【Translation】 Meichou (Pantarei) 2 -Zennou-sha no Iki ga Watashi wo Ikasu-


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

迷蝶 (パンタレイ) 2 -全能者の息が私を生かす-

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Red Glow by the Window


So that’s where you were.

I couldn’t find you, so I was wondering where you went.

Yes, I was searching for you in order to give you this.

It’s the works of the playwright you mentioned the other day. Although it’s from almost 200 years ago, it was surprisingly easy to obtain.

This is a play.

And this is a collection of poems.

Take your time and read it at your own pace. Once you’re done, please tell me your impressions.


No, I know the story. I saw it on stage long ago.

I just wanted to know what your opinion on it was.

The sun will soon set. Have you finished your preparations?

That’s not it, I’m referring to whether you’re mentally prepared.

You make a point, but I intend to make the effort to have you face me. Because after this ceremony, we’ll be husband and wife.


Are you frightened?

I may be keeping you tethered to me, but this is the only method I have. I can do no more than exchange vows under the moonlight on this coincidentally full-moon night.

I have no intention of handing you over to other men.

Do you ever wish you never had that birthmark?

Those that possess the mark of change will usher in the clan’s revival… Sounds like a foolish fairy-tale, doesn’t it?

That’s what I’ve always thought. That it was the nonsense of the older generation, that is.

I always beg to differ ever since I was young. And just when I was about sick and tired of it, you appeared.


It’s not like I don’t understand why the clan, particularly the elderly, would want to take you in as a bride.

Once, our clan and humans respected each other’s domain and rarely meddled with each other. However, the human population grew, and our ancestors retreated deep into the forests.

Lately, there’s been greedy humans even here, and there have been frequent disputes.

Especially the lot on the south side of the forest. The ones carrying the crest of a bird are even more savage than wolves.

I’m sure that in order to protect the clan from them, we required some special powers.

That said, I’m disgusted at those that wish to simply listen to prophecy instead of changing themselves.


Prosperity brought upon by outside powers is no different from an illusion.

Wolves are nobler beings than that.

The reason I chose you isn’t because of the prophecy. I was drawn in by the strong scent telling me that you were meant to become a werewolf’s mate.

However, that doesn’t cover the entire reason I chose you.

I thought this birthmark of yours was beautiful.

It was almost if the fact that you were supposed to flutter in the sky was reflected upon it. To say that this is the mark of change foretold in the prophecies…it’s more of an engraved seal.


Hmm? You don’t understand?

You don’t have to understand.

What I meant was, your fate to eventually arrive at my side came first. When we met you should’ve felt a conflicting power.

Turn this way. Alright?

You’re the partner that I, myself, chose.

Please know that that at least is true.


You’re still overly-tense.

I’ll soon make it so that you can’t stand.

!? Whoa.

Are you okay?

It seems as if you’ve lost your strength. I’ll carry you over to the bed.


Track 2: Sweet Stimulus


Don’t worry, this room is set up so that there’s barely any moonlight coming in. Even if the sun goes down, I’ll remain in human form.

But in exchange, we have to light a lamp.

Let me put you down.

Oh, uh, you can just leave books on the side.

The author within this poem made something that could be destroyed in an instant, eternal. The beauty that shouldn’t have been able to defy the flow of time; tearing the heart that sensed said beauty, they trapped it into words.

By converting it into writing, that fleeting brilliance will be preserved as-is.


Eternally might not be obtainable without imprisonment……

Even though you had just relaxed, were you unable to wait for long? If you’re that nervous, it feels as though I’m doing something bad.

Shall I open a bottle?

Have you drank this before?

It has a smell similar to wild strawberries, so it should be easy to drink.

See? You didn’t hate it, right?


Although it is sweet, don’t drink too much all at once. Go a little at a time.

Now that you mention it…

As for me, I’ll have this instead.

Because of the wine, your scent has become a whole lot sweeter. It seems like a kiss mixed with alcohol was a bit too stimulating.

Despite being so vigilant earlier, you’ve fully dropped your guard and are making such a defenseless face……

I’ll make the light smaller, so take off what you’re wearing.


You don’t want to undress by yourself? If you have me remove them, those cute clothes will be shredded in an instant.

I’m not trying to embarrass you. I just want us to make love to each other equally.

