【Translation】 Ore-sama Residence — Saionji San Kyoudai — Vol.1 Saionji Fuji


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俺様レジデンス —西園寺三兄弟— Vol.1 西園寺藤

CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke (武内駿輔)

Track 1: The Woman who Rejects Me


I, alone, had not known of the feeling of loving someone. I once considered ‘love’ and ‘passion’ to be all an elaborate farce.

……Until I met you that day, that is.



Oh, it’s you. 9 o’clock…? There is still time, is there not?

I’m sleepy, so let me sleep.

Though I’d go back to sleep anyways.

So annoying. Even if I went to the laboratory, there’re only old geezers there; it doesn’t make a difference whether I came in late or now.

Also, it doesn’t have anything to do with you, so hurry up and leave.



Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!!

Tch. You… You’ve become quite cheeky in these 3 months, haven’t you? Didn’t you at least have more of an innocent charm when you first came?

For your information, you’re nothing more than a housekeeper. Do not forget that you’re a replaceable hire.

Above all, I’m the master of this house, so be careful with the way you speak to me.


Wait. Where do you think you’re going?

You disturbed my sleep, so take responsibility.

You can prepare the meals later, can’t you? That can’t possibly be more important than me, right? Your owner is I, the great Fuji, after all.

A master’s orders are absolute.


I don’t dislike that bravery, but a housekeeper without manners requires discipline.

You don’t understand?

Ways to please your master, I’ll drill that into your bodyーis what I’m saying.

Shut up. What I do with my possessions is my imperative, is it not?

Come on, say it. How exactly do you wish to be schooled? If you ask for it nicely, I wouldn’t mind kindly teaching you the basics.

Oh, right, but I still haven’t made you cry yet.

Shall I be extra harsh?

The thought of making you cry despite how headstrong you are excites me.



Hmph. I told you this prior, did I not? Tears are necessary for my research, nothing more, nothing less.

While I acknowledge that I have a fetish for tear-stained faces, I have no interest in my research subjects. However, when it comes to you, that’s not the case.

You’re the only woman who has ever slapped me in the face.

At first, I thought you were no different from the other housekeepers, but you were completely unlike other women. And that’s why I’m fascinated by you.


Rejoice. Although it is the simple act of becoming a person of intrigue for me, Saionji Fuji, it’s a miracle.

Hmph. Showing at a strong front, huh.

Oh well, it’s fine, I’ll soon make it so that you only see me, so don’t worry.

Now then, how should I punish a dog with an impulsive hand?

Ah! You’re to your ears, right?

Then I’ll start here.


!? Ow! What the hell?!!

Hey, wait…!!!

Damn it, she hit me seriously again.


Three months have passed since that woman began working as a housekeeper for the Saionji family.

In the beginning, I was near certain that she would be no different from other housekeepers that had worked for us until now and I was planning to treat her like some consumable good as I’ve always had.

However, on the contrary, she had far surpassed my expectations.

As soon as she stepped foot into this house, she snapped back and slapped me in the face.

Would a mere ordinary girl be capable of acting that way towards me, Saionji Fuji? No, normally they would not.

Therefore, something is wrong with that woman. Something is definitely wrong with that woman.

And now, something was wrong with me too.


Following that one incident, that audacious woman had unknowingly worked her way into my heart.

I wonder why? In this world, there should no concept I cannot grasp. Yet, I was unable to reach a conclusive answer no matter how much I ruminated over it.

However, the one thing I can conclude is that when she slapped me, it wasn’t just my cheeks that hurt.

There was a sensation of a strong current running through my heart.

What on earth was that…?


So not knowing the answer can be this irritating, huh. Now I understand how it feels to be an idiot.

Damn it all.


Hey, Housekeeper, how many times do I need to tell you before you remember? This tastes under-marinated, and this quiche​ here is terribly overcooked.

Making me say the exact same things day after day in the 3 months that you’ve been at my house, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?


Well, it may pass for those with an unsophisticated palate. However, everything that goes in my mouth has to be perfect. As for why… It’s because I’m perfect.

