【Translation】 Love Tranquilizer ~Kimi dake ga Shitte iru~ Pt.5 Tsudzuki Naoyuki


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Love Tranquilizer ~キミだけが知っている~ Pt.5 都竹尚之

CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Coincidental First Visit



Yes, it’s fine, the place is already open.

Are you alone? Or you are perhaps waiting for someone?

Then take a seat by the counter.


This is the first time we’ve met, isn’t it?

Thank you for coming to this bar, this is our menu. The cocktails contain liqueurs, but I can make them without them.

If there’s something you’d like to drink, please feel free to tell me.


Isn’t it a bit early to be on your way home from work?

Oh, you left straight from work.

Haha! I understand that feeling. The alcohol you drink during times you’re normally working tastes especially good.

Indeed. It’s like a luxury, and there’s an odd sense of immorality to it.

Have you decided on your devious first drink?

Alright. Request accepted. Please wait for a moment.


I wonder what I should do for the appetizer?

Oh, dear guest, are you hungry in any way right now? Please tell me what foods you can’t handle or can’t eat later.


Thank you for waiting.

Is the appetizer to your liking?

I’m glad. Thank you.

Now that you mention it, this is more or less how it is on weekdays at this hour. It only gets busy during the slightly later hours and there’ll be other staff present by then, so until then I’m here alone, leisurely passing the time.

The hours-of-operation for this bar may begin a bit too early, but I thought it could be a casual place for people to stop by when they want to hang around for a bit like you today, dear guest.

Though I say that and while it may sound cool, in reality, it’s more for my convenience.


While at the bar during lunch, I prepare new menus, so if I’m open during that time then I can get someone to sample my food.

Oh, that’s not what I’m serving you, dear guest. I’m not one to perform secret experiments, so please rest at ease.

That reminds me, I haven’t introduced myself.

I’m Tsudzuki, Tsudzuki Naoyuki.

I’m pretty much this bar’s owner, so I’m basically always around whenever the bar’s open. Pleased to have your patronage.


Is alright if I asked you questions, dear guest?

What do you do for work?

Wow, you work at a publishing house. So you edit female-targeted magazines?

May I ask you why you’re at this bar today?


Oh, please excuse me for a bit. Please enjoy your stop.




You left work later than usual today.

Well, well, good work out there. To praise you for your efforts, I present you with this wet towel.

Just kidding.

Have you eaten lunch properly today?

What about dinner?

Hmm, in that case, it’s best if you get something in your stomach before you start eating.


It’s not something to go “Eh!?” over. Did you forget that when you said it the other day, you went down in the middle of it?

If you had eaten lunch, I would happily serve you drinks.

Mother? If you’re going to compare me to family figures then at least make me the big brother.

Instead of objecting to me, it’s faster to just get it over with.


The guest that this order’s going to?

It’s fine, I’ll bring it.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

By the way, today’s recommendation’s curry. It’s filled with summer vegetables and full of nutrition, and the staff have certified its taste.

Sorry for nagging you every time, but I want you to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship with this bar and these drinks.

That. Stop with the fabrication. In what way does that seem like I’m trying to pick up a girl? Well?

Please don’t get carried away. I would never make advances towards a customer.


Track 2: Sudden Interview



It’s been a few months. What other places have you been fooling around at?

I’m joking, you must’ve been busy with work, right? I can at least guess that much when you had been staring at your schedule book with such a serious face.

No, rather than stare, I suppose it would be more correct to say that you were glaring at it.

You were creating such a deep crease there that a coaster felt like it could be caught in it. I was concerned that a scene of carnage was awaiting you.

So, did you safely overcome the battle?


Haha. As expected of you. You’ve done well at your job.

In any case, are you fine with the usual? Or would you prefer something slightly lighter?

Hmm? What’s the matter?


Oh, now that you mention it, I was thinking it was about time for closing, but well, when it comes to adapting to the situation, that’s one of the strong points of a privately-owned business.

All the other staff have left, so I’m the only one who can be your conversation partner. So, on the flip side, is that alright with you?

