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birdcage -marriage

CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: Contract Marriage


Thank you for your work.

Since we have arrived, you can retire for the night.


That surprised me. Were you still awake?

Yes, I’m home.

I thought that I wouldn’t be able to see your face tonight, so I’m happy that we’re able to encounter each other like this.

Would it be conceited of me to think that you stayed awake for my sake?

The duty of a wife? As you’d expect of this Cerci Don’s wife.


What have you been up to today? What kind of day was it?

How could there be nothing in particular?

For example, what did you eat or how did you spend your day…

I’ve been doing nothing but work since we got married, so there’ve seldom been times where we could spend it together.

Don’t say that.

It makes me sad when you say that with the marriage, the contract’s complete.

Or, like I thought, you don’t really have any-


No, I apologize. Let’s not discuss this painful subject.

Now then, you ought to sleep. If your father were to find that I made you stay up this late into the night, he’s going to have my head on a stick.

I’m sure you know, right?

Your father, the Valenza Don, is to be feared.

The Valenza Don who absolutely dotes on his daughter flying into a rage… If you were to be caught between a dispute between my Cerci Familia and the Valenza Familia who’s on equal footing with us, it would spell great trouble.

Well, even if it were a joke, that’s the implication of taking the Valenza Familia’s beloved daughter as my wife.

I have to treat you extra carefully.

In other words, I have to keep appearances in check so that my head doesn’t go flying for being a poor husband.


Sorry, it seems that I’m just terrible at making you smile.

Even if our relationship is that of a contractual husband and wife, and this was a marriage of convenience, I wish for you to smile.

Oh, right. On the topic of your father, I was reminded of this.

I took care of it for you.

You said that you received this for your birthday, right? It’s a solid-frame revolver, a good traditional gun.

Since the maintenances were done, I went to retrieve it from town today.

No need to thank me. Though, deep down, I would rather you not use a gun.


It’s not an issue of it being disgraceful or anything.

No, uh, I’ve said something rude to Valenza’s young lady, haven’t I? That aside, where’s your kiss to welcome me back? I’ve been waiting this whole time.

In that case, shall I initiate it again?


Hmm? I smell different from usual?

My cologne should be the usual, so I wonder why? Oh. Could it be that the smell from the rose bouquet transferred to me?

Well…it doesn’t look that good, so I didn’t want to mention it. To tell you the truth, I really wanted to give something to you and I bought a bouquet of roses, but…umm, a fight occurred on-route and they got ruined.

No, I wasn’t hurt.

Erm, it’s nothing. It’s just minor scratches. I often get them, you know?

Even if you say that you won’t get angry if I were to tell the truth, that is already the truth.


I see…? Is that all?

You’re as indifferent as always. Do you hate a man who can’t even bring a rose to a girl in one piece?

But too bad, I like that aspect of you too.

So when you treat me that way, it really arouses me.


Shall we head over to the bed?


It’s a very wonderful nightdress, but when have I ever told you my preference?

I see. Then I ought to be thankful for this coincidence.

Dressed to my tastes, you who’s to my liking…

It’s very tantalizing.


It would’ve been wonderful if it had been for my sake.

Hmm? Your body jumped just now, didn’t it? …So your ears feel good.

Is it really my imagination? Your body and cheeks are slowly heating up and dripping with sweat.

As for me?

It’s sad that it hasn’t reached you.

Well? Now can you tell? It’s become extremely hard, hasn’t it?


I want to insert this hard member deep inside and pleasure you lots.

Well? Can I?



Are you okay? It doesn’t hurt, right?

That’s a relief.

I’ll go slowly then.


Look, it’s all in.

To take me in this desperately, you’re quite the commendable wife.

I’ll move slowly, so please tell me if it’s ever too much.


No, don’t cover your mouth.

Please allow me to fully hear your lewd voice.


Feel it more.


Amazing, your insides tightened.

Do you feel good?

