【Translation】 re:Reversible vol.1 ~Ore-sama Kareshi・Takeru~


Thank You to Lin for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

re: Reversible vol.1 ~俺様カレシ・尊~

CV: Satou Takuya (Takuya Sato)

Track 1: Prologue


Oh, did you take a bath?

If you’re thirsty then feel free to grab something to drink from the fridge.


Don’t need any.

What? Are you not going to drink anything?



Not really. Don’t worry about me and just whatever you want.


Oh, these?

They’re the ones for computer use. What was it? Something-something, block blue light. Otherwise, it’ll tire your eyes. Especially lately.

In terms of usability, one will realize its potential through those close to them……


Tch. Shit, it’s 5 o’clock.

What’s with this “will realize” part?



It’s not that big of a deal.

The design introduction professor is extremely fond of western writing, so if I don’t include some loan words in my report, my mark will drop.

What’s this “usability”? Talk in Japanese, baldie.

True enough. It’s a pain, but I’ll give it one more go.

If I don’t do it now, I’ll forget what I wanted to write. If you’re sleepy, you can go ahead and sleep first.


I feel bad since you came all the way over here, but I want to get to a good point.

Don’t worry about it, I’ll immediately head to bed after I finish. Alright?


Track 2: Spoiled by Takeru


Are you not going to sleep?

Why are you suddenly snuggling up to me?

What is it? Why are you silent? What’s the matter?

Not “just felt like that”, isn’t it unusual for you to be doing this type of thing? Something must’ve happened, right?

Oh well. In any case, please move a little, it’s hard for me to type on the computer.

Like I said. Here.

You can snuggle up to me, but stay quiet.


Hey, stay still, I can’t see the monitor.

I was trying to finish it a bit faster since you came all the way here, but are you, by any chance, trying to hamper me?

Oh really? You’re not trying to interfere?

It tickles…? What does?

Oh, my breath.

Did that surprise you? You gave quite a jolt.

You know, I’ve been tickled for the past while since a certain someone had been rubbing up against my legs.

Hey, I told you not to move.


Okay, with this, you can’t move.

Oh, sorry, I hit you with my glasses. I’m not used to wearing these, so I don’t have a good sense of distance.

Eh? I don’t think they’re actually getting in my way, though.

So they hinder you? Why’s that?

Now you’re silent.

Go ahead, remove them.

I would be able to work faster with the glasses, though. But it’s not like my eyes are bad, so I’ll be fine even without them.


Why are you staring at me? Are you trying to take them off with your eyes?

I’m joking, idiot. However, you are looking at me a bit too intensely.

As expected, it does hit you.

Hey, take them off. Come on.


Are you going to end it with just taking them off? Don’t you have other things you wish to do?

Like this for example……


Hey, if you hold them too tightly, you’ll bend the frame.

This way, we can do all we want.

Why are you trying to leave?

Not yet. Not yet.

What? Is it hard on you?

That’s not it, but…? The report?

So, what shall we do? You’re the one who started it.


No, I mean, this was on me, but you’re the one who snuggled up to me in the beginning. Don’t you want to continue this?

Well, I’ll just wait.

Is this really enough for you?

You know, whether I’m being troubled by it isn’t what I want to hear. I’m asking you about what you want, so tell me clearly.

Do you want to be with me longer?


I see. Then it’s decided.

It’s fine, I’ll finish the report later.

It can’t be helped, right? You wanted me to pay attention to you.

During times like these, it’s not “I’m sorry” and instead, “thank you”, is it not? Come on. Turn this way.

Close your eyes.


You don’t want to do it here?

Hmm, are you that concerned by it? …Even though you actually want to hurry up and fuck already.


Let’s head over to the bed. You’ll feel better that way, I know.

Grab onto me.


There’s no stopping, got it?

Lift your arms.

This is my first time seeing this bra. Since you’re something this cute…like I thought, you wanted to have sex, didn’t you?

Hey, I’m asking you whether you were wanting to do it.

It’s fine to say that from time to time. Also, don’t you think it’s unfair for you to never say? I’m always telling you to be honest.


Hmph. Oh well, it doesn’t matter.

Your nipples are already erect.

So, what shall we do? Just touching this place isn’t enough, right? I’ll do what you tell me, but what do you want me to do?

M-m, got no clue. How would I know what you’re thinking if you don’t say it?

Say it. What is it that you want to do and what is it that you want me to do.


The things I want to do? So you’re trying to dodge it that way, huh?

Oh? You were trying to dodge it?

Uh-huh, and?

Hey, the thing about how the things I wanted to do felt the best… Does that mean that you love my ways?

Tch. What’s with that?

Wait, seriously, you…

Do you understand what you’re saying?

