【Translation】 SWEET×SWEET Takamatsu Rintarou Animate Tokuten


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CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: Wedding Anniversary at a Hotel Suite


This wine is great.


But I’ve gotten a bit wobbly.

Yup, I ought to rehydrate.

Umm, why are you taking it away?

Eh? But I haven’t even drunk that much. I’m still good to go.

No, because you’re worried?


You’re so kind.

Ah! Why are you running away? I won’t drink any more.

Oh jeez, my bride’s such a tease.

Let me hug you. Hug.

I won’t drink any more, so-

Caught you.


I’m fine. You’re so caring.

Thank you. I’ll be careful next time. It’s our wedding anniversary, so I got a little too carried away.

This one year has been quite the happy one.

What about you, my bride?

Had I been a wonderful husband to you?


I’ve been praised. I feel so happy.

Let’s continue to make many more happy memories, alright?

Of course.

Regardless of what happens, we’ll talk over it and overcome it together.

Say, I can’t drink any more wine, right?

I won’t drink more, obviously. But in that case, what should we do instead? Shall we head over to the bed?

Let’s go then.


I’m indeed staggering, aren’t I? But I’m at the bed now, so it’s fine.

Come here.

That dress suits you. It’s incredibly beautiful.

But it’s about time you show me.


It’s easy to remove.

I guess I was right to choose this design.

It’s beautiful.

It’s wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I knew this was the right color. Not to mention, the simplest makes your body even more beautiful.

Oh, my muse…

I guess I should produce some accessories too, and perhaps make-up as well.

Pfft. I’m not exaggerating, I’m completely serious.

I’ve decided! I’ll make anything and everything. I want to have designed everything adorning you.


Yup, look forward to it.


So you’ve noticed. Of course I’d be hard.

My bride’s this beautiful, and also, extremely lewd.

You’ll do that for you?

I’m happy. In that case, I want to do it for you too.

Turn your butt this way.


Yup, lie face down.

The view from below is magnificent.

If you don’t lower your hips, I won’t be able to reach it.

Your butt’s so soft. Feels good.

Give it lots of love, alright? And I’ll kiss this wet place of yours for you.


What an aggressive bride you are. It’s such a turn-on. And this place is twitching, so I know it feels good.

It’s stiff, isn’t it?

It wants to enter this place, thrust in and out like this, and churn this place up so badly…

That feels so good.

I’ll lick you even more then.


Suck it more.

I’m about to cum-



Did we cum together? Because your insides clamped down so hard.

If you suck it like that, more will come outーー

It’s still not stopping…

I came so much.


Did you swallow all of it?

I can’t. I’ll pull out my fingers, alright?

Turn this way.

If you do that, I’ll come to love you even more. …Even though I already love you immeasurably.


I’m still hard as a rock. I want to hurry up and enter inside you.

Let me thrust in and out of you from the back.

Yup, while seated. Do it in a way that puts it in my view.

What do you think of being churned up?

Show me the sight of it entering you while you still have your underwear on.


Hehe. It’s bigger than usual?


The entire thing might not fit, but if it does, I’m sure it’ll feel really good.

My dear bride’s tiny mouth’s nice but this place is great, it lets us feel good together.

You’re the same, huh.

I’ll make this place that you love feel even better!


But if I don’t increase the pace, I’ll just cum again.

I’ll thrust you hard from below.

Let’s cum again together.

I’ll pump loads deep into our belly.


You tightened.

Did you get turned on from imagining it?

I love your lewdness, my bride.

Just a bit more…


With this, everything…

Say, did you cum again just now?

So you did your best to cum together.

It’s proof that it felt good, no? I’m happy. Besides, we just have to make it so that we cum together next time.


It feels good when I grind against your depths, right?

I’ll thrust all the way in, and stir it around.


Hot… My head’s all fuzzy. It feels so good.

I’m about to cum again-



I’m still cumming, no? So let’s stay like this till it stops.


We came together, didn’t we?

Hmm? You have no strength in your hips?

I’ll lift you off of me then.


You’re all worn out. Are you alright? I was pretty rough there, wasn’t it?

There, there.

There’s so much spilling out from inside you, and it’s super erotic. Plus, it was arousing having sex with underwear on.

No, I’m relieved in seeing your face.

You liked it rough, didn’t you?

So it was amazing.


It was pretty great for me too. Thank you.

Yup, it’s the best wedding anniversary I could ask for.

I’ll continue to be in your care, my adorable bride.

I love you.

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