I’ll get naked too.

Is a man’s body so unusual that you’re there staring intently?

That is true. As long as we’re not bathed in bright moonlight, we’re more or less the same as a human male. I think only our nails would be our defining characteristic.

While you’re staring at me, are you going to conceal yourself?

Make your hand aside and let me have a good look.


Hmm? It’s dark enough, is it not? With this amount of light, I can see as well as I can in broad daylight.

Are you still concerned over your birthmark?

I told you that I find you beautiful, did I not?

How stubborn.

Come on, give me your hands. Try touching my body.


Well? You can tell that the musculature is different from your body’s, right?

How does it feel to touch a man’s body?

This is the body of the man who’ll become your husband.

Hey, don’t retract your hand. Use your hand to stroke me more and to get a better sense of me.

There’re various emotions communicated by the movement of your fingers.

Wonderment, nervousness, infatuation, and finally, curiosity.


Is it alright if I touched you too?


You feel a bit cold- no, I guess it’s because my hands are hot.

That might be the case.

In that case, I’ll convey my heat and warm up your entire body.


When your mind’s concentrating at your fingertips, it feels good to touch and be touched, right?

The hollows of your bones, followed by the bulging of your flesh, I’m able to check every nook and cranny of you like this.

Your chest’s softer than any other place, isn’t it?

It molds into the shape of my hand, and I wish I could touch it forever.


The tips are hard.

I won’t sink my teeth in, I just want to feel it with my touch.


This end here feels particularly nice on the tongue. It’s courageously pushing back on my tongue.

Don’t squirm around too much.

While I did say that I won’t sink my teeth in, my beast blood might mistake you as prey and I might bite.


Oh, sorry. Did I suck on it too hard?

You might be shocked once you see this somewhere well-lit.

Shall I make the lamp brighter?

Hehe. Now then, I guess it’s about time to begin.

Please take a seat here.


Hmm? You’re still feeling embarrassed?

I can’t do anything if your legs are closed. It’ll be easier for me if you spread them more boldly.

But I guess it’s fine.

Please don’t hesitate to tell me where it does and doesn’t feel good. This is an act to lift you, after all.

Ah. That reminds me, there’s one more thing that’s different besides our nails.

A werewolf’s tongue is lengthier than a human’s, it seems. So in exchange for being unable to use my fingers, I can lick you much deeper.


If you’re this tight, will I be able to fit?

We have to spread this wider.


It’s slowly starting to taste of you.

It tightens in time with the movement of my tongue, so it’s easy to tell where I should lick.

If I only focus on the entrance, the part deeper inside will ache, no?

Whether I’m aiming for certain words or tempting your hips, it doesn’t matter which. It’s nothing complicated, it’s just showing what you desire.

I want you.

So, please show me the sight of you desiring me.


Yes, say that you desire pleasure from me.

Good girl.

I’ll love you through and through and make you soaking wet.


The deeper parts taste slightly different.

Do you love being churned up that much? Every time I move my tongue, your juices come trickling down.

It seems like you like it when I rub hard against the top. The reaction you give is completely different. When I shove it deep inside, it feels as though my tongue will be eaten up.

The insides are soft and tender, and ever so sweet.


Don’t yank on my hair so hard. What’s wrong? Did it not feel good?

I won’t know unless you say it clearly.

No. I see, I get it.

This place’s frustrated because I’ve felt it alone.

That’s a nice voice. So you’re able to make that kind of voice. Does it really feel that good to have such a tiny place licked? Well?

Sorry for not noticing.

I wish I could lick this sensitive bit, but I can’t do both at the same time, so lend me your fingers.


Can you tell that it has swelled up from being licked by me?

You’ll touch this place yourself.

Don’t be embarrassed. If it feels good then it’s better that way, no? And I’ll lick this bit through the gaps between your fingers.


Your fingers are wet with my saliva.

It’s easier to move than it was earlier, right?

You can do the rest, right?

Come on, more.

Yes, more.

Your movements have become unrestrained and you’re able to neither stop your fingers nor your voice, huh.


Ah. I wish I could focus on your cries, but I have to get your insides ready so that your body will be able to accept me easily.

Lift your hips a little. I’ll be able to reach even further that way.


