【Translation】 Enemy Coupling ♪ Step vol.3 Ookami・Oogami Makoto Animate Tokuten


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酔っぱらいにご用心 ! ?

CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Beware of Dunkards!?


I’m home-

Whoa there.

Oh, I didn’t think you’d be right in front of me. So, uh, did you just get out of the bath?

Yup, I’m home.


Hmm? …I drank a lot.

You’ll watch over me?

Then that’s a relief.

You smell so nice. You smell of soap.


Hmm? I probably am drunk. I was out with the vice-principal and the others.

Wait, wait. Just water is fine.


It doesn’t seem like I’m alright, am I? Come to think of it, we’re still at the entrance, aren’t we?


No, I won’t let you go.

This is fine, I’ll be removing it anyway. …And the same applies to you.

I can’t? But I want you to heal me like usual.



Were you that against it?

I want to do more.

Hmm? What? Why are you giggling?

Huh? Like a big puppy…dog?

I’m a wolf-mix, so don’t lump me together with dogs. Also, if this feels like child’s play then I ought to rethink things, don’t I?

Or would you allow this of a child?

I wonder which is it?


Speaking of which, you’ve often called me cute.

I see. I see.

So you thought of it as child’s play. Then, as I thought, I ought to show you the seriousness of an adult.

What do you think a starving wolf would do to a sheep that they’ve caught?


You no longer need your pajamas, right?


There are still so many marks left.

Yesterday’s kiss marks, no…since the day’s changed, it would be the day before yesterday.

Lift your legs.

There’re some on your inner thigh too.

I left so many marks, didn’t I? But I ought to leave more than I did that time, don’t I?


It’s fine if it’s in places that aren’t visible, right? …Only in places that I can see.

Oh, but I want to tease these cute, erect nipples.

You love it when I tease them with my fingers, don’t you? It’s forceful, but not painful. If I were to pinch them while massaging them…

Look, you immediately leak out a moan.

Since it lets me hear plenty of your cute voice, I love teasing your breasts. Naturally, you love being licked and having both of them fondled too.


Was it so good that you started clinging onto me?

You look like you’re feeling good.

How nice.

I want to feel good.

Ah, for some reason it feels so hot that my head’s spinning.


Ugh. Sorry.

Ah. How lame.


A towel?

No, it feels nice. Thank you.

Hmm? You undressed me?


Sorry about that. Thanks to you I feel a lot more.

It’s hard for me to say this, but when you’re moving around on top of me, um, you’re rubbing against me.

No, uh, it’s also because I was meddling around with you earlier.

Ah. Hey, don’t touch it!

It’s fine.


This place is wet, isn’t it?


I get it, it’s all my fault.

Then let’s not point fingers and both take responsibility. I won’t go overboard, so cooperate with me on that.

Thank you.

I got to prep it a bit more.

Come on, do your best to stand on your knees.


I knew it. Since you’re wet, it seems alright.

But since we’re gone this far, here too…

Your reactions are nice, so I couldn’t help it.

Now then, I think we’re ready, so lie down.


Eh? But…

No, I mean, even if you tell me to stay still-

Alright, alright, I get it.

Then take it slow.


It felt good even when you were just touching it, but it was almost as if you were being a tease.

As I thought, shall we switch?

But it looks like you’re forcing yourself.

Hey, hey-

Don’t force yourself.


You…don’t tell you that you came a little?

Sure, after we settle down a little.

Are you able to move?

Well, it feels so good that I can’t wait. I’m sorry, I can’t stop. You can move as you like, though.


Hey, can you cum again like this?

Together, then.


I want to hear your voice too, but…doing it while kissing is nice.

But, it does feel like a shame, though.

I get it.


I’m still cumming…


You too. Was it not hard on you?

I’m sorry, even though it was for my sake, I wasn’t able to control myself well.



Yes, you gave me a wet towel earlier, didn’t you? And I felt much better because of that, so my mind has sobered up.

As for overdrinking… I’ll watch out next time.

For making you worry, erm, I’m sorry.

No, I was happier than usual because you were there to greet me when I returned home today, so how should I say it? I just couldn’t stop myself.

That is true. It is indeed dangerous to do intense exercise after drinking.


I get it. I listen to you properly.

Don’t be so upset, I really am sorry for making you worry. Are you mad at me?

I see. That’s a relief.

But even so, I had this thought while I was drinking, but as expected, when it comes to alcohol, the ones that you slowly pour tastes the best.


Eh? No, abstaining from drinking is…

I’ll try to refrain from drinking outside, but can you please let it go if it’s at home?


Shall we take a bath together? Since I made you push yourself, I’ll wash you.

No, wait, like I thought, you’re angry.

Wait, I’ll consider the amount properly, alright? So, please, I’m being truthful.

Hey, are you listening? Heyーー

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