Then it’s decided.


Yuki, I’ll finish up with the rest of the closing, so you’re free to leave now today.

Oh, can you at least take down the signboard outside?

Alright, thank you.


Now then, to be honest, tomorrow’s a rare day-off for me too. I think it’s been a little over 2 months. I just fail to take breaks.

In other words, please allow me to drink with you today.

As fellow workaholics, let’s give a toast to this brief rest.


You’ve emptied the glass.

Would you like the same thing again?

Whoa there. Ah, I apologize, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve let my guard down, but it’s like I’m more drunk than usual… Even though I haven’t drank that much.

Is it my age I wonder?

Are you okay? Your face seems a little red.

!? I was too close, wasn’t I? I sincerely apologize.


What am I doing……

Eh? Hah!? That’s a misunderstanding!!! I was simply thinking that your face was red, and when I came to, we were that close.

I’m not blaming anyone for getting the wrong idea.

First of all, you should know that I wouldn’t have such thoughts towards women.

Hmm? Ah, uh…I just said something that might invite a different misunderstanding.

I’ll grab a chaser so that I can calm down a little.

Would you like one as well?


It’s better to drink one.

When you’re tired you get drunk more easily than you think.

Here you go.

I’ll say this just in case, but I’m attracted to women. When I mentioned thoughts towards women, it felt like it was lacking a lot of context.

I should’ve said, “you should know that I’m not interested in a relationship” instead.


Hmm… Japanese is difficult.

Here’s your refill.

On that note, how are you?

Haha! The hair downstairs. How many years has it been since it’s become prevalent?

Unlike normal, you’re discussing ideals different from your own.

Did something happen?

Work? A special edition about love?

I don’t know much about female magazines, but I have the image that they’re extremely passionate when it comes to love.

Like how relationships start or whether sex will make you beautiful.


Don’t tell me the articles you’re in charge of this time are on that subject matter?

I see.

So because you’re always dealing with that zeal, you’re more disinterested than you should be.

The ways relationships begin, huh.

To make a conclusion on what basis everyone has for starting out…

According to my friends, I’m pretty dense to begin with in that area, but during these past few years, it’s become especially unclear to me.

Lately, I have trouble remembering what romantic love even is.


I apologize, it’s become more of just my needless thoughts.

To regain the part that’s dried up, let’s drink a bit more. I’ll go procure us some snacks.


I’m finished with the equipment checks.

Err, today’s date……

Oh, today’s February, 8th. They should be arriving soon.



I was just thinking that you might’ve been coming. Was it crunch time again?

Sure, of course.

I’ll accompany you again today.


Oh? The feature from before was rated favorably, so you’ve been made in charge again. That’s amazing. There’s was worth persevering through the drought.

After lighting a spark is shortening the distance.

Or should it be more straightforward like conveying your love?


Sorry, I’m fine. So physical compatibility?

From the beginning of a relationship to that, you really jumped the gun there, didn’t you?


No, it’s fine, don’t you think? We’re both adults. And there are guests here that place emphasis on that area.

As for me…

I don’t think it’s the end all be all, but I understand the sentiment of wanting to choose someone who you’re physically compatible with. Because it feels good, after all.

Not in terms of pleasure, but comfort.

Don’t you sometimes have an intense longing for a person’s warmth and the sound of their heartbeat?

Since I’ve had such thoughts even though I’m indifferent to relationships, so you probably can’t help it when there’s a person you have feelings for.


Hmm? There’s not much else to it. It ends as just a longing.

I think that comfort is something only people with lovers can enjoy, so being disinterested in love, even if there’s a desire, nothing will come of it.

Haha. That might be nice.

Jumping straight to touch without the romance. So like a tranquilizer.

To support each other only when we’re feeling weak or wanting company. Although there are honor and respect, there’s no love nor affection.

I would like someone like that too.

I don’t know how to find someone that doesn’t fall under the categories of “lover”, though.


Tranquilizer, huh…


Few cars are passing by this street today.

Whoa, are you okay?

Care where you step.