You have no self-awareness.


What’s with you? You’re so cute.

What? Are you feeling shy because I called you cute?

What’s with that? It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve called you that.


Your ears are super red.


Seeing you like this is nice on occasions.

Shall we make today a day where we’re honestly? Both you and I.


So doing things my ways feels the best, was it? In that case, I’ll tell you what I enjoy.

You see, I love licking your boobs.

And when you start feeling good, this place of yours turns red.


Does it feel good?

Then feel good.



What is it? You want me to touch the bottom too?

Lift your hips.

Wow, it’s soaked. I guess this place’s honest.


Can I insert my fingers?

Well, they went in while I was asking the question. It’s so soft that while it is super soft, it can still clamp down.

Your insides are hot. And the sounds are amazing.

So lewd.

Shall we have you cum once like this?


You don’t want to? …Why?

Ah. You want it already?

Well said.

Please wait.


Breathe in.


Wow! Even though I haven’t loosen you up today, it went in all in one go.

Is it not painful?

I see. Then I ought to make you feel more pleasure.


Hmm? What is it?

Shallow…? What is?

You said that the things I like felt the best, so I’m rubbing against the entrance. Or is this perhaps not enough?

We promised to be honest today, didn’t we?

Come on.


So you want it deeper.


Oh, it’s true. When I thrust deep into you, there’s quite the…

Does it feel good?

Not just “good”, say it properly. Because that will probably make it feel even better.


I feel good too.

I like it inside you, it feels good.

You’re still feeling shy?

I really love that expression.

Hmm? Well, I’ve decided not to be mean today. Plus, I want to see more of your nice expressions.

To tell you the truth, I’m always thinking that you’re cute.


Even now, my head is filled with nothing but thoughts about how cute you are.

That’s a nice moan.



I knew it. I don’t think I can last much longer…

What about you?

Thought so. Let’s cum together then.


Did that feel good?

Me too.

For some reason, my body’s tingling.

You’re still in your honest mode?



It feels like a waste to move apart.


Track 3: Spoiling Takeru


Hey, where are you going?

Hah!? HAH…?!!

You’re going to sleep? Why?

I know that I’m the one who told you to sleep first.

It’s like not I’m angry, also, we’re not talking about me. Going to sleep ahead of me, how the hell did things turn out like that?

Aren’t you going to complain that I’m doing homework even though we’re together?!!

Who the fuck said that you’re nuisance…?!!


I told you, I’m angry. That’s not the problem!!!

ARGH!!! These glasses are in the way.

Come here!

You, were you not looking forward to today?

Ahem. If you were looking forward to it then why would you sleep first? I don’t know if you’re worried about me or something, but are you not annoyed that I’m focusing only on myself?

It can’t be helped, huh?


Is that so…

It’s not a big idea.



I feel like an idiot for being the only one who’s desperate.

What? Why are you stroking my hair?

How can you be so carefree?

Hey, why did you stop your hands? Who told you to stop? …I never said that you couldn’t stroke it.

I don’t hate it, so stroke it more.


Dammit, now you’re grinning. You think of me as a brat, don’t you?

Liar. Why else would you be laughing? Plus, you never say it to me. It really frustrates that you’re there making a fool of me.

If you’re going to apologize then tell me straight-up.

What’s on your mind right now?


Hah!? Whether I’m angry or not?

Can you not tell based on what I’m saying?



What do you mean by ‘adorable’?!!


I’m not particularly angry.

I am not angry!!!

I don’t know what your plan was when calling me adorable, but it doesn’t make me happy at all.  Are there not other things you could’ve said…besides that?

Like things that are more in line with how you feel about me.

What I meant was…

Words like “I love you.”


If you’re able to say something as hard to pronounce as ‘adorable’ then you should be fine with this, right?

Say it. Say that you love me.

Not “I love you?”

Why does it sound like a question? Say it properly. Properly.


Love? Love who?


Then continue on with that.

I told you. Continue.

Say “I love you, Takeru.”


Hmm, so you love me. Interesting.

One more time.

What’s with the surprise? It doesn’t make a difference whether you say it once or twice over, so hurry up and say it.

You love me?

Me too.


Hah. It’s nothing, idiot.


So uh, I want to do it.

Report? What’s that?

What about you? Are you not in the mood?

Not that. Which is it?

I told you, forget about the report. My hands, right now, are tied.

Oh, right, were you going to sleep?

In that case, it doesn’t really-


No, I wasn’t asking for a kiss. I was asking whether you were down for it-

You, you sure have guts-

If you aren’t going to say it then I’ll assume that you’re down for it. Are you sure you’re fine with that?

You’re fine with it?


Nevermind, no. Say it properly.