Hey, you made a “this is a pain in the ass” look just now, didn’t you?


Tsk. I’m starting to act like Ran and Gen.


Why now?

I know. I don’t want to pick it out. It’s my old man.



Father: Fuji? It’s me.

Why out-of-blue? It’s unusual for you to call me. Though I can more or less imagine why.

Father: What have Ran and Gen been up to?

Ran is doing off whatever he wants per usual and Gen is, one way or another, zealously studying. Well, he does seem to be having a hard time.

Father: I see. It’s good that the two are well. Now Fuji, you have made your decision, correct?

Hah? Decision? Regarding what?

Father: I informed you of this earlier, did I not? Since you’ll be graduating university next year, it’s about time you begin preparation to inherit the group……

Do we really have to discuss that now? I’m busy today and I have to leave.

Let’s return to it another time. Goodbye.


Huh? Okay? Whether what’s okay?

When I talk with my old man, it never is a proper conversation.

Of course we don’t get along and I’m sure he thinks the same. That said, don’t you think that’s fine. Either way, I’m nothing more than a chess piece.

He wishes to use me in order to expand the company for the sake of the Saionji Group. As such, to him, I’m just one of his pawns.


My old man had always been that type of man. He’s only ever interested in the company.

I don’t recall a single time where he has acted like a father.


Ran and Gen are different. Regardless of what those two do, my old man wouldn’t say a thing.

But that’s to be expected, right? I am the eldest son, so it is only natural that I would succeed the Saionji family.

I was raised to sit at the top since childhood.

Academics, upbringing, manners…I had to be always perfect so that I wouldn’t be an embarrassment of a Saionji head.

Being a cut above everyone else is a given. Only by triumphing over all others, is a person worthy of being at the helm of the Saionji Group.

Those were the words constantly repeated to me.

Regardless of how excellent my results were, I was never only praised.


What? As a housekeeper, it’s not your place to pity me.

No need to worry, luck was on my side, so I was flawless from the moment of my birth. Although I was subjected to spartan-style education, I cannot deny that it neither caused me pain nor grief.

Something I genuinely wanted to do?

That has never even crossed my mind.


As if I would have any. On top of keeping me at arms length simply because of the Saionji name, the level difference between me and those my age was far too great.

People around me fear me and never dared to approach me.


Heh. What’s with that look on your eyes?

I told you already, but I don’t need your sympathy. Sadness, loneliness, I don’t possess worthless emotions.

On that note, why am I even going off about this to you?


I’m leaving.

I had enough of the meal. Because you were dawdling around, it became time for me to leave.

Jeez, this is why you’re average.

See you, Housekeeper. Put on your stupidest look and watch the house.

If you don’t want me to say that then grow a little.


Something I genuinely wanted to do, huh……

I had forgotten about such things ages ago.


Girl #1: OH MY GOD!!! Fuji’s so cool today!!! I feel so happy even just seeing him even from afar..!!!

Girl #2: He’s handsome, he’s smart, and on top of that, he’s heir to the Saionji Group. God’s so unfair, isn’t he? But even so, he’s just truly magnificent. He’s way too high-spec!!!

Girl #1: Ugh. Even if it’s just once I want to try talking to him.

Girl #3: Not happening, not happening. He’s the solitary prince that associates with no one.

Girl #4: I know, right? Hey, I wonder if Fuji has a girlfriend? …I WANT TO DIG SOME GOLD TOO!!!

Girl #5: He would never date a normal girl. And now that I say it, it’d probably be some celebrity, don’t you think?


So fucking annoying. Stop having vulgar conversations and move out of the way, damn hag.


Guy #1: Hey, look! Isn’t that the Saionji’s young master?

Guy #1: Seriously, don’t you think that’s overkill? Also, what’s with that prideful attitude? I guess it’s no surprise that the rich are different.

Guy #2: It must be nice, they get to have it easy. I’m sure they can get their hands on anything. Living however they want through their parent’s money… It’s sort of like a paradise of freedom!

Guy #3: Seriously, that kinda feels really demotivating. I was born into the wrong family.

