【Translation】 SWEET×SWEET Takamatsu Rintarou


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CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: Good Morning


Are you awake? Did I wake you?

That’s good to hear.

Good morning, my adorable bride. …Though it’s already noon.


Hmm? Your hair’s not a bird’s nest.

If you’re so concerned, shall I blow-dry it for you?


After you wash your face… Got it.


Does your head not hurt? It’s been raining since this morning and there are times where you hurt when the atmospheric pressure is low.

I see. I’m glad you’re okay.

As for that…

It makes me sad when my precious bride is in pain, so please tell me if your health is ever poor, and I’ll do my best to nurse you back to health.

Yup, and you can treat me if I’m ever down with anything.

I’m serious. I’m back at full strength.

Well, I guess you certainly don’t seem sick.


Hmm? Oh, as for the rain… It’s not letting up.

I would like us to head out since it’s a rare 2-day consecutive holiday, but I do understand why you would want to hole up inside the house.

If it’s with you, I don’t mind lazing around.

Hmm? You want me to hug you tighter?

I look tasty?

Jeez, even though you just woke up… You’re so lewd.

Eh? That was lewd.

Am I wrong?

Something smell tasty? Oh, you’re referring to the smell of food.


Yup, that’s right. I cooked.

All that’s left is for me to prepare an omelet to complete the toast set.


An avocado and tomato omelet.

Right now, I can add cheese if you want. After a kiss from my bride, that is.

Alright, request accepted.



Even though you’re half-awake, your body’s sensitive.

Mhm, we’ll laze around and make love.

Does it tickle?

Eat me up as well.


Your stomach’s just growling, huh.

Haha! I guess your appetite for food won.

Let’s eat then.


Alright, my bride. Hug me tight.

This is nice.


I’ll slowly lift you up then.

Ah! No letting go. I’ll be carrying you over to the bathroom.



You’re looking directly at my face.

It’s more reassuring that way.

It’s not a lie. Though it’s more of me wanting you to look at me.

Hmm, I guess so. It’s hard to see while you’re kissing… In that case, you’re allowed to take your eyes only when we’re kissing, but in exchange, you’ll have to kiss me lots.

Thank you.


Alright, since we’re leaving the corridor, I’ll be bending down a little.

Oh, I’ve said it again, and the house even designed so that I wouldn’t hit my head. Guess it’s a habit I can’t kick.

But I suppose it’s fine since I have to be careful elsewhere.


Track 2: I’ll Feed You


What do you plan on eating next?

So toast. What do you want for the jam?

Okay, strawberry.


Here you go.

Is it a bit much? Does it taste good?

I’m glad.

The only thing you haven’t eaten is the peanut butter, I think.

Would you like a glass of juice?


Did I say something strange?

I eat my meals. But right now, I want to feed you.

Because you’re really cute when you’re being fed. I wish I could watch you like that forever.

So, is soup next?

Hmm? You’ll feed it to me.

Yay! Aah…


It’s super delicious.

It’s because my bride fed it to me.

Mhm, please give me one more mouthful.

Yup. Thank you.


Now then, what shall we do today?

Well, we did decide to spend the day at home, but is there anything you want to do?

Cleaning up’s my job. Wanting to have fun or wanting to laze around, those are the only types of requests I’ll accept.

Are you having that hard of a time deciding?

So you want me to have a rest.

Jeez, you’re too kind. It’s super rejuvenating just to spend the entire day with you, you know?


Hmm? What, what?

A western movie?

Sounds great, we have seen any in recent days. Let’s mimic the cinemas and watch it in a pitch dark room then.

Yup, yup, no one would get angry even if you were to talk.

So, what shall we watch?

I feel like we’ll be spending a lot of time just choosing.

You make a point. Let’s take our time choosing after we finish eating. I have a feeling that today will be a wonderful day.


Alright, let’s eat the omelet.

Does it taste good?

Jeez, that smile is more appreciative than anything.

Okay! Thank you for the meal.


Ah! Stay seated. I’m going to do the cleaning up.

I want you to take it slow today, my adorable bride.


Did you find something you want to watch?

Here you go then.

You’re welcome. I brewed the flavored tea that you liked. I would’ve preferred some popcorn, but I forgot to buy any.

Though it hasn’t been long since we ate, so it probably wouldn’t have fit anyways.

