【Translation】 Kaede-kun no Kokuhaku ~Watashi ga ×× shitai Kare~


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CV: ysd. (ysd.)

Track 1: Evening Classroom


I’ve been lending a hand to the Teacher and now it’s already this late. Good grief, why must I assist with such work?

!? Oh, it’s you.

Please don’t startle me.

What? You’ve also stayed behind this late?

Hmph. Supplementally lessons, huh… Well, you aren’t very smart.


But it’s true, is it not?

And lately, you’ve been kicking up quite a fuss over the loss of something. So isn’t your attention all over the place?

Oh, is that why you were called to the guidance office?

Hah? You were waiting for me…?


An impossible discussion?

What is it then?

Why don’t you just say it here? Since there’s no one else around.

It’s well past school dismissal, so I don’t think anyone would be coming here at this time.

Why can’t we do it here?

Are you planning to consult me regarding a crime?


In any case, just come…? As always, you’re forceful. Don’t tell me you-

No. Is that what is it?

No, it’s fine. I understand. I’ll go.

Hey! Don’t drag me so hard.

Jeez, you’re so ill-mannered.


Hmm? This is…the physical education storeroom?

Are we going inside there?

Cough. It’s so dusty here. It’s not a place where you want to remain in for long.

So, what is it that you wanted to tell me? Because considering how we’ve purposefully moved from the classroom to here, it must be an important matter, right?


I don’t think it’s the case, but is it “that” by any chance?


Before you say something haphazardly, I’ll go ahead and tell you this. Unlike the other idiots in the class, I don’t have time to be dabbling in love affairs.

That said, if you’re insistent on it, it’s not completely out of the question.

That’s not it?

Then nevermind.

I said that beforehand just in case. While it is true that you’re the only one in class whom I converse with, I never had any intentions of becoming close with you.

My thoughts were that it would be troublesome if you were to misunderstand.

So, for what reason did you bring me all the way here for?

If you don’t quickly state the matter then I’m leaving. I don’t have the time to be playing around with a loafer like you-


Hey, what are you holding in your hand?


What are you trying to do?!!

Ah! Hey!



Track 2: Restrained


What? Am I tied at the back?


Not to mention, I’m sat on the floor.

What…is this? I’m fixed to something?

Hey, what’s this supposed to be? Free me! You heard me, didn’t you? I said to free me…!!!


Wait, calm down. No more violence.

Enough of that. I understand. I won’t yell anymore, so let’s talk calmly.


What exactly is your goal?

Are you trying to kidnap me? If so, you better stop, it’s a felony, you know?

That’s not it?

Then for what reason did you set up something this elaborate for?

Something you can’t do in the classroom…? What do you mean?

Heh. If you were the man and I was the girl, it would almost be akin to a scenario in some fishy drama. Are you aware of that?

In any case, a method that disregards human rights like this isn’t something that would be forgiven.

More importantly, you’re normally-


W-What? Why did you kiss me all of a sudden?

What was the meaning of that just now? …Is it alright if I recognize that as a kiss?

Could it be… In other words, you actually do have a crush on me, don’t you? And with such simple-minded mean, you’ve stolen my first-

Cross that. You’ve stolen my lips.

I mean, it’s not like I…uh, have power over you. So if you wish to perform such deeds, I don’t mind playing along accordingly.

That said, you’ve gone and done something quite showy. This is outright sexual harassment, you know?

Regardless, you’re satisfied for now, aren’t you? I won’t charge you so please release me already.


Eh? “It’s not like I love you or anything”?

Then why did you kiss me? That doesn’t make any sense.

They say that for girls, a kiss is a special representation of love. It’s not something you’d do with a guy you don’t like, right?


Again, you’ve…

Stop! Don’t stick your tongue in-

If you say you don’t love me then why are you-

Seriously, what’s with you?

Hah? What did you just say?


I don’t understand what you mean. Why must I be punished by you?


Track 3: Misconduct


Hey, stop! Why are you unbuttoning my shirt?

Don’t strip me, it’s cold!!!

There’s nothing fun about looking at my chest.

What are you doing? It’s not like I’m muscular.

Don’t caress it!

Damn it! I can’t resist.


Stop, there’s no meaning in touching a man’s nipples. Hey, this isn’t something a girl should be doing…!

What are you doing?

Don’t lick them. It feels unpleasant.

How could nipples taste good?

Stop making sounds while doing it. It’s dirty.

It only sends me shivers. I hate it!


Not there! Even if it’s with my pants on, you mustn’t…! It’s not like that place will get hard.