Tsk. Urgh.

Guy #2: It looks like he heard.

Guy #3: Your voice was too loud…!!!

Guy #2: Wasn’t that you!?

Guy #1: Come on, let’s go. It’ll be the end of us if we’re caught.


Haa… There’s nothing but scum no matter where I go.

Saionji, wealthy, genius, only those words stand at the forefront. Nobody sees my actual self.

Nobody acknowledges me as a person of my right.


Hah!? H-Housekeeper…?!!

What are you doing there? Why did you come to the laboratory? If you had something urgent, you should’ve called me?

What’s this?

Huh? A bento…?

Were you worried because I didn’t eat my meal and came all the way there? Is that the only reason why you went out of your way to deliver this?

Because I said it tasted bad, you remade it?


Pfft. HahaHAHAHA!!!

But you went and even brought a bento over just for that, is that not amusing?


When you say it seriously, isn’t that awfully spiteful? How just frustrated were you? Also, you’re the only one who’d be concerned about my health.

It’s true. Nobody’s interested in me as an individual.


Come on, you’ve delivered the bento, so leave already. I can’t concentrate with you around.

I’ll eat it when I feel like it, but if it is bad, you know what’ll happen, right?

Oh? You’re pretty confident about it?

Show me what you’ve got.


Hmph. It was made for me, huh.

Also, what’s with this obviously middle-class bento? Does she not understand that it is being fed to me, Saionji Fuji?

She really is a strange woman.

She’s always fearlessly confronting me, and when I’m talking with her, I can almost forget that I’m Saionji Fuji.


Heh. Tastes of a commoner.


Track 2: Romantic Feelings


A little longer and it’ll be complete.


Hmm? What? What business do you have with me?

Don’t need it.

I’m in a good headspace, and I’ve been telling you since yesterday to not bother me. A human will die from suddenly not eating, so I’m fine.

Did you forget that I told you to never disobey my orders?

If you’re housekeeper then act like one and do as I say.


What’s with that look?


Seriously? I’m not so fragile as to require the concern from the likes of you. Who do you think I am? I am the great Saionji Fuji, you know?

Shut up. I’m special, so I’m fine.

Hmph, you want me to eat that badly?

Oh? In that case, feed me. Then I’ll compromise.

Did you not hear me? I told you to feed me.

As you’ve said, I’ve been holed up, working this whole time, so moving my hands is also a challenge. At this rate, I won’t be able to eat.


Eh? Are you sure about that? …Even though I’m finally in the mood to eat?

Well, I did mention, in the beginning, that I’d be fine without eating, so if you’re okay with that then it’s fine. So, take that and leave already.

Hmph. You should’ve obediently followed orders from the start.

Come on, hurry up, and feed me.


Hmm? You…did you change the seasoning?

It’s well made.

Eh? You worked hard? What’s with that all of a sudden?


Did she seriously just say that it’s because she wanted to see me happy?

Uh. W-What you are saying?

Oh, I get it, that must mean that you’ve finally realized my appeal as well.

Well, it was unavoidable. With such a handsome face and smart brain, and being this perfect, it’s not strange for an ordinary person like you to have fallen in love with me.


Heh. You’re so adamant in denying it.

Anyways, you’ll continue cooking good food so that I wouldn’t have complaints, right?

Hmph, but even so, today’s meal is well made.

I, Saionji Fuji, shall praise you.

For an average housekeeper, you did great.


What’s with that smile?

So that’s the expression she makes when she laughs… I never realized.

O-Oh? So it makes you that happy?

Then this time, feed it to me mouth-to-mouth.

You cooked this for me, correct? And it was that very mouth that said that you worked hard in order to delight me, was it not?

In that case, why don’t you do something that will amuse me more?

If you do a good job, I’ll give you a reward.


Come here.

What do you think? How does it feel to sit on the special seat? It is the lap of I, Saionji Fuji, you know?

Hehe. Don’t struggle.

You don’t want to fall and hurt yourself, right? Or…are you perhaps into pain?

Hmph. Come on, hurry up and open your mouth.