I want to see you more discomposed, but for now, that cute voice’s more than enough.


You’re about to cum?

Good girl. I’m about to too-


I’m sorry, I dirtied your stomach. I’ll clean it up right away.

You were incredibly splendid again tonight.


I came outside because I still don’t think it’s time for that yet. I didn’t take you as my wife to have you give birth to kids.

Or…did someone tell you that?


Is that so?

If there’s someone who dares treat you like that, please make sure to tell me.

I think it’s wonderful when you’re self-dependent, but that is something I wish for you to rely on me for.

Now then, it’s about time you actually slept.

Have a good dream.


Now’s still not the time. One day, you and I……


Track 2: Dinner Apology


Am I having fun watching you eat?

Yes, it’s very fun.

We don’t often get to have meals together, so I thought I’d observe you carefully, but it’s hard to eat when you’re being stared at, right? Sorry, sorry.

Thank you for giving me a chance today.

Though, I mean, I might’ve somewhat dragged you along forcibly. But I wanted you to have you taste this place’s dessert as an apology for the ruined roses regardless.


Have you decided on what you want to order?

Everything at this trattoria is delicious, so no matter what you choose, it’ll never be a mistake.

On that note, my recommendation is the handmade gelato.

Oh, and I wouldn’t mind if you happen to choose to eat every kind. Also, you require pastries too, no?

Hmph. During the Valenza banquet last time, I happened to see you ask the waiter about what kind of gelatos you could eat.

You were so…

To ask if you could eat every kind. The face of that waiter as they saw the massive plateful of gelato and the mountain of pastries, hahaha!!!


When I recalled it, I just couldn’t hold back my laughter.

Sorry, sorry.

There’s no need to be so embarrassed about it. You were really cute when you were stuffing your face with food.

Pfft. Hahaha!!!

Jeez, I’m really sorry. I won’t laugh anymore.

The gelato here’s genuinely delicious, so take your time to choose.

Oh, please excuse me.


Ciao, Michele. You seem to be doing great!

Today’s pasta was wonderful too.

Please allow me to introduce her. She’s my wife.

Ah. No, no, get rid of that flower in your right hand. I won’t forgive you if you try to woo her, you know?

Eh? The lot’s loitering around?

No, it has nothing to do with Valenza, Lotri, they…

Please give me a break when I’m with her. Today’s really for personal reasons. I’ll inform my subordinates tomorrow morning.


Sorry about that. Michele is this restaurant’s owner.


I have come to dine here from time to time in the past. Though I say that, I’m a familiar face for all the shops here.

Is that rare to see me talk casually with people of the town?

Your father has never done that before?

Is that so? But I think that’s just because he has a different way of handling things. Valenza is also an organization from the resistance era just like Cerci.

As long as he doesn’t hear bad words about them on his turf… I’m sure your father has inherited that philosophy as well.


This area’s my turf, so by knowing the town, I’m able to protect them.

They pay Cerci for their peace and safety. And for that, I need to see what kind of people they are and how they live their lives with my own eyes.

If I leave it all to my subordinates, I’ll lose sight of what’s important.

Though, it might be just that I’m a coward who gets unbelievably anxious if I don’t get a handle on it myself.


I’m happy that you’d say that.

Although we have different methods compared to Valenza, I hope you come to love Cerci as well.

Or more precisely, me.


Is something the matter?


Damn it, they made their move earlier than I thought.

Looks like tonight ends here, let’s leave the details for later. I do apologize, but can you follow behind me?

Good girl.

Sorry, Michele. I’ll leave the payment and you can keep the change. Please go ahead and drink with everyone,

I apologize for alarming you all. I hope you have a good night.


What’s the status on our losses?

It’s still not confirmed yet? The estate is full of non-combatants, so get it done as soon as possible.


I understand. I’ll leave that to you.

Either way, it’s me they’re targeting, so let them come after me. I’m sure there are idiots who’ll take advantage of the chaos, so double the number of bodyguards positioned.

