【Translation】 Meichou (Pantarei) 1 -Toraware Hito mo Tomo ni Yasuraka ni-


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

迷蝶 (パンタレイ) 1 -捕われ人も共に安らかに-

CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋)

Track 1: The Carriage Clad in Secrets


It seems that we’ll soon arrive. How about we make our preparations?

I’ll put it on for you, so please close your eyes.

Yes, it’s been decided that we’ll be participating with masks on again.

It’s not too tight, I hope.

How about the area around your ears?

Yes, of course. A simple design adorned with butterflies suits you well.

No, tonight’s party is not a ball. Shows are the main feature it seems.


Well, I wonder what it’ll be like? I did receive invitations several times, but this is the first time that I’ve accepted it.

Now then, let us proceed.

Careful with your step.

Please take my hand, my dear butterfly.


Track 2: Moon Garden of Briars


Oh, the moon’s incredibly beautiful today. It’s brighter than usual. With this moonlight, the flower garden looks mystical.

Look, there’re white roses here.

My, what’s the matter? Are you okay?

Ah…blood’s oozing out. This flower has thorns and you pricked your finger on those, didn’t you?


Nope. Even if you’re always tempting me with that sweet scent and touching me with love…

There’s no thorn stuck inside, so the bleeding should stop.

That expression, is something the matter?

We can’t dirty your precious dress, so I simply licked it up. Besides, if I were to kiss it, the pain should go away before long. Isn’t that right?

That’s a relief.

Let’s go then.


Track 3: Masquerade Party


Thank you for your invitation to tonight’s event. I am Valentia.

It’s straight ahead, is that correct?

Yes. Thank you.


Are you nervous?

Everyone’s wearing masks, so people more or less can’t recognize each other. So, it’s fine to act boldly.

When I look at you now, I’m reminded of the day of our wedding.

That day, your fingertips were just as cold and were trembling like a captured butterfly.

Would you be less nervous if I held you like I did that day?

You just need to stay by my side. I’m sure you know that you’re the number one in my life, right?


That dress really suits you.

Let’s not pay mind to others and enjoy ourselves.


The slightly elevated platform there is the stage it seems.

The area before it is packed, so how about we comfortably appreciate things from the most rear seats?

Would you like something to drink?

Two wines, please.


It’s a beautiful, deep color. And the fragrance’s very nice.

What’s the matter?

Do you perhaps want me to feed it to you mouth-to-mouth like them? You were staring in that direction the whole time, so I was sure that ought to be the case.

I don’t mind.

……If you’re able to drink it up without spilling a drop, that is.


Move up a little.

Yes, just like that.


There’s no shortcoming in terms of taste either, it seems. …To the point that you were sucking on my tongue without realizing.

And your tongue felt so nice that I nearly lost myself in it.

Oh, it looks like it’s about to begin.

From your position, it’s a bit hard to see the stage, right? Would you like to sit on top of my lap?

Once it’s dark, no one can tell. So, no need to refrain yourself.

Come on, come here already.


What do you think? It’s easier for you to see than it was before, right?

It’s alright for you to lean your back more into my chest, you know?

If it’s just you, I’ll be fine.

Besides, it’s soothing when you’re held inside my arms.

For some reason, there’s a really sweet fragrance emitting from the nape of your neck. Do you have perfume on?

Is that so?

Then it might just be your own scent. A strange scent that just makes me want to eat you up.


Ah! Please don’t move around too much, I might drop you amidst the darkness.

It’s surprising, isn’t it?

I now understand the reason why we’re required to wear masks for tonight’s gathering. They’re exposing their bodies on a stage surrounded by a crowd of people.

In other words, the invited guests are hiding their ranks to enjoy this spectacle.


Your neck is becoming hotter.

Ears too.

Is it because of the elegant voice of that girl? Or is it because you saw the burly body of that man?

I didn’t get word that it was this type of show.

To openly watch others be intimate with one another is pretty exciting. Rather than an act of love, it’s more akin to the instinctual act of mating.

Plus, the girl seems ecstatic to be surrounded by men.

Compared to the tragedy the other day, which one do you like better?


I suppose so. They’re not things that can be compared to each other.

However, the greatest tragedy of that story isn’t the very death of two lovers. Perhaps, it was that he wasn’t able to grant her the full joys of being a woman.

There’s no way she would’ve been able to make such a coarse coquettish voice within a single night.

If they had more time to deepen their love then the once innocent girl might’ve been able to bloom beautifully into a fragrant flower.


By holding you close, I’m starting to lose my self-control too.

You’re not wearing a corset today, right?

You wouldn’t mind if I loosen the cords on your dress, right?

I want to touch your body directly.