Don’t make that face. It’s easy, is it not? You’re simply transferring the strawberry inside your mouth into my mouth.

What? You can’t do it?

This is why you’re a housekeeper lacking in discipline.


It can’t be helped. I’ll grab it…from your lips.

Hey, try not to drop it.

Hold it firmly in your mouth.


You bit me just now, didn’t you?!!


Y-You hate me? But weren’t you saying that you wanted to please me not too long ago?

Enough with the blabbering.

I told you to just shut up and follow orders, did I not?

Come on, do it already!!!

Huh? You can kiss someone who isn’t your boyfriend, can’t you? At the end of the day, you’re doing nothing more than pressing your lips together.

There’s meaning to it when you’re doing it with your lover?

Too bad. Sorry to say, but I’ve never had romantic feelings towards another person, so I can’t comprehend.


Things like ‘love’, ‘passion’… They’re charades.

Dragged around by this mysterious emotion and losing sight of oneself, and ultimately screaming, “I want to be loved!!!” I’ve seen countless women like that.

There were those that were like that amongst the housekeepers too, you know?

Women who, even though they were the one willfully held romantic feelings towards me, would claim that I hurt them and cry, that is.

Men and women, at the end of the day, get together for the purposes of leaving behind offspring. So on a fundamental basis, no love is necessary.


First of all, what people consider “being in love” is a disorder of the brain. To be more precise, it is an imbalance of the neurotransmitters, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine within the cerebral cortex-

What? Why did you suddenly cut me off?

No, no matter what you look at it, you have an angry expression.

What? What are you so upset about? It was a chance to kiss me, you know?

You don’t want to…?

Are you sane? Any other woman would be crying tears of joy right now.


Huh? Hehe. I get it. You’re bluffing because you’re embarrassed, aren’t you?

Uh. Hey!!!


Tch, she ran away again.

What’s with her? She was smiling and giggling and then next thing you know it, she’s angry.

What did I even do?

And those emotional swings are a bit too extreme, don’t you think?

Also, why am I this annoyed? Isn’t she just a housekeeper? It doesn’t affect me whether that woman’s in a bad mood or not.

And that bento the other day…

For my sake, for my sake, what’s with that woman?


Fuck! This is driving me insane.


Track 3: Not the Usual Me


That geezer, he’s shoving way too much work on me.

Even if it’s a habit of pride, does he not consider how I have to handle it myself? Had it not been me, it would’ve never been complete by that deadline.

Eh? That girl…why is she holding those bags?

I don’t know if yesterday was the cause, but that woman never made eye contact with me this morning.

Hey, what are you doing out here?


Looking all annoyed, are you still held up over what happened yesterday?

Even though I tried to talk with you this morning, you gave a vague response and then avoided instead, didn’t you?

Then act normal. When someone like you is acting modest, it affects me as well.

So, what are you doing in a place like this?

Back from shopping?

Do you always shop on foot and then carry them back like that?


Hah!? That makes no sense.

It’s a waste of time and it’s a waste of energy. Why would you do something so bothersome? You can just use the car.

I’ll grant you a new car tomorrow. I’ll also hire a personal driver for you, so you can call upon them whenever you want and go any place you-

…..It would be a waste?

If you can make life easier by spending money then is it not more efficient that way? So why would you purposefully walk?


Heh. My bad. Sorry to say but I’ve never taken into consideration what your standard of living was.

Though I don’t think it’s a necessity to take that into account now either.

Normal recreation activities?

Are you mocking me? I am the man who will become the next leader of the Saionji Group, so obviously, I do partake in them.

In fact, the other day, I took a private jet and went to Las Vegas-

Karaoke…? What’s that supposed to be?



Wait a sec, why would I purposefully head out just for the sake of singing songs? Can’t you just take one of the rooms in your house and create a space specifically for that? It’s faster that way.

!? So you people…live in such small houses.

It can’t be helped, right? I was raised by a family with your so-called messed up perception.

I wasn’t allowed to know of the outside even if I wanted to.

What’s with that sparkling look on your face?

Hah!? …With you?

