【Translation】 Love Tranquilizer ~Kimi dake ga Shitte iru~ Pt.5 Tsudzuki Naoyuki Stellaworth Tokuten


Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Dialect


Welcome back.

Have you got your overnight supplies fully together?

Oh, you grabbed the mail.

Thank you.


Let’s see, these are advertisements… What about this?

Oh, a class reunion!

Wow, for real?!! That’s pretty excitin’.

Ah. Sorry, it felt so nostalgic that I couldn’t help it. Were you surprised? Come to think of it, I never mentioned it to you, right?

I was born in Kansai.

Though I say that, I moved here when I entered middle school, so, at this point, I’ve been living here longer.


My grandparents are there, so there are chances for me to meet up with my friends twice a year.

And because of that, my relationship with them continued on for so long that they’ve even sent me a class reunion invitation.

It’s not like I was particularly hiding it.

Just like when I was talking to myself earlier or whenever I return back there, it just pops out. But on a fundamental basis, this way of talking is more natural to me.


That is true.

People from Kansai, compared to those from other areas, tend to remain rooted.

I wasn’t planning to return to how I was originally. That said, I don’t know if it was because I was large at that time, but I was feared for the original way I speak and it caused a lot of misunderstandings.

For you to be that interested in me, isn’t this a first?


Thinking back on it, we’ve talked a lot about things that happened after we started working, but we know little of each other outside of that, right?

This is a good opportunity. Is there anything else you want to ask?


Haha. So you want to hear that?

Let’s see.

I don’t know if I can switch over properly. But since this is the request of my cute lover, I’ll do my best.


What’s wrong? Whatcha stiff for?

The feel is different?


I told ya so. That you’d be scared.

Y’are the one who asked to hear it, so what’s with that reaction?

How disheartening.


What? What’s different?

Haha! What’s with that? When ya put it that way, it almost sounds like I don’t seem manly usually, y’know?

That’s it for that today.

How about I approach ya in a manly way?


This is the first time we’re doin’ it in a bright place, ain’t it?

I have a clear view of your face, and it really turns me on.

Look, I can’t hold back any longer.


It seems like y’are no different. Your legs tensed up the moment I slipped my hands under your skirt.

Just by movin’ my fingers a little, ya can hear the wet noises.

The mouth below is quick to talk, ain’t it?


Since it’s a rare chance, let’s go even further today.

Place ya hands on the sofa, and give me a good look at that naughty place of yours.

Ya want to do some fun things, don’t cha?

Then stop feelin’ embarrassed and lift ya arse already.


Ya truly are sexy, and cute.

It makes me want ya more.


This place is twitchin’ so greedily.

Hmm? Ya want it shoved into ya already?

Then tell me, what and where do ya  want it? I ain’t got a clue if ya don’t tell me.

Tongue? Fingers? Or perhaps…

Hehe. Well, it’s fine.


As ya  wanted, I’ll grab onto ya arse and pound ya rigorously right away.



Can ya tell? I’m in all the way. …And y’are coilin’ me tightly like you’re examinin’ the shape.

You’re so lewd, aren’t cha?



It’s surprisingly easy to return to, ain’t it?

What? Y’are already about to cum?

Haha. Is that so?

This might be gettin’ a bit too excitin’. But while I say that, ya aren’t listenin’ at all.

Ya hardly hate this, do ya?


Hey, I do have one request, will ya listen?

How about I shoot it all over ya when we finally cum?

It’s been on my mind for a while. I feel that urge to dirty this pretty arse with my load.

What’s there to fear? I say this often, and y’are the one who wanted me to talk this way in the first place.


Sorry. I’m cummin’!


That felt good. More than I anticipated.

This is pretty hot.

Turn this way.

Thank you for goin’ along with me. Though, it’s not much of a thank you.


One more. This time, inside, entirely, the way you like it.


Ya just came, so ya insides are hella tight.

If ya tighten around me like that, it’ll feel like I did somethin’ bad by pullin’ out at the end.

Sorry, I didn’t ya wanted it inside that badly.


I can’t. It feels so good that my hips, I can’t stop ‘em-!

A switch has definitely been flipped. Were ya the one who did the flippin’?

Take responsibility and take it.

Look, I’m goin’ to cum. And this time, inside.


Darn, it hasn’t subsided at all.


It feels like I’ve exposed things other than my dialect.


Normally, you’d be teasing me for it by this point, but I guess you’re not the mood for that right now.

I’ll prepare the bath, so don’t fall asleep just yet.

I cleaned up what I can, but we have to wash it properly.


Don’t worry. As an apology for using up so much of your energy that you’re too tired to lift up a finger, I’ll be doing everything.

Obviously, I won’t throw myself on you anymore, so entrust your body to me.


Can I kiss you and do other naughty things?

Thank god.


It has turned to night without us talking about much, hasn’t it? But thanks to that, I’ve become quite acquainted with your body.

We can talk about things we didn’t talk about tomorrow or even next week.

Let’s take our time on a different occasion.

Since, as long as we’re together, there’s always time to be had.

On that note, that weird switch might still be flipped like earlier even if I’m talking like this. So, when that happens, please accept it, alright?


My cute girlfriend, I may be this kind of man, but please stay with me till the cows come home.

I love ya.

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