Are you seriously going to walk home? From here, I don’t think the distance is a mere stroll.

My home is uh…farther than yours, but it’s in the same direction, so I’ll escort you.


Is that house I see past the traffic lights yours?

We’ve reached it faster than I thought.

What I’m about to say, if you don’t like the idea, you can forget it as the jests of a drunk, but do you remember what we discussed earlier at the bar?

An existence resembling a tranquilizer that you desired.

Can I…become that?


I thought about it while we were walking, if both you and I require the same thing then we could become that for each other.

Of course, nothing will come of it if we don’t have good chemistry, so right now, I can’t say for certain that it’ll work out.

So, if you’re willing to give it a try, please take this hand.


Track 3: The Prescription is in Your Hands


Is something the matter?

Your face’s laughing.


That’s the cruelest misunderstanding so far. Doesn’t that sound like I’ve got you caught in a trap?

You’re the one who said you wanted not a boyfriend, but a friend with benefits.


Look, we’ve entwined our tongues fully just now.

It would be unfair to pin all the blame on me for this reaction.

Let’s both be honest.

I wanted you tonight, so what about you?

I’m glad. Now we can test our physical compatibility without hesitation.


Don’t hold back your voice. I wish to correctly learn how and where you feel it.

So your ears are a weak spot.

Each time I brush up against them with my lips like this, your body would tremble in response, and it’s cute.


It’s fine for me to remove this, right?

I apologize, it’s soft and feels nice no matter where I touch, so I moved my hands without realizing.

It’s granted, but it has a different feel compared to my body.


Sure, but it’s hard, so I don’t think it’ll feel nice.

Go ahead, wherever you like.


Even though you’re just touching me, it feels surprisingly ticklish.

Are you satisfied now?

Now let’s stop with the examination…and continue with the sex.


Oh, right, I still haven’t touched your softest place yet.


It looks like it feels good when I tease these tips. They hardened in the blink of an eye.

Can I touch the place below too?


This place is pretty wet, but it’s tight. I have to loosen it up nicely.

Hehe. All I’ve inserted is my finger and yet you’re this drenched. You feel it quite easily, don’t you?

Sorry, I left a hickey there.

As long as you don’t wear clothes with too broad of a neckline, I don’t think it can be seen.

Please be careful what you wear.


I think it’s getting quite used to it. With this, I can easily increase it to two fingers at once.

That voice just now was very arousing.

Is it because this place is one of your sensitive spots?

Not “no”, it feels good, does it not?

When you’re squeezing down this tightly, when I think about entering inside, I might just cum from just that image.


You tightened again.

Good grief, it seems like fingers aren’t enough.

Even if you didn’t make that expression, I would’ve inserted something different before long, so please wait for a bit.


It has gotten this hard just from me touching you.

Well, can you tell? It’s throbbing

This will be going inside you right now.

I’m putting it in.



It’s not hard on you, right? Do you feel any pain?

That’s a relief.

In that case, I’ll push the rest in all at once.

Please relax a little more.


Your insides are amazing. I thought I was about to cum the moment I put it in.

Regardless of how long I’ve been neglecting it, it would be pathetic, would it not? As a man, that is.

Is it alright if I move?

This is your deepest spot, isn’t it? Does it feel good when I hit this spot?


I see, it seems that you prefer being penetrated deep.

In that case…

Let’s change to a position where we can be more deeply connected.


Can I borrow that pillow?

I’ll place this under your stomach. This way, it should be a little easier on you. So, can we continue?

I’m reaching further than I was earlier, right?

It’s incredible, isn’t it? Your insides are coiling around me tighter than before. Are you turned on from being positioned like an animal and being rammed from the back?


No matter what comes out of your mouth, it won’t be convincing.

Your insides… Look, they twitch each time I move.

You’re quite an unexpectedly lewd person.

It’s not a bad thing, I’m not all that different either.


Are you close to cumming?

Then I too…

This might be a bit rough, but I’m sorry, I can’t control myself.


I’m going to cum…

I’m still cumming.


Turn your face this way.


Is your body okay?