True enough. Perhaps another time.

Are you sure about me choosing the movie? Because I’ll hesitate.


Let’s see…

Hmm, let’s watch this then. Plus, I think it’s a story fitting for a bride.


I have watched it before.

Mhm. Yeah, since it’s a rare occasion, we should choose something we haven’t watched.

What shall it be…

Come on, help me choose.


Hmm? Have you decided?

Oh, sounds like a good idea. Let’s point at it together.


Alright, okay!

Here we go. On your marks…


The exact same, huh. As expected of my bride and me, our love as a couple is perfect.

Yup, let’s watch it.

From the beginning… Okay, start!


Track 3: Still Noon


This movie’s got good cinematography, but the bride’s wearing simple designs. Would it have been better if it were lace?

If the chest area was showier……

Regardless, the chest pops out more, and then by narrowing the waist… Oh, but…

Emphasizing the chest is…

But I’m sure it’d be cute. It’d definitely be cute.

Perhaps, if they just made it a dress…


Eh? What’s wrong?

Oh, uh, of course you’d let out a lewd voice if I were to tease your breasts.

Sorry, when I thought of you wearing the dress, I felt the urge to touch you. Although I want to watch the movie, I’m fixated on the both lewd and cute you.


Does the tip feel good? Will you cum from just this?

Fingers aren’t enough, right?

Then turn this way and come on top of my lap.

Mhm. Yup, yup, now can you lift up your own clothes? I’ll remove your bra for you.

Alright, it’s off.

Let’s hold the bottom part together.

I’ll pleasure these cute little tips.


Are you wet now?

I’ll lick you the way you like, my bride.

You’re about to cum from just your breasts, aren’t you?

Let’s have you say it with your mouth.

Say that it feels good.

Good girl. …Mon cheri.


You came, didn’t you?

Hmm? Just a little?

Eh? Really?

You’re cute when you’re embarrassed. Your lower half’s wet.

This time, shall we make this place feel even better?

Ordering me to kiss you… Even your responses are overwhelmingly cute.


You no longer have the strength in you, right? So lie down.

Grab onto me tightly.

Alright, I’ll lay you down then.

You’re so unbearably cute. Please let me continue.


I can tell even with your underwear on, but you’ve gotten this wet, huh.


I’ll rub this place lots then.


You’re about to cum, right?

Hmm? A kiss?

Let’s have you cum again as we kiss.


Say, is it alright for me to lick it? I want you to cum not my fingers but from my tongue.

Is that okay?

Then let’s remove your underwear.

You can lower your hips. Next, please lift your legs.

Okay. Open up your legs.

What a lewd sight. I’ll lick it plenty, alright?


Let’s have you cum without stirring up your insides.

You’re already feeling pretty good, no?


The sounds you made when you came were so cute.

Did it feel good?

I guess I can tell by looking at your face.

I’m fine, it’s still noon. If we were to do it now, I won’t be able to stop.

Hmph, it’s because it’ll tire you out.


You’ve gotten super wet, huh.

I’ll clean it up for you, so stay still.

I’m just wiping it, though. Does it end up feeling sexual?

Okay. Come here, my bride.


We got off-topic, but you’re so adorable that I guess it can’t be helped.

Mhm, I’ll have my time at night.

We’ll make plenty of love in bed.

Thank you. I’m looking forward to it.


Oh, would you like a drink of iced tea?

You really are adorable.


Mhm, I’ll help myself then.


Yup, it tastes good. Hehe.

Oh, right. Movie, movie… Err, we were here, right?



Track 4: At Some Point



Mmm… Mhm.

What is it?


You’ve woken me up in a somewhat lewd way, haven’t you? Were you surprised that I fell asleep at some point?

You immediately fell asleep when the movie ended.

Your sleeping expression was so cute that while I was watching you, I ended up falling asleep as well.


Naps are wonderful, aren’t they?

I guess I should throw in some during lunch breaks at work.


Though, I might’ve only slept well because I was hugging my bride. They’re soft, and it feels good.

It’s almost our wedding anniversary, isn’t it?

It feels like it was only yesterday.

Yup, I remember my proposal. I’m the one who proposed so of course I do. I was super nervous, and when I got your okay, I was crying tears of joy.

And on the wedding day, you wore the dress I designed, and it made me want to change your dress even more at the wedding reception.


