【Translation】 birdcage -marriage- Stellaworth Tokuten


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CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: Peridot Indulgence


Good morning, my beloved wife.

It’s a wonderful morning.

Did you sleep well?

That’s good to hear.

You promised me that you’d spend the entire day with me, didn’t you?

Are you still half-sleep?

Remember, when we played poker last time, we agreed that the loser will listen to whatever the winner says during our next holiday, didn’t we?

And I was the one who won.

I’m completely off today, so lend me your day.


What I plan to do? That’s something to look forward to after we finish eating breakfast.

Now then, please prop your body up.

Although it’s bad etiquette, why don’t we eat breakfast in bed today? And from there, we’ll visit the town.

That’s still a secret.


You still don’t know much about this town, right?

I’ll be your guide, so if there’s any place you wish to see, please tell me.

Oh, I got an idea. Why don’t we go buy some clothes first? You may not have many materialistic desires, but I would like you to allow me to give you a present every so often.


Today, you have the duty of listening to what I say.

Now that it’s been decided, let’s quickly head out. There’s a shop that offers tons of designs that’ll suit you.


Eh? Oh, sorry, I was being rude and staring.

Err, umm…

I was thinking that this would be our first date. Due to my work, we can’t go out that frequently and even when I do go out with you, I always have some sort of goal, and we would travel in accord to that and return after only sharing a meal.

Not to mention, we spend most of the time in the car.

So I’m really happy that I’m able to walk side-by-side with you through town.


I’m glad you feel the same way as me.

Ah! It’s the place. This the store.

Hey, Bruno. I came a bit early, but I hope you don’t mind.

That’s a relief. It’s prompt, but can you carry all the clothes I asked for to the inner area?

Oh, the inner area of this store is a Cerci-exclusive lounge.

Bruno, I want to spend quiet time with my wife today. I’ll call you if we need anything, so until then, could you do me the favor and not interrupt us?

We have plenty of time, so choose whatever you like until you’re satisfied.


It’s a wonderful room, right?

The owner’s my acquaintance. I hate to admit it, but he’s a designer with a great sense in fashion. To be absent when the Cerci boss was coming over, he sure got nerves.

Oh, hey, what do you think about this? The crosscut of the chiffon is extremely lovely.  Also, this color really matches your skin.

Behind that curtain is the changing room, so if you like it, go ahead and change into it.


Hey, why don’t you wear it together with this necklace?

Oh, sorry, I didn’t think you already started changing…!!! Shall I undo the fastener on your back?

Keep your hair out of the way.


I knew it. It’s very beautiful.

The gem on this necklace is peridot. It’s the same color as my eyes, right? I want to take you around while you’re wearing it and boast about you throughout the town.

The wager?

That’s right, this is something I wanted to do. I wanted to have a date with my beloved wife.


I thought I would control myself until our precious date was over, but sorry, as expected, I don’t want to wait.

Don’t worry, nobody will come here unless I call for them.

Turn this way. Let me see your cute.

Your eyes are moist. You were anticipating it, weren’t you?

What a cute person you are.


You want to remove your clothes?

I’ll buy all of them later, so no need to worry.

Is that so? If you’re looking forward to continuing your date with me while wearing this then we can’t let it get dirty, can we?

I’ll continue pulling down fastener then.


Removing worn clothes like this is a man’s worth.

To get wet from mere kisses in a place like this, what a naughty girl are.

I love that part of you too.

I’m putting it in.


I entered so deep so easily. It doesn’t hurt, right?

Does it feel good?

I’m glad you’re honest.

Is it alright if I move while kissing you?


Sorry for not waiting for your reply. Your lips were so close, so they were super enticing.

Since your insides tighten each time I kiss your baby room with the tip like this, you can’t escape from the sexual temptations.

Looks like you can’t hold back either.


It’s wet and it feels so good.

It’s soft, it’s hot…

Can you wrap your legs around me more? Desire me more.

Yes, that’s good.


It might be best if we save the date for another time and return home for today.

How could I take you for a walk around town with that expression?

Hey, can I use the bet and ask for one more thing? If possible, I want you to wear that necklace forever.

That’s right. It’s the trifling need to monopolize.


I’m about to cum… I’ll shoot it all inside!


As I thought, let’s call the car. We can’t be continuing the date today.


Well, no matter how you look at that, your face says that you’ve just had sex with me. But in exchange, when we return, we’ll go at it again.

Again and again, till the day ends. Alright?

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