No, that’s not what I meant by hard.

Let go! Don’t pull down the zipper, you pervert!!!

You idiot…!

I can’t help but react if you touch me, alright? It’s not like I’m lusting after you.

Don’t stare at it so intently! Your face is too close, I can feel you breathing on me.

What do you mean it’s surprisingly big? Have you seen that of others? …I’m not happy at all to be compared, you know?

Don’t laugh!!!

I told you, not there-

If you breathe onto me with your mouth… I’ll end up feeling kind of strange.


Don’t tell meーー

How are you able to touch someone’s genitals so nonchalantly? Please don’t say strange things like “it’s hard” or “it’s hot.”

Not the tip…!

It’s slippery?

That’s because you were touching it so naughtily. If you stroke up and down while grasping it-

Those movements…

Stop. Your hand. Damn it.


You’re wrong. I’m not feeling good from it…

But my mind is a bit…

That’s too intense. Stop, my mind going blank.

Are you going to kiss me again?

Hey, kisses are sweet, aren’t they? Your tongue’s small and comforting.


Say, at the very least, can’t you undress as well? I can’t stand that I’m the only one who’s in such an embarrassing state.

And I hate that it’s one-sided.

Please allow me to also…

Why are you standing up in the middle of it? Why are you looking at me with such cold eyes? You’re the one who created this situation, so please don’t look down towards me with such eyes.


With your foot…!?

Don’t screw with me! Rubbing it with your foot? What kind of act is that!? Are you mocking me?!!

Stop. Let go!!!

I told you to stop!

How could that be? There’s no way I’d feel it from this…

No. Stop! Stop…!!!

Please remove your foot. As it slides, the sensation of your stocking’s weird! When it rubs against me, for some reason…


Shut up! Don’t say that it’s gotten slimy.

Are you not embarrassed from doing this?

No, it’s getting on your finger…

Not there!!!

Why are you doing it with your foot…?!! Please do it gently with your hands just now.

If you that much force-

No, no!!! I don’t want to cum from a footjob…!!!


Stop! I’m cumming.

No, I don’t want this! Not your foot!

I’m cumming, I’m cumming…!


Track 4: Admission Leads to Further Punishment


I, I’ve…came so much in front of someone.

Don’t look at me!!!

You’ve been dirtied? Isn’t that your own fault? Are you having fun humiliating me through such dirty acts?


I’m asking you for the meaning behind this punishment. “I’m the one who should be most aware?” I’m asking you because I don’t know!!!


Hey, why did you bring out your cell phone all of a sudden? You aren’t planning to take pictures of my appearance, right?

Look at this photo…?

!? What is this? Did you take that yesterday?

No way.

There shouldn’t have been anyone around, so when did you-


Yes, I was the one who stole your gym uniform from your locker yesterday.

The small items you’ve been losing until now…? Like your pencil case?

Yeah. It probably was me.

Why I did it?

There’s no particular reason for it. I just wanted to annoy you a little. You’ve been getting on your high-horse recently and it was an eyesore. Heh.

You were getting carried away, were you not? You were acting friendly all around and were often talking to a bunch of guys.

What’s so fun about conversing with guys like them?

Though, it has nothing to do with me.

But for some reason, when you were having fun with them, it irritated me. And I was upset by it.


Hah? Jealousy?

I don’t understand what you’re implying. What I said was that it’s annoying when you’re frolicking around.

Just how imprudent, are you?

The purpose of the gym uniform…? What do you mean?

Hah. Haha, you have such a perverse mindset. But considering that you’ve perpetrated all this, I guess you’re obviously a degenerate.

Anyhow, the culprit was the crafty me. Are you satisfied now?

I’ll apologize for the thief and I’ll also reimburse you, so could you please release me already?

I’m tired of having my hands tied behind my back.


Why are you saying that all of a sudden?

Body-wise, it’s not like… Obviously, I’m not interested.

Hah? Nude?

You’re going to undress here? You think I want to see that?

Shut up! Earlier, I was a little swept away by the mood.


Hey! You…! Why are you undoing your buttons? Are you seriously planning to strip in front of me?

Hey, I can see your bra!!!

It’s an unexpected design.

You’re going to s-stop there? Heh, what a sloppy look.

Wait. Did you remove your underwear together with your stocking just now? Why did you…? Then doesn’t that mean you have currently nothing under that skirt?

What do you plan to do if I were to look inside? Are you dumb?

Damn it.

Are you trying to provoke me by forcing me to watch you half-heartedly undress?