No matter how many times I touch it, your skin’s always smooth and soft, and it feels nice.

How’s it for you?

As my fingers glide along your flank and crawl up from your stomach to your chest like this……

Is caressing them just with the palms of my hands, not enough? The place that my fingers are touching has become harder and harder as if they’re waiting to be pinched.


It’s a shame that I can’t kiss this place in this position. I wanted to re-mark it so that the marks I left last night don’t fade, but…

Here and here, and here too.

When reflected in the mirror whenever you change, it’s as though you’re covered in red flowers, and you can tell that you were loved by me, no?

They’re all in places you like.

They’re proof that I made you moan and your body, tremble, with my kisses.


In exchange for being unable to love you with my lips and tongue, let’s cover them in my saliva.

Your sensitive spots are stained with red like the sweet. Particularly these pointy bits. Even if I can see them, it’s easy for me to pinch them.

Rubbing and stroking them with the tips of my fingers. And being unable to bite them, I’ll flatten them slowly like this instead.

Please bend your back a little more.

Yes. So that the sweet numbness stemming from the ends reaches deeper inside, let’s increase the pressure from my fingers.


When I’m holding you from the back, you’re incredibly defenseless, aren’t you?

Not just your soft breasts, but also the back of your neck and your delicious-looking nape.

……Are offering themselves up to me.

Becoming aroused while watching the show may not be preventable, but please don’t forget that you are my wife.


I feel the urge to touch your inner parts now, so can you lift the train of your dress?

Yes. With your own hands. Aren’t you impatiently waiting for me to rub this place with my wet fingers?

Come on.

Lifting it up shyly, I wonder where you learned that from?

You mustn’t let go just yet. Please keep it in place.


Your thighs are covered in sweat.

Please lean your back on me and spread your legs a little wider.


As I thought, this place is hard and pointy too.

Have you noticed?

It seems like the people around us are having fun while enjoying the show just like us. Watching people be intimate is something that riles up one’s lust, isn’t it?

How about I touch your most sensitive spot while touching you?

Stick your tongue out more.


The center of this adorable flower is adorned with my scent.

It’s overflowing with nectar and a single finger can easily enter.


The tip of my finger went in so smoothly.

Shh. You mustn’t cry out with such a sweet voice. You’ll grab more attention than the girl that’s being humiliated on-stage.

Or…do you perhaps wish to be watched by the people around us? While swallowing up my fingers down to their base and moaning like a bitch in heat?


You love shame, don’t you? Your insides are twitching, you know?

Then how about I ask the host of this event if they can let us borrow the stage for a bit? Your shameful appearance will be seen by plenty of people that way.

I don’t really like standing out, but it might be a good chance to show off your wonders.

Are you getting turned on from just the image of it?

Me too.

I’m sure it’d be amazing to have you watched by a large audience as you lose yourself from my touch.


Ah. You mustn’t bite your fingers, your wound might ooze blood again.


It’s sweet and delicious…

Your blood excites me to no end. And you enjoy offering me your blood, don’t you?

Even when I sink my teeth into your fingers and lap up the blood that spills with my tongue, your insides beg my finger to go in deeper and deeper.

Are you unable to suppress your voice without something stuffed into your mouth?

In that case, please help yourself to my fingers.

Spread your lips. I wouldn’t mind it even if you bite down hard.


The inside of your mouth is incredibly hot too.

Good girl.

How about I rub the spots you like as a reward? This flashy place up top is the place where you like it, right?

Even though it has finally softened up, it’s gotten narrower again.

Could it be that you enjoy something rough such as what’s being done to the girl on stage?

Surrounded by countless hands and tongues, having your entire body besieged, and be made to cum endlessly.


Even if you deny it, your insides are squeezing down on me.

By doing that, I know that I would attack you incessantly, don’t you? Do you want me to churn it relentlessly?

Then endure it and drown further in pleasure.

You have a point.

You can cum once I’ve kissed you thrice. So until then, entrust your body to pleasure and to my fingers.

The longer you endure it, the better it will feel.

First off… Once.


As I rub and stroke your sloppy insides slowly time and time again……

The way it sucks on my fingers either way is adorable.

Are my fingers that delicious?

Even though you should like this shallow bit, it’s pulling me in all the deeper. And when my fingers slip in all the way…

Yes, present me that soft spot deep inside.


Your insides are moving. This feels good, doesn’t it?

That girl over there looks to be feeling rather good too. I’m sure her body has quivered countless times.

You want to become like that too from being loved by my fingers and tongue, don’t you?

Come on. Just a bit more. Please watch the show attentively.

Then, I’ll stop teasing you, and I’ll be extra rough at the end.


You held back your voice, didn’t you?

Since you had to cover your mouth, it must’ve been hard on you, right?