Sorry, but there’ll be no time for you to sleep tonight.


And stay safe.


You’re coming with me.

Mario, head towards the north side of town.

Yes, that’s right. Those guys are serious about starting a turf war with me. I do apologize that somehow this night has become a restless one.

It was supposed to be an apology for ruining those roses that I was supposed to give you, but it appears that the mansion’s been attacked.

Right now we’re investigating the details, so I don’t think we’ll be able to return for the time being.


Currently, we’re moving over to a different bad, but over there it’ll only be me, you, and a portion of our guards, so don’t worry.

Oh. You’re worried about the driver?

He’s Mario, a man you can trust.

I knew this would happen, you say? No, I didn’t predict this. However, I don’t underestimate this business that my great-grandfather started. And that’s why I tried to be equipped for everything.

There are a lot of things I wish to protect, after all.

Yup. Cerci subordinates, this town, you, and the best gelatos for you.


Huh? I was trying to sound cool, but I got laughed at instead. What a shame.

We’re currently heading towards a temporary residence in the suburbs. It’s tiny compared to the mansion, but it’s fully-furnished and it should be fully clean.

Oh, I see. You’re wondering why we’re taking this road even though our destination’s the suburbs.

I have some minor business to settle.

And uh…after that, there’s a summon that I must answer.


Even if you ask me why I’m having such a hard time saying it…

I wanted to see if you would care.

You don’t give a damn?

As you’d expected from the Valenza Don’s only daughter. At least be a little more concerned about it.

No, it’s fine. I’ll be back in a bit, so wait in the car.

I’ll turn off the light in the car so that you can’t be seen from the outside.


Yes, that is correct.

It’s become rather problematic and it appears that we’ll have to switch residences. …To the one in the south of town.

The lot’s still loitering around?

I apologize. Of course, I’ll lend you my support.

Are you doubting me?


Sounds like an excuse, doesn’t it? But even so, it’s been busy on my side.

Seeing that you called me out of concern, that’s precisely why it’s a business-

I’ll deal with this area, so please take these lips of mine that you just passionately stole as payment this time around.


Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Hmm? I told you, didn’t I? It’s minor business. Or…did you burn with jealousy when you saw me being kissed by that girl, perhaps?

Is that so? That’s a shame.

The scent of roses…?

Her eau de toilette​ was pretty strong, so it might’ve rubbed off on me.


Track 3: Night Alone


I never imagined that there would be no sheets for the bed.

Good grief. Haa…I go tell my subordinates later.

Can you bear with the sofa for tonight?

I can’t sleep yet. That said, please allow me to stay here until you fall asleep.

Thank you for your concern; however, this is my job. It may be tiny compared to the mansion, but what do you think about this house?

That’s a relief.

Unlike the mansion, it’s difficult for large numbers of people to enter and exit, so for the time being, I can’t be bringing in any servants aside from bodyguards.

You can’t go outside either. Even if someone you know comes, you must not let them in.


Sorry for making you experience such inconveniences. However, it won’t last long, so please just endure it for now.

Also, uh…

Unlike before, you’ll be living alone with me. Are you okay with that?

Thank god.

Moreover, being good at housework, you’re so reliable. Did your father teach you about house matters?

He must really cherish you. Surely, without any relation to the Valenza name, he must’ve raised you so that you could obtain a normal happy life.

Likewise, for you, was the marriage with me beyond your expectations?


Two years ago, during my father’s reign, members under the direct control of the Cerci Capo and members of Valenza were killed in a skirmish inside a gambling den.

Following that one incident, in order to get rid of the long state of tension within this town. I from Cerci and you from Valenza got married.

As you have said, this is undoubtedly a political marriage.

But even so, I want to make you happy.


I’m kind? No, I’m very selfish.

Enough talks about this unconvincing no-good man. You’re tired from today, aren’t you? So you should sleep soon.


