【Translation】 Shinshoku Renai ~case01 Kujou Tsukasa~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

侵食レンアイ ~case01 九條司~

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: Tentative Offer


Now then, let us toast.


Once again, I would like to congratulate you on your tentative job offer. I’m glad the decision passed without issue. With this, you’ll be a full-fledged member of society in April.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve known you since you were young, but, although it still doesn’t feel real to me, I’m happy that we’ll be working together at the same company.

Mhm, I feel the pressure. Being looked at in that light is inevitable considering that my father’s the company president.

My father, and his equals, stated that there’s no meaning in me inheriting the position if my abilities could not extend beyond that.


Oh, sorry for talking about this when we’re celebrating this happy occasion. I just thought that I should try my best after seeing your hard work pay off.

That reminds me…

Here. It’s a congratulatory gift​ from me for your employment.

I’d be happy if you take a liking to it.

Sure, go ahead and open it.

Yup, it’s a wristwatch. You’ll need one when you’re a working adult, no?

I’ll put it on for you. Pass me your hand.


Mhm, it’s nice. It suits you incredibly well as I predicted. I thought this design would definitely fit you.

I’m glad you like it.

What’s the matter? You’re suddenly silent.

Could it be that you’re still bothered by the fact you didn’t succeed in the final interview for your top choice company?

It’s regrettable, but it’s great that you were able to console. Besides, you should know that it’s difficult to enter the company I’m in.


Oh, you found it strange that you only received a tentative offer from my family’s high-standing company?

It’s because the company needed your abilities, that’s all.

What are you saying? Even if I could mediate it with my father, the company president, it’s not a company you can simply enter through connections.

Yup, so have more confidence in yourself.

If you dislike the company, how about you become my bride right here and now? I don’t mind taking you as my bride immediately after you graduate.

I’m joking so please don’t make that expression. You were looking so down so I wanted to offer a little banter.

That said, please tell me if you change your mind, I’ll marry you as soon as you want.


I see, so you’re serious. In that case, I’ll have my expectations set for you as an employee of the company.

Oh, it looks delicious.

Come on, let’s eat before it gets cold.


Track 2: Sweet Night


You’re staying over today, no?

Really? I’m so happy because it’s been a long time since we were last alone together. And I don’t have to hold back in fear of becoming an obstacle amidst your job hunt anymore, right?

I wanted to hold you tightly all day like this.

You too?

I see.


Oh, the mark I left last time has completely faded.

Is it okay if I leave a new one?


Hey, please let me kiss you lots more.


I know you put in all your effort in your job search, but we couldn’t meet nor could we kiss. I couldn’t hold you like this either, and it made me really lonely.


Your lingerie today is incredibly cute, did you choose it for my sake?

It feels like a waste to take it off.

The tips of your breast are a little hard.

What a cute voice. Please let me hear it lots more.


Ah, you’re already a little wet.

What a nice reaction. Did you want me to touch this place that badly?

Really? But it twitches every time my fingers brush against it though.

It’s amazing, it’s already become like this.

Shall I remove the bottom?

Could you open your legs up a little?

Mhm, that’s right. Good girl. I’ll stroke the inside too.

I’m inserting my fingers, okay?


I know, rather than being rough, you much prefer it when I take my time and caress you gently like this.

Cute voice.

How do you want it?


Ah, you like it here, don’t you? The reaction here is different from everywhere else, after all.

I’ll increase the number of fingers.


Wow, you’re swallowing up my fingers this easily.

I’ll thoroughly grind the deepest part later, okay? So bear with it for a little longer.


Aah…it’s so soothing to hold you like this.

Is it okay for me to enter inside you now? It has gotten a little hard for me.

I’m putting it in then.


Are you okay? A bit more and it’s all in.

It’s in.

I love you. I wish we could stay connected like this forever.


It feels really good.

Are you feeling good as well? Are you really feeling it?

I see. I’m happy.


I love you.

Why do I love you this much? I love you so much that I feel like I’m losing my mind.


It feels good…

Sorry, I don’t think I can last much longer.


That felt good.

I don’t want to part just yet. Can I stay inside you a little longer?

I feel happy.

I like you. I love you.


Track 3: Overprotectiveness


Oh. What’s this? Were you in the middle of moving areas?

