【Translation】 Daisuki na Kare to Tada Ichaicha suru Dake


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1


Oh. Good work out there.

It’s unusual for you to call me this late, Kida.

Eh? Go out for a drink right now…?

Uh, umm…I apologize, right now I’m with my girlfriend.

Yes, the one I started living together with 3 months ago. That girlfriend.

Could it be that you got into a fight with your wife and got thrown out of the house?

Hehe, well, I am your neighbor. I heard her scream, “Takashi, you idiot!!!” Not to mention, today’s your wedding anniversary, no? So, Kida, to prioritize your work despite that… Don’t you think it peeved your wife?


Yeah. The client this time seems to have circumstances in which they need to quickly move residences.

I do understand why you’re driven to finish it as soon as possible, but…

Considering how you are, you probably didn’t explain it to your wife, did you?

No, my bad.

You have to explain it to her properly. Even if you two have been married for several years, there are times where you have to put things in words; otherwise, it won’t reach the other person.

No, don’t worry about it. If you’re fine with me then I’m willing to listen to you talk anytime.

Though, when my girlfriend’s here, that’s a bit…uh, difficult.

Alright. I’ll see you again tomorrow on-site.


Oh, I’m sorry. Did I wake you up?

It’s only 10-o’clock at night, so you haven’t slept for that long.


Is your body okay? Does it hurt anywhere?

That’s a relief.

After you came, you fell asleep as if you fainted, so I was worried.

Sorry for being too greedy. When I thought about how we’re both working again tomorrow, I just couldn’t control myself.

Hey, if you say that, I’ll end up wanting to do it again, you know?

Don’t rile me up too much, alright?


Hmm? Me?

I’m fine.

If anything, I actually wanted to do it until my balls hurt.

Oh, that said, with your stamina, you won’t be able to keep up, so I’m holding back.

Ah. Sorry for putting it the wrong way.

……I’m not holding back, I’m saving the fun for tomorrow.


Speaking of which, would you like a drink of water? I brought some over. Your throat must be dry from moaning so much, so drink some before you go to sleep.

What are you searching for? The water’s right here.

W-W-Wait!!! There’s nothing inside that drawer.

Uh. You said it yourself, didn’t you? …That you would ever place anything valuable inside this bedside drawer.

Look. You’re searching for this supplement, aren’t you?

Eh? Of course I remember.

You looked happy when this supplement arrived yesterday, after all.


Let’s see. If you drink this before you sleep, you’ll become super slimーー

On that note, why are you worried about your figure? I even told you that I was fine with the way you are now.


You want to lose weight that badly then there should something else you should be consuming before the supplement.

What? Do you not know?

It’s something more effective than supplements…

My love, that is.


Huh? That’s already enough?

No, no, you should be asking for more, no? …The more you consume, the more effective it is.


Hey, you said your body was fine, right? In that case, let’s do the exercise that’s most effective during a diet one more time.

Don’t worry, it’ll only one time.



But you’re cute and dazed since you just woke up, so it became erect.

If I don’t stick it inside, it won’t settle.


Please let me put it in. If I were to stimulate your inside, you would definitely lose weight.

You were sweating a lot when I ramming against your depths earlier, no?


Since we did it so many times, you’re still wet.

I feel like my finger could slip in easily.

I knew it. You’re wetter than before. Did you feel it from having your ears licked?

Don’t lie. You squeeze down tightly from the slightest movement of my fingers, and you’re thirsting for my dick.

Come on. Say it. Say that you want something thicker.




In that case, I’ll put on the condom while we kiss.


Preparations complete.

Now then, allow me to dig in.


Even though it’s the fourth time, you’re clamping down so hard.

So you wanted my dick that badly, huh.

That embarrassed expression is cute too. And it’s because you’re so cute that I want to keep going at it again and again.


You… You’re tightening too much. Even though I pried it open earlier, it’s still sucking me in.

You’re seriously lewd.

No, I’m complimenting you.

But only become like this in front of me, alright? This cute, sexy pussy…belongs to me, after all.


Your nipples are super erect.

It’s paralleled.


You’re tightening up again.

You really love this spot, don’t you? …Because when I grind up against this place, you become even wetter.


I’ll hold up your legs.

You cum easier when I use more strength, right?

Huh? Why should I stop? Your pussy’s twitching, so you’re about to cum, aren’t you?

It’s fine. It’s not early.

So, come on. Cum! I want to see the cute face you make when you cum.