Can I have a moment with you right now?

Is it okay if I come in?

I got a present for you today. Tada…!!!

Ah! Hey!

For the entire 10 days since you’ve been here, you’ve been in a state of virtual house arrest. So, I thought you’d feel lonely seeing only the filthy faces of me and my man.

I heard that tons of puppies had been born in one of my acquaintances’ place, so I grabbed one.

Make it your friend.

With the current situation, I have no choice but to make you stay in here all day, but even if it’s just during the day, if you were to play with this boy, it’d distract you from it, no?

And once we return the estate, we’d be an official family.


See? The little puppy’s super eager.

That said, you should consider the feeling of me who’s only heard about how you’ve always wanted to buy a dog ever since we got married from other people.

Even if it’s an event from long ago, that’s something you should tell me, your husband.

Why was that? I love dogs, you know?

Uh, no, I get it.

You’re not wrong. Obviously, one would be on guard having just married into a separate organization.

It isn’t something for me to be mad about, it is something for me to apologize for.


I’m sorry for not noticing the loneliness you’ve felt ever since we got married. While claiming that I’ll make you happy, this is the sorry result.

Will you forgive me?

Thank you.

In that case, let’s quickly decide on a name for the little puppy. Since it’s your puppy, you should decide.


Fortune, huh.

It’s a splendid name!

Come here dear fortunate Faust who’s received a name from my wife. Starting today, you’re part of our family.



Track 4: Tales of the Past


Sorry, but the pasta’s about to boil, so can you set up the table?

Thank you.

Throw some fried pancetta​ into the pasta, and then add some subtle seasoning.

Here, it’s done.


Uh. That’s a look of doubt of whether this is actually edible or not.

How rude.

I may be terrible at cleaning, but I’m excellent at cooking and laundry.

Is it that strange that I’m able to cook?

In my house, my dad was the one who was good at cooking. Besides, they say that a man who can’t cook might as well as be useless.

Haha. Enough, just give it a try.

If it doesn’t suit your taste then I’ll prepare you something different.



The food you make is always so delicious, so I was worried whether it’d taste good.

Make sure to eat lots, alright?


Somehow, you seem nervous.

Even if you try to hide it, it’s clearly showing through your face.

Thinking back, there’s only been a handful of times where we’ve spent a meal together since we got married.

I got an idea! How about I tell you a story?


Ahem. Listen well.


“Once upon a time, in a certain kingdom, there was a Prince.”

Why are you laughing? I told you it was a story, didn’t I?

“Not only was the Prince small in stature, but he was also timid and bad with his studies. Conversely, the King had great physical prowess and was wise. Every day those around him would worry whether the prince would truly inherit the kingdom. And the prince really hated that.”

“One day, while accompanying the King, the Prince came to visit a large castle in the neighboring kingdom.”

“Surrounded by roses, the garden of that castle possessed a never before seen beauty and the Prince stared at it in admiration. Eventually, the Prince who became entranced by the garden lost his way and wandered into the arbor deep, deep within it.”

“There, the Prince found that castle’s Princess.”


“The Princess, who was quietly reading her book with an intelligent gaze, did not notice the Prince’s presence. And as he fixed his eyes onto the Princess, the birds there flew over to the arbor.”

“The birds, not caring for either the Princess’ nor the Prince’s existence, began chirping.”

“‘The King only has the Princess, will the Kingdom even survive?’”

“‘The Princess is too clever and lacks charms, however, if I were to marry the Princess, this Kingdom could become mine,’ the birds chirped back and forth.”

“And when they did, the Princess stood up and spoke.”

“‘If a woman can’t be counted on and if I’m going to be forced to marry some small fry so that the throne won’t be stolen then I’d much rather marry a pig.’”


“The Prince who heard that was taken aback.”

“What he hated wasn’t that those around him were concerned. What he hated was his one weak self who couldn’t say anything back to the people who chip away at his precious pride and confidence each day under the guise of concern.”