How long has it been since I last met you inside the company? I didn’t think I’d meet you here so it makes me happy. So where are you going?

I see, so you have a meeting in the afternoon.

You’re doing your work excellently. Somehow, this is reassuring.

Oh, right, now that you mention it, it’s already been half a year since you entered the company.

I have a board of directors meeting. Since I’ll be going either way, I’d prefer having the meeting with you present.


Huh? Eh?

That person over there. He’s your mentor, right? It looks like he’s searching for you and is coming this way.

Oh, that reminds me. Wait.

My afternoon meeting might be a bit prolonged. I’m sorry, but can you wait a little for me after your shift ends?

Nope, I take enjoyment in picking you up in the morning and sending you home in the evening, so listen to what I tell you and wait.

It’s fun, I get to spend the day with the most precious person to me.

Now then, I’d like to talk with you more, but it looks like he’s waiting. Come on, go to your meeting. I’ll see you later.


I saw your message.

It’s 3 hours past your working hours and you’re still working? It’s finally Friday, and we promised to go out and eat something tasty together several days ago, didn’t we?

I understand that you’re busy with work, but this shouldn’t be occurring every day.

Who instructed you to complete tasks that cannot be left unfinished?

There’s no way it’s your fault, is it? This isn’t the type of workload that should be given to a newcomer who’s only been here for half a year-

Bring out your mentor. Naturally, he’s with you, no?

Why won’t you pass the phone to him?

Regardless if he’s your mentor and your senior in that department, don’t you think it’s crossing a line to have your work overtime almost every single day? So to have him as your mentor is pretty ridiculous.

Hey, this is just a guess, but you’re not having a change of heart towards me because of him, right?


I wonder about that. I catch glimpses of it occasionally, but he’s beside you, right?

You interact with him quite happily, and you’re talking increasingly more about him even during conversations with me.

It can’t be helped…?

You never would’ve said that before. No matter how busy you were, you would always make time because you wanted to see me even for a bit.

Hey, why? You would always listen to me in the past, did you not? So why are you listening to that man over than me?


I understand. Today, I’ll leave first. If it gets late, please be careful on your way back.

There have been stranges things occurring around me lately, and I’m worried that, on the off-chance, something might happen to you.

Also, if you plan to continue working overtime like this in the future, it’ll give me certain impressions.


Track 4: For Your Sake


Good morning.

Your eyes are red. Have you not slept much?

I see, you were working hard at your job throughout your days off. That said, no matter how much it’s worth doing or how fun the work is, there’s no meaning if you destroy your health in the process. At least be mindful of your physical state.

I’m not angry, rather, I’m remorseful for going too far last week. I’m sorry.

I thought about you all weekend long. If I think about it carefully, with your seriousness and strong sense of responsibility, there’s no way you would drop tasks you were entrusted with in the midst of doing them.


Have you fastened your seatbelt?

Let’s go then.


Hmm? Does it look that way?

To tell you the truth, something good happened.

Are you curious? …However, it’s a secret for now.

There’s no need to make that face, you’ll immediately know when you arrive at work.


Go ahead, come on in.


You’ve come, I’ve been waiting.

I just arrived too. I still haven’t sorted out my bag yet so sorry that it’s a bit messy.

What’s the matter? Don’t just stand there, hurry up and come on over.

Your seat’s here, next to my desk.

Today’s treated as a transfer day. There’s no formal schedule so please take your time and organize your things.


“What’s the meaning of this”?

You saw that there was a change in personnel, didn’t you? From today onwards, you’ve been transferred to the secretarial section reporting to the vice-president.

Oh, human resources still haven’t discussed the exact details with you yet.

To tell you the truth, many events have occurred last week. Although the position wasn’t disclosed by human resources, the current executive vice-president​ had been dismissed and I’ll be assuming the position of vice-president next month.

You see, my abilities were acknowledged following the achievement and success of the project I managed last year. And so, I thought I’d have you support me in business as my secretary.


When I brought up how I wanted you, who were excelling, as my secretary no matter what…although I had pensioned for you, they also recognized that there shouldn’t be an issue with your abilities.

It’s all because you earnestly persisted. With this, we can finally work together.

Human resources said a whole bunch of things to me, but I told them I was fine with just you as my secretary.

Yup, and that’s why we’ll be together alone.


Why are you making that expression? Are you perhaps not happy about it?

