【Translation】 Reversible vol.1 ~Ore-sama Kareshi・Takeru~


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

Reversible vol.1 ~俺様カレシ・尊~

CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: Prologue


What? You’re still working?

Hey, how long do you plan on continuing on with that?

I’m going to sleep. I’m tired. As expected, finishing this week’s worth of assignments all in one go before today was overboard.

Eh? It’s fine to finish early sometimes, isn’t it?

I have a lot of, you know, circumstances.

Forget it, I’m going to sleep now.


Hey. Hey!

I said “Hey!”, don’t ignore me.

You responded? If you aren’t turning this way then it’s the same as ignoring me.

You know, your precious boyfriend is calling out to you. Regardless of what you’re doing, you should turn towards me and respond while looking me in the eyes.

Who cares if you’re in a rush to submit your report. It’s your fault for not finishing it.


Tsk, stop typing.

Seriously, you…even though you’re at my house, you’ve got quite the nerves to be doing other things off on your own.

If apologies were enough then we wouldn’t need the police.

I’m exaggerating, that’s just criminal of an act you’re committing. So realize that.

Even after all I’ve said, you’re still glued to your P.C.


I mean, I know that you’re busy, but weren’t you the one who said today was fine?

Don’t go, “But I was suddenly required to submit a report.”


Jeez, always with a comeback. Also, I’m the one saying it, so look a little happier. It’s not like I’m angry.

Like I said, I’m not angry!!!



Hey, why are you here in the first place?

That’s right, because I asked you to come. And here we are, together till evening.

At this point, you should know the reason why you’re here, right? There’s no way you wouldn’t know, right?

Hmph. Let’s head over to the bed. Let me have sex with you.


Track 2: Attacked by Takuma


Oh, that expression. Did your switch get flipped?

Then turn towards me, I can’t kiss you like this.

Turn this way.

Eh? What?

Hah!? “Nevermind, I’ll do my report”, you…

What’s with that? After coming this far and all I’ve said, that’s unbelievable.


You’ll finish it as fast as you can? Those words are the one I trust the least. Tch.

Go ahead, you’ll do as you wish and I’ll do as I wish.

Enough, just continue your report.


Hmph. Why are you surprised?

This is simply the usual, no?

What do you mean what am I doing? You’re busy, aren’t you? So you don’t have time to be worrying about me.

Then forget about me and continue with that.

Why would I stop? Since you’re doing the things you want, so am I.

Well? Are you fine with not doing your report? Weren’t you in a rush to submit it?


Hey, why have you stopped typing? Continue.

You can’t? Can’t what?

You’re no longer motivated to finish the report?

Don’t run away.

You’re in the mood for it, aren’t you? Be honest and acknowledge it, and let yourself be held by me.


Whoa. I told you not to run, didn’t I? …Even though you have no intention to actually escape.

Or do you want me to be rough with you that badly?

Then I’ll will.


You should have no problems, right? …With these handcuffs.

Today, one of the guys in my circle brought them over as a joke and I took them. They’re well-made for a toy, you see.

Oh, for your information, these won’t unlock without a key.

The key. I wonder where it is?

I’ll tell you if you let me hear a good moan.


Your nipples are erect. So you were turned on.

To feel good from just this…

You were supposedly going to finish your report, but weren’t you in the mood for this from the very beginning?

You’re making such a nice expression just from your breasts.

I wonder what it’s like below…?


This place is already wet, you know?

So, what do you want me to do?

Hey, I’m asking you about what you want me to do?

What? You surrender?

That’s surprisingly fast. Well, we could head over to the bed, but let’s see… Let’s do it once here, considering what mess this has become.


It feels good, doesn’t it? I can tell even if you remain silent.

Look, this is proof.

Let out more of your voice and let me hear it. Come on.

What’s this? You came?

Then you should’ve told me that you were cumming.

Aw, I missed the chance to see your face. And my fingers are covered through and through.

It’s a lewd scent.


Lick it. It belongs to you, no?

Hurry up and lick it clean.

Did you clean it properly?

Alright. In that case, let’s continue on the bed.