Say that you want to have sex with me; otherwise, I won’t do anything.

Oh, that. Another kiss.

You know that I wouldn’t complain when you do this, right?

You never listen to me.

Though, it’s not like this is the first time. There’s nothing wrong with being honest from time to time, you know?

Jeez, I’ll forgive you for not saying that you’re wanting to do it.

But in exchange, let’s kiss it.


First it was my hair, now it’s my chest. Do you like stroking things?

I don’t hate it when you stroke me either, probably.

This is nice, but…

Here. Properly.


Wait, I’ll touch you too.

What do you mean it’s your turn? You’re trying to pleasure me?

So that’s what it is. Then more…


Wait, if you do that, I’ll…cum.

Eh? You’re actually stopping?

Hey, don’t laugh.

You’ll lick me? I’m happy.


It feels good. You’re super skilled.

Hey. There. A bit stronger.

Stronger, come on.

No? Why? It feels extremely good, yet…

I mean, I prefer cumming together, but, but you’re the only one doing work.

Don’t say that, let me also-

Let me touch you too.


Hey, don’t ignore me-


I’m so sorry, I tried to hold back, but…it was too good.

Yes, I felt good.

Somehow, kisses feel better than usual.

Is it just me? …Or are you the same?



Nope, more. It’s my turn now, right?


Down there too.

Come on, undress me.


I don’t know, I might be hopeless today.

Even though I thought it was finally my turn… Would you hate it if I say I want to stick it in already?

You’re fine?

You still don’t want it yet?

I’m already this…

I want to enter inside. Please?


Does this mean it’s okay?


Wait just a sec. I’ll be quick.

Eh? It’s fine, I’ll put it on myself.

What? Were you unable to wait either.

Then here. Let’s do it while holding onto each other.

I want to see your face.


But if we were to do it lying down, you would hide your face with a pillow.

I plan to see everything today, so we’ll do it like this. Alright?



Can I move?


Idiot, licking my ears… If you lick them, I’ll cum.

Hey, listen!

You don’t want me to cum right away, right?

Was your mouth lonely because we weren’t kissing?



The kisses have felt extremely good today, so I don’t think I can control myself.

I’ll lick this place, so, please forgive me for that.


You’re tightening.

It feels so good. You’re making such a nice expression.

As expected, I want to feel more pleasure too.




You… You called me adorable again.

I told you, being called adorable doesn’t make me happy. But since you said so gently, that’s cheating.

You don’t want it to be all about me, right?


I love you. I love you.


I can’t get enough of it.



Track 4: Epilogue


Rather than being sleepy, I’m more so sluggish from cumming.

Forget about the report. I’m not in that much of a rush.


Uh. No. You’re mistaken. What I said just now about not being in a rush…


Don’t denounce someone by calling it lies. It’s true that I had to submit a report.

But well…

The deadline is next week, though.

I wasn’t lying! What’s wrong with next week’s assignment today? …I wasn’t exactly trying to deceive you.

When you stayed over at my house last time, this was what you were doing the whole time. So, I was wondering what you would do if I were to do the same.


I’m sorry. I was just a bit curious, there’s nothing else beyond that-

Hey, why are you suddenly-

Do you kiss people when you’re angry? Make up your mind.

I’m really sorry, I won’t do it anymore.


I’ve fully got the sense that you love me.

No, I mean, I already knew that, but…

Are you still angry?

W-Why are you laughing?

Hah!? You’re not angry?

Could it be that the kiss earlier also meant you weren’t angry?



Thank god.

No, don’t look at my face.

Don’t go “why?” I just don’t want you to see it right now.

What’s with me? Thinking up things like what I did today and making excuses for every little thing, this isn’t like me.

So lame.



You love me? Even if I’m like this?

Seriously, what’s with that?


Shut up, it’s nothing.

I’m not embarrassed.

Though I say that, I’m acting strange. I’m acting strange, but the strangest thing is that I don’t dislike it.

It’s nothing. I was talking to myself.


You’re warm.

Let’s stay like this for the time being.


Track 5: Another Epilogue ~Morning with Takeru~


Ngh, hmm?

What? Don’t wake me.


Yes, what?

Why? I’m still sleepy. Today’s an off-day.

I’m going to go back to sleep, I’m going to go back to sleep.


Huh? Where are you going?



Oh, I’m not hungry, but I’m hungry.

What is it?

No idea.

I have no clue, so I’ll sleep.


No, you’re going back to sleep with me.

There’s the whole breakfast thing, but…right now, you’re enough.


Were you someone who was fine with being by themselves? Were you planning to leave me all alone?

Hmm? What is it?

You finally turned this way.

Don’t wander off on your own.


This feels good.

Sleep with me.

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