Strange? What is?

I don’t think there’s anything odd about it but…

Ah, are you surprised because the change in personnel was all too sudden?

You don’t have to worry about it, just listen to me and do as I say. There’s nothing difficult about that is there?


Oh, your mentor?

I just heard about it earlier, but he’s been transferred to an overseas branch in this round of personnel change.

It must be hard on him, but what about it?

Really? It’d be nice it was nothing, but we ought to tidy this place up first.

However, before that, just a little…

It’s like a dream to be alone together like this. You’re the same, right?


How troubling, I don’t think I can bear with just a kiss.

Just kidding.

Besides, I ought to leave the fun for later.

Well then, I’ll be in your care from now on.


We’re somehow done putting the room in order, aren’t we?

Things will get crazy later. It’s going to be a bit busy when we resume business tomorrow, so I’ll be in your care.

No need to worry, it’ll be alright.

You had the necessary requirements for your duties prior to entering the company, no? Plus I’m with you, so I can teach you the general gist of things.

I’ll always be beside you so don’t refrain from asking anything.


That said, I’m glad we’re able to return home together today. Strange events have been occurring lately.

My car was tampered, there’s a sense that someone’s watching me, I had the buzzer rung countless times, only to find no one there, so on and so forth.

Right now they’re only harassing me, but in case something were to happen to you, I’d like you to stop making your way back alone or walking about in the evenings if possible.


The roads are pretty empty today.

What’s the matter? It’s dangerous when you don’t sit properly.

The path is different?

No, there’s been no mistake because you’ll be living in my house from today onwards.

You’ve become my exclusive secretary, so it’s only natural to have you support me from up close, no? Besides, if you live with me, I can properly protect you.

Yup, from everything that dare harm us.

Ah, there’s no problem in that regard.

I explained it to your parents and got their consent so it’s fine. They wholeheartedly said that “We’re glad that you two are so close. We’ll leave our daughter to you.”


What’s up with you for the past while? Were you so moved that you were at a loss for words?

That makes me happy.

We’ll reach there in a bit.


Come on in.

What are you doing? Hurry up and come over here, your luggage has already arrived.

I thought it’d be an inconvenience so I asked for your baggage to be sent here beforehand. It’s pretty amazing how they’ve arrived on the appointed day.

Ah, you don’t need to wash or clean, all the housework is entrusted to the housekeeper.

Oh, but, I’d like to eat your home-cooking ever so often. The bento you made last time was incredibly delicious.


Are you okay?

Please be careful, it’ll be bad if you got hurt.

Why are you angry?

It’s off…? I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say, but, ah, are you trying to say that it’s still too early for us to cohabitate?

Since we’ll eventually get married, there’s no issue with us living together now. Besides, neither of us are children.


Scared? Of me?

What do you mean by that? I don’t think I’ve ever done anything wrong or that would frighten you, though.

Oh, like I thought, is it that? Did you feel a sense that someone has been following you around lately as well?

As I suspected, is that perhaps your stalker?

I ought to protect you more rigorously.

Enough, shut up for a bit.


Oh, right, let’s have dinner. Since it’s this late, you must be hungry too.


Today I request the stews that you love. The housekeeper’s cooking is pretty delicious.

Since it’s a rare occasion, how about we pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the fact that we’ll be living together?

I’ll go prepare it so please wait for a bit-

Where are you going!?


I asked, where were you going?

Go home? Home to where?

Did you not hear me when I said that this place is now your home?

I guess I was too lenient on you. Come here.


Jeez, you’re being selfish. But well, that part is cute too, though.

However, if words can’t get through to you, then I have no choice but to do this.


Don’t struggle, I don’t know what I might do if you resist now.


As expected, you’re not wet at all.

Spread open your legs, I’ll break it in for you.

Listen to what I say, otherwise, the one who’ll suffer will be you. Relax, and I’ll touch you. You like this spot, don’t you?

No? But that’s not what your body’s saying, though.

Look, you’re already wet. You’re feeling it even when you’re being treated roughly. Do you surprisingly enjoy this type of thing?


Is this enough? I’m putting it in.

Spread your legs wider.

It’ll only hurt if you resist.


There’s no need for that. If do you get pregnant, we can freely marry, and I’m certain that a child born from the two of us will be cute.

