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CV: Ichijou Hirame (一条ひらめ)

Track 1: I love Big Brother!


Yes, who is it?

Oh, it’s you.

You really did come here. To come this late, what’s wrong?

You’re lonely?

I see. It’s only been 2 months since you started living alone.

Sure, so instead of standing around talking, come inside for the time being. I can at least get you something to drink.


I’ll go grab the glasses, so sit here and wait.

Even if you don’t make that expression, it’ll be fine, I won’t contact your parents. I’ll sit down and listen to what you have to say. Alright?

I only had carbonated water, so I brought some pre-packaged tea.

Choose whichever one you want…or rather, they’re both yours.

Oh, I don’t know if this can serve as a teacake, but I have chocolate. I went on an overseas trip with my department and it’s a souvenir from that.

I thought it’d be better than nothing, but seeing it again…


Sorry, the timing was just bad. Next time, I’ll prepare proper snacks and drinks, so make do with this for today.

And so, since you’re at my place again, have you not made friends at university yet?

The first month is super hectic, so I guess you didn’t have time for that.

Don’t you have classes?

If so then you should have a lot of overlap with people in the same major, so I think you could build your circle of friends from there.

If they’re taking the same major that means they have similar interests and should be easier to talk to.


What’s the matter?

I’m sorry, did I say something strange?

Something must’ve happened, right?

Sure, I don’t mind if you stay over. I didn’t clean the place much, so I’ll be tidying it up right now if that’s alright with you.

Oh, right, I have to bring out a futon too.

No, no, it’s bad to sleep together, no?

You can take the bed and I’ll sleep in the futon, so let’s sleep separately-


That face… It feels like you won’t listen no matter what I say.

I get it, let’s sleep together.

That said, it’s just for today, today’s an exception. Once you talk about what happened and get that weight off your shoulders, you’ll then sleep alone.

Got it?

Alright. There, there.


Uh…I patted you out of old habit. You don’t hate it, right?

I see. That’s a relief.

Somehow it feels like it’s been so long since I last patted your head. I used to do this often when we were young, but the way things were then and the way they are now is entirely different.

Children grow up so fast, don’t they?

You’ve got a point. You’re already a university student. You’re no longer a child…

However, doesn’t that make it all the more troubling?

You say that you aren’t a child, but are you self-aware that you are a woman?

I’ve been watching you since you were a child, so I would never feel that way towards you, but it’d be a mess had it been any other man. Please be more careful when you’re with guys besides me.


Oh, right, make sure to not join any weird circles-

What is it?


What’s with that all of sudden?

I love you too. You are my precious childhood friend, after all.


In that sense? What do you mean?

Love is love, right?

Thank you, but I think you’re mistaken.

You started living alone in an unfamiliar place and you don’t have any acquaintances at university either.

You’re a bit lonely because you’re not used to the new environment. And there, there happens to be me whom you’re well-acquainted with, so it’s just dependence.

I’m happy that you’re relying on me, but you must not confuse that with romantic love.

If you’re planning to sleep with me with those feelings, then we can’t sleep together.


Why that is…? Don’t you already know?

If a girl tells me that they love me while on the bed, I’ll get into that kind of mood. But well, if you don’t say anything, it’ll remain a good memory.

I can’t do anything to give you the wrong idea if I already know that you’re mistaken.

It’ll be alright. Even if we can’t get in the same futon, I’ll be with you.

I’ll hold your hand until you fall asleep like we did in the past. So, well, can you promise me that today’s the only day?


Track 2: 2 Years Later


You came again?

I mean, I don’t mind. I’ll listen to what you have to say, so please leave right after.


So, is it the same thing again today? Are you gonna go “Please go out with me, Yuu!” or “Let’s sleep together”?

I’ve said it countless times, but I have no intention of dating you. Also, I have no plans of sleeping together with a girl who isn’t my girlfriend, so please just give up already.

Today’s the last, eh.

How many times has it been? Last means one final time, you know?

Based on what I can remember, you made that promise at least 10 times and I have a feeling that you’ve broken it about the same amount of times. Is it just my imagination?


You apologize, but most times you don’t follow through with it. Is this not what happened in the past?

How did things come to this? I was too soft on you the first time?

If you’re going to cry over it then how about you head home? You can still make the last train, right?

You know, you’d come over to my apartment just like that, cry, pester me to comfort your loneliness, and cry again when we have to part. As we kept repeating that cycle, did you think I felt nothing?

I do feel a sense of guilt towards you, but at this rate, I can’t face your parents.

If we continue this even further, it wouldn’t be strange for there to be a mistake made. For me, I’ve gotten rather desensitized to it. So, I’m telling you to leave before something happens.