You seem to feel even more pleasure when we’re doing it on a bed compared to other places.

You weren’t aware of it yourself?

I know because I love looking at your face.


Take off your clothes.

But I guess that since you’re handcuffed, you can’t strip. So today, we’ll do it as is.

Idiot. Why would I remove it?

This really suits you. It’s almost as if it was made for you.


Hey, who said you could shut your eyes?

Open your eyes.

Who’s here right now?

That’s right. It’s me. The one who’s pleasuring you right now is none other than me.

If you get it then don’t close your eyes.

Look at me.


It’s a nice color now.

I can’t remove it like this, you know? So lift your hips.

Spread your legs.

Wider. Wider.


This place is soaking wet.

Oh, right, you did cum once.

It’s making quite the noise. And it’s even louder than before.

You can hear it too, can’t you?

Don’t refuse, listen. Come on.

Despite telling me to stop, you’re like this. Just how much do you love my fingers? Or are you hoping for something other than my fingers?

Then tell me. What is it that you want?

Because today, I won’t do it unless you say it. This is your punishment for neglecting me.


Come on, what is it that you want?

I can’t hear you. Say it more clearly.

Me? You want me?

Now we’re even.

Well then, here’s your reward. I’m putting it in.


Ah, it went in all at once.

You’re so lewd. So you were waiting for me to stick it in.


Your insides are hot.

Say, between being rubbed around the entrance or being penetrated deep, which one do you like better?

I’m asking you what you prefer, so tell me.

Do you not have a mouth?

Oh well. Because either way, I’ll do both.


I prefer penetrating you deep.

Have you not realized? You make a really nice expression when I grind up against your inner part here. Besides, your insides feel like they’re entirely filled by me… To the point that it wants me to bury into all the crevices inside you.

Hey, I’m the only one who knows of your depths, no?


Don’t hold back your voice.


The walls aren’t so thin that your voice will leak through that easily.

But it’s fine if they were to hear it, no? If anything, I want the guys next-door to hear that I’m making you feel good.

So you can still afford to be worried about that.

Then that means I can go faster, right?


Idiot, don’t squeeze down all of a sudden. I was about to cum.

It’s been a while, so let me savor it more.

Hmm? What is it?

I won’t be able to hear it if you said it in that voice.

Well, what is it?

……To say that you like me with that kind of timing.



Fuck, you’re so cute. It’s because you’re like that that I forgive you even when you’re acting cheeky.

Show me a nicer expression. Come on!

If you want to cum then say it.

Well? Say it.

Not that you’re embarrassed, I want to hear it. I want you to tell me that you’re feeling good because of me.


I see. So you can say it if you try.


I’ll make you feel even better.


It feels better than before, right? You’re shaking your hips.


What? You’re about to cum?

Oh? Is that so?

Go ahead, cum. And I’ll cum too.




Once isn’t enough.

Please wait a sec.

There it is.

I’ll remove that for you, so hold onto me.


Like I thought, for some reason, I hate it when you’re not adhering close to me.

Well, you want to go for one more round, don’t you?

I wasn’t able to control myself fully earlier, but this time, I’ll do it properly. I’ll make it feel so good that you’re the one begging for more.

I won’t take responsibility if you’re unable to get out of bed, though.


I’ll make you feel plenty of pleasure, so don’t separate away from me.


Track 3: Attacking Takuma


Hey, why aren’t you saying anything?

What? Are you so embarrassed that you can’t say it?

Then you don’t have to do anything. I’ll pleasure you.

Close your eyes. Come on.

!? W-What are you doing? My voice-

Remove your hand.


What’s with you all of sudden?

Eh? Are you angry?

No, uh, why?

Wait. You’re leaving…? Now?!!

There’re still trains, but…

Hey!!! Why are you seriously trying to leave? Come on. Hey, wait!

I said wait.


Turn this way.

It’s not something to get angry about, right?


I’m sorry for calling you over even though you were busy. Also. But, no, shouldn’t I be the one who’s angry?

Because you were coming over today, I finished everything I had to do and made time for you. However, in the end, you were doing something entirely different.

