【Translation】 Enemy Coupling vol.3 Ookami・Oogami Makoto Animate Tokuten


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CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Coupling on a Lovey-dovey Trip


Oh. It’s less crowded than I thought. Since this is a famous hot spring, I was a bit anxious about that.

But even so, was this the right choice?

This is your long-awaited graduation trip, wouldn’t someplace like an amusement park be better?

There’s little appeal for a young person, so wouldn’t you get bored?

No, you chose it, so it’s good that you like it. I thought you were accommodating me since I hate crowds of people.


Is…is that so?

I’m happy no matter where I go as long as it is you too.


My tail moves on its own, so it can’t be helped, you know?

Hey, don’t touch my tail.

You’re being way too mischievous these days.


Come on, the people around us will start laughing, so stop.


Hmm? What’s the matter?

For you to cling onto me, that’s unusual.

Just the two of us?

But weren’t you looking forward to visiting that papermaker?

I guess so. We’ve walked quite the distance, so your feet must be tired. Shall we return to the ryokan?


Haa…as expected, it’s more calming being inside.

It’s quiet and the smell of tatami’s nice.

So, did something happen?

It doesn’t look like nothing.

Oh, right, even though it’s still day-time since we came all this way, shall we visit the hot springs? It’s an open-air bath, so the view’s great!

Naturally, we’ll be going in together, of course.

And for that reason, I chose a room with an open-air bath.


That’s not something to be embarrassed about now, is it? We’ve bathed countless times together like this-

Hey, stop with the tail.

I’m sorry for poking fun at you.

Come on, let’s quickly get in.


It feels so nice. As I thought, hot springs are soothing.


And you’re here putting delicious drinks for you.

That reminds me, are your feet not tired? I’ll massage them for you.

No need to hold back.

Come on. Sit on the edge here.


I’ll be careful, but please tell me if it’s too strong.

Is this amount of strength fine with you?

I’m glad it feels good.

As I thought, it’s a bit stiff.

You still have a long face. I was looking forward to the ryokan and I’m actually having fun, but is it not the same for you?

It’s rough when you look gloomy, so if something happened, please tell me. I’m terrible at picking these kinds of things up, after all.


I mean, compared to my age, you might just be a child.

You and I seem like a close parent and child? Did the other tourist say that?

So they do end up saying some rather funny things.

We’re different mixes with the same kind of human form, so there’s no way we could be parent and child.


No, there’s no need to apologize. I was just a little surprised.

I see.

Were you disheartened from being mistaken as a child? But if I have to choose, I think the reason we were mistaken as a parent and child is more so that I look old.

Am I wrong?

So we didn’t seem like lovers.

That certainly is saddening. I was pretty proud to have the cute you as my girlfriend.

I’m happy that you’re the same.


As we were walking through town, you frolicking around, and fawning on me made me happy.

I always worried about the looks of people around us, but here, there’s only us.

So let me spoil you more.


You’re always kissing me around the eye.

Hey, it tickles.

Hey, if possible, could you not kiss me on the lips?

Something that light isn’t enough.



Your nipples are erect. And your body’s nice and soft.

Say, can we do it here?

Stand up and place your hands on the edge.

Don’t worry, I’ll support you properly.

I’ll be inserting my fingers then.


It’s a bit soft. I’ll churn it slowly then.

Hmm? Voice?

That is true. Since this is an open-air bath, someone else might hear it.

Your insides tighten.

Are you feeling it even more at the thought of someone hearing you?


How cute. It makes me want to go even harder.

Your knees are shaking.

I can’t wait either.

Sorry, but to tell you the truth, I was planning to do this from the start.

Can I put it in?


Hmm? Did you cum from just me putting it in? Your insides are convulsing.

I’ll go in all the way…

It’s not hard on you, right?

If it is even a little, I’ll wait until you settle down.


You’re moving your hips.

It seems alright then.

Then I’ll move as I like.


Your insides are tightening…

So you’re weak to your ears.

I feel really good too. I’m already about to cum.


What’s the matter?

You want to kiss?

Then I’ll pull out for a bit.

Can you get out of the bath?

Now get on top of my lap and slowly lower your hips. Don’t worry, I’ll support your hips, so relax your knees.


That’s right.

Being squeezed the whole length across…

It feels good.

Grab on to me tightly.

You can move however you like to make yourself feel good.


I’m…going to cum.

If you squeeze that tightly-


Do you think you can lift your hips?

I have to wash you clean, don’t I?


Alright, this should be enough.

H-Hey, are you alright? Don’t tell me that you’re having a hot flash…?

I’ll immediately bring you over to the room.

Hey, keep it together!!!


Have you come to?

Come on, first drink some water.

Yes? What is it?

For you to be begging for a kiss, is the blood still rushing to your head?

No, I was just thinking that you truly are adorable.


Oh, right! Please wait for a moment.

Give me your right hand.

Alright. It’s perfect.

Yes, it’s a promise ring. A matching one with me, of course.

There’s no more need for fakes, and the next time I give you a ring as a present, it’ll be going on your left ring finger.

We promised to be happy together, didn’t we?

Well, let’s be happy together.


Once we’ve settled down a little, let’s decide on tomorrow’s plans.

This is our first trip, after all. So we ought to visit all sorts of places and make lots of memories.

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