【Translation】 Shinai naru Thanatos vol.1 Kaikou Stellaworth Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Rusty Memories


Hmm, for here… Would this work?


Oh, it’s complete!!!

Look, I’m done!


Yes, a choker. I’m sure it’ll suit your slender neck. I’ll put it on you right now.

Ah. Have you lost weight again?

We can’t have that. You have to eat properly.

I’m sorry, it’s also because I’m bad at cooking too, isn’t it? I tried to do my research before making things.


It’s because you’re precious to me. There are no other reasons outside of that and that’s why I’m giving you presents like this.


Wow, it suits you so well. And the size is perfect.

You’re cute today too.

Oh, right, let’s measure the size of your feet next.

Eh? How cruel, did you already forget? Remember, I told you that I wanted to give you sandals as a present the day we were united, didn’t I?

So, get well quick. And until then, I’ll be finishing it.

I’m so looking forward to it.

You’ll be wearing the sandal I made and we’ll be taking strolls together along the coastlines.


I feel extremely happy just from the thought of it.

Until now, it had always been for the sake of either money or self-interest, but to think it was this joyous to create for someone.

I’ll go grab the measuring tape then, so wait here.


Eh. Wait…!!!

Hey, what’s the matter? Where were you trying to go?

Were you perhaps thirsty? Because if you had told me, I would’ve grabbed water for you.

You weren’t trying to escape by any chance, right? You would never do that, right? You promised to never leave me, right?

Come on, show me your face.


Hmm? Why are you crying?

Were you feeling lonely because I hadn’t been paying attention to you today!?

I’m so sorry for not noticing.

Don’t worry, I love you fully. I have no eyes for anyone else.

All I need is you.


It’ll hurt your back to do it there, right? So let’s do it on top of the bed.

Please don’t struggle.

Oh, are you perhaps embarrassed?

No worries, nobody’s watching.

Don’t do that. I’ve said it many times, haven’t I? It’ll feel better when we entwine our tongues like this.


Look, your place here is nice and erect. You’re feeling it, aren’t you?

I’ll give it some proper love.

Here too.


Let me hear more of your voice.

Since you have a lewd body, this place quickly becomes wet.

As expected, you have no need for underwear.


Hey, can you tell that I’m pressing up against you?

Today, I might not be able to take it slow.

Let’s become one at once.


Why do your insides feel this good? I can never tire of it.

As my days with you, increase, I grow to love you even more. I get scared from time to time that I won’t be able to retain my reason.

You see, I, even though I love you, there are times where I wish to kill you.

It’s strange, right?

Hey, so, please stop doing what you did today, it makes me extremely anxious.


You spoke about this before, didn’t you? That your dream is to live with your husband in a log-house like this and to buy a dog.

I’ll…all, I’ll grant all of it. I promise.

So, please, please don’t leave me alone. I don’t want to be alone anymore.

I can’t…imagine a life without you.


I’ll cherish you more than anyone, so I want you to cherish me too.

Love me more!


Ah. The choker left a mark. Though, that is beautiful in and of itself.

Oh, speaking of which, I never mentioned my dream.

I wish to live quietly together with you and our future children along with my mother and older brother without anyone’s interference. Nothing more, nothing less.

But this first and last dream I have, I’m sure it will come true someday. And when that time comes, I want you to smile by my side.


And yet…

Why can’t I seem to remember your smile?

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