【Translation】 Shinshoku Renai ~case02 Nakahara Kanato~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

侵食レンアイ ~case02 中原奏多~

CV: Watanabe Hiroshi (渡辺紘)

Track 1: Confession


Okay, I solved it. Is this correct?

Really? Yay! It’s like all that struggle was a lie.

Your way is really easy to understand. Before, I thought having a home tutor was excessive, but I’m truly glad to have requested you, Teacher.

Now then, the next problem is this.

This should be the formula I use for this question, but I just can’t seem to get the answer.

Yes, here.


Huh? What’s wrong? Your face is red, Teacher. Do you have a fever?

Is that so?

It’s fine if it’s nothing, but it’s best if you don’t make such a defenseless face in front of a man.

I’m not exactly criticizing you, it’s just that my heart starts racing too when you approach me so suddenly. That aside, our main issue is this question.

Oh, I just have to be careful here.

I’ll give it a try.


What do you think about this?

Yes! I’ll do it one more time so that I won’t forget. I don’t want to put anything you teach me to waste, Teacher, after all.

Hey, can we do this one next?

A break…? But I can still keep going.


No way, 2 hours have already passed?!!

I’m sorry, you must be tired too, right Teacher? In that case, let’s take a break. I’ll go brew some tea, so please wait.


Okay, here you go.

I wonder if I brewed the tea well?

Really!? Teacher, because you said that you enjoyed tea, I researched ways of doing it properly myself.

I’m truly grateful to you, Teacher.

You’re kind and the way you teach is extremely easy to understand, so thank you for coming.

My marks have gotten a lot higher than they were before, so my father’s happy and really glad to have hired you. He was saying that if this continues, I could aim for even better universities.

Really? Will I be able to do it?


Umm…if possible, I want to go to the same school as you, Teacher.

I know how difficult is it to be accepted here, but-

Eh? Really!?

I’m so happy. I thought it was impossible for me, but I’m feeling super motivated right now. I’ll do my best. I’ll work hard and enter the same school as you, Teacher.


If you say something like that, I really might take advantage of it. If I repeat a year that’s one more year.

You truly are kind, aren’t you, Teacher? You write such straightforward and easy-to-understand notes, and you analyze my weaknesses and create practice questions for me.

But it’s not just me, right? You do the same for the other kids, right?

Eh? Then, why are you going so far for me?

I’m Teacher’s special favorite?

I see…

In that case, if I pass-


No, it’s nothing.

Oh, we’ve been talking for so long. Time passes surprisingly fast whenever I’m with you, Teacher, I should return to studying soon.

Eh? You made questions for today too.

Thank you, I’ll try these then.

Here, please look those over, Teacher.


Ugh. Like I thought the next question’s this.

No, I’m fine. I’ll try it.


The questions that you make are surprisingly mean, Teacher.

I know that it’s best to get used to this kind of thing, but it’s still frustrating when I can’t solve it.

Even I want to put up a good front…

It’s nothing!

Hey, please give me a hint.

Oh, I get it. In other words, it’s this, right?


Despite getting it right away when you explain it…it frustrates me. I’ll definitely solve the next one without needing a hint.

You’re laughing like that again. I’m being serious, you know?

Oh, if I manage to solve the rest without hints, please reward me with something.

Mhm, like listening to one of my requests, Teacher. I think I’ll be able to work harder that way.

Sorry, a reward is shameless, right?

Like I thought, please forget what I said just now.


Eh? It’s fine?

Are you saying that you don’t believe I can solve them? Oh well, I definitely finish the rest of the questions so be prepared.

I’ll be concentrating for the next while, so please don’t speak to me.


Yes, I did it!

How did I do? Did I get anything wrong?

Full points…?

Yes!!! In other words, you’ll give me a reward, right?

What should I have you do I wonder. Since it’s a reward, how about a kiss?

Just kidding, it was a joke. I don’t have any intentions of having you kiss me for this, Teacher. I just wanted to try saying it, so don’t worry about it.

That said, I’m glad that I now know that I can solve difficult questions if I put my all into it. My mind was super focused.


What are you doing all of a sudden?

