be proactive and lick my current tongue.

Well? Go ahead.


There’s a thread forming.

I don’t think I’ll be able to wait. This time, why don’t you stick out your tongue?

That’s right.

Point it a bit more upwards.

That expression is incredibly lewd.

Wait, no, stay like that. You wish to see what my tongue can become, don’t you?

You yearn to see this tongue wrap around your tiny tongue and suck on it hard down to its base, don’t you?

Am I wrong?


Nevermind, I can’t. It’s too embarrassing.

Don’t sulk.

It’s more exciting when secrets are revealed to you in bits, is it not? Because I’ll teach you everything about me soon enough.

I love you.


You trembled just now.

Which one is it? Is my breath? Or…is it my voice?

Your hair’s in the way.

Your ears are quite the weak point, aren’t they? Having me whisper into your ears, do you end up like that just from my breath brushing against you?

If my tongue were to reach deep into your ears…

Even though your body’s stiff, extended breaths are leaking from your lips.

How cute.

I would like to love you more deeply, but is that alright with you?


Say that’s it’s alright.

Then relax.

Your ear canal’s narrow, huh? Your earlobes are so soft that it just makes me want to pinch them between my lips.


Are you quivering?

This is really…arousing.


Was that not too bad? It was tempting me, so…

Did I startle you when I stuck my tongue deep inside?

I want to lick deeper within you.

This time, the other side, all the way till your eardrums. I’ll go through it slowly, so entrust yourself to me. I won’t hurt you.

Come on. Close your eyes.


How does it compare to last time? Does it excite you?

So your heart was pounding because the wet noises were echoing in your ears. Was it like your mind was being violated by me?

If you react like that then…

It’ll excite me instead.


You grabbed onto me tightly. Were you a bit frightened?

In that case, give me one of your hands.

I’ll grasp this hand tightly, alright?

Don’t be so on guard.


When I hear your pants, it’s almost as if I’m doing something bad.


But soon enough, this will become our normal.


You know how there’s very little of my kind?

In order to make it easier to crossbreed, we exude secretions that increase our partner’s sensitivity, it seems.

I’ll daub it directly on the erogenous zones inside your ears.

There’s nothing to fear.

It’ll just feel like it’s not enough when I’m not licking it with this tongue. Painfully so. Hopelessly so.

The deep, deep spots within your body that others cannot touch. I wish to make all of it mine.


I’ll love you with my entire being and grant you mountains of pleasure.

For the simple days, this is the perfect level of stimulation, no?

Let’s play a secret game.


Let’s head over to the bed. I’ll carry you.

I always tell you this, but I’m fine, I pretty much have a multitude of hands. Or shall we do it while I’m holding you?

Even while I’m holding you, I can undress you.

Then let’s head over to the bed.


Track 4: True Colors


I’m putting you down.

Is it because you had wine? Your eyes are a little red.

……Or were you imagining what we’ll be doing?

Your clothes today are cute, so it feels like a waste to remove them. You dressed up for the date, didn’t you?

But if we were to keep them on, they’ll get dirty.

So as expected, I prefer we adhere to each other naked.


I’ll undress, so you should undress too.

Come on. Everything.

I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll remove the rest.

These are convenient.

Even if I’m restraining your hands, I can go up from your ankles to your thighs and view your look of embarrassment as I remove your clothes.


When we’re doing this on top of the bed, it’s almost as if you’re a captured butterfly.

If you were a butterfly then what do you think I am?

Let me love you more thoroughly today.

First, let’s start with your lips……


Your tongue too.

Open your mouth and stick it out.



Next will be your ears, I guess.

You quivered again.


Your hair too. I really love the color of your hair.

The nape, the back of your neck…

And then, your clavicles.


Shall we leave your pendant on?

In that case, while the butterfly’s resting on top of you, let’s make red flowers bloom around it.

Look, they’re blooming beautifully.

I wonder what kind of flowers butterflies like?


Here. Or perhaps here at this pointed tip?

There’re butterflies that love red flowers, after all. I’ll suck on this pigmented place and make the colors even deeper.


Your nipples are hard.

Do you like it when I suck on them lightly? Because if so, I’ll do the same to the other side.


This side is red and erect too.