It’s not good for me. I find it troubling.

You’re merely dependent on me. You can’t call that love, so don’t drag me into it.


Sorry, I said too much. I apologize.

However, if we just let this go on, it won’t be beneficial for either of us.

You’ve finally gotten used to university life and have made friends, so it’s not good that you’re dependent on me.

You’re the precious childhood friend whom I’ve been watching over ever since they were a child, so I want you to have a good school experience. Could you please understand those feelings?


Alright, good girl.

Come here, give Big Brother a little hug.

Has studying been rough?

What about circles? Have they been fun?

Oh, you went and had get-togethers each time the exams were finished? When you reach the drinking age, people strangely push you to drink, don’t they?

I’m not fond of it, but ways to cleverly overcome that are something I use even when I’m a working adult.

Also, the friendships you make in university lasts for a long time.

It may not be for connections, but I think there’s no harm in cherishing those bonds. Besides, you know, aren’t there cool guys among them?


Well, I knew you’d reply with that. But if this continues, I won’t be able to get myself a girlfriend, you know?

It’s not unrelated.

If I have a girlfriend, then I won’t be able to comfort you when you cry-

I guess I was stepping out of line.

I ought to find myself another partner soon. My parents may not be saying anything, but if I don’t find someone, soon it’ll probably reach the point where there’s no one eligible around me.

No hobbies, no girlfriend, and of course, no arrangements either.

A life where I do nothing but head back and forth between work and home is pretty bad, don’t you think?


You’d likely show up from time-to-time, but since you come by my house unannounced, you’d probably stand there alone in the passageway until I return.

If this wasn’t something you’d do then it wouldn’t have crossed my mind.

However, I’m so worried about the way you are now that I think you’d do it.

You’re cute when you’re crying out of loneliness, and I nearly get the careless wrong idea.

Ah. No, what am I saying…?

Being this close to each other has created a weird atmosphere, so let’s separate.

I’ll escort you to the station, so please gently return home today.


Come on, stand up.

Stand up.

Hey, what’s wrong?

Huh? What is it? …Don’t yank me!!!


Track 3: Bondage + Forced Ejaculation


Ow, I hit my head.

Worry about you? Why would I? I don’t have an ounce of concern for someone who’s mounted firmly on top of me.

So, what kind of act is this?

Are you gonna say “Imma kill you and then kill myself”?


Your eyes seem pretty lit-up, though. Could it be that this had always been your aim?

You know, if you really do love me then you should’ve put more proper effect into conveying it-


Eh? What? Handcuffs?!!


No, no, what are you doing? Don’t remove my belt, don’t take it off…!!!

What is that? A blindfold-


Why are you doing something so ridiculous?

No, that is undoubtedly a blindfold and gag. So, what kind of forced excuse is that? Also, what’s this combination of belt and handcuffs?

On that note, where did you learn this from?

If you had time to be researching this then you’ve worked becoming independent.

As I’ve said, I’m tired of hearing that.

Stop using the excuse of you liking me and actually-


W-Was that a kiss?

Don’t you think it’s cowardly to attack me by surprise when I can’t see?

Oh, that’s why you have the blindfold on.

Well, it doesn’t matter. So, what do you plan on doing to me? Are you aiming to become a predatory woman?

I praise the attempt, but you’re targeting the wrong-


Y-Your tongue went in entirely just now……

What? What are you looking at?


There’s no fun in staring at a man’s chest-

Cold!!! The tips of your fingers are cold…!!!

It’s cold, don’t place your palm on it too.

W-What are you doing? Don’t rub it around. It’s like you’re a pervert.


No, I was just a little surprised! I’m not feeling-

Don’t suddenly blow on it, it’s cold.

It does feel good-

What? Something feels slippery? Don’t tell me it’s your tongue?!! You’re licking it with your tongue!?

Don’t press down in it, it kind of hurts…


You finally let go.

Even though it was sudden, you have no mercy, do you? But unfortunately-

N-No, don’t suck them, don’t bite them……

It’s not cute. Stop!

You…there’s something off with you today. Even if you do this, I won’t feel anything-

Why are you laughing?

Please don’t bite down.

You’re w-wrong, just now was… Like I said, it’s not cute! Don’t laugh!!!


Damn it, I can’t get them off. Because I can’t see, it’s all the more-

Where do you think you’re licking…?

Stop, stop!!!

Stop licking my stomach. Haha.

Jeez, I get it, just do what you want. I don’t know what your goal is, but nothing will come out of doing this.


Hey, are you being serious?