Don’t treat me like a child, we only have a 2-year difference between us. It wouldn’t even be strange for us to be dating right now, in fact, it’s a normal age difference.

Ah! What am I saying? Please forget it.

Umm, Teacher…


Here, take this. If I remember correctly, today’s your birthday, right?

You told me earlier, did you forget?

I was really debating over what would suit you. I’ve never bought female accessories, and also, I was super nervous because I was surrounded by girls.

Really!? I’m glad you like it.

Oh, jeez, please don’t make such a cute expression. I’m weak to your smile, Teacher.

I’m really happy that you’re happy.


Ah, I can’t endure this…

I like you, Teacher. Your kindness, your cuteness, your seriousness, and your sincereness, I’ll love all of it.

If possible, I’d like you to date me.


Sorry, it’s troubling when I bring up it so suddenly, right? Even if you can’t reply immediately, if you can at least somewhat consider it-

You’re right, we’re tutor and tutee……

Our relationship is no more than that, isn’t it?

I’m sorry, I misunderstood and thought you might’ve felt the same as well when you said I was special, Teacher.

I got confused because we’re so close.


M-m, please don’t worry about it.

Anyways, please forget what happened just now, if possible, I’d like us to remain the way that we were. It would make me sadder if things got awkward and you stopped coming, Teacher.

Oh, I’d like you to please take the present.

Since I chose it for you, Teacher, it’ll hurt more to have it returned.

Mhm. Thank you for going along.

Well then, I’ll go finish off the rest of the questions.


Track 2: Special Feelings


Teacher! Thank god, I didn’t think you’d come again.

In any case, please come on in.

I’m really sorry about last week, I was too forward about my feelings. I’m fine now, so you can treat me the way you normally do, Teacher.

If I pass…? Pass what?

I’m fine, I’ll continue working hard as I have.

Now then, let’s hurry up and start studying.


Oh, I see, you use that formula here. I never knew.

As expected, I need you, Teacher. Our approach to studying is completely different. And as promised, you’ll be with me until I pass, right?

Thank god.

I’m in your care.


Oh, some time has passed, hasn’t it? How about we have a bit of tea?

Please wait for a moment.


It’s a different tea than usual, but what do you think?

It tastes good?

That’s a relief, I didn’t know what to do if it didn’t suit your taste. Because this is something I prepared for you, Teacher.

Huh? What’s wrong?

Don’t push yourself if you’re tired, please lay down for a bit on the bed. I’ll make sure to wake you up properly later.

Just 10 minutes?

Okay, I got it.


You’re finally awake.

You were sleeping so soundly that I felt bad waking you up, so I was constantly watching you until you opened your eyes, Teacher.

It was the first time I saw you asleep, but it looked so defenseless and innocent.

It was incredibly cute.

But even so, this was quite effective. You lost consciousness soon after drinking it, so I was a little worried about whether you were okay.

That’s right, I mixed it into the tea you drank earlier, Teacher.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t seem to have any side-effects.


You slept really well. You had no signs of waking up even when I was stripping off your clothes or when I tied you up with my necktie.

Don’t tell me you just realized what kind of state you’re in?

You’re really cute in your underwear, Teacher.

It was quite a shock when you didn’t accept me. I was under the belief that you felt the same way as me, Teacher, but to think you would never look at a tutee romantically……

You said such a thoughtless thing at such a close distance.


There’s no point in you saying that now, I have no need for a lie whose only purpose is to allow you to escape from here.

Then why did you turn down my confession?

That “like” is probably what you’d feel towards a little brother, right? It was fun getting me attached to you and wagging my tail like a dog, wasn’t it?

That’s why you said something so heartless like saying I’m special to you even though you have no feelings for me.

Did it feel good keeping a younger guy as your pet?

I was serious, you know? I was genuinely in love with you, and yet…


And so, I had this idea.

Teacher, since you don’t feel anything towards me, I decided I should simply obtain your body first. If you feel good from the sex, you might change the way you think about me.

I wonder about that.

I won’t know unless I try.


Teacher, I did my best to study this too for your sake. It’s the first time I’m actually doing it, though.

I want to be gentle, so please don’t struggle, okay? If you resist, I’m not confident that I’ll be able to control myself.

