【Translation】 Love Tranquilizer ~Kimi dake ga Shitte iru~ Pt.5 Tsudzuki Naoyuki Animate Tokuten


Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Bar


There we go. I’ll order more soda and tonic.

What else needs replenishing……


I apologize, today’s fixed day off-

Oh, it’s you.

Were we supposed to meet in front of the station today? Ah, don’t tell me that it’s past the time we agreed upon?

……It hasn’t.


I always get my proper rest.

Lots of things happened last night. I left the bar after finishing the minimum tasks I needed for closing, so I’m sorting out the rest.

Are you curious about what I meant by “lots of things”?

Hehe. It’s nothing important,

I was invited out for ramen by a regular, that’s all. The “lots of things” that I won’t go in detail with were all in relation to you, so don’t worry.


And so, why are you here?

I told you that I was at the bar, but I did tell you that I’ll leave earlier enough to make it on time for our meeting.

Did you do the usual greeting while on a stroll?

Or…did you want to see me so badly that you couldn’t wait until the time that we set?


Something like this happened before, didn’t it?

Do you remember now?

Thinking back on it now, I had quite the self-control. I’m impressed. After getting to that point, as I am now, I definitely would not be able to stop.

On that note, I’m fully prepared for today.

How about we continue on from that day right here and now?


It’s something I’ve noticed since we first started dating, but when you sit on this chair and I’m there standing on the other side, I could see you from a viewpoint higher than our difference in height.

And when you wear clothes with a loose neckline……

Because of the way you sit, I can see the marks I left.

It’s not like I was peeking on purpose, and it’s not like you’re wearing clothes that greatly expose your chest; it was a genuinely rare and fleeting sight.


During those times, even though my intentions were to leave them in places that can’t be seen, I realize that, based on the angle, that could happen, which means that there’s a possibility that others could see.

If someone were to see it, they’d be discouraged because you already have a partner.

…Were the kinds of things I was thinking at work.

Don’t misunderstand, alright? Aside from you, that part of other guests would never enter my field of vision. And even if I were to see, I would think nothing of it.

Only since it’s you, you pique my interest even during work.


Even the tip I didn’t lick has perked up. How about I roll around and tease that with my fingers?


I think seeing it was an act of God, but whenever you’re drinking without me, I hope you can be more mindful of your posture.

Though, no matter how many times they’re seen, the only person who can actually touch them is me.

Thus, I would not be jealous.


Was I exposed?

Yes, that was a lie. I would be rather jealous if it were to happen.

Not too long ago, I was a person who had given up on love, and I thought I was indifferent to it, but…

It all started when I met you.

I didn’t think it’d be this vexing to see you from across the counter.


Though you are wet, it’s still tight when I shove it all in at once. It’s squeezing so tightly that it feels like it might bite me off.

Does it hurt?

Sorry, when I remember how you were sitting here last week and the men next to you asked for your number, I wanted to be a little harsher.

When you turned them down fully, although I wanted to erase this from inside me, it didn’t disappear.

How does it feel to have sex on the seat where you normally sit?


You don’t hate it, do you?

Your insides tightened just now.

Speaking of which, I didn’t lock the door to the bar. What do we do if someone doesn’t realize that it’s the fixed day off and comes in?

You don’t want to be seen in such a lewd state, right?

In that case, please wrap your arms around my neck and circle your legs around my waist.


We’ll move over to the door in this position.

I’ll make sure to hold onto you so that you don’t fall, but you ought to cling onto me well too.

It’s hard to even walk if your insides are clinging onto me.

Haha, I’m kidding.


With this, we’re safe.


Because of the shaking from your weight and movement, I was constantly hitting the spot you most love deep inside you, wasn’t I?

How about we cum like this?


People won’t come in, but if your voice is too loud, people outside can hear.

The lingering voice you make when you’re feeling it far more than usual is cute, but it’s nice when you’re holding back too.

It vibrates all the way to my hips.


You’re about to cum, aren’t you?

I’m at my limit too…



That felt really good.



Sorry, but can you grab the alcohol spray from behind the counter? They should be there on the shelves at the base of your foot.

Thank you.

I’ll finish up with this, so please wait a little longer.


This duster is…new, but it’s better to dispose of it.

Alright, that’s it.

Sorry to keep you waiting-

I’m happy that you came to hug me, but I can’t hug you back until I wash my hands.

Come on, let me go for a bit.


Haha, jeez, that’s so childish. If you aren’t going to let go then I’ll just walk like this.


Freshly washed, cold attack!!!


Were you surprised?

There’re shelves behind you, so be careful.


This is the first time you’ve gone behind the counters, isn’t it?

This is the view that I normally have. You can surprisingly see all the nooks and crannies of the bar, right?

Therefore, whether it’s at the table seats or route to the restrooms, if there’s a man who calls out to you, I’ll immediately see it.

Hahaha. It’s about time we left.

If we stay here any longer, we’ll start remembering various things.

I’m already remembering a bit of it, though.


Don’t worry, right now, I won’t say any more.

We’ll continue that talk, tonight, in my room.

Make sure you have a full explanation ready, alright?

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