【Translation】 Meguru Koi wa Renge no Gotoku vol.2 Oboete iru Kare Animate Tokuten


Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Rendezvous with Fuji


Hmm? Are you awake?

Tch. Who the hell would suddenly get up?

Look, I’ll lend you a hand.


I’m sure you have lots of questions, but I’ll be asking things first.

Are you hurt anywhere?

I see. I’ll be checking your head a little then.

From what I can see, you’re not bleeding, but hmm…is there not anything?


It seems that you merely fainted. If you rest up, you’ll be able to exit the mountains.


Tch. You just woke up and you’re off talking about some other guy.

Yes, they certainly were there.

He’s the guy with a pathetic-looking face, but has a splendid thing dangling from his hips, is he not?

As for him, I ate him.

Haha! I’m joking, I’m joking, don’t look so upset. Do you not remember?

Looks like, instead of being hurt, your memories of events just prior went flying.


The guy with you pushed you aside and ran with his tail tucked between his legs the moment he saw my face.

And because of the momentum from being pushed, you hit your head on a tree and lost consciousness.

So you really don’t remember.

I couldn’t leave an unconscious person laying there in the middle of the mountains, so I brought you over here. But to think the first question out of your mouth would be about some other guy…

This isn’t how you repay someone.


Sure. Go ahead and leave.

I’m going to say you should confront the oni in front of you, but at the very least, I’m not as decent enough of a man as to let a woman escape, so don’t bother.

That coward was an attendant?

Then that’s all the more reason as to why he shouldn’t have pushed you aside and ran.

When you return to the village, you ought to fire him.


Since you have an attendant, that must mean you’re the daughter of a fairly well-off family.

So, what did a lady like you come to the mountains for?

And it isn’t just this one time. You came numerous times before, did you not?

Tch. So they were seen earlier, huh.

Tell me, what do you want?


Hahaha!!! You’re pretty brave. For a woman to meet with onis for negotiations, I don’t just like your thick skin, but also what lies within it.

The idiot who stole the bird, I’ll find him and punish him.

I’ll prepare the money to buy a new bird, so bring it over to the guy from the village.

What do you mean what else?

I see.

That aside. Could you not become my woman?


Hehe. Sorry for being abrupt.

This is the fastest way to verify each other’s feelings, is it not? It’s not in my character, but the moment I saw you…I thought it was fate.

What about you?


So that’s why you were visiting the mountains repeatedly.

In order to meet me.


My name is Yamafuji. I’m the Oni Chief, one who governs the onis in this area.

I’ll make you feel far better than a human man can.


Your ears…are a weak spot, it seems. Your body quivered the whole time as I licked it.

There’s no one else but us here, so let me hear you cry out fully.

You may be a brazen lady, but your breasts are soft.

Whenever I tease the tips……

It’s unbearable, right?

Considering the reaction you have from a mere touch, I wonder what it’ll happen if I were to suck on it?


What? You thought it’ll only babies sucked on it?

Although you’re a virgin, you’re a little bit too innocent. But I guess that just means that’s how carefully you were raised.

When I think about how I’m deflowering such a girl, it almost seems like I have no conscience.

Though I say that, I won’t stop.

I take responsibility and make you a complete woman, so just entrust your body to me.


Isn’t it about time for you to start wanting me to touch elsewhere?

For example…

This place at the base of your legs. Your woman parts.

Hehe, not a bad reaction.

An oni’s member is larger than that of a human’s, so let’s first loosen you up with my fingers.

Let’s first start with one finger.


It’s wet, but as expected, it’s tight.

Have you ever played with this place yourself?

Of course.

I knew the answer, but I just wanted to see your reaction.

You’re cute when you’re angry too.


It looks like it feels good when I churn the places deeper inside with my fingers. You wrap around me whenever I insert my fingers all the way inside.


Once you’ve gotten used to three fingers, we can proceed forward.


You’ve gotten quite wet. I’m sure you notice it yourself, right?

These wet, obscenely-sounding noises are proof that your insides can accept me. Right now, it might feel strange, but before long, you’ll be addicted to it.

Looks about ready.



Well, yes. This will now be going inside you.

I want to make it hurt as little as possible, but heh, I don’t think I can.

Go ahead and dig your fingers into my back, bite into my shoulders, and try to get through it.

I’m putting it in.


Is it difficult for you to relax more?

Then open your mouth.

You’ve, a little…


It went in, somehow.

It would be best if I were to wait a little longer, but if we were to take it slow, I won’t be able to slow. Sorry.


It’s a bit tight, but the feeling of being wrapped around in this heat is nice. I ought to be careful not to get too lost in it and break you.

Once you’ve had a taste an oni, no human men can satisfy you.

With this, you’re my woman in every sense of the word.


Later, I’ll tell you the path to safely reach the village from here. Those that take it won’t be faced with the harshness of the mountain.

I don’t want to hand you back, but I’ll control myself for now, so take that path and return here again without fail.



Is your body okay?

Though it is a bit late now.


You, humans, appear to be rather fearful of onis, but we just have a large stature, that’s all.

Considering that it’s the humans who we’re disadvantaged against when attacked in numbers, it’s almost expected that there are those that commit wrongdoings for fun.

You could almost say that the secret to an oni’s long life is them avoiding humans.


I did not embrace you over a simple whim.

I didn’t care if it cost my life as an oni, that’s how much I desired you.


Come meet me again before this mark disappears.

Absolutely do not forget even after you’ve descended the mountains, alright?

……You already belong to me.

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