“Not swayed by those around them, the Princess who was the type of person that the Prince wanted to be, the Prince admired her from the bottom of his heart.”

“And for the next while, the two lived in the Princess’ castle.”

“Reading together, cooking together, and secretly practicing swordsmanship together, soon, the Prince fell in love with the Princess.”

“Even when the short holiday came to an end and they had to part, the Prince, who returned to his kingdom, continued persevering. So that he’ll become taller, so that he can become as smart and strong as the Princess, he swore that he would no longer curl up and cry in a corner.”

“……Until the day he could become the super lucky pig who’s able to marry the Princess.”

“And they all lived happily ever after​.”


Just now was the story about the time I spent my summer at the Valenza estate long ago.

I worked desperately hard during these past 10 years so that I would be a fitting match for you. And that is precisely why I know that you marrying a man whom you don’t love for the sake of your father’s organization was against your wishes.

So, I wouldn’t mind if you were to divorce me once the situation between our organizations settles.

If you don’t have any desire for this marriage, let’s divorce.


Huh? Whether I’d run over to the girl who smells of roses once we divorce?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you know whatsoever. The girl who smells of roses? Who exactly are you referring to?

The one who summoned me?

You’re mistaken, I don’t have that type of relationship with her. How did you end up with that kind of misunderstanding?

Oh, right, the scent of her eau de toilette.​

Umm…last time, it wasn’t a lie when I said the roses were ruined.

Uh, how do I even begin to explain this?


I’m sorry, I don’t about to discuss it just yet.

But, could it be thatーー

Were you feeling jealous?

Is it alright for me to be conceited and take that as you having me being on your mind even a little?

I considered divorce because I wish to respect your will, so there is absolutely no other woman involved. When comes to women besides you, I don’t have the slightest-


Jesus, this is the worst timing. We’re in the middle of talking, but it’s an emergency. Can I go pick it up?

Thank you.

It’s me.


I’m at a loss.

Tch. No, it’s going as planned.


Shh. Quiet. Come here.

Behind these bookshelves is a hidden room. It’s cramped, but it’ll only be for a bit. I’ve left Faust with one of my subordinates, so don’t worry.

Don’t leave this place until I say it’s okay, got it?

Here. Your gun, just in case.

I told you, didn’t I? I’m always prepared.

Of course, I do know about your gunmanship, but this and that are two completely different stories.


Listen, don’t you dare leave this place before I give the okay.


Hello there, small fry.

What’s with that stupid expression? Your tactless face is going to look even uglier, you know?

Is it that strange that I’ve got everything in order and was lying in wait for you?

Whoa there. Careful.

That Persian carpet is high-end goods. It’s worth far more than the life of you, Lotri scums. If you were to dirty it, I might just pull the trigger of this gun pointed towards you.

Did you think I wouldn’t find out about your true character?

You’re angry because of the leftovers from the skirmish between us and Valenza, aren’t you? Through the marriage between me and Valenza’s daughter, the relationship between our organizations was strengthened for the most part, and you found that to be an eyesore.

I was planning to expose the people who killed the brats from Valenza, but unfortunately, it’s already clear as day that it’s your rats.


Right now, I’m the only one here, but before long, an army of my men will arrive.

You’ll kill me before that?

As if those bullets would hit me. Don’t think 3 people would be enough to dispose of me.

Is that so? You prefer to handle it alone.


Hey, hey, to wave around a sub-machinegun, what an uncivil race you are. This table was expensive, you know?

Is it that strange that something like a table is able to block machinegun fire?

You see, there’s a really good carpenter in town.

And this was custom-made!


It did send me shivers when you brought out the machinegun, but this is the end.


It’s over. It’s alright now, so come on out.


I see, so I was hit with a bullet.

Don’t look at me like that. I’m glad that you’re unharmed.

Good grief, those guys finally arrived.