I cherish the teacups and the spoons that you’ve used and would constantly stare at them, Teacher. I would place my mouth on the same places you did, and I would masturbate while imagining having sex with you like this.

I loved you so much that I was a mess, Teacher. I didn’t know what I should’ve done.


I should’ve done this sooner.

Don’t be scared, it’s not like I intend to hurt you, Teacher.

What cute breasts. I’ll lick them lots, okay?


So you feel it easily from your breasts, Teacher. The tips have perked up a little. How cute.

Relax. And don’t hold back your voice.

We came all this way, so let yourself feel good.

How stubborn. That said, you’re really cute when you’re trying to bear through it too.


I wonder what this place has become…

It’s a bit wet, but if it’s just this, it’s still impossible for me to insert it. I’ll tease it for you.


Thank god, it’s slowly overflowing.

So you like it when I stroke this place, huh, Teacher. Do you hear the lewd sounds coming from here?

Don’t be embarrassed, I’m happy that you’re feeling it.

Then how about I try putting my fingers in?

Please tell me if it hurts, okay?


Your insides are warm, Teacher.

I see now, my thing is going to enter inside here, huh. If I don’t touch it with care, it feels like it’s going to break.

This hurts?

Could it be that you don’t have much experience, Teacher?

I see. So that’s how it is.


It’s slowly softening up. Do my fingers feel good?

Really? Your body’s trembling, though?

Come on, be honest, and say that it feels good.


Teacher, that hurt. It’s so mean of you to bite me.

That said, I’ll allow such adorable resistance.

……Because you’re going to be raped by me, Teacher.

I’ll make sure to use a condom, so don’t worry. I’ve put your future into proper consideration, Teacher.


It’s tighter than I thought. It was pretty wet, so I thought it would’ve been fine. However, I don’t think I can wait.


Teacher, your insides feel so good.

Darn. It feels too good.

Please loosen up a little more, otherwise…I’ll cum right away.


It’s no use, I can’t…


Teacher, I love you. I love you so much.

Please teach me about many more things, okay?


You noticed?

Oh, this?

I thought I’d preserve your cute appearance, Teacher. Would you like to take a look? I captured it nicely.

Nope, I won’t delete it.

I’ll store it with care and then I’ll thoroughly…

I got an idea. How about I send this to your school, Teacher? Don’t you think it’ll be problematic if someone else were to see it?

If you don’t want these photos to be leaked then listen to what I say.


At the start, I thought about having you follow my orders by overpowering your body, but this is more concrete, right?

I couldn’t care less about the means as long as you become mine, Teacher.

I won’t allow you to leave me.

I’m begging you, please continue to remain by my side.


Track 3: Body and Soul


I still can’t get it to ease up, but I’m happy that you don’t have much experience because this way, we can search for ways for both of us to feel good.

No, don’t escape.

What’ll happen if you anger me?

If you listen to what I say then you’ll be able to continue attending school the way that you have and I’ll be able to thoroughly love you, Teacher.

It’s a win-win, right?


Look, this place has softened up quite a lot. It’s clenching down on my fingers hard and just won’t let them go.

Do you love my fingers that much?

You’re seriously cute.

Oh, you’re trembling again. You like it when I touch this place, don’t you? How about I tease it all day today?

But this place feels good, doesn’t it?

You want me to stop? Even though you want me to stop, why has your place here become like this, Teacher?

Here, look, my hand’s soaked.


Does your ‘stop’ mean it’s good? Or are you trying to rile me up by doing that?

I’ll lick your breasts too.


Ah. You can’t hold back your voice when I lick your breasts and I touch the place below, can you?

Amazing, your reaction’s completely different from before.

Then I’ll use a little more force. You want to cum soon, don’t you?


You came, didn’t you?

Now then, it’s about time you let me enter inside you, Teacher. I can’t stop myself after hearing your cute voice.

I’ll do it slowly, so relax.


Your insides feel good. Also, I don’t know if it’s because you just came, but your insides are still spasming.

I’ll start moving.

I want to enter even deeper. To the deepest part. All of it.

If only I could make even your heart mine, Teacher…


I love you. It hurts so much just thinking about you that I don’t know what to do.