I’m truly grateful that you became my bride.

While I’d also say it on our wedding anniversary, I’d like to say it every day regardless.

Really? I’m being a good husband?

Thank you.


The time I confessed my love to you? You’re talking about events from way back when, aren’t you?

I suppose so. I was super nervous then. I didn’t know what I’d do if I were rejected, and I worried that I’ll never be able to see you again.

But I’m glad I told you.

It’s why we’re together like this right now.


You’re the one who asked and now you’re embarrassed?

How cute.

Then what about that? What about the first time we went on a trip together?

No, uh. It was a good trip, wasn’t it?

You know, during that trip, wasn’t it the first for “that” as well? You know, “that”.



Of course I’d be embarrassed. Even thinking back on it now…

Haha, your face’s bright red.

But you were super cute and it was a happy moment. And as things piled on, we’ve reached this moment.

I’m truly blessed to have married you.

I love you.


Hmm? What’s the matter?

Oh, you’re right. It’s already evening.

We slept quite soundly, didn’t we? You must be hungry, right? What would you like to eat?

Are you sure?

Mhm, then let’s cook together.

If it’s the two of us, we can quickly cook dinner. After that, we’ll ready the bath.

Yeah, let’s head to the kitchen first.

And afterwards, we’ll take a bath together.


Track 5: Before Sleeping


Yeah, we took a bit of a long bath. But it felt good.


Not to mention, you smell nice.

Even though it’s a scent we share… How strange.

The day passed by in the blink of an eye. It’s already evening.

Mhm. It is nice to just laze around. If it would make my dear bride happy then I don’t mind spending another day like this.

But, let’s end it for today. Tomorrow’s Sunday.


Let’s take off your pajamas.

Oh. Sorry. I was just thinking about how beautiful you were.

Shall we take the bottom off as well?

Then lift up your hips.


You can lower your hips now.

Although you were wearing silk pajamas on your freshly cleaned body…

If I were to design anything, it would be lingerie. Slips would be nice too, but I would have to design a nighttime bra in accordance with that.

Sorry, my switch flipped again.

I’m sorry, I always take inspiration from you for my designs.

When something you’re wearing catches my attention and I start picturing things, I……


Thank you. I’ll make it feel really good.

Yup, together.

Let’s feel good together.

Together, with your chest…


I knew it. Your nipples are sensitive, aren’t they? You did cum from just this earlier, after all.

I’ll limit it to only a bit.

I still haven’t put anything inside here, but what would you prefer? Would you rather I rub it with my fingers?

Or would you prefer I churn you up?

Good girl.


I’ll slowly reach all the way inside with my middle finger.


You’re so wet.

Do you hear it? Well?

It feels good when I press down against it, doesn’t it? Shall I insert one more finger?

No problem.

You hear the wet sounds, right? Sound lewd, don’t they?

Are you about to cum?

Go ahead.


Your voice was super cute.

Ah! I didn’t see you cum. Shall we repeat it one more time?

Show me. I want to see your cute side.

Thank you.

It’ll feel even better if I tease this place alongside it, right?


You’re about to cum again?

This way of touching is against the rules? Really?

Oh you’re right, your insides are twitching.


Yup. Cute. Even your expression is lax.

You want it now?

Hmm, let’s wait a little longer. Since it is a precious day off, I want to take my time with you.

Good girl.


Hey, you can’t be closing your legs. There are things you want me to do, aren’t there?

Yup, so spread them properly.

I’ll lick it as much as you want.


It’s cute when this place is twitching, and every time I suck on it, your insides tighten.

You’re about to cum?

Then proclaim it out loud when you cum.


Now that’s the third time.

You really did say it.


You’re about to cum again from my fingers, aren’t you?

You’re way too sensitive, my bride.

It is cute, though.


Your insides are so soft. It feels nice.

Mhm, about time I put it in.

I’ll pull out my fingers.

I’ll insert it in slowly then. I want to pleasure you through and through because when I put it all in, your insides get completely filled.

Please tell me if it hurt. I only wish to do things that’ll make my bride feel good.


Wanting me to shove it all in… What a telling phrase.

But thank you, let’s enjoy ourselves fully.


Track 6: I’ll Give it All to You


It’s hard. This is what happens when I’m in front of my adorable bride

I’ll put it in slowly then.



You are sensitive because you came so much, aren’t you? Your reactions are far more grander than usual.