I’ve made you use your gun, haven’t I? Sorry.

It’s not a good thing.

Because you’ll surely be bothered by itーー


Track 5: Repentance


It would be nice if that prayer were for me.


Your prayers have been heard and I’ve returned alive safely.

Mhm, it’s fine now.

I heard from the doctors that every day, after visiting the hospital chapel, you would come to see me.

I thought I’d arrive before you today, but I didn’t make it in time, it seems.

……So you were praying so devotedly every day.


It does make me a bit happy. Though if I were to say that, it’ll make you angry.

I know. Sorry for making you worry.

I wanted to explain to you in detail about what happened this time, so I came here to this place where we can be alone. Is it alright if I have some of your time?

Please excuse me for intruding next to you then.

Now then, shall I begin?


Do you know of the neutral zone that was born from hostility between us and Valenza previously?

That’s right.

After that aforementioned incident, to avoid asking for trouble, both Cerci and Valentz gave orders to avoid any contact with the other if possible.

As the two slowly compromised, a new area was born along the boundary line between them. And the group that secretly did business right under my eyes in that neutral zone was Lotri.


No, you wouldn’t call it a Familia. They’re not that decent of an organization.

They’re like a group of petty thieves that use awful drugs and heavy weaponry to dispose of their enemies and to earn money.

Not long after I succeeded my father, I had the track record of solving unresolved issues from my father’s reign, so the Valenza Don was able to settle the dispute while keeping face.

Knowing how the public would think, he made our marriage a reality.

In fact, both organizations and the town did calm. And the existence of an equally powerful force disappeared.

As such, Lotri lost the leftover land.


Lotri, with their plans to once again create a dispute there to regain their turf, got prostitutes from their brothels to try and seduce me. They would banter on Cerci turf while pretending to be from Valenza, and assiduously attempted to end our honeymoon.

The reason my turf suffered most damages is likely because they determined that it would be easier to trample over me than your father.

I didn’t think the tiny group of wannabes would suddenly launch an attack on the estate.

Also, from here on out is my confession, but…

I knew there was a spy. But because the attack occurred before I could make a final judgment, when we transferred over to the temporary residence, I planted bait.


If they’re going to kill me under the guise that it was Valenza’s doing then knowing that the temporary residence was short of guards, I informed the person whom I suspected of being a spy of a separate location.

I prepared a similar temporary residence in the south of town and had the Capo head there alone.

I thought if there would be an attack, it would be there.

It was the woman who you say smelt of rose, the woman who had summoned me.

To be frank, I didn’t think it could’ve been Mario. Or at least that’s what I wanted to think. Although I told the more suspicious person of the fake location, it was ultimately wishful thinking.


Since they were planning to blame the deed on Valenza, the chance of you being in danger was low.

In the end, I put your life at risk when you got involved in the fight.

If he had pulled the trigger……

That’s not it. I wasn’t trying to keep you out of the loop, it’s just that you aren’t a person who’d be fine after killing someone with your own hands.

If things were going to reek of blood then I wish I could’ve taken you as far away from it as possible.

That’s what I promised your father.

That even if it were a political marriage, I would prioritize your happiness and make you the happiest person in the world without fail.


The Valenza Don didn’t have any plans on marrying you off the Cerci for the sake of the organization, but I begged him.

I bound you with marriage out of my own selfishness, got you wrapped up in the dispute with Lotri, and put your life in danger.

……And I regret it from the bottom of my heart.


Huh? Don’t tell me…I got slapped?

Issues regarding Cerci and Valenza are both our problems?

Both our problems, huh. For some reason, it seems really couple-like and it’s making me feel all fuzzy.

You’re right. I’m sorry for not consulting you.

It would be a lie to say that the organizations wouldn’t benefit or have vested interests, but more than anything, marrying you had been always my dream ever since I was a child.

So…if you’re willing to remain the wife of someone as worthless as me, I would be incredibly happy.