I’m bigger than average, so my intentions were to place as little burden on you as possible, but in the end, it didn’t feel like I was able to.

!? T-That’s not it. When I said big, I meant my physique, not ‘that’.

That expression…

You said you understood, did you not?


This is an atmosphere that is completely detached from the way love would blossom. I’m relieved that it appears that we’ll have a better relationship than I predicted.

I felt that our basic chemistry isn’t bad, but how was it for you?

Is that a compliment or a diss?

A compliment?

Then thank you.


Oh, we never mentioned that aspect.


We should end it if we find someone we like or when it’s too much for the other person either mentally or physically.

Having a person we like aside, getting to the point where it’s too much is pretty difficult, but if it ever does get to that point, please let’s do our best to sugarcoat it.

I’ll ask you once more. Could you please choose me as your tranquilizer?

I’ll be in your care too then.


Track 4: Unnoticed Symptoms


Hello, it’s Tsudzuki.

You have good timing, I was just about to call you.

Right now?

I’m still at the bar. All the staff have left, so I should be able to leave soon.

Oh, someone returned. I’ll hang up for now, I’ll see you again when I leave the bar.


Ah. For what reason……

Why are you here?

If you wanted to buy something from the convenience store, you should’ve told me. Why else would I be meeting you at your house?

With my circumstances, you… I don’t want a girl to be out walking at night.

Yes, even if it’s the road we normally take.

Did you want me so badly that you couldn’t quietly wait?


You’re not denying it.

Well, then don’t go through this unnecessary greetings, just say it honestly. That way, I can do all the naughty things that my heart desires.


I can tell that your place here is a little wet even with your underwear on. Is it because of the kiss earlier? Or were you like this the moment you came inside the bar?

Would you prefer I make you cum with my fingers here or edge you and take my time making you cum at home?

Hehe. How’s that mean?

Isn’t it only natural for me to listen to your requests since you desire me?


Mmm, it’s the scent of your house’s body soap.

Once we get home, just how much-

Hmm? Were you thinking about having sex with me?

I’m not finished with my preparations here, so let’s exercise for a bit before I’m unable to let you go.

……And then we can continue in my room.


Will you be staying over tonight?

It’s hardly convincing when you’re there with your eyelids nearly closed.

Luckily, I hadn’t had anything to drink today, so I’ll send you on your way on my motorbike in the morning.

How early do you need to leave from here so that you can make it on time?

Got it.

It’s nice being able to take it easy for once, isn’t it?

Well then, let’s sleep until it’s time.


It’s not too cramped there, right?

You can take up a bit more.

Yes, what is it?

That’s right. I thought it’d be handy for when I need to quickly come and go from places when something happens.

I rented a place even a 10-minute walk away from the bar.

Oh, uh, yes, what I said that time was half lie and half truth. But the direction is indeed the same, no?


It’s for the same reason I mentioned earlier at the bar.

Knowing that a girl is walking back alone at night, I didn’t want to be the first one to get home.

I’m surprisingly gentlemanly, you know? Did you not realize?

Now that’s been said, please don’t repeat what you did today. The streets at night offer too many dangers.

I did make a move without giving it much thought, though.

If someone were to see us, they would undoubtedly get the wrong idea that we’re dating. And it’ll be troubling if that were to happen, right?


Well then, let’s just say it means that both of us need to exercise more caution and let’s sleep.

Good night.


Why did I make up such a lie…?

I had completely forgotten about it. I really wonder why. Not only that, because I said that lie, we wound up in this relationship and the distance between us is even shorter than before.

Did I impulsively lie because I wanted the distance to shorten?

No way. If that were true then that would absolutely be the start of a love.

I probably chose this kind of relationship because I thought it would be trouble…


Track 5: Awareness and Sudden Changes


Ah, the weather’s nice.

Since it’s a rare chance, I’ll guess I’ll wash some larger items. Pillowcases and sheets…

Huh? There was a sound just now.

Isn’t this something she wore?

To forget something on the bed, how cliche. If I return this next time…no, she might be searching for it, so I should contact her just in case.