Now then, next up is your right upper arm and wrist. And then the tips of your fingers.


Hmm? Did that tickle?


Your flanks, and your navel. This area is particularly sensitive it seems, so I ought to savor it properly.


Your hips are trembling. So it feels good to have your belly devoured.

What a naughty girl you are.


Is it embarrassing when it comes to suggestive places?

Your skin’s silky from your calves to the tips of your toes, and it gives me the urge to leave behind marks.


Now then, is there any place I haven’t tasted?

There’s still your backside left.

Lie on your side.

I’ll go at the back.


Your nape is emitting your wonderful scent.

Is it okay if I bite it gently?


It’s soft, so I’ve left a bite mark.

Did it hurt?

To say it hurt yet it felt good, you’re contradicting yourself.


This time, it’ll be your back.

The outline of this spine is erotic, and I love it so much. When I follow it with my lips as I trace it with my fingers, I can feel your shape.

Naturally, I love your butt too.

Your thighs.

From the back of your knees to your ankles…

No matter how much you try to suppress your voice, I can tell from the jolts of your body.


Shall I bite you once more? Because when I bite you, you really enjoy it.


There’s still your left hand left, right?

Your left-hand holds the proof of our vows, so I’ll carefully lick even your fingers.


You can feel it even from your fingers when they’re gently caressed, can’t you? And let’s go through the gaps between your fingers, in order.

I’ve licked you all over.

For last, is your precious place, the place that’ll accept me.

It’s a hidden place, so without spreading your body, I won’t be able to devour it.


Hmm? For you to fake resistance, do you want me to be forceful tonight?

I love this place too.

Sweet nectar will leak from this place, after all.

And your lower half’s there inviting me in.


Spread your legs wider.

Can you tell that I’ve kissed the deepest spot inside you with my tongue? …Your entrance has clamped down tightly, though.

If I were to churn it up with my fingers, would I be able to enjoy your voice more than I am now?


One finger has slipped in.

Did you know? When I press down on your insides, there are places where juices well up. …Like this area.

See? You’re soaking wet now.

And so are my fingers.


To thank you for granting me this much sweet nectar, I’ll suck this place that I’ve been eyeing since earlier.

And how about we increase the number of fingers one-by-one?


One more.

You’re now able to suck on three fingers, huh.


Then next up is here.

Touch it.


Huh? Did I not tell you?

When we usually do it, it’s merely a mimicry of that of a human’s, so it wasn’t the real thing.

You see, my actual reproductive organs are slightly higher up here. They’re hidden here in this place.

Today, I want to try using this.

That is true. It probably is bigger than the fake one. It’s long enough to grind up nicely against your good spots, no?

Yes, there’re bumps on it that humans don’t have, aren’t there?


If you rub it that hard……

No, I’m weak to that spot.

Even if my appearance’s near-identical to that of a human, this is the one place where I’m unable to shift the size and shape much.

That said, its function isn’t that different, so it’ll be alright.

But if you refuse, shall I shove it in forcibly?

I’ll pin down your hips as you attempt to escape, place my weight down on both legs, and ram it in against your will.


You want me to do that?

I’m taking away your freedom yet I require neither rope nor shackles. This body alone is enough.

Has your pulse gone up because you’re anticipating it?

It’s always been on my mind, the differences between you and me. And how if we were born as the same kind, how much I’d……

But right now, my belief is that I was born into this state so that I can love you deeply.

And so, I wish for you to learn everything about me.


I’m finally…linked to you here.

There’s still a section that hasn’t gone inside, so relax.


Your insides are soft yet tight. But it’s pressingly directly against my sex organ as if it’s delighted.

I can’t get rid of these bumps, but I’ll start moving.

I’ll rub against all your good spots.


It’s twisting, searching, and sucking on it.

Well? What do you think?

Then let’s try inserting all the way down to the base.


It’s pulsating…

Even though you’re being spread so wide, you look so happy.

Have you taken a liking to my ‘thing’?

If you won’t answer then I’ll have you experience its shape until you feel the desire to.

I’ll give your breasts a lot more kisses too.

You must think the loving earlier wasn’t enough, right?


When I’m embracing you, it feels good that it feels like even my heart might melt.