I did tell you to do as you like, but even so, that’s going a bit too far-

Of course, I wouldn’t react to this.

Wait! Don’t rub it, don’t stroke it…!!!

I-It can’t be helped, right? If you touch it like that, of course I’d react. Also, because you’ve been coming here almost every day, I didn’t have the free time for that.

More importantly, you’re now an adult, so please pay more attention to that fact.


Don’t tell me you factored in that as well?

It feels good…

No, what I said was wrong.

Wait, where do you think you’re putting your hand?

Directly with your fingers-

No, stop, I’m losing strength. Please stop……

No, no, I don’t want this!

Please no.


No, no, no, noーー

I’m about to cum.

I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum. It’ll get on your hands.

Let go! You’ll get dirty. I don’t want to dirty you.

Even though I don’t…


No, that’s not it…

Not rougher, I want you to st-stop…

Please stop your hand. Let go, please let go!!!

No, please don’t move your hand-

No, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!! Hand, please stop your hand.


Huh? “Love”?

What? Love what? Me? You love me?

Stop, let go, no, no, I’m really about cum-



Track 4: Big Brother’s Feelings


This is the worst.

You’re satisfied now, right? So let go.


Until the end? In other words, with me, you’ll…

Did you do this out of curiosity? Is that why you wanted to date me?

No matter how much you like them, if you do it without the other person’s consent, it’s a crime.

I kept repeating things, but you never listen, do you?

Then I’ll ask you this. Can you still say that you love me after seeing this pathetic appearance?


An immediate reply, huh.

Are you really in love with me?

Then I have something to tell you as well, so can you remove the blindfold? It’s an important subject, so I want to discuss it with you properly, face-to-face.


Ugh, it’s a little blinding…

You’re going to make that expression then you shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

But I see, you really are serious.

Even though the girl I love is suffering in front of me, I can’t even hug them, huh. Though, that might be a good thing. If you were to remove the handcuffs now, I feel something bad would happen.

You don’t seem too surprised.

I’ve been in love with you for a long time, you know?


You knew…?

I see. But if you knew then you shouldn’t have confessed your love for me. This shouldn’t have happened.

I’m sure you’d be disillusioned once you realize what form my love for you takes.

And so, I say this before it reaches the point of no return, so listen carefully.

I’ve always loved you. Ever since we were young. Always.


I first realized that my love was partially romantic when you were in elementary school and I was in high school.

I had a girlfriend during that time, do you remember?

I hate to admit it, but me dating that girl was what sparked it.

Dates and handholding were fine. However, kissing her, touching her, and being touched by her in different places…as we proceeded beyond that, it slowly withered.

I heard stories of it wilting due to nervousness, so I tested it multiple times. But even if we get to the insertion part, it always droops in the middle of it without fail.

I did love that girl in my own way, so it was a shock.


Just when I began thinking that it was an illness, I caught a glance of you in a swimsuit.

Even if I don’t say it, you know the rest.

That said, I didn’t really feel anything when looking at other kids in the area. And later, I continued to date many more girls in my age group.

None of them worked out, though.

That’s why I could no longer deny that you were special all along. I finally realized that the love I faintly sensed for you was something incredibly weighty.

So, since then, the whole time, for almost 10 years, I’ve always, always loved you.

I thought only of you.


I’ve had many thoughts, including those I cannot mention.

Thus, if you truly claim to love me then it’s all the more reason for you not to accept me. I’m not the type of person you should love.

If you allow it then I don’t know what I might do to you. I’m confident that I’ll be able to control myself.

So you still like me despite that.

So you still want to date me, huh.


Haa… Did you not understand what I said?

I just told you that the ‘Big Brother’ you claim to love does not exist, though.

I wanted to pin you down when you were a child, strip you of your clothes, and shove it inside you even by force.

I was back during summer break when you said you had someone you liked at middle school, right? I’m sure you have no idea what I was thinking at that time.

“Since her body has changed, if I were to rape her, she’ll become pregnant with my child. In which case, I can steal her away at any time.”

Is what I was thinking.

So, can you still claim to love me? There’s no you could, is there?!!


Don’t come near me. Leave me.

The handcuffs… Why?

You love me? Why do you say you love me? In a situation like this, I’ll start laying hands on you, you know? I’ll think I’m accepted, you know?

Stop! Right now, you can prevent it-

Idiot, what are you doing!? Don’t strip, don’t strip!!!


Eh? I’m sorry, did I touch someplace strange?

I’ve been made a fool by you, idiot!

Well, it’s scary, right? It’s disgusting, right? Tell me to stop, say “Stop, Yuu!” That way, I’ll stop. That way, I’ll be able to stop!!!