Why would I need to go out with a common folk like you? I am Saionji Fuji!


Umm, it’s not like you have a duty to teach that to me.


I get it, so first, please put down the bag in the back and sit beside me.

Walking is too much work for me.

As an expectation, I shall allow you to ride in the same car as I, Saionji Fuji, so be grateful, Peasant.


What is this place? It’s packed with the lower-class.

Also, it’s super noisy.

Hey, Housekeeper, why the hell did you bring me here?

Game arcade? Is that what this place is called?

Huh? What is this machine? Do you operate it with these buttons in order to grab one of those cheap-looking animal models?

Stuffed animals?

I don’t care what they’re called. On that note, how do you work this?

Come on, go for a run, and demonstrate it for me.


Haha! Are you a little too terrible at it? You aren’t grabbing on to it at all. You know, I didn’t think that your stupidness would show up in places like this.

Hmph, pass it over to me.

You can get the prize if you just use your brain a little, can’t you? I can’t comprehend why you can’t.

Here. You wanted this, didn’t you? This ugly-ass rabbit.

Take it.


Are you really that happy about it?

I want to congratulate you on being someone who could be delighted from receiving something this cheap.

There’s value to it because I’m the one who got it?


I was just a little surprised because you suddenly smiled. You only ever look angry in front of me, after all.

Though, when you occasionally smile like you have recently, it messes with my mood.

I never said it was weird.

Compared to your usual disgruntled look, that’s cut-


Hey, wait a sec. I was just about to call her cute, wasn’t I?

I was, I definitely was!!!

What is wrong with me?!! Why does seeing her smile shake me? More importantly, is this how it feels to be shaken?

No, that’s not it. In seeing her smile, for a moment…it made me happy.



Huh? Karaoke…? I will look forward to hearing your tone-deaf singing.

Idiot, I won’t be responsible if you get charmed by my singing.

Why did I feel happy from seeing her smile? I feel like when I’m with her I don’t act like the usual me.

……Not a genius, not a member of the Saionji family, but just a man.


Track 4: Making Up


Ugh, I’m so tired.

You made quite the racket, didn’t you? You were singing nonsensical song, after nonsensical song, after nonsensical song.

Hmph. Naturally, there is nothing I can’t do.

Well, I mean, karaoke wasn’t all that bad. If it weren’t for the dog house level of cramped.

She said that this is a normal reaction activity, but does she also share a small space with other men…? No, wait, it doesn’t matter with whom and how she plays around.

And in the first place, such ordinary activities are……

But it was pretty fun.

Is it because I’m with her?


Oh, I got an idea. If we build a large karaoke room at my house…

Why? If I were to do that, again, with you I can-

Uh. It’s nothing!

Damn, what the hell I was saying?!!

Huh? What is it?

True enough. If you ask for it nicely and I’m in the mood for it, going out together again isn’t an impossibility.

Why do you look happy?


Isn’t it fun in its own way?


Hey. Umm…what I said yesterday, it wasn’t on purpose.

I’m referring to yesterday night! I wasn’t trying to make you angry when I said it.

You, why are you laughing?

Tch. I won’t say that again.

Smirking like that. You’re pretty cheeky for a housekeeper.

Happy? About what?


Heh. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not like I was apologizing to you, I was merely clearing the misunderstanding.

No idea.

When I came to, the words were already coming out of my mouth. Got a problem with that?

Wanted to make up? Me?

Are you stupid? Such things would never cross my mind. Don’t get carried away and overstep your boundaries.


My heart pounded at her words. She was right on the mark. 

Her being angry made me restless, and worried. And when I saw her smile, it made me happy.

And before I realized, I was apologizing to her.

Seriously, this isn’t like me…


Hey, come deliver it tomorrow too.

Bento. I’m referring to a bento. This is an order, so come deliver it.

How conceited. It’s not as if my tongue’s now accustomed to commoner’s food, it’s just that, if I were to borrow your words…I find that there might be more meaning to it when it’s made by you as well.

Why are you standing there like an idiot? Answer me.

Hmph. That works.