I’ll go ahead and say this, but I also have professors that suddenly assigned homework!!! But I finished it, all of it…!!!

Seriously, today, do you realize how much I-


No, it’s nothing.

I said that it’s nothing, so it’s nothing!!!

Enough, I’m going to sleep.



Uh… Eh, uh, no, just now was…

It’s nothing major.

No, rather than handcuffs. Yes, a toy, a toy.

No. I didn’t buy them, one of the guys in my circle brought them over as a joke and it turned into a conversation about how hot handcuffs were.

Uh. No, I mean, you know, that kind of thing is nice from time-to-time. To add spice to the routine. It prevents you from going into a rut.

W-Wait, why are you grabbing them?!!

Give them back…!!!


You…why did you push me down all of a sudden? That startled me. Be glad that we’re on top of a bed.

In any case, hurry up and return those handcuffs-


What are you doing?!!

Just putting on the handcuff? I can tell that by just looking!!!

That’s not the point. I’m asking you why you put the handcuffs on me…!!! The idea was to use them on you.

Hey, listen to what someone’s saying!!!

Not only that, you’re trying to leave again.

Take these off.

I can’t take them off myself…!!! The key to the handcuffs is still in the bag.


Wait. Hey. Are you seriously leaving?

Wait, we still haven’t done anything today!!!

Hey, don’t leave. Hey…!!!

I said, don’t leave! I’ve been wanting to see you this whole time.

Umm, just now was, err…

Shut up! I’m not turning red. You’re wrong. The thing about wanting to see you was…a figure of speech.


Wait, wait, wait, don’t leave!!!

That’s right. I really wanted to see you.

You know, it’s a simple phrase, but there’s no way I could say something as embarrassing as wanting to see you.

Earlier, I said it in the spur of the moment…

Yes, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not being honest.


It’s cowardly! You immediately start saying, I’m leaving, I’m leaving, afterwards. You made me say all that, so how could you just up and leave me?


You want me to say even more?!!

On that note, what is it that you want me to say?

Hah!? The reason I wanted to see you? That’s-

Because I wanted to have sex, obviously.


Jeez, I just have to say it, right?

……I was lonely.

You’re always saying that you’re busy, you’re busy. So in hearing that, it makes it hard for me to even call you.

And that’s why I was really looking forward to today…!!!

I finished all my assignments and was planning to take it slow with you today. And yet now I’m handcuffed like an idiot.

I mean, I know that I was the one who started.

But this wasn’t what I had in mind……


Why are you hugging me?

There’s no need for you to apologize, I was the one who said it willfully.

Lift your face.

It’s my bad. It’s true that I wanted to see you, but that’s not a reason for me to drag you around. So, I’m sorry.

Can we start over again today?


Then get the key. It should be in my bag.

Quickly remove these and let me touch you properly.

Why are you just standing there?

Huh? Hah!?

Do it like this? What the hell are you saying?!!

Apology? What? IN WHAT WAY???


I did hear that it’s nice doing it in handcuffs, but that’s something that my friends-

Yes, that guy’s an idiot! He’s seriously an idiot-no, wait, that’s not the point, me using it versus you using it has two completely different implications!!!

It’s different, entirely different-


You…to suddenly kiss me, that’s cheating. If you do that then I won’t be able to hold back.

Don’t touch me.

If you’re going to touch me then do it after you remove these-

Hey, I told you to stop.

If you rub it like that then I-

Heh? Why did you stop?

You. I mean, I did tell you to stop, but don’t stop at that timing! After going that far, what are you? An oni?


I’m not acting selfish!

That’s unfair. At this rate, I won’t be able to cum, but nor will it subside.

I’m sure you know what’ll happen if you were to do this to me, right? By this doing this to me-

Let me finish my sentence, idiot!

I can’t. I’m at my limit. I’m cumming…


You, don’t say that was quick!

It can’t be helped, right? It’s been so long.

Don’t start grinning.


Quickly wipe your hands.


D-Don’t touch it. I just came, so it’s painful if you touch it.