Err, this showed up in my bed. Could you come to my house tonight to grab it?

And sent.

It almost seems like an invitation, but well, I guess it’s more or less the same thing.

Hmm? That reply was quick.

“Next time I visit your bar”? This is a rejection, isn’t it?

I understand.

But no matter how I look at it, I won’t be able to hand over something like this secretly. And I even told her to be more careful.



It’s now just me today.

Oh, right, this. This is the thing you forgot that I told you about the other day. It’s been with me for 3 weeks, but was that okay?

You said you’d be retrieving it at the bar, so I thought it was something you immediately needed.

It was my misunderstanding, so please don’t worry about it.


Would you like to drink something?

Since it’s this late, if you came just to get the item, you don’t need to feel obliged to order anything, it’s fine for you to leave.

You need to wake up early tomorrow, no?

So you’re leaving.

I’ll escort you outside.


I still have to finish closing, so this is it for today.

I apologize.

Please be careful on your way home.


I’ll visit your house this Sunday night after I close up the bar.

I don’t think it’s good for us to continue like this, so I’m sorry for the sudden request. If it’s a really inconvenient day for you then please tell me what day you’re free.


Good evening.

I apologize, I’m a bit late.

This Sunday night, there was an unusual stream of guests, and you seem busier than ever before.

Was today’s promise a bit forced? I was a little worried.


I’m glad you waited.

Is it okay if I stay here today until morning……?

Hah, I knew it. You weren’t busy, you were avoiding me, weren’t you?

I could tell by that reaction of yours. If you do something that obvious, there’s no way I wouldn’t notice.

As expected, you can’t completely separate your body from your feelings.

Even though we both began this relationship with that kind of understanding, before we knew it, it had become like this.


It was to last until we find someone we like or when we feel that it’s too much, right?

I longer wish for this.

Then is there another way?

That’s hard to answer, right? I apologize, I asked on purpose. After seeing your face, I wanted to tease you at the end.


Once you’ve sorted out your feelings, please come by the bar again, okay? You don’t need to force yourself to, but the other regulars were worried too.

Well then, thank you for everything until now.

I hope that this time you can start a proper relationship.

Not necessarily with me, but anyone.


Track 6: Necessitated Re-examination



It’s fine, come on in.

Are you fine with the usual? You visited me earlier than I expected, so…I was a bit surprised.

So, what did you do about the matter at hand afterwards?

!? I’m so sorry, you looked calm, so I thought the conversation would certainly head in a good direction.

I’m wrong, aren’t I?


Ah, I don’t think you need to force yourself to end it. Since you fell in love with someone you thought you’d never love, maybe the same is true for the other person.

Conversely, if you continue to think that way, you might no longer love him.

If giving up that love is just as painful as loving someone one-sidedly then I’d choose to love them.

Since that’s how it is, I continue to love you.

Though I say that, I-

What’s the matter?


EH-!? Ah, uh, sorry, I was so excited that I stubbed my toe.

That aside, what did you mean by your words earlier? Wasn’t I the person who was rejected that day?

I was indeed the one who cut off the conversation, but…that was because you had someone you liked.

Ngh! Sorry, again, I…

Looks like we need to have another talk together.


You took that as being rejected because I found out that you broke the promise and ended up liking me based on what I said that day.

Being so dull that I never noticed and wanting to tease you at the end…

And later on, it was entirely words meant to push you after pointing out that I’ve noticed your feelings.

Purposefully, so that you could give up, eh.

Then, well… No, no, I’m not that terrible of a man. Sigh.


I mean, me being me, I thought the reason you were avoiding me was that you found another person that you liked.

Saying that we’re even… No, I think your misunderstanding was worse, more than anything, your image of me is just horrid.

Haha, what am I saying?

We both are terrible at romance.

Let’s make sure to double-check things so that we don’t have any more misunderstandings.


I’m in love with you.

If you feel the same then could you take me as your boyfriend?


Thank god!!!

Did you hit yourself on anything?

I’m sorry, I forgot just how big I am.

Is it alright if we do it right now?