If you cook something strange, I won’t be letting you off this time.


Track 5: The Reason for those Tears



Oh, you’ve arrived? I was just about to head out, so where are you?

I’ll come right away, so stay where you are.


Guy #1: Hey, hey, which school are you from, Girl?

Guy #2: Wow, ain’t she super cute?

Guy #1: Oh, you’re not from this university? What are you doing here? Are you waiting for a friend?

Guy #3: What? Your boyfriend?

Guy #3: So not your boyfriend? In that case, please tell me your number.

Guy #3: Eh? It’s fine, it’s fine, is it not? You don’t have a man.

Guy #2: On that note, why don’t you come play with us later?


Hey! Why are you touching her?

Guy #2: Geh. Saionji…

Guy #3: Don’t tell me that you’re Saionji’s acquaintance?

She’s my housekeeper. You got a problem with that?

Guy #1: Housekeeper…? Well, it’s not like we did anything.

Oh, really? From what I can see not did you guys clinging onto her, you were also harassing her. Don’t think you can just lay hands on my possession, Peasant.

Guy #1: What’s with that arrogance? I’ve always had this thought, but you’re up on your high-horse because your family’s got money, aren’t you? You must have it easy being a young master who’s experienced no hardships.

Guy #1: If it weren’t for your parents, you wouldn’t have had any power, would you? Like a naked King.

Guys #1, 2, 3: Hahaha!!!

Guy #3: I feel bad that you’re caught up with this kind of man. Are you working for the money? …Women are scary.


Hey, I don’t care what you say about me, but I won’t forgive you if you hurt her any further. So if you don’t care what will become of your life, go ahead and say whatever you want.

Guy #2: Gruh. Come on, let’s go.

Heh. You’re not hurt, right?

I see, that’s good.

Tch. It’s because there are absolute scumbags like them that I hate the common folks.

Yes, what is it?

Oh, what those retards said earlier?

I suppose so. Even outside of the university, don’t you think everyone who knows of me thinks of me that way?

Though, at this point, I don’t really care what the lower-class thinks.


Huh? Why are you so angry? I told you that it’s fine.

I’ve been told that ever since I was a child, so I’m used to it. Instead of that, it’s them bad-mouthing you that pisses me off more.

You’re an odd one, aren’t you?

Without paying mind to the Saionji title, you treat me as a person of my right.

It’s not the norm, I’ve never met someone like that before. You’re the odd one out.

I’m not number one.

There’s no value in that. What are you saying?


!? That’s the first time anyone’s said that to me.

To say that I, as an individual, have value, not even I have considered that. I thought that being perfect and being the best was what gave me value.

But as expected, she’s different.

She sees my heart.

Oh, rain. The forecast did say the weather was going to take a turn for the worse.


I hate the rain. I don’t associate it with anything good.

On rainy days, I would always remember the day my mother left.

I’ve told you before that my parents are divorced, right? Things did turn a bit sour within the marriage, but the vast majority of the time, they fought because of me.

My mother was vehemently opposed to my father’s almost insane spartan-style education.

Thinking back on it now, she probably was the only person who had protected me.

In the end, things didn’t work out between them and my mother ended up leaving, but that day it was raining like it is now.


Ran and Gen were still kids at that time, so they were balling their eyes out. I can still remember it vividly even now.

They said “It’s all Fuji’s fault,” while crying.

I was blamed by them.

But well, I knew I was the cause, so I wasn’t able to say anything back. Losing my mother was a big shock for me too, yet I didn’t shed a single tear.

I wasn’t putting up a brave front.

I had lost my ability to cry. There’re no tears for me to shed.


It’s unacceptable for the man who’ll become head of the Saionji family to cry, so ever since I was young, my father had forbidden me from crying.

If I were to cry, I would be sent mercilessly flying. And I was a kid, you know?

My father was harsh with me in every regard.

I didn’t want to be in pain and I didn’t want to be hated by him at that time, so I desperately endured it.

And as I kept suppressed it, by the time I noticed, I no longer was able to cry.

Even I was surprised. I tried to cry many times, but it was to no avail.