When I pulled out my tongue, it clamped down tightly. Was it painful? Or…did you not want me to pull out?

Once I’ve licked all the way throughout and you’ve cum then it’ll be over.

Come on, you’re neglecting this bit.

Move your fingers and let your mind go blank.

Yes, just a bit more.


Wow. Both your legs and hips are still shaking.

There are enough juices, so let me clean those fingers.


Your body has gotten much hotter, hasn’t it?

There’s still time before the ceremony, so let’s lay down for a bit longer.

If you’re able to get up right away then we can go at it one more time. Well? If possible I would like to soften it up a little more, and also, I’m curious what it’ll taste like the second time.


Is that so?

We’ll be using our bodies later, so it’s best we left enough strength to stand.

Mhm. I don’t mind if you sleep.

Yes, I’ll wake you up when the moon’s right overhead.


Track 3: Courtyard under the Full Moon


A cloudy night, huh.

Once those clouds clear up and the beautiful full moon comes into view, I’m sure my appearance will change.


Oh, this courtyard is special, so no one would dare trespass.

If you want spectators, I could call on some, though.


Haha. We’re just looking at the moon tonight.

The prophecy says that if you make a pledge with the one who possesses the mark, our clan would once again flourish.

But that’s not the reason why I’m embracing you.

Once we’ve exchange vows upon the altar for a single night then we would indisputably be husband and wife.

By doing so, I’ll inherit the position as the head and no one from the clan would dare meddle with us. The distance humans and werewolves will vanish and your sense of inferiority will surely disappear.


The apparent rumors amongst those that know of us in the outside world are that we’re the descendants of the Huguenot​s who had fled St. Barthelemy or a branch of people from Early France, but that’s not the case.

Really? You thought so too?

We’ve been here for thousands of years. We’re merely a race that lives in line with the scenery around us.

Speaking of which, a doctor that believed in that rumor once came to offer the heart of a companion who had died a terrible death at the Square du Temple.

Even though there’s no escape from the flow of time, human conflict is a repeat of the tragedy I saw that day.

Nothing has changed.


You don’t need to say anything.

Like I’ve said earlier, the clan, you, and me, are an entirely different story.


Your fingers are cold.

Shall we stay like this for a bit until you’ve settled down?

I’m sorry that I couldn’t wait until you’ve sorted out your feelings. I merely wish for you to be my wife.


To compensate you for listening to your reply…

I vow to devote my entire being to you until this life runs out.


Track 4: Loup-Garous Wedding


I’m fine. It’s because the clouds have blown past and the moon’s shining down.

If possible, I want you to look away.

Turn the other way until I say that it’s fine.


I startled you there, didn’t I? It’s fine now.

Ah. Wait, stay there. You don’t have to turn around.

It’s fine, so do as I say.

The way we copulate in human form versus in beast form is different. In this state, it’s more or less the same as a wolf’s.

If I just explain it with words, I guess it’ll only scare you.

Take off your clothes and get on all fours on top of the altar.


You don’t need to look at me until after it’s over.

Just feel it with your body.


You smell nice. It makes me want to bite your neck.

Lift your hips a bit more.

Yes, like a mating animal. Right now, you too are a beast, so there’s nothing to feel shameful about.


I’ll make you wet again, so stay still.

This is our precious wedding night.

I’m putting it in.


Even if you’re wet, it’s still tight…

But if I take it bit-by-bit, I think you’ll be able to take it in.


As I thought, the birthmark on your back’s beautiful. It glows even more under the light of the moon.

However, the way it feels as though you’d fly away like a butterfly’s unbearable.

How about I sink my fang into these wings so that you can never run away? Because if these wings are injured then you wouldn’t be able to fly, would you?


Even though I just swore my life to you, it’s foolish of me to have such thoughts. You’re already trying to accept me.

Look, I’m finally deeply connected with you.

It has taken me in tightly, all the way down to the base.

In this state, unlike when I’m human, the base will swell, and it can no longer be easily removed.

If we’re completely joined, I won’t be able to move, so right now, I’ll start moving a little.

It might be hard in the beginning, but please bear with it.


You’re clenching down tightly. If you tighten up that much, won’t I be rubbing against you even more?


Even if I pull out almost entirely, your meat folds still coil around me. When I slip it back in, it tightens again as if to confirm my shape.