Yes, that intoxicated look after you’ve cum… It’s naughty and cute, and I love it. Whenever I see it, I end up like this. A state where I can almost cum endlessly.

Damn, it feels so good that I’m…about to cum too.

Can I cum?

I’ll cum while grinding up against this deepest spot here then.


I love you.

C-Cumming, I’m cumming!


I feel like I’ve cum buckets again.

It felt super good.

Sorry for dragging you into doing it for the fourth time.


Darn. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve cum too much, but my head’s spinning.

Water, water.

Huh? The water’s here.

Ah! You must not open that…!!! I told you that your supplements aren’t in there, no? So why are you trying to open it up?

In that box is, uh, there is indeed a ring in there.


Why would I give it to someone besides you, stupid? How could I possibly cheat on you?

So, you know…

Err, umm, it’s that. A wedding ring.

I said it’s a wedding ring!


Oh, man, this is lame.

I prepared it in preparation for next week, but for you to accidentally find out…

That’s right, I was going to propose.

I wanted to give that to you and ask for you to marry me.

In any case, I apologize that this is the setting but since you’ve already found out, I’ll say it right now.

Please marry me.


Eh? A-Are you sure about an immediate reply?


Your partner’s me, you know? Me, a reformed middle-school graduate delinquent whose only special skill as a carpenter is building houses.

Are you serious? Hahaha!!!

Damn. I’m way too happy.

I’ll cherish you for life.

Regardless of everything, that is the one thing I promise you.


Don’t ask that now.

I want to get married because it’s you. I love everything about you and I’d forgive anything you to do to me.

Oh, but I’m easily jealous, so no cheating.

Huh? What if you did?

Hey, are you trying to make me feel jealous right now?

I know it’s a joke.

If you were to cheat……


I’d probably get super angry. But I would forgive you the first time.

Yes. That’s just how much I love you.


Idiot, as if I’d consider such things a bother.

Your sleep posture is indeed quite peculiar and you would push me off the bed. Not to mention, I’ve been woken up because your sleeptalking’s too loud as well.

But I don’t mind it at all.


You’re right. You’ve vented your complaints about work on me too, I think.

I’m alright with that too.

And in turn, there are times where I’ve imposed on you, no?

I would sometimes forget to replace the toilet paper, I would forget to turn my worn socks in the laundry, and uh……I’ve forgotten a bunch of other things as well.

But you’ve never gotten angry over it, right?

You said it’s fine as long as I was trying to remember.


Well? It’s courtesies.

We both have good and bad points, but even so, we love each other. And I want us to grow old together like that.

When the cherry blossoms bloom in spring, we’d smile and say it’s beautiful. In summer, we’d eat the newest ice creams while complaining about how hot it is. In fall, we’d go autumn-leaf viewing and I would get all excited saying that I’ve found the best autumn colors.

And in the winter, we could invite hot springs again.

And then we’d give it a review and say that while the spring is good, the atmosphere wasn’t quite right afterward. But we’d then settle down conclude that it’s fun being together.


As those mundane days continue, time will flash by in the blink of an eye and before we know it, we’d be old and grey.

And as I drink tea on the porch on a warm day, I’d mutter, “I’m happy that we both were alive.”

Uh-huh. That is my dream.

What are you saying? I’m sure you don’t understand how happy mundane days are, no matter how mundane they are.


Well, it’s not the most pleasant thought.

There could an accident tomorrow and we’d suddenly part. Or one of us could get sick and have it be terminal.

Just like those mundane days, sickness and death will eventually come.

And that’s why I want to be with you even more. I want to share as much of my time alive with you as I can.

Let me be by your side.

So let’s fulfill the big dream of being together “until death do us part​.”


I love you. I love you so much that I can’t express it.


Uh. Oh, damn. It’s already this late.

You have to wake up early tomorrow, right?

It’s not good to be sleep-deprived, so please allow me to kiss you one more time.


Now then, it’s about time we sleep.

Hmm? Eh?


I do want to, but if we were to do it now, you’d be sleep-deprived and that boss of yours will get angry at you again and when you return home, you’d be all weary.

So if I’d had to choose then I’d rather we do it in the morning.

That’s right.

We’ll wake up extra early and if we’ve got the energy, we’ll have sex in the morning. And if we’ve still got the time and energy at night, let me make you cry.

Mhm. Good night.

Thank you for being with me all day today.

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  1. ieatdreams00

    Thanks for the translation! The line, “If anything, I actually wanted to do it until my balls hurt.” Made me burst into giggles!


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