I don’t know if it was because I couldn’t stir up my emotions or because I was cold-hearted, but the emotion of ‘sadness’ couldn’t be found within me. And that was probably why, while my brothers were balling their eyes out, I alone remained calm.

But even so,  I still had the thought “It’s over for me,” that day.


Nevertheless, my days continued on hurriedly for the sake of succeeding the Saionji family. And I could feel my heart freezing over even more.

And just like that, I reached this age and began researching cortisol on the side while at the university. It felt like it was proof of something.

From the start, even I had an inkling that I began researching the mechanics of tears out of spite.

But each time I was to retrieve a sample, in seeing the tears and tear-stain faces of person after person…at some point, I began projecting myself onto them.

By seeing others cry, I felt like it satisfied something within me.

I was probably subconsciously seeking the thing I lacked.

Though, because of that, I’ve been called out for having a fetish for teary expressions and been called a pervert.


Haha. I wonder why I’m talking about this with you?

When I first met you, I thought you’d be the same as the women before you, and you’d ultimately be no different from the women aiming for my wealth.

However, you were different.

You had refused me since the beginning.

When I tried to get an initial sample, you punched me with no regard. And said “Things won’t go the way you want,” while glaring at me.

And yet, in wanting me to acknowledge you, you would remake my meals time and time again and would worry so much about me whenever I missed meals that you’d go as far as to make and deliver a bento to me.

On top of that, you claimed that I, as an individual, have value, and even called me kind.

A woman like that, I’m sure that no matter where you looked, you’d be the only one.


Up until now, I was under the belief that I had to be number one. I thought I had to be perfect. I got the wrong idea that unless I did that, no one would acknowledge me.

But you taught me that that wasn’t the case.

Seeing you genuinely concerned over my health, and asserting that my heart has value, even if I were to lose everything, you alone would still acknowledge me regardless.

And that’s more than enough for me.


What am I even saying? But well, I’ve finally got to see you cry.

I’m satisfied with this life and the current me. More than anything, if I wasn’t the way I am I wouldn’t have gotten this far.

Any normal chap would’ve dropped out of my father’s spartan-style education midway.

Hmph. Don’t make light of me, the great Fuji.

I’m different from those shoddy human beings. You understand, you decrepit housekeeper?

Shut up. Don’t call me dishonest.


In truth, in a corner of my heart, I knew.

……I had already fallen for her the day she hit my cheeks, and I was the one pretending not to notice those feelings.

I see. So that’s what it was?

From the start, I had already lost to her.


Track 6: Defeated King


What is it, Housekeeper? You got something to say to me?

Yes, what’s the matter?

I don’t need dinner, I’ll be staying the night here.

Something I forgot…?

There’s no way I would’ve-

Tch. Are you kidding me? That contains the data that I require for the academic meeting the day after tomorrow.

It’s fine, I’ll go grab it right now.


Hah? Why are you coming over? Just wait obediently at home.

Ah, hey!

Good grief, as always, she’s a woman who never listens to me. Almost like an idiot.


You’re here earlier than I thought.

Thank you. Well done, for a dog.

Hmph, aren’t you no different from a dog? You’re always barking noisily.

Huh? You’re leaving already?

It’s late at night, so let me send you-

Hah? Why are you suddenly-? Shit, it won’t open. It’s completely locked.


Who is it this late?

Isn’t this from my old man?!!

“Today, for the automatic maintenance day of the school building, at 22 hours, all classrooms will be locked, so please return home before then.”

That old man, there’s no meaning if you send that to me now…!!!

In any case, we won’t be able to open it for the next while.

It can’t be helped. I have no choice but to wait until morning. I was already planning to stay the night, so as long as I can still work-

Ugh. So even the electricity has been cut.


Huh? What’s the matter?

Oh, right, if I remember correctly, you can’t handle the dark.

I guess it can’t be helped. As an expectation, I’ll allow you to adhere close to me.

I-Idiot, if you grab onto me with such force-


That hurts.

To push me down, just how brazen are-


You…are you shaking?