That was a breeze of wind. There’s no one here.

That said, it would be arousing to have someone see us having loving sex, though.

Hmm? I just wanted to try saying it.

Because your insides will wrap around me indecently.

Show me everything. During our first night together, if we expose every last thing then we’ll be able to form an even stronger bond.

This is what this ceremony is for.


It’s slowly gotten easier for me to move.

Is it about time…?

With this, it can no longer be pulled out until the mating’s over.


The ejaculation’s different too. I’ll unload inside you until your stomach’s entirely filled with my cum.


Your inside convulse as I shoot more inside you. How lewd.

Does having it shot directly into the entrance of your womb time and time again turn you on?

Having my fluids poured all over it, I’m sure your insides are completely white now.

Your back is warped as if you’re struggling to escape.


Nope. I told you that I wouldn’t let you escape, didn’t I?

That aside, I want to make you feel more pleasure. So that neither your mind nor your body will be able to leave me.

Try touching your sensitive spots with your fingers like you did earlier.

I’m sure that that sensitive spot of yours is waiting for your fingers too, no?

Yes, that’s good.

Whenever I hear your lovely voice, I feel like whatever ‘reason’ I have left inside me will crumble away.


Even I can sense the movement of your fingers.

You’re being rubbed both on the inside and on the outside. So what do you think that place of yours has become?

Ah. Your folds are shaking and quivering as if it’s trying to wring out my semen.

No matter how much you squeeze out, the base is sealed, so nothing will spill out. Your body will be covered in my scent.


It’s a shame that I can’t see your face in this position. Can you, at the very least, let me hear more of your voice?


It’s almost as if I’m being eaten up by you.

A bit longer. Just a bit longer.

I love you too.


I guess we can stay like this.

I wish to savor the fact that we’re bound as one for a bit longer.

I’ve put a lot of burden on you, haven’t I? So this time, it’s my turn to exhaust my energy. There might still be hardships, but I’ll make this place your home.


Hmm? What is it?

That’s right. Right now, I’m a wolf, so I’ve got a tail.

It feels good when you pet me too.

It’s soothing.


Please pretend you didn’t hear that just now.

Don’t laugh.

Hey, stop playing around with my tail.

What’s the matter? Did your knees fold under you when you tried to move? …In my wolf form, I won’t be able to pull out for another half-hour, you know?

Well, it can’t be helped.

There are clouds out tonight, so I think I’ll return to my human form soon. I’ll leave the full-on copulating for when your body’s become accustomed to it.


Track 5: Dreaming of a Perpetual Sky


I’m pulling out.


Ah…it’s already overflowing. It’s almost as if you’ve wet yourself.

Next time, I’ll prepare something to use as a plug.

We ought to plug it up nicely so that the proof of my love doesn’t spill out when our bodies are apart.


It’s still impossible for you to stand. That’s how little I held back.

I carry you at once, so please wait for a second.


Once we get inside the house, we have to wash you up immediately, don’t we?

Your body’s cover in my cum.

I guess it’s best if we don’t put clothes on you.

Come on, grab onto my neck.


Hmm? What’s the matter?

Oh, it is unusual for there to be butterflies during this time of the year.

How pitiful, to be caught in a spider’s web in a place like this… And it doesn’t seem like there’s strength left for it to move either.

Do you think it’s cruel not to set it free?

Is that so?

That’s unexpected. Why do you say that? I thought for sure you’d try to save it.


In that case, let’s watch over it. Has the butterfly let go of its own strength? Or has it become a starving spider’s sacrifice?

Either way, that’s the natural order of things.

I wonder about the butterfly princesses, though.

Because of your birthmark, you were brought to an unfamiliar land and was made into someone’s wife without even being allowed a chance to refuse.

Now, there’s no one who can tear apart this destiny.


I see. Then that’s fine.

I wouldn’t eat you like a spider would, after all. As long as you choose to remain here out of your own free will, we’ll continue to see a sweet dream within us.

Even without any trapping, I believe there exist eternal promises.


I’m not sure either, but as the days with you accumulate, I think I’ll be able to find the answer one day.

When your life ends, I’ll stay with you and embrace your remains, so…

Please let your beautiful wings rest and continue to remain by my side, now and forever.

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