I’m begging you, please tell me you hate it…


What’s with you? I don’t know what you’re trying to do. If you say something like that, I’ll think you’re actually giving me permission.

So you’re really fine with this.

You won’t regret it?

Is that so? Then even if you want me to stop midway, I won’t.

I’ll be doing plenty of extremely indecent or cruel things starting now, got it? It won’t feel good at all, it’ll only hurt, I’ll be doing things that’ll make you never want to do it again.


I’ll ask you one last time.

Are you truly fine with me?

So you are…

I really don’t understand you, I really don’t understand why you would love someone like me.

But I see. I see. I really will be going all the way, okay…?


Track 5: First Time with Big Brother


Your shoulders are tense. Are you scared?

Of course, you are. It’s expected.

I definitely won’t do anything you’re against nor will I do anything that hurts. Or at least, I’ll try to.

So, if you dislike it even a little bit, please tell me right away.


When I view things again, it’s a strange feeling. I have you pinned on my bed, naked. And you, loving me, it’s almost like a dream.

Even if it’s a dream… No, I have no intention of letting you go, so please be with me forever.

Say, is it alright if I kissed the base of your ear?

I’ll do it slowly then.


Darn, it smells really nice.

I’ll be touching your body, okay?


It’s different from before, but I’ll be careful not to hurt you.

Umm, I want to leave kiss marks on you. Is that okay?

I won’t leave it somewhere where it can be seen. Like on the arms? And if it’s on the chest, you can cover it with clothes. So, it’s fine, right?


How should I say it? It’s more calming than I thought.

I was a bit too excited, so with this, I think I’ve settled down a little.


So these are all marks I’ve left, huh.

I have no sense of time.

Is it alright if I touch your breasts?

Though, it’s a bit late to ask now since I’ve already left a bunch of marks on them.


Wow. They’re so soft.

So your body has become this womanly. Not just your chest, your waist has narrowed, and your hips and legs…

You became an adult woman without me even realizing it.

I’ve touched you through and through in my imagination, but when I touch you in reality, it’s completely different.

It’s far hotter than I imagined.


I want to kiss you. I want to do it with tongue.

Yes, open your mouth.


I didn’t think tongues could wriggle that much. Or are you special? Is it because you’re the girl I love?


It feels good. I want to lick your tongue more.

I’ll move here next.

I want to lick your breasts.

Hmm? So you’re weak to your breasts?

In that case, I’ll lick the other one and use my fingers on this.


Oh, your nipples have gotten hard. I can roll them around with my tongue.

The face you make when you’re honestly feeling it is incredibly cute. It reminds me of how you were when you were young.

Like I said, it’s not like I’m into that kind of thing.

It’s just how long I’ve been in love with you.

You were really cute when you used to say “I love you, Big Brother!” without any ulterior motives.



You’re cute even when you puff up your cheeks like you are. Both now and then, you’re the cutest person in the world to me.

Oh, your sides are a weak spot too. Then, how about your belly?


You’re trembling a bit.

This kind of feels nice.

You’re panting. But this is hardly it, right? I haven’t touched this place, this place down below yet.

You want me to touch it too, don’t you?


Thank god, it’s actually wet.


I don’t think I’m doing all that well, so you must be wet because you love me, right? One would get wet from being touched by the person they love, right?

I’m really happy.

Ah. If I touch you too much, you’ll dirty your panties.

I’ll slip my fingers inside.


Whoa. It’s beyond warm, it’s hot.

Err, my hand’s not cold, right?

I see. My fingernails are not poking you, right? Is it okay?

I’ll start moving a little then.


S-So you can let out that kind of voice…

Does this place feel good?

A little higher?

Oh, so you can distinguish it that easily. So it’s true that girls get hard too.

This…I mean, this place. Is it alright if I rub it?


Ah, it’s an incredibly cute voice.

Does it feel good?

Then I’ll do it plenty, so feel lots of pleasure.

Come on, don’t grab the sheets, grab onto me instead. Don’t worry, Big Brother’s strong.

Uh-huh, that’s right.


The shape is more and more distinct. The way it continues to stiffen and swells, it’s like it wants to be touched more.

Your voice’s adorable. And that expression’s adorable too.

Your breathing, your gesture, all of it is incredibly cute. You truly are cute.

To get wet from being touched by me like this, it must mean you’re feeling it, right? So, do Big Brother’s fingers feel good?

You’re happy?

Oh. Yes, I’m happy too.

I’m happy that I’m able to touch your body, I’m happy that you wish for me to touch you, and more than anything, I’m happy that you’re happy.


