【Translation】 Enemy Coupling vol.3 Ookami・Oogami Makoto Stellaworth Tokuten


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二人になっちゃったカレとカップリング ! ?

CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Coupling with Boyfriend Who Split into Two!?


O-1: Let go.

O-2: Who’s gonna let go? Don’t go touching her without permission.

O-1: If you hug her that tightly, she’ll break.

O-2: I would obviously prefer that to her being touched by some unknown man from who knows where.

O-1: Like I said, I’m Oogami Makoto.

O-2: I’m Oogami Makoto. And she is…my woman.

O-1: I’m Oogami Makoto.

O-2: I’m Oogami Makoto.


O-1: Hey, isn’t she frightened?

O-2: That’s because she’s scared of you, no? So hurry up and leave.


O-2: I would like an explanation for this situation too. With a face similar to mine, he’s claiming to be your boyfriend.

O-1: Because it’s true. She’s my girlfriend.

O-2: I told you, this woman belongs to me. Just seeing your face irritates me.

O-1: Oh? Well, that’s one thing we agree on because it irks me to see you touch her so casually.

O-1: Oh, sorry, I’ve only confused you even more, haven’t I?

O-1: You’ve been tricked by this simple-minded man.

O-2: Hah!? You’re the one who’s deceiving her.


O-2: Sorry about that. You don’t have to think about anything; just look at me.

O-1: Hey, don’t just kiss her.

O-1: Hey, are you listening to what I’m saying?!!

O-2: Ignore what that guy says.


O-2: Your expression is already relaxed.

O-1: Are you satisfying yourself with a man that isn’t me?

O-2: Well, of course. She is my woman.

O-1: There must be some mistake. You said you loved me! …And this ring is our promise ring, is it not?

O-2: Look, that’s our promise ring, so if you’re going to try and trick, try something easier.


O-2: Hah?

O-1: Are you saying that that man and I are the same person? Then are you saying that for some reason, we split into two?

O-2: That is ridiculous.

O-1: Was I…an amoeba?

O-2: Hey, stop. Don’t act all stupid with that face reminiscent of mine.

O-1: No, in that case, I also agree that we’ve split.

O-1: Do you not sense it as well?

O-2: Nope, I sense nothing. I will not acknowledge it.

O-1: Regardless, it’s not good to continue quarreling. That is the one thing that she desires the least.

O-2: Is that so?

O-2: I see. So you plan to say that I and this man are one and the same till the bitter end.


O-1: You seem kind of pained. Poor thing, you got riled up part-way.

O-1: Look, your nipples are already this stiff.

O-2: Crying out with such a cute voice and feeling good…


O-1: Your legs are restless. Shall we undress you as is?

O-2: Hey, don’t just go off touching her. Even if you are a part of me, that is a line I will not allow to cross.

O-1: Hey, don’t suddenly-

O-2: What…is this?

O-2: What’s with you? Are you feeling it from her foot?

O-1: It’s caught in the gaps between her toes…

O-2: Are you serious?

O-2: Well, it can’t be helped. Hey, give him a footjob.


O-1: It feels good. Stronger.

O-2: Focus here, I’ll churn it up for you.

O-1: Your feet feel good. This is turning me on.

O-2: Pervert.

O-2: And when I remember that you are me, it embarrasses me.

O-1: I’m happy with anything she does or gives me. I would do anything for her sake. That’s all it is.

O-2: Same for me.


O-2: Your clit is perky and swollen. Your hips shake each time I rub against it, you know?

O-2: This is way too cute.

O-1: Because she loves being teased, after all. Though deep down, she enjoys having it carefully licked and sucked, more.

O-2: Hey, there’s a better way to put it, is there not? Just how much of a pervert, are you?

O-1: You’ve been whining for the past while. Think only about what will make her feel good.

O-2: In that case, I’ll put it in then. Alright?

O-1: Then you should quickly get ready, she seems to be having a rough time.


O-2: What’s this? You’re suddenly cooperating?

O-1: You’re the one she agreed to first, or would rather I go first instead.

O-2: I get it.

O-1: And while you’re waiting, I’ll keep you company.


O-1: It’s leaking so much nectar, and you can clearly see that it’s twitching. Could it be that you got turned on simply from being watched?

O-1: You’re wet all the way through.

O-1: Let’s churn it up with something thick, okay?

O-2: I’m done.

O-2: Tsk. Don’t just touch her!

O-1: You were taking too long, so I teased her. Look, she’s wanting it this badly.

O-2: Having it spread open with fingers… How lewd.


O-1: !? Iーー

O-2: It’s fine, no? Let her take it into her mouth. Based on before, don’t you enjoy this type of thing?

O-1: Hey!

O-2: I’ll put in here too then.


O-1: She’s squeezing so tightly that even I can feel it.

O-2: Seriously? Our bodies’ sensations are linked.

O-1: You don’t have to force yourself to blow it, even if it’s just your hands…

O-2: It’s a different feeling…than usual. I feel like I’ll easily cum.

O-1: Endure it. You have to make sure she cums.

O-2: You don’t have to tell me. Of course I’ll make her cum.


O-2: Be quiet.

O-2: You’re licking it so enthusiastically. I’ll make you feel even better then.


O-1: You seem to be feeling really good.

O-1: I feel good too.

O-1: I’m about to cum…

O-2: Don’t let your guard down, with the way you said it, I wouldn’t last either.


O-2: She’s squeezing so-

O-1: Cummi-

O-2: Hey, wait! Damn it. Me too. I’m about to…


!? What was that? …Did I return to normal?

I’m alright. For some reason, I feel like I had just seen a nightmare.

I’ll quickly get you dressed.

Stay still.


Is this okay?

I’m glad things returned to normal, it was painful seeing you touched by another man. Not to mention, as two people, I…

You’re so kind. Are you forgiving me?

Thank you.

Also, umm…is it alright if I kiss you? I want to feel that you are mine.


There are times where things are busy and I wish there were two of me, but as expected, it’s better to remain as one.

But even so, why did I split into two?

No, nothing comes to mind.

!? I think I thought something. …Let’s stop thinking about it.


Don’t pat my head so happily. It’s a weird feeling.

Don’t provoke me too much, I won’t be responsible for what happens after I bring you over to the bathroom.


Good grief, I can’t win against you, can I?

I’ll carry you, so hang on tight!

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