I’ve already confessed to the thief and I’ve also apologized. So what significance is there in going beyond that?

Would you be satisfied if I were to get on my knees, prostrate myself, and beg for your forgiveness?


Huh? You’re joking, right?

You want me to…masturbate-I mean, perform solo-play in front of you?

Of course I don’t want to!!! Are you messed up in the head?!!

Eh? You don’t mind showing me inside of your skirt…? What do you mean? I-I already told you that I do not wish to see your nudeness!

Your bare body…

Don’t smirk while staring at someone’s lower half, you degenerate!!!

That’s not why this place has because like this. And also, you just saw me eja…ejaculate earlier.

What’s so fun about watching that?


F-Face? You were observing my face?

Don’t mock me…!!!

Damn it! I understand. I’ll do it.

There was the photo evidence from earlier. Plus, if I don’t obey you, you have no intention of forgiving me, do you?

So…if I were to beat off in front of you, you’ll actually strip, right?

No, a man only needs visual stimulation to beat off to, so don’t go off giggling.

I know. Naturally, I wouldn’t speak of today’s events to anyone. Or rather, how could I say it?


Track 5: Masturbation and Service


Uh-huh, my right’s my dominant hand.

So you’re going to free my left-hand while keeping my right-hand restrained… You’re surprisingly cautious. Not that I plan to fight back, though.

I’ll do it in the sitting position then.


Why are you making me do something like this?

You have some rather terrible tastes.

I just came, so it’ll take time. Also, it’s not my dominant hand, so it’s harder to do.


What are you planning to pull by asking me about my masturbation habits?

No, it’s like I do it every day.

Why would I need to lie? I’m not that horny…

Please don’t say that.

Hey, uh, you promised to strip, you know? Not that I’m insistent on it, but if I had to choose, I would rather have a look.


So that’s how you remove your bra?

They look soft.

And as expected, your nipples are completely different from a man’s. They’re glossy and pink, and beautiful when perky.

Is it alright if I were to lick them?


They taste almost sweet.

Hey, I want to look inside your skirt too.

You took your underwear off together with your stocking earlier, right? Under your skirt, you precious place, I want to see it. Show it to me.


Are you really fine with me staring at it this close?


This is yourーー

This is my first ever look at one. Let me have a closer look. Please. Your insides, what your insides like?

To spread it open with your own fingers to display it to me…


It’s wet and twitching.

Has…that swelled up? That’s so lewd.

Hey, I want to lick that place.

But if you show it to be this close, how could I resist it? …Well? Can I lick it? I want to try licking that place of yours.

I can’t unless I say it?

That, that place of yours… Your p-pussy. Your pussy.

I said, I want to lick t-that place. Please let me lick your pussy!


I don’t know how exactly to lick it, but does this work? Do you feel good?

Wow, you’re getting all wet.

Turn a bit more this way.

So a man could enter a place like this. It’s hard to believe.

Does it not hurt?

I don’t hate licking your place here. It turns me on.


It’s clear?

More and more of it is leaking. It’s almost like drool. Amazing.

So you’re aroused, aren’t you?

Why did you suddenly lower your hips? My tongue won’t be able to reach, you know?

Stop for a moment…? Why? Are you trying to edge me? I was finally feeling good.

No, please don’t tease me. Please. I want to continue masturbating while licking your pussy!!!



I can move my hand now, right? I can resume masturbating, right?

Does it feel good?

I can’t stop either. You’re watching the sight of me masturbating while licking your pussy and clitoris like a dog, right?

Incredible. Your voice is so erotic.

Do you love having your clitoris sucked? …Because I never imagined that you were capable of making such sounds.



I’m about to cum…

Am I going to cum again while you look down at me?

My cum will suddenly spray-

No! I’m about to cum!


Ow…! Let go of my hand!!! What are you doing?

Why? Why are you restraining me again?

Even though I was so close… You’re the one who told me to masturbate, weren’t you? So why are you stopping me?

I’ve had enough of this. It hurts, free my hands!!!

You can see that it’s red and congested with blood and about to burst, right? It hurts, you know?

I’m begging you. I want to cum.


I got it. Your foot. I don’t mind if it’s your foot again, so please let me cum!!! Right now, if you were to just step on it, I would immediately cum.

I’m begging you…


Track 6: A Pervert’s Confession


Hey, why are you silent?

Please don’t do that. Don’t tell me you’re planning to abandon me in a situation like this?

Alright, I’ll do as you say. I won’t talk back.

So, hurry, hurry up and do something…!!!