Lean on me and breathe slowly.


Somehow that sweet scent has gotten thicker.

I don’t know if it’s because of you that I’ve become oversensitive, but both my hands have gotten this messy.

Seems like what’s sweet isn’t just the scent.


It looks as though there’s still a lingering aftertaste. However, the show’s just begun.

What do you think? Shall we head on top of that stage as well? Because if you have the lead role then there’s no need to hold back your voice.

You can be watched by others to your heart’s desire.


Track 4: Scarlet Incense


Now then, let us begin.

I made the unreasonable request of borrowing the stage, so let us satisfy the discerning spectators with our appearance.

Sex with true love behind it should be rather more exciting than crude mating.


You must be thirsty, right? So before we head out into the limelight, here’s a glass of wine.

Please drink it all without spilling a drop.

One more gulp.


Ah, I told you not to spill any.

On top of the stage, there is no need for masks nor dresses. Instead, let’s blindfold you with a piece of cloth.

Please close your eyes.


Is it not too tight?

Then come this way. Sit on top of my lap.

No need to be scared, I’ll be holding you from the back and touching you the whole time like I was before.

Place your feet lateral to my legs like this.

Your two hands will be behind your back so that the outline of your body can be seen in the most beautiful light.

Amidst the snuffed candles, once the chandeliers rise, it’ll be our turn to be watched.


We must put on a show the audience will enjoy.

Show the sight of you being dominated by pleasure as you wallow in my presence.

Let’s make lots of love.


See? Even if you’re blindfolded, you can tell it’s gotten brighter, can’t you?

Tons of people are watching you.

Don’t close your legs. Of course, if you want to be tied with ropes like the girl before you then that’s a different story.

In your current state where you’re unable to hide anything but your eyes, it’s almost as though you’re a captured butterfly.

You’re a beautiful butterfly that draws in lecherous gazes as you expose the sight of a faint red spreading across your body. However, the only one who can pat and touch you like this directly is me.

Now then, give them a good look at that place that has become drenched from my fingers.


How about I spread open my dear butterfly’s secret place with my fingers?

Nectar is spilling out from deep inside again. Also, it’s sucking on the tips of my fingers so longingly. And if I were to remove my fingers a little, there’s an obscene string of liquid that gets created.

The audience at the back may not be able to see the transparent string, but they can hear these wet sounds.

Just my twisting my fingers slightly, it’s already this…


I told you that you mustn’t move your arms and legs, did I not?

Fingers aren’t enough for this moist place anymore, is it? How about I give you something hotter than fingers?

Wrenching open it further than where I’m stroking you right now and stirring it up.

How about we have your body experience a man?


Are you embarrassed? …Or are you scared of me?

There’s nothing wrong with seeking pleasure, there’s nothing forbidden about us making love.

Give your everything to me. Your heart, your body, I want to make every part of you, mine.


Your body’s still stiff.

Take a deep breath in.

Even if you can’t see, you can feel it with your body, can’t you? Everyone’s gaze is gathered at the place where we’re joined.

All your sensitive spots have perked up.

In truth, you enjoy feeling shame, don’t you?

Does it feel good to be bathed in other people’s gaze and to be used as a tool for amusement?

Then we ought to ask the audience to look.

Please tell them where and what you want them to look at…straight from your mouth.


They won’t know unless you say it clearly.

Your insides contract over and over again just by putting it into words. No matter how large of an audience is watching you, it’ll be troubling if I don’t teach them that you’re mine.

Would you like to touch the place where we’re joined?

It’s hot and wet, and it twitches and rubs against me. It’s incredibly obscene, don’t you think?


Not even half of it is in, though.

It tickles when you trace across it with your fingers. Try stroking the portion that isn’t inside up and down.

It feels good. Also, the way you move your fingers is extremely indecent.

Please let me hear more of your voice. You had to hold back while you were seated, but since you’re on stage, you can cry out all you want.

Though I say that, if I penetrate you deep then you simply wouldn’t be able to hold back your voice.


Oh. That’s a nice voice. I can’t get enough of it. It makes me want to pin down your body and devour you.

Can I suck your blood now?

I endured it for half a month, but after licking the wound on your finger twice, I feel like I’m about to lose my mind from your sweet scent.


Then, here, on the nape of your neck. I’ll try to be as gentle as I can, so please relax.


Crimson droplets are trickling down from your body and it’s as if they’re creating a new pattern.

Your body shines well with red, so it makes me want to leave all the more marks.

You’re wet with blood down to the tips of your breasts. And this place is almost akin to a rosebud.

Allow me to unravel these buds with my fingers until it opens.


Look, the places where I’ve kissed have grown increasingly hot, right?