It’s the taste of you. It’s been about 2 weeks.

No, waiting, since I was being avoided by you even before then, it’s been quite a while since we went all the way.

Even though I never felt that way when we were passing by each other……

The moment I realized that I was touching you, my body started reacting.

Well, it’s hard, isn’t it?

You’re the one who made it like this.


Sorry, even though the bed is right there, to be doing it on the floor…

I can’t wait any longer.

Is it okay if I leave kiss marks on you? …To leave the mark that you are mine on your body.

I left one by accident the first time we did it, no? I had been careful not to leave my trace on you since then. I thought leaving them was against the rules. Though, I was the one who decided that all on their own.

Do you realize…how many times I held myself back from sucking on your body like this?

Starting from today, it’s fine, right?


I know, I won’t leave any in place that can be seen even with clothes. It’s fine for them to be seen only by you and me.

Please spread your legs.

I think it’ll be better to lick this place gently than it is to suck on it hard.


I lick and lick and yet, it keeps on flowing.

Have you not gotten more sensitive than you were last time?

So being lovers would have this kind of effect… Being cute on top of being lewd, isn’t that cheating?

I’m at my limit.


I-I’m sorry, I think I might go a bit too rough today.

Your insides are so hot…

You couldn’t wait either, could you?

If you tighten that much-

Stop, I’m finally your boyfriend, so I want to take it more slowly.


Place your legs on my shoulders.

This way, I can be deeply connected with you while looking at your face.

This place is the spot you like, right? You leak a cute voice each time I hit this place.

No, you mustn’t cover your mouth.

I love that voice, so let me hear more of it.


I love you… I love you from the bottom of my heart. I won’t let go of this hand ever again, so be prepared. I’m probably pretty possessive.


I’m…going to cum!


I knew it, I’m glad I didn’t give up.


Track 7: Third-party Perspective


Okay, here’s your refill.

In truth, I wanted to tell you this before I took your order, but isn’t it better if you stopped there?

Don’t you have a meeting first thing in the morning?


When said that you were okay last time, you ultimately overslept. Your co-workers ended up witnessing me sending you over there on my motorbike and you wound up being teased in more ways than one is what I heard.

From who?

It wouldn’t be fun if I told you immediately, would it?

Take a little guess.


Mr. Tsuji, you have the day off tomorrow, right? So I gladly welcome you as a stand-in.

Are you fine with having the same drink as before?

Please wait.


Oh, my apologies.

Erm, as for the answer to that question……

That is correct. I’m dating her.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Mr. Tsuji, there’s something I’d like to consult you about. It’s in regards to that area.

Oh, no, it’s not like I’m hiding it.

The age difference isn’t one that’ll start rumors, but I didn’t want that ambiance to be front and center at work, so my intentions were to act the way I usually do.

So it was obvious.

That’s what I thought.

From hereafter, I’ll be poked fun at even here, so be prepared.


Eh? A celebration?

No, no, no, no, no, it’s weird to have you pour champagne, Mr. Tsuji.

Hey, Yuki, don’t just follow along!

Mr. Tsuki?

Hey, Yuki!!!


And so I was deliberately made fun of right after.

So, can you actually wake up properly tomorrow?

If you’re lacking even a bit of confidence, I’ll send you over there again with my motorbike.

Here, this is a spare key to my house.

You might not need it today, but please hang onto it.

Oh, speaking of which, do you have a source in mind?


Too bad, you’re wrong.

The younger brother of one of my middle school classmates was affiliated with your company.

It’ll be too long to explain, so I’ll save that for next time.


Quite a lot of people have found out without even us realizing, so how’s your state of mind right now?


As for me…

To be honest, I’m happy. Each time I’m teased like I was earlier, I ended up thinking about you even more openly even at work.

I wonder if this is what you call being “drunk on love”?

It’s a feeling I’ve never felt before, so frankly, I’m a little over-the-moon.

Though, it would be bad if I were to end up in a drunken stupor like I would be alcohol.


We just started dating, so it’s fine for me to savor this feeling, for now, right?

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