Hey, why are you making that expression? Please don’t look so sad.

It feels good, right? Then let yourself be more engulfed by me.

Huh? This is strange, even though I’m happy to be connected with you, Teacher, why…are my tears falling?


I’m begging you, please pat my head. Just a little is fine.

I guess it’s no use.

It’s fine, I don’t need your heart, but you won’t leave me, right?

Teacher, your body and your body alone is mine.


Track 4: Second Confession


It’s great weather, isn’t it? I’m glad it’s sunny. It’s been a long time since I last been to this park.

I made some bentos, so let’s eat them together.

Take a seat.

What’s wrong? Come, sit here.


As expected, there’re lots of families since it’s a holiday.

It brings back memories. When I was young, I would frequently bring bentos like we are now and play around here.

Earlier, I thought about bringing you this place, Teacher.

I wanted to quietly spend time while eating a bento from time to time.

That aside, quickly eat, I woke up early to make it. I made sure to add all the side-dishes you love, Teacher.

For that salad, please pour this special dressing on it before you eat it.


What’s wrong? You don’t have any appetite?

As expected, you don’t want to eat something I made, right?

To be honest, I brought you here in order to apologize to you. I think it’s incredibly stupid of me to have gone as far as to threaten you in order to make you mine.

Even though Teacher would never be mine even if I did that……

Even though my wish was granted, it only made me sad. Even though I loved your smile, Teacher,  I ended up making you make that kind of expression.

I’m truly sorry.

I know I’ll never be forgiven, but I want to apologize to you properly…because I really did love you.


You’re my first love, Teacher.

My father is someone who’s busy with work, so I was home all alone after my mother died. So when you came, Teacher, I was treated with care, not just with my studies, but also things outside of that.

I was happy to have received attention.

At some point, I fell in love with you for real, and once I realized that I couldn’t stop myself.

I loved you too much and wanted to know everything about you. I would secretly follow you all the way to your house and had even investigated your birthday.


It’s disgusting, right?

To tell you the truth, I’ve even disguised myself to go see what you’re doing in university.

I had plans of giving up, but because you said that you thought of me as special, Teacher, I took that at face value and had hopes of “just maybe”. And that’s why I was so shocked when you rejected me.

I think part of me is messed up.

I used the worst ways to make you mine, Teacher.

In truth, I merely wanted to be together as a normal couple like this. It wasn’t my intention to use your weaknesses to bound you to me.

Even when I did it with you, Teacher, even though I should’ve been happy to be joined with you, all it did was bring me sadness.

In any case, I’m ending it. As expected, I can’t do it if the feelings aren’t here.

It hurts that you’ll never come to like me.


These are the photos from that day. I didn’t make any copies, so once I press the delete button, it’ll all disappear.

With this, you’re free, Teacher.

You won’t be threatened and forced into doing things you hate. You don’t have to help me with my studies anymore either.

We won’t meet ever again.

And so, it’s fine not to visit my house, I’ll explain it directly to my father.


I’m happy to have had something akin to a date with you in the end, Teacher.

Thank you for putting up with my selfishness.

I know it’s not something I can be forgiven for no matter how many times I apologize, but I’m really sorry for everything up till now.


Exams? The promise to help me until I pass…?

That doesn’t matter anymore, so forget it.

You’re right. After doing all that, it might just be convenient for me to tell you to forget it.

I understand.

If you want me to apologize then I’ll apologize until you’re satisfied, Teacher. And if there’s anything else you want me to do, I’ll do it.


Hey, please say something! If it’s like this, I don’t know what I should do.

What? What are you trying to do by hugging me? If you’re pitying me, please stop, I don’t want my expectations betrayed again.

What are you saying…? That’s clearly a lie.

Having done all that, why are you trying to confuse me further?

Oh, do you intend to reject me cruelly and then kick me when I’m down after giving me hopes again?

Sure, if that’s what you want, Teacher, I don’t mind going along with that kind of charade-



What’s with you, seriously??? If you do that, I won’t be able to give up on you, Teacher.

Please stop, it’ll only end up hurting the both of us.