I won’t do anything till you want me to proceed.

Yes, all of it. It’ll feel far better that way, so let’s get through it together.

Good girl, good girl.


A bit more…

Oh, did you cum?

Just a little, huh.


Mhm, it’s all in.

You’ve worked hard, didn’t you?

Thank you.

It feels really good. Your insides are twitching, so the feeling of your mild orgasm lingers.

I see. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of, you’ll just be feeling a lot of pleasure.

Yup, no worries.


It feels good when I grind up against your deep spots, right?

Shall I start moving back and forth?

Mhm. Slowly.


Your hips are so lewd. You’re shaking them so much.

Did you cum?

I haven’t yet, but you can cum as many times as you want.

You’re tightening up so much… It feels so good.


That’s the second time.

I’m close to cumming. …Because your insides are squeezing down more and more.

Can I continue?

Thank you.


It’s twitching again.

I’m about to cum…

Let’s cum while kissing.


I’m cumming…!


You came again, didn’t you?

Let’s stay like this for a little longer. I’ll release all of it.


I came so much inside.

Mhm. Your insides are a mess, can you tell?

So you can tell, huh. …That’s lewd too.

Is your body alright?

That’s a relief. Thank you for going along with me.


Hmm? You’re still cumming?

How lewd.


I want to go on. It’ll feel good if I go rough the second time around, right?

Then shall we do it?

Then I ought to pull out for a bit.


It’s still hard.

Oh, I came so much that it’s spilling over.

Your insides are still a sloppy mess. Are you sure you’re fine with continuing?

I suppose so, I haven’t had enough either. I want to go further.


Track 7: Embrace


Grab onto me.

I’ll hold you like this.


The sight of it trickling down is super erotic.

I’ll prop you up like this, so slowly lower your hips.

The tips in…

I think it might be bigger than before. Are you having a hard time getting it in?

Alright. Then from belowーー


It went in all at once.

You had a mild orgasm, didn’t you? Because it’s squeezing me so tightly.

I thrust you hard from below.


It feels extremely good, doesn’t it?

Your insides are soaking wet and it feels way too good.


Sure. And let’s kiss.

You’re about to cum?

I’m close too.




It’s tightening up so much…

Don’t try to escape. Stay there. I’m still cumming.


That was incredible. The way you clamped down when I came… We came together just now, didn’t we?

I’m glad.


Let’s kiss then.


Well, not surprising that you’re tired.

I’ll put you to bed then.


Your insides are still squeezing down on me. I feel like if I were to pull out now, you’d cum again.

I’ll pull out then.

You really did cum a little and so much of my cum’s spilling out.

How lewd.

Because we took the time to slowly stretch it open, we were able to go pretty rough.

Thank you for going along with me.


I’m happy that you enjoyed it too.

That said, let’s not go at it this vigorously for the time being. I’d be fine but your body wouldn’t last.

That is true.

Although I say “for the time being,” we’d probably be wanting to do it again before long. Both you and me.

You truly are such a wonderful bride.


Ahh, what a cute yawn. You’re sleepy, right?

I’ll clean you up, so rest up.

Leave it to me.

Well then, good night. Sweet dreams.


Track 8: Cherished Bride


Oh, you were awake.

I was so focused on my design that I never noticed.

Is your body alright?

I see. That’s a relief.


I wanted to jot down my ideas as soon as possible instead than letting them float around in my head.

I’m fine, I won’t catch a cold. Plus, it’s warm since my bride’s right beside me.

Can I continue for a little longer?

I’m in the zone, so I don’t want to stop my hand.


Uh-huh. Yup, it’s lingerie.

Don’t you think it looks nice?

This entire section’s lace.

Once I design the pattern and selection, a sample of it will arrive in about a month. And when it does, could you wear it for me?

The design was made for you, so you ought to try it out.

I want to be the one who designs everything you wear.

You may say that it’s egotistic, but it’s also my driving force. You’re my sole muse upon this earth, after all.


Hugging me like that… You really are an adorable bride.

With the lingerie I design, you’ll become more beautiful and sexy. Then, I’ll become even more captivated by you.

And then, of course, I’ll continue to love you forever and ever.


Jeez, how obsessed do you plan to make me?

I love you too, my precious, precious bride.

Let’s continue to make plenty of love, alright?

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