I said, stop. I’m serious-


Hey, hurry up and remove these already. And I’ll be sure to make you feel good.

The key should be in the inside pocket of my bag.

It’s there, right?


Yes, that. Please bring it over.

Hurry up and remove them.


You actually did, huh. But with this, I can finally touch you properly.


What is it?

You’re extremely sensitive today. Could it be…

You’re already wet.

Did you get turned on from watching me earlier?

You’re honestly way too cute.


What? You want it already? But I haven’t touched you at all.

But I can’t wait anymore either.

I want to put it…

Hey, let me put it in.


Yes? You want to do it while holding each other today?


I like this. …Since I can look at your face the whole time.

Sure. Come.


It’s in. All of it.

Were you planning to move like this perhaps?

Seriously, your service is way too good today.


So it feels good there.

Your insides are twisting far more than usual. I never once heard that you liked this spot before, though.

I told you to tell me that.

It’s not embarrassing. I won’t know unless you tell me, you know? I want to make you feel good, you know?


It’s no use, I’m seriously-

It feels so good that my voice is coming out.

Hey, can I move too?


Well? Am I hitting your good spots?

Feel more pleasure. If you feel good then it’ll feel good for me too.

You clamped down really tight just now.

Did it feel good?

Just like that. Let yourself feel more and more pleasure just like that.


Darn, it feels so good.

Hey, kiss…

I can’t. I think I’m at my limit.


Then let’s, together…




Track 4: Epilogue


You know, you…

Nevermind, it’s nothing.

No, I feel like if I were to say it, it’ll create a weird atmosphere again.

It’s not a matter of not being satisfied.

Jeez, I’ll say it.


I’m sure you haven’t forgotten how this course of events came about, right?

Well, it’s because you were ignoring me.

I mean, it’s not entirely your fault. I said and did a bunch of things. But it came down to this because basically, not only were you not finished with your report, but you were also ignoring me.

Even if you were trying to ignore me, if I think I’m being ignored then I am, regardless of what anyone says, ignored.

So I’m just telling you not to do that anymore.


I wonder about that.

I was planning on doing a bunch of more normal things and not end up in an argument like this.

It’s nothing!

I’ll let today pass, but in the future, don’t do it even by mistake. Got it?

I-It’s not like I’m bothered by it. It’s just that, you’re…

How should I say it? When I’m being ignored by you, it irritates me.


Shut up. Don’t laugh.

You really are cheeky.

By saying that to me, I’m sure you know what’ll happen, right?

I guess you’re the only one who’s allowed to say such prideful things to me.

It’s kind of like that, isn’t it?

Shall we go for one more round?


What? You don’t want to?

Then it’s fine, right?

I’ll forgive you for today, but I’ll discipline your body so that you’ll never do the same thing again.

Come on, open your mouth.


Track 5: Another Epilogue ~After Attacking Takuma……~




Was that hard on you?

Sorry, but I want more…


Am I the only one who thinks that wasn’t enough?

I mean, I already came twice.

You don’t know?

You know, the reason I don’t think it’s enough…

Tch. It’s the worst when you’re not aware.

It’s because you’re way too cute, idiot.


You’re always cute, but today, you’re even more so.

I knew it, it’s pointless. I can’t hold myself back, the expression you made earlier was far too wonderful.


Say, it’s alright to go for one more round, right? …Since you’re the one who riled me up to this point.

Don’t get angry if I can’t control myself, alright?

And in exchange, I’ll make you feel so good that you’ll die of pleasure.

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  1. Lilymay

    Wow! I have waited almost 5 years for a translation lmao. This is one of my favorite drama cds ever~ I love Takeru 😭😂💕. But one thing about what was happening
    In track 2, He unlocked the handcuffs right? Then how did it end up in his bag again in track 3? When did he put it there lol and how did the mc handcuff him so easily 😂 anyways
    Thank you for the translation!!! You deserve this 👑


    1. Criy

      The timeline splits after track 1, so tracks 2 and 3 are two separate branches (hence the “attacking” or “being attacked”).
      You get the option of choosing between him being on the offense or the heroine being on the offense.


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