Jeez, next time, don’t jump at me with full strength, alright? Look. I’ll hold you until you settle down, so come.

Do you feel a little calmer this way?

Your eyes will soon adjust to seeing with just the light from the outside, so bear with it for a little longer.

Mhm, that’s right. Let yourself be put at ease.

The one beside you is the absolutely flawless, Saionji Fuji.


But even so, I never expected that we’d be locked inside. Ever since I met you, every day it feels like something might happen.

When we’re this close, I can even hear your heartbeats.

What? Are you embarrassed?

You’re always running your mouth, yet you’re weak towards this type of thing. In that case, why don’t I say something even more embarrassing?

You know how I mentioned that I’ve always loved the tear-strain faces of ordinary people?

Although I don’t know the reason…

I don’t know why, but when it comes to you, I much prefer you smiling.


When I saw you cry the other day. My thought was that I wanted to quickly make her smile again.

Hmph. It’s strange, right? …Considering that it’s me.

It had been that way ever since I met you.

Those unknown feelings were already existent inside of me, but I never knew of there true forms.


H-Hey, why are you turning red?

Nope, turn this way.

Red as a tomato.

No. It’d be a waste not to look when you’re making such a cute expression.

Ah…cute. So cute.


So you weren’t against it? …Even though we aren’t dating?

Hehe. I get it, so don’t sulk.

Come on, turn this way.

That’s right. Look into my eyes, and listen to my voice.


I’m in love with you. Hopelessly in love with you.


I never thought that I would say this to a woman, and I could’ve never imagined that I would be romantically interested in someone.

However, that made no difference. The other person was you, after all.

There’s no way I could ignore someone who’s this overwhelmingly cute, right?

Hmph. And so, what about you?

I went out of my way to confess in place of you, the shy one, you know?

There’s no way I’d reject you, so please say “I love you” with that voice once more.


As expected, I really love your smile. Only your smile is able to soothe me, and it makes me want to stare at it forever.

Saying such adorable things…

I won’t be able to control myself.

You’ll take responsibility for changing me, right?


For the rest of your life, eh? As always, you’re a cheeky woman.

Then as you had proclaimed, please take responsibility with your lifeーwhile forever remaining by my side.


Track 7: Beloved Girlfriend


What? Don’t wake me from my sleep.

Shut up, I’m sleepy. Get out.


Hehe. Idiot.

Aren’t you a bit too slow on the uptake? I’ve already caught you.

What do you plan to do if I were to say that I was awake from the very beginning? I knew you were coming to wake me up, and it’s not like I could actually sleep forever.

Your face is bright red again.

Well, I did this because I wanted to see that expression of yours though.


Yes, yes, it’s embarrassing.


Hey, I get it, so stop struggling.

This perfect boyfriend of yours is kissing you first thing in the morning, so rejoice, Housekeeper.

What? Are you unhappy about being called “Housekeeper”?

Hmm, is that why?

I didn’t think it mattered what I called you by, but if that’s what you say, I’ll change it.



If you dislike “Housekeeper” then starting from today, I’ll call you “Poochie” instead. Did you know? Most common folks name their pet dog this, it seems.

Well? You should be satisfied with this-


I get it. I’ll apologize, so cheer up.

I do feel bad since my cute girlfriend is barking this much.

I know, it’s my fault, right?

I’m sorry, so cheer up. Alright?


That’s enough, right?

You’ve cheered up, huh. Now then, hurry up and cook breakfast.


Even though you snapped over something trivial, I folded, so be grateful that I apologized, idiot!!!

Hmph. Really? Even though the fact that you’re hopelessly in love with me is written all over your face?

Eh? Well, who was the one who proclaimed that they’d take responsibility with their life?


You’ve been caught by the Saionji Fuji, so don’t think you can escape that easily.

Though at this point, even if you hate it, I don’t plan to ever let you escape, so be prepared.

I’ll make you mine for as long as I live.

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  1. shawnelizkwan

    Thank you so much! I just recently got into this series and I’m loving it! I hope you can do Ran and Gen’s volumes some day!


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