Let me have a good look at your face.

You’re hanging onto your consciousness…

When I’m aroused, I should start exuding secretions and so forth.

Swallowing me up entirely, and while your folds rub against my bumps, you still stare at me greedily.

And we had promised, you’re singing with an alluring voice.

So you’re unable to stop, huh.


There’s no other girl this naughty and perverted.

Is it perhaps my fault?

Did I make you that way? With an unripe body that’s able to remember my shape, have I made you submit to pleasure?

Because if so, as your husband, I ought to take responsibility, don’t I?


I’ll pump tons of my cum into you and change your entire body.

I love you, my cute bride.


You want me to tell you when I’m about to cum? Or…do you want to be watched as you cum?

This place is begging for it already.

And I’m close to cumming too.



I get it. Lift your hips a little higher and squeeze down tightly.

Cry out loudly in your wonderful voice.


Sorry, I might’ve gone a bit wild today. When I think about how you’ve accepted everything, I couldn’t stop myself.

Is your body alright?

No matter how many times I’ve shown you my appearance, I still have no idea what I should do if you were to find me scary.

And it makes me uneasy sometimes.

……Even though we’re already married.


I don’t want you to be touched by human men nor other males. I wish to love you all I can and mold you into a shape that can match no one but me.


You must be tired, right?

You can sleep now if you want.

Mhm. Come here.

How about I tell you an old tale to help you sleep?

I wonder about that, it might be of Earth or it might be of someplace separate.

Close your eyes and imagine as you listen. It’s one that closely resembles that of the picture book you gaveーーa tale from long, long ago.


Track 5: The Moon’s Melody, and the Circles of Time


Once upon a time, there was a spider living on top of a red tree.

The lonely spider survived by eating whatever prey was caught in its web, but even then, there were times where it had been hungry.

One day, a butterfly had been born near the tree where the spider lived.

On the back of the butterfly that emerged from its chrysalis were four beautiful wings.

And the spider fell in love at first sight.

But, to the butterfly, the spider was a frightening existence.

The spider that thought they’d scare the butterfly if they were to approach them, so the spider gave up without trying.


The butterfly, with its spread wings, would fly high into the sky.  However, the spider did not possess wings like the butterfly, so the spider wished to, at the very least, watch the butterfly take off.

As the spider watched attentively from on top of the tree, the butterfly flapped its wings up and down and took off elegantly from the place where it was perched.

Even so, the beautiful butterfly was suddenly taken into the beaks of a skylark and had those wings torn to shreds.


Huh? You already fell asleep?


You have such a defenseless look.

So you’re not waking up even when I touch you. Like I thought, this isn’t something you were meant to know.


You see, the Moon really does grant wishes. And it’s always been watching over me and granting me strength.

I could not forget the sight of blue wing fragments scattering across the sky, so I made a wish to the Moon.

“Please let me meet that butterfly again.”

It’s strange, right?

Since then, we’ve changed appearances many times. And while I would remember everything, you would always know nothing.

When I was Roy and when I was Lycaon as well as times besides those.


I wonder why?

But you see, it’s fine. When I was once an unknown writer of children’s books, my life ended without meeting you.

I failed to realize that within the conditions required for us to meet, the precursor was for us to be of different kinds.

……Because my wish changed into being the same kind of you.

But there’s no meaning if you aren’t there.


If I can be removed from that loop then I’ll be able to accept the way that I am. That is what I swore as my life as a children’s writer drew to its end.

Because having you whom I love by my side is my sole wish.

I had always been lonely.

Since the moment I was born, there had been nothing but potential prey around me. So the days on top of that tree were of solitude.

But when I saw you, I learned what it was like to have my heart stolen.


Elegant, beautiful, for the first time ever, there had been a gentle light lit inside me.

To only watch as you lose your life in a place where I can’t reach like I did that day, I wish for that to never repeat.

I will protect you.

Though it may longer be entirely for your sake.


I love you.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Even if we are reborn, this emotion will never change. Even if you don’t remember, I will find you and swear my love for you, time and time again.

And you know of it, so we’ll definitely meet again.

Death is not the end, for we will continue to meet across time.

This heart will forever be by your side.


Good night, my precious azure butterfly.

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