They’re pulsating as they congest with blood, and are acting as though they’re waiting for me to trace around them with my tongue.

I can tell just by touching your neck with my lips.

The blood flowing inside your sweaty body now holds even more heat and is circulating throughout your entire body.

It is the medium for the source of life. The tiny bud is steadily swelling until it burns out your last bit of reason so that we can melt into one.


As expected, your blood is more delicious than any extravagant wine.

You’re the only one who can drive me this crazy. Your blood alone.

The reason that I want your blood has nothing to do with the fact that you’re the granddaughter of Spain’s king.

It’s because the desire to not lose sight of you is mixed in with my instincts.


I love you…

So much so that even if you cry and struggle, I wouldn’t be able to let you escape.


I can’t be drinking too much. I’ll start touching your body now.

With this cursed constitution, the fact that I can no longer live without you, I find it beautiful.

Besides, each time I suck your blood, your insides wrap around me like it’s taking advantage of it. Your juices start overflowing whenever I lick the blood from your wound as though it wants to drink something of appropriate value in exchange.


My body’s become just as hot.

The tongue that has licked your blood is tingling with numbness. And can you tell that when I gulp down, the part that’s penetrating you bounces up?

Squeeze my thing tightly and have a taste of it.


This sensation can’t be compared with climaxing. Perhaps, it’s a joy that is only exclusive to us.

In that case…

Yes, shake your hips while I’m deep inside you and grind it against your deepest spots.


I told you this earlier, didn’t I?

Your good spots have slowly lowered themselves, so press it against it and move around like you’re painting a painting.

Yes, that’s good.

There’s no need to hold back your voice, so while moaning cutely, show me an immoral yet beautiful dance.


Cute. Very much so.

All the girls here are looking at your disheveled appearance with envy. The sight of you seeking pleasure while you’re enjoying yourself is above all, beautiful.

That said, if you’re too provocative, I won’t be able to keep up.

You’re sweeter than anything and everything, so I’m sure that I’m the only one who’s captive to you.


It’s my turn soon, isn’t it?

You have no need for logic anymore. I’ll thrust up hard from below, so get a good feel of me and let’s cum together.

I want to see just how engrossed you are here right now, and your wildest expression.




It’s already overflowing.

There shouldn’t be much of a gap, but since your insides are tights, they get instantly filled, don’t they?

Turn this way.

If you have such a seductive expression, I won’t be able to let go of you just yet. Besides, I have to pump more inside to make up for the share of blood I took.

I’ll cum tons inside until your insides are satisfied.

So, please say that you want it once more.


Yes. Time and time again until you can’t forget me for even a single moment.


Track 5: The Oath with the King of the Night


Is that so?

For someone who’s experienced with pastimes, it is an honor to have received your approval. She’s my pride and joy; the wife who swore to be faithful to me despite such occasions, after all.


Well then, I’ll see you again someday, King of Skylarks.


Are you awake now?

I pushed you a bit too far, didn’t I? I apologize. Does it hurt anywhere?

I see. The bleeding from your neck…

It’s already stopped.

I straightened out your clothes while you were sleeping, so let’s return to the mansion before night comes.

Oh, you need not get up, I’ll carry you like this.

Please wrap your arms around my neck.

Alright now?


The wind feels nice, doesn’t it?

Let’s take a short stroll through the nighttime garden.

If even I look like this, I’m strong. I’m not as weak as you think.

You were more charming than usual tonight, even the hosts of the event spoke of their envy. And it seems like they’ll welcome you there any time.

Amidst all the flowers lit by such beautiful moonlight, to have you inside my arms is…

I heard stories about how my ancestors were feared as the monsters that crave human blood and persecuted when I was young, so I’m happy that you’re willing to accept me.

I’m really glad to have met you.


I once saw a butterfly emerge long, long ago.

Vibrant wings slowly extending out from the back of the pupa… Until they spread their wings out into the vast sky, I would not take my eyes off them for even a moment.

So incredibly beautiful and magical that it can’t be described with words.

And your eyes have the same brilliance as that butterfly.

That butterfly may have flown far away, but you’re inside my arms right now.


It’s been half a month since we exchanged vows, hasn’t it?

They’ve been short, but fulfilling days. And I’ll never forget tonight’s full moon.

How about we pledge our vows again in front of the beautiful moon?

There’s no insincerity, that was that playwright’s joke. The moon does not fickly wax and wane, instead, it teaches us about the never-ending cycle of things.

Even if everything around us in the world changes and alters, but like the way the moon will always be there, my feelings for you will never change. In front of the King of the Night who governs over the stars and planets, I pledge that my love for you will continue to remain eternal and I will long for no one but you.


My precious butterfly, please be prepared for when I catch you. Okay?

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