Oh, that’s a good idea. You think so too, right?

Hey, let’s hurry up and conceive the fruits of our love.


No, don’t escape. Accept it quietly and I’ll cum plenty inside you.

What are you trying to do-

I understand. I’ll respect your feelings and at least put on contraceptives. I too would like to somewhat enjoy a newlywed life with just the two of us, after all.

However, I’m no longer capable of being gentle.


It’s tight like I thought.

Does it hurt?

I see, but I won’t stop.

Relax and breathe properly, it’ll be slightly easier that way.


You’re getting unexpectedly used to this, aren’t you?

No, don’t escape.

I definitely won’t allow your mind to pay heed to anything besides me.


Please accept me all the way inside you. All of it…


How cute.

You just have to listen to what I say because it’s ultimately for your own good.

Look at only me and remain by my side forever, otherwise, Iーー


Track 5: Escape


Good morning. You’re finally awake, it’s already noon.

It was a big deal to suddenly move this week, did I push you a little bit too much? It’ll be quite busy starting the beginning of next week so rest quietly at home today.

Thanks to having you around, I feel like I can make even more progress on work.

To be able to heal me like this, my secretary truly is excellent.

Fitting snuggly inside my arms, you really are cute.


If only we could stay like this forever.

Hey, how about you initiate the kiss this time?

Good girl. That was cute.

You’re truly cute when you obediently follow my commands. I love it.

Say, how about we do it here?


Oh, what is it? A bath?

You can skip that, I can’t endure it any longer.

Are you that against it? …Then how about we bathe together?

I get it, I get it, it can’t be helped then.

Go ahead and take one.


Hey, what are you doing? What happened to the bath?

To be cramming so many things into your bag…

If you wanted to go out, then you just had to tell me. You weren’t planning to run away from me, right?

You would never do that, right?

After all, earlier you…

Hey, don’t tell me that you were actually attempting to escape?


I’m fine, I’m not angry. Rather, we need a bit of conflict in order to build a good relationship.

There’s a saying that you’re so close, you fight, after all.

Ah, come here. Let’s return and continue what we were doing earlier.


Take off your clothes.

Nope, listen to what I tell you.

Did you not hear what I said?

That’s a relief, you’re a good girl. I’d like to ask you to remove your underwear as well, but I guess I’ll take that off for you; it seems like you’ll cry if I tease you too much.

Come on, come closer.


I’ll take the bottom off as well.

No, don’t avert your face. Look, your place is swallowing up my fingers ever so lewdly.

It’s amazing, can you tell? There’s already three fingers inside you.

To squeeze down this tightly, is that how badly you don’t want to let go of my fingers? …I’ll slowly pull them in and out then.


Do you like it when I do this? Does it feel good?

Plenty of your cute moans are leaking out, so it must feel good, right?

I’ll caress your breasts as well.


This place tighten too when I sucked. How cute.

I’ll tease this place more.

Come on, you like it best when I stroke this place, don’t you?

Whenever I tease this place while I stroke your insides, you always lose control immediately.


You’re squeezing down really tightly. You’re about to cum, aren’t you?

No, don’t escape, make sure to cum from my fingers.


You came nicely, didn’t you? …It was cute.

Is it okay now? I’m putting it in.


As expected, you want to escape, don’t you?

Do you hate me that much?

Hey, please say something, why are you staying silent?

I know, “I despise you” is what you’re actually thinking, right? And that I’m doing all these horrible things while insisting that it’s for your own good, and that I’m a scumbag of a man.


Hey, are you crying?

It’s not like I wanted to make you cry. I justーー



I lost track of why I became like this.

You want to go home, huh…

It can’t be helped, can it? Let’s put some distance between us for the time being.

However, at the very least, please allow me to escort you home, I can’t let you leave alone in this type of situation.

Mhm, let’s discuss our future at a later day.


I’ll send all your remaining things to you later. Please get on the car first, after loading these, I’ll immediately-

You…what are you trying to do with her?

Don’t you tell me that you’re the one behind the malicious harassment happening around me lately?

You have no intention of answering, huh.

In any case, please calm down and drop the knife that’s in your hand. She has nothing to do with this, right?


This man’s the project leader that was dismissed from the previous project. I had him removed because he wouldn’t agree to my decisions no matter what.

I heard that he resign a couple days later, but…

The one you hate is me, no? If so, then let her go.

