【Translation】 Enemy Coupling ♪ Step vol.3 Ookami・Oogami Makoto Stellaworth Tokuten


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CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Although “Good Night” Was Said


Haa… Alright, just a bit more to go.

!? Eh, uh, what’s the matter? Weren’t you sleeping?

No, I’ve already taken a bath. I just have a bit more work to finish.

Well, it has been piling up a bit lately.

Don’t worry about me, you can go ahead and sleep first. Or is it too bright and you can’t sleep?

I’m happy that you’d say that, and I apologize for this.


You know, they say that staying up late is an enemy to a girl’s beauty, don’t they? It’s late at night, so you should actually go to sleep this time.


You seem pretty displeased.

Hey, don’t yank me! Seriously, what is it?

Hmm? Why the bed?

Don’t jump on me.

Watch out…!!!


Uh, I mean, it’s not uncommon for me to doze off in the middle. I’m used to sleeping bent over a desk.

Are you worried about me?

Thank you.

That said, it’s not that big of a deal. Plus, it has happened many times since you’ve arrived at my house.

No, it’s not something I have to hastily finish today. It’s just that it puts my mind more at ease to do it.

I’ll increase my age?

About that, I’m stillーー


Since you’re that worried, I guess I can’t be unreasonable.

I know. I’ll go straight to sleep tonight, so get in the futon.

I’m turning off the light, alright?


As always, futons are so comfortable.

Yes. Good night.


Ah. Oh, no, I was planning to go straight to sleep, but because my mind was in the work zone, I’m wide awake. Sorry.

So, like I thought, I should work for a bit and then head to bed once I feel sleepy. I’m sure that if I work for a bit, I’ll be satisfied and start feeling sleepy.

Come on, you should hurry up and sleep.

I’ll pat your head until you fall asleep.

And that way, I can fully enjoy your sleeping expression too.


Haha! Oh dear, I’m not trusted.

I really will tuck myself to sleep in bed tonight. I’m happy that you’d worry so much about me, but I’m genuinely fine.

I’m at a loss. I flipped your stubborn switch, haven’t I?


It would be nice if there were a way to make me sleepy. I would immediately sleep if I were tired, so some light exercise…? Should I go for a jog?

!? What?!!

Uh, I know it’s dangerous to go for a jog this late at night, so I can understand why you would stop me out of concern. But even so, why did you pull off my pants?


Exercise with you…?

Oh. Again, you’re giving me quite the bold invitation there.

No, I’m not poking fun at you.

Hey, don’t suddenly-

You know, if you ask me so cutely, how could I refuse?


Wait! You don’t have to lick it, even if it’s your mouth, it’s not good for me.

We’re supposed to exercise together, no?

So sit next to me.

Grasp it like that and close your eyes.

Uh-huh. Now stroke it.


You’re good. My pre-cum…

You’re moving your hands faster.


I’ve completely dirtied your hands, haven’t I?


Press down on underside hard and rub it…

Yes. And tease the tip.

Yes, it feels really good.


Yes, yes, I’m about to cum.


What’s the matter?

Don’t tell me-

Hey, don’t do things so suddenly!!!

Taking it into your mouth… Are you alright?

If you suck on it so hardーー


Your tongue is so hot.

Hey, I’m seriously at my limit. Are you fine with that?

That face…is too much. I’m about to-


Please let it go from your mouth.


Good grief.

Come on, spit it out here, you don’t have to force yourself to swallow it.

So you’ve done your best to swallow it.

Thank you.


No, I can do something about this myself. Also, it will subside eventually.

Hey, were you listening to me? You don’t have to undress.

When your stubbornness switch gets flipped, you become quite brazen, don’t you?

No, I greatly welcome it.

Let’s switch turns then.

Turn this way.


No, we have to get you accustomed, no?

Come on, if we don’t hurry it’ll turn to morning and neither of us will have slept. So if you’re doing this for me then quietly lay down.

Did you get all excited while you had your ears licked as you were licking me? Because you’re a little wet.

Is that so?

So you took notice of this and wanted it inside you as soon as possible.

Certainly, if it’s like this, we can probably do it right away.


Were you the one licking and touching someone without their permission earlier?

If you really want me to insert it inside, settle down.

Even with 2 fingers, you’re still completely fine, huh. Are you already about to cum? Sorry, I’ll put it in as soon as I can, so could please you grab me a condom?

Thank you.


Can we go at it as-is?

Can you loosen up a little?


Yes. Just like that.


Sorry, I’ll put it in gradually, so…

You’re making a nice expression. If it’s like this, it doesn’t hurt, right?

I’m glad you feel good.

The places you like… First off is this place, right?


You seem to be feeling plenty good enough even if it isn’t in deep.

Alright. I’ll go all the way then.

With this, it’s all in.

Are you okay?

Can I move more?



Even though you went through the troubling of undressing, I haven’t touched your breasts.

You squeezed down tightly just now, didn’t you?

I knew it. You wanted me to give attention to this place too, right?


Hmm? What’s the matter?

It’s because I made you hold back earlier. I’ll penetrate you deeper and have you cum properly this time around.


This deep spot here. It’s the spot you love, right?


I’m close cumming…


You came, didn’t you?

Me too. Just a bit more.

I’m about to-


That was certainly a bit of exercise.

Aren’t you the one who’s worn out?


I know I made you worry.

Ah. It’s lame, but I’m a bit sleepy.

No, we have to change your clothes.

Sorry, I even pushed you too far…


Mhm. It feels good when you pat my head.


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