That’s why on my knees before you and asking you this again.


Can you please grant me the privilege of making you the happiest person in the world?


Track 6: marriage


Thank you for your work.

You can retire for the day, but don’t allow anyone to approach the bedroom until tomorrow morning.

Also, like I have mentioned, I’m off tomorrow. If anything happens, please make it go through the Capo.

What? Are you saying that you want me and her to forcibly work?!!

Enough, disperse already.

Jesus. Just who do they think I am?


Ahem. I’ve just returned.

Yup, I’m home.


That was a surprise. That’s the first time I’ve received a kiss from you.

Why would I hate it?

I’m really happy.

Can I have another bridal night with you? This time, I want us to be bound by heart and soul as well.


During my recovery, I wanted to touch you so badly.

Having accepted my feelings, when I touch you lovingly, doesn’t it feel completely different from before?

If it was made you fall in love with me then there might’ve been meaning in that temporary married life. But now, we’ve truly become husband and wife.

Tonight. All of it. Inside. Alright?


Hey, no, relax.

I’ll tease your ears lots.

That’s right. I didn’t want to constrain you by having kids, but now, I’m able. I’ll be able to raise them while loving them from the bottom of my heart.

Is that not so?

We can’t be getting them dirty, so let’s remove your underwear first.


Looks like I was too late.

You’re so wet that the color of your underwear has changed.

I’m taking it off then.


There’s nothing for you to be embarrassed about, that’s just how much you were anticipating being embraced by me.

I told you, don’t hide your face.

Show me more of the cute expression you make when you feel good from being touched by me.

It’s fine.

I’m embarrassingly hard, aren’t I? Look, it wants to go inside you so badly that it’s already this…


Your place is super slippery and it feels like it’ll slip in instantly.

Should I put it in?


It feels so good.

I don’t think I’ll be able to hold back much. I want to move already.


I’m so sorry, it feels so good that I can’t control myself at all.

Legs, spread your legs more.

Please let me reach the deepest spots inside you.


I’m about to cum…


Let’s kiss.


Can you tell that it hasn’t withered at all?

If you’re willing, I want to go at it one more time.

Well, can we?

Instead of your shy lips, you responded with this instead. …My wife’s so naughty.

In that case, I’ll pull out for a bit.


Oh, right. Are you able to prop yourself up?

Get on top of me.

Yes, like you’re hugging me tightly.  This way, our bodies can’t separate. Not to mention, I’m able to reach this deep inside you.


I had no control whatsoever earlier, so let’s actually feel good together this time.

Entering deep inside you like this, and churn you up…

If you tremble and shake, your hard nipples will rub against my chest.


Hey, it feels good, right?

Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue.

No, more properly.


I’ll use a bit more force.

Hey, if you cling onto me so tightly, it’ll be difficult for me to move.

Are you about to cum?

Go on. Cum.


Wrap your arms around my back. Hold me tighter! I want to cum while being held by you so tightly that there are no gaps between us.

I want to cum again too.

Sure. Go ahead and lose your mind from having me mess up the insides that just came.


Incredible. It’s soft yet it’s tightening around me.

I can’t endure this…

I’ll release all inside you. Deep inside you.


I’m about to-


Amazing. I feel so happy that I feel like I’ll die from happiness.

Seriously, why are you laughing?

I was 100% serious.


When I was a child, ever since I heard your words of retort to those idiots… Being able to marry you, I was deeply envious of such a lucky pig.

And I still think that a little even now.

You may laugh at it, but it’s not a joke, I’m serious. I’m serious about anything that relates to you.

Thank you for allowing me to marry you and making me the happiest pig in the world.

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  1. luxicity

    Awwwww I expected some heavy angst because of the title, but the story is actually pretty good. I guess the edginess of the cover just represents the more mafia side of the story. Phew, I’m relieved that it’s a happy ending though. And I lol’d so much at that ending sentence woooh!

    Liked by 2 people

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