In…side you?

So you’re referring to s-s-sex? Can I really put it inside you?

Are you sure?!!

Quickly, please straddle on top of me. PLEASE TAKE MY FIRST TIME!!!


Am I touching it right now? …Your entrance?

The tip is sliding around the place I licked so much…

Even this feels good. With this, I’ll be linked with you, right? I, even deeper inside you…

Hey, hurry, please lower your hips more.


Eh? What? What is that? A string?

Are you going to tie the base with that? …So that I won’t cum right away?

No way.

I know, I’ll obey you. I don’t mind if you were to tie it.

Ow! It feels weird.

Please. Hurry. Lower your hips already.


The tip is touching your entrance again. This time it’s being swallowed up by your insides……


Tight. It’s all in.

Incredible. It’s warm and it feels so good. What is this?

Even though I could’ve cum if you just moved, I can’t when the base is tied.


I know. I’ll do as you say, so please don’t move just yet.

Please don’t clamp down!

Your insides are like a living animal.

Amazing, it’s moving. Why is that?

I’m about to go crazy. If you’re going to clamp down, please don’t move so slowly. It hurts. I want to cum.


No! I want to cum…but why are you this cruel?

What do I have to do to have you pull off the string?

I told you, I only stole the gym uniform and did nothing else with it.


I lied!

I get it, I’ll confess. I did that, I masturbated while sniffing your gym uniform.

While sniffing your gym uniform and thinking of you, I got super turned on by your scent and unloaded a bucket of semen onto your uniform.

And even though I had ejaculated so much when masturbating yesterday, it’s still not enough…

I admit! I’m a pervert!!!


I’m begging you, so please let me cum! PLEASE!!!

If you suddenly starting so vigorously-

I want to cum, I want to shoot my semen!!! I said it properly, so please pull off the string. Please…! Please let me cum.

I’m seriously about to cum, so please let me cum!


I’m sorry, but I’m already-cumming, I’m cumming!

Hey, forgive me, forgive me. Hurry and undo it because I-


I’m cumming so much… It’s not stopping.


Track 7: The Road Home


Shut up! I’m not crying.

That was…my first time.

That such things are acts to confirm each other’s love, are they not? Yet I exposed such a side to you…

Why did you go this far?!! Was it fun humiliating me?

Did you hate me that much…!?

Because Iーー


No, that’s the case. It’s my fault, isn’t it? I did something to anger you, a person who has always been kind to me, to that extent.

I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble.


Let’s quickly settle things and leave. It’s almost time for locking of the side gates.


It’s gotten completely dark, hasn’t it?

I’m glad nobody found us before we left. Though I suspect that security will have some suspicions.


So, how should I be treating you tomorrow onwards?

But it’s not like we can return to our normal relationship. I may not be tired of the way things were, but since I exposed that side of me to you, you must be disgusted by me, right?

I think it’s inevitable that you’d be repulsed by me.


If things were going to end up like this then I should’ve taken a more honest approach with you.

Though it’s too late for me to regret it now……

Eh? Hah!?

Why are you so quick to flip? You were the one who had committed such brutal acts not too long ago, you know?

Then, if I were to confess properly, would, uh, becoming actual boyfriend and girlfriend and spending time together… Would that not be outside the realm of possibility?

Or is it impossible with someone like me?

You’re asking again that now?


Yes, I loved you! I didn’t really want to acknowledge myself, but I have all this time.

I’ve been interested in you since long, long ago, so I couldn’t help it.

How could I have said it?

I’ve said a bunch of tasteless things to you because I wanted you to pay attention to me. Because I thought you’d never look my way.

Shut up!

Considering how the extent I’ve been humiliated, a confession like this now barely fazes me.


I see.

Well, for you, it probably seems like a bolt out of the blue​, so I’ll wait for your reply.

I’ve gotten a weight off my shoulder now that I’ve confessed to you.

So, umm, you, do you enjoy that type of thing?

You know, like cornering the other person and tormenting them……


What’s with that laugh? Put yourself in the other person’s shoes!

But, I mean, if you have such thoughts, I’ll respect them.

You’re wrong! I’m not a masochist…!!! I’m allowing it only because it’s you. I think?

W-We’re not even dating yet, so there’s not much purpose in discussing those kinds of things, is there? Hehe.


You seem kind of happy.

Eh? You’re going to hold hands with me?

Haha! The order of physical intimacy is completely messed up. But even so, I’m happy.

Thank you.

I’d be happy if you continue to keep me company.

ーーIn, uh, moderation.

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