That’s enough. Enough, just let go of me…!!!


Eh? This is…the one I gave you, isn’t it, Teacher?

Why are you still walking around with it? I don’t think it’d be strange for you to have thrown it away.

Teacher, you liked me from the start? That whole time?

You didn’t want to negatively affect my grades…is that really what you thought when you turned me down? Is that really true?

Once I passed my exams, you were planning to confess to me yourself?

So it’s true, Teacher, you also…


Thank you, Teacher. Despite doing such terrible things, for saying that you love me, thank you.

I love you, Teacher.

Do you love me too, Teacher?

That makes me happy, but I don’t think I can fully trust your feelings, Teacher. Do you want me to trust you, Teacher?

Then if you really do love me, perform fellatio for me here. That way, I’ll believe you.


What’s wrong? You want me to believe that you actually love me, right? I won’t be able to trust you unless you do it, Teacher.

Well, Teacher?


It feels good. Teacher, you really are sucking me off all on your own.

So you love me so much that you’re willing to do something like this in a place where you don’t know when someone might pass by, Teacher.

I’m so happy.

I love you, Teacher.


Track 5: Erosion


Okay, I’m done. Here, Teacher, please look over it.


Are they all right?


The real deal’s soon, isn’t it? I have to work harder.

Hey, Teacher, can you give me a reward if I pass?

What would be good? It’d be nice if it were something that makes both of us happy. I guess I’ll go think about it.

Teacher, after all your hard work, there’s no way I wouldn’t pass.

So, today, I’ll reward you, Teacher.


Teacher, did the kisses feel good?

I’ll make you feel even better.


I love your breasts, Teacher.

They’re so soft yet they really mold to my hands, and it feels really nice.

Let’s kiss even more.

What a cute expression.


What is it?

You’ll lick me? …Then let’s lick each other, today.

This position is called “69” I think.

Don’t be embarrassed, I’ll make you feel so good that that won’t be on your mind.


It’s drenched. Did you get turned on from licking me?

Well, this place is quite the sight. It’s dripping non-stop.

I’ll do it even more.

It looks like it feels so good that you’re about to melt. You’re shaking your hips and it’s almost as if you’re begging for more.


You want me to touch the inside too?

Then make sure to lick me more. Take it nice and deep into your throat.

I’ll insert my fingers inside and lick your clitoris as well.

I knew it, it’s soft. When I touch it like this, it makes me want to hurry up and enter inside you.

Oh, so much spilled out just now.

So you were imagining the thought of having me inside you.

Nope, we have to get it properly ready because I want you to feel good together with me. Okay?


Relax and spread your legs even further.

Yes, good girl.

What a cute voice. Do your insides really feel that good?

I really love your voice, Teacher. I wish I could listen to it forever.


When I tease your insides as I lick you, it tightens up nicely.

I’ll tease it even more.

I’ll put it in now.

It’s super wet, but it’s also super arousing.

Turn this way and straddle over me. I’ll support you, so insert it yourself.

Go ahead. If you don’t move, we’ll stay like this forever, Teacher.


You want to feel more pleasure, right? If you don’t hurry up, I might lose my reins.

Yup, if you lower your hips like that, it’ll be fine.

You’re doing good, but…I’m impatient.

It went in all at once.

No, don’t lift your hips. It’s fine to have it hit you, no? If you try to escape, I’ll grab your hips and shove it in all the way again, so there’s no point.

Look, it feels good when I thrust up from under you, right?


So cute. This gives me the sense that you belong to me, Teacher.

I’ll treasure you even more from now on, so I’ll start moving. I’ll never let you go, let’s stay together forever and ever, okay?

I feel so happy right now.

Your voice has gotten sweeter. It feels good, doesn’t it? How cute.

Teacher, please say that you love me.


I’m so happy. I love you too.

Teacher, I love you, I love you.

I’m about to cum…


Teacher, I’ll never ever let go of you.

I love you.


I’m so happy, I wish this moment could last forever.

Oh, that’s it, I’ve come up with a reward that I want. If I pass, swear that you’ll always be by my side.

First, we’ll start by living together. Okay?

Are you happy?

Then it’s decided. I love you, Teacher.

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