【Translation】 Shinai naru Thanatos vol.1 Kaikou Animate Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Rusty Eyelids


Come on. Open your mouth for one more bite.

Oh, it’s fine to take your time.

You spilled some again.

Hehe. You’ve got it on your mouth.

There, clean.

You ate more than you did at lunch.


Hmm? What’s the matter?

There, there. It’s alright, I’m right here.

Mhm, we’ll always be together. I’m always telling you, aren’t I? That even if you want me to let go, I won’t.

You’ve become quite the spoiled child now, haven’t you?

M-m, I’m really happy. Because you’re needing me that much.

If there’s anything you want me to do, please tell me.




Hmm? More?

Kisses aren’t enough, are they?

I’m the same.


You’re weak to your ears, aren’t you?

What a cute voice. Let me hear more of it.


Your nipples are erect.

So you felt it just from your ears, huh. Your body has become more and more naughty, hasn’t it?

Every part of you is sweet and soft; it’s almost addicting.


Hey, where are you looking? Show the expressions you make as you’re feeling it.


Stick out your tongue.


Sorry. Were you unable to wait? You’re already this wet.

What a wonderful sound.

Can you hear it?

Look, this is proof that you’re lewd. This place is twitching like it wants me oh so very badly.

Just wait. I’ll make you feel good right now.


Haha. My intentions were to lick it up, but it’s flowing out endlessly.

No need to feel embarrassed.

Spread your legs.

Yes, there we go.

Hmm? You’re about to cum?

Go ahead. Feel even more pleasure.


You came. This place is twitching so much.

I don’t think I can wait either.

Can you tell? We’re fully joined right now.

Your place here has completely molded into my shape, hasn’t it?


I feel good too.

Let me hear more of your voice.

This place feels good, right?

I can tell, I remember all your good spots.


Say, how about we hold hands?

You feel more at ease this way too, right?

You smiled a little just now, didn’t you?

Jeez, you’re so cute.

I know. I love you so much that it drives me insane too.


Hmm? A hug?


Come here.

It’s almost like you’re a child, isn’t it? After all, our body is now one that can’t live without me, right?

I can’t live without you either. So, we’ll always be together.

If we lose one or the other, it means it’ll be the death of both of us.


Feel me with your entire body.

Desire me more so that you lust for me insatiable.


I’m cumming, so make sure to accept it.


Don’t worry, it’ll stop before long.

It’s dark, so it’s all the more scary, right?


I’m not strong, I’m actually pathetically weak. And that’s why I’m always desperately tying to me.

You’re right. You’ll stay here. You chose to live with me.


Hey, let’s go a stroll once the storm ends.

The sandals are, of course, the usual.

I’m sure there will be a beautiful rainbow.

Uh-huh, I’ll tell you right away when I find it. The color, the shape, don’t hesitate to ask me about anything.

It’s fun. My world was finally painted with color when I met you.

The sky, the oceans, and the flowers that I thought nothing of before, they feel beautiful just by having you beside me.

And every time I convey that to you in words, I feel extremely fulfilled.


I thought I was fine living a life alone, but that changed ever since I met you.

There was a bit of a detour, but right now, I have you, who loves my works, in your entirety.

Yup, the dress really suits you.

Your smile really is cute, it makes me want to do all sorts of things.


Don’t worry, you’ll never be walking alone. I’ll be there to support you.

I’ll be watching you on the side the whole time so that you don’t wander anywhere. After all, you’re no longer able to do anything yourself.

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