【Translation】 Meguru Koi wa Renge no Gotoku vol.2 Oboete iru Kare Official Tokuten


Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Restless Honeymoon


Eh? Past photos?


I was never forced to take any picture by my family prior to high school, but if it’s my university photo album, I can bring it out right away for you. And for the past few years, they’re on my tablet.

What period do you want to see?

That’s… You want to see a picture of the woman who was the impetus for me calling out to you?


There’re no photos of that person.


No, it’s true.

I told you that we parted ways a long time ago, didn’t I? Besides, we met so few times that it could be counted with just your fingers.

Thus, there was never a chance to take a picture.

Nor do my parents. They weren’t a childhood friend, so my parents haven’t met them either.

I think I’m probably the only one who remembers her.


Hey, don’t chalk someone’s precious memories down to imagination! She was a girl that actually existed.



I never asked for their exact age, but I think they were approximately twenty or so. She was a, what do you call it? A tomboy? So she might’ve been a bit older.

Huh? That’s enough?

Oh. I’ll bring the album then. Please wait just a sec.

There it is.


Here. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Uh-huh, this one album contains all four years. Personally, I took photos only when visiting buildings so there aren’t that many, so most that are in here are ones that I received.

There was a girl who was like the photographer of the group.

Oh, it’s this girl here.

She distributed the photos that she took at events.

I felt bad just receiving things, so I treated her to lunch.

Ah…it’s so nostalgic.


Eh? No, the one this girl dated is this guy here in the green parka.

They immediately started living together after graduating and they married three years ago.

That girl is the girlfriend of the blond guy beside her.

That girl was the one with the knitted cap.

If I remember correctly, I had heard that girl’s had several boyfriends.

It’s related to the talks about that girl earlier, but are you perhaps trying to find my ex-girlfriend?

Really? If you just asked in the beginning, I would’ve told you straight-up.


Sorry that it’s not the answer that you wanted, but there are no photos of them.

I’m telling the truth.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve never had a lover, but we had only dated for a short time and when I had switched phones, the photos got deleted while I was managing storage. So, I have nothing left on hand.

What? Was it that surprising?

You’ve changed me into a rather obsessive man, you know?


Can we do it here?

When I take photos with you, it’s less of a commemorative and more of a confirmation. Because even now, I still wonder if it’s all a dream.

For you to be inside my arms like this…

I’m really glad that I didn’t give up on you.


Take your arms away.

I haven’t done anything, but this place has already perked up a little.


You like when I touch both this place and your breasts at the same time, don’t you?

Look, this area…

It’s wet from the juices pouring out from inside you, so let’s remove it before it gets soaked.


Hmm? Is something the matter?

Eh? Mine?

I don’t mind, but are you sure you want to do it?

Alright, wait just a sec.


It’s kind of embarrassing when you’re staring at me like that.


Would it be better if I laid down? Or is this better?

Got it.

Take it out of your mouth the moment you think it’s too much for you, okay?

Now then, please go ahead.


I messed up. If I had laid down, I would’ve been able to lick you too.

Hey, umm, can we change positions?

No, it doesn’t hurt. It’s the opposite. It feels really incredibly good.

I’m about to…

Let go, at this rate. Wait, I’m seriously going to-


I-I’m sorry, I should’ve put on a condom beforehand.

Did anything get on your face?

Lift your face.


I think there’s any more left on you.

It felt really good. Thank you.


Can you stand your knees a bit?

I’ll support you, so lower your hips just like that.

That’s right.

Do you think you can move by yourself in this position?

Of course, right? You’re pretty assertive today, so I just wanted to try saying.

I’ll start moving then.


I’m inside deep, all the way deep inside. And your insides were twitching the whole time.

You wanted it here, didn’t you?

So you’re the type that wants to come onto the other person when jealous. That’s what that part earlier was about, right?

Rather than being similar people, did you perhaps recall the things I did to you?

Hehe. Sorry for giving you weird habits.


Even if you paid no mind to it, I’m already yours. I’m unable to love anyone but you.


Are you about to cum?

Me too. Again, I’m…


That was a bit much.

Sorry, sorry.

Lift your hips a little.


Eh? Oh, hehe. You’re quite fixated on that.

Don’t worry so much about it, my first love was you. From the very beginning till the very end, my feelings will only ever be towards you.

I’m not trying to dodge the issue.

How about we continue doing it until your fear disappears?

I love you.

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