I’m begging you, you can do anything you want with me, but at least spare her-



Run away. Quick!!!



I see. They’ve escaped.

Are you not hurt?

I see, that’s a relief.

I’m…fine as long as you’re safe. This was an accident and I had accidentally stabbed myself by mistake, got it?

Listen, don’t let this be a setback at the company.


Track 6: Desire


This place is…? Oh, at that time I was stabbed with a knife.

I see, so I lived.

Were you by my side the whole time?

After all the horrible things I’ve done, I thought I’d never see you again. Sorry that you had to experience something so frightening because of me.

However, I’m glad you’re unharmed. Though I’m regretful that I wasn’t able to escort you home properly.


Jeez, don’t cry, I’m not able to hug you right now.

Somehow it feels like an evil demon has been vanquished. I wonder why I was that anxious? I’m the worst for having done such horrible things to you.

I couldn’t understand your feelings after you entered the company, and the way you were growing more distant made me uneasy.

You refused my proposal, saying that you don’t wish to get married just yet, you weren’t cherishing your time with me like you did before, and when you opened your mouth, you were constantly talking about another man.

In truth, I knew I was too attached, but it felt like my feeling for you were completely one-sided, and it was painful.


I’m fine, my wound ached a little, that’s all.

I’m truly sorry, it was all my self-centered egotism. You hated it, didn’t you? So I won’t force you anymore.

If you don’t wish to be affected by me, then I can introduce you to a new place of employment, but…please forgive my feelings of love for you.



What? For you to have kissed me…

Is that the truth?

I’m an idiot, I never tried to affirm your feelings. I brooded over them alone and did countless horrible things to you.

At that time, I really had no other thoughts other than to protect you, but that’s what you think then there’s worth in me getting hurt. I’m truly glad that you’re safe.


It’s okay for you to hug me more tightly. The pain is nothing, I wish to feel more of your warmth.

Hey, please allow me to kiss you once more.


Hmm? More?

Of course, I’ll kiss you as much as you’d like.


Despite being so cowardly, I’d like you to support me in the future if you’re willing.

I’m sure you’ve realized it, right? I can’t do anything without you.

Mhm, I’ll be in your care from now on.

Oh, right, is it okay for you to tell my father that I’ve awaken? I think the phone at the ground floor reception will do.

Yes, I’ll leave that to you. Feel free to take your time.


It’s me.

Yes, thanks to you, I’m alive.

Yeah, you missed my vital aptly, so the injury doesn’t seem like it’ll be anything major. I’ll probably be discharged.

Don’t worry, I won’t file a lawsuit, after all, this is something I ordered.

I can’t hurt the public face of the company so I’ll handle the incident with care.

As promised, I’ve prepared you a new workplace and management position, so there’s no need for you to be concerned about that.


I’m sure you know this already, but don’t you dare speak of this to anyone else. I don’t need to tell you what’ll happen if you break that promise, right?


Track 7: Erosion


With this, we’re finished with today’s work. Thank you for all your hard work today.

Afterwards, we just need to get home, but can you listen to one request?


I love the way you reluctantly go along with my request, so come here.


Ah, jeez, who’s calling at a time like this?

Hmm? From the president?

Pass it over to me.


The call has been transferred, it’s me, Kujou.

Yes, I’m coordinating it with the person in charge right now.

Oh, the girl who picked up the phone?

Yes, she’s my girlfriend. She’s extremely talented as a secretary and has been supporting me every day.

I suppose so, I’ll bring her along during the next day off, I would like to see father’s face after all this time, after all.

Yes, yes, understood. I’ll contact you later.


I was looking forward to doing it after finally finishing today, but that enthusiasm has been dampened.

Tomorrow’s a day off so let’s go home and do it thoroughly there.

Even your ears are red. Were you imagining the events that’ll happen?

Then just a bit more.


Aah…I wish I could do this forever.

Oh, jeez, I’ve always been weak to your kisses since before. Please don’t make me anymore hopeless than I am.

How troubling, I’m sure I can’t do anything without you. I can’t live without you.

I love you. I’ll never let you go for as long as I live.

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  1. Kborenai

    Ah, the classic yandere – controlling, manipulative af. I liked this series way back when, but my fave was the 2nd volume with the teacher-student scenario lol.


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