Your lips are hot and oh so very soft.

Say, I want to make you feel even better, so this place, your clitoris, it must feel better if I were to caress it with my tongue, right?

And I’ll tease your inside with my fingers.

Umm…I want to lick you. I’ll remove your panties, so lift your hips a little.


So it has become like this…

It’s so dripping wet that my fingers are soaked.

I felt like your clit got really big when I touched it, but it’s actually this small. That said, it has perked up amicably.

This is without the hood, right?

Was the way I was touching you, strange? It didn’t hurt, right?

But even so, it’s probably best if I were to use my tongue instead of my fingers.

I’m sorry if it hurt. This time, I’ll caress it entirely with my tongue.


I forgot about this.

Even though I merely touched the entrance with my fingers, it clamped down. …Were you wanting it?

I’ll give it to you right now, so no need to be so greedy.


As expected, it doesn’t go that smoothly.

Is one finger enough for you? Don’t you want more?

Though, regardless, if I insert them that suddenly, it’ll hurt. So, to start with, with just my ring finger…


It’s all in. I’ll make sure to stroke your clit too.

That voice… My mind goes blank just from hearing it.


Hey, don’t bite your lips. I don’t have much experience, so if you don’t indicate it to me with your voice, it might hurt.

I only have one finger in here, but it’s already still cramped.

Yes, yes, let your voice out just like that.

Is that so? So this place feels good.

And up top, it seems like it feels good when I press down on your clit with my tongue like I’m peeling away the hood.


You’re about to cum? …So you’re about to cum from my fingers and tongue.

I’m happy. Please feel all the pleasure.



Your voice, your face, your body, and your reactions, all of them are cute.

Don’t hide your face.

Please show Big Brother the face you make when you cum.

Yes, it’s a cute expression.

Mhm, good girl.

There, there. As a reward, I’ll stroke both your clit and your insides plenty.



As I thought, would fingers be too much strength? Would you prefer my tongue?

But I want to see your face when you cum.

I’ll be gentle, so please let me make you cum with my fingers.

Gently, very gently…


That’s a nice sound.

Is this enough? …Will you be able to cum?

I see. Then, hang on and feel lots of pleasure.


Hmm? Already?

Go ahead, go ahead and cum. Cum by my hands.


Track 6: On top of Big Brother


Yes, good girl. You felt really good, right?

You did well.

There, there.

You must be tired, right? So let’s just retire for the night.


It’s not that I don’t want to do it, but I don’t want to push you too far. Besides, you know, you’ve been touched all over and you were really cute when you came, so I’m already satisfied with just that.

Are you sure?

What is it? Is something the matter?

Eh? Huh? Why are you getting on top of me?

No! You mustn’t, you must not do it!!!

At this point, I won’t be able to stop, but we’re going to do it, please at least let me wear a condom. You’re still a student, so it’ll be concerning for you, right?


Alright, good girl. Don’t leave, let’s hug.

Feels much better.

Squeeze. I love you. I really love you. I love you so much that I don’t care what you do to me.

Though, I mean, I didn’t complain considering everything you’ve done, but…

Nevertheless, I love you. That’s the one thing that’s definite, so please believe in me.


Oh, uh, you’re right, I’m hard again.

I’ll put on a condom, so can you turn around for a bit.

What? Is it bad that I have them on hand? Wouldn’t it be troubling in more ways than one if I didn’t have them?

Err, for some reason, my hands are shaking. Is it because of how long it’s been I wonder?

No, you don’t need to help, I can still do it myself.



Ow! Don’t grab it that hard.

It hurts, it hurts!!! Be a bit more gentle.

Thank you.

On that note, why are you suddenly straddling on top of me? Not only that… You’re not hesitating to touch me, are you? Do you not find it unpleasant?

Whoa, it’s slippery. It feels really good when you rub against me.

Is this okay…?


What is it?

Uh-huh, thank you. But I think I love you 100 times more.


How should I say it? I’m getting used to seeing you on top of me.


Did it not go in? How about I hold the base?

Do you think it can go in? And, are you okay? You’re not forcing yourself, right? It’s alright for you to take it slow.

So that it doesn’t hurt, please do it at your own pace.


Wow, it’s so hot and tight. It feels so good.

Sorry, it hurts, right?

T-There’s nothing one can do about it, but…I’m sorry, please wait, let’s calm down a little.

Close your eyes.

Deep breaths, deep breaths.


Ah! Why are you suddenly-!?

It’s not like I hate it, it’s not like I hate it, but… It feels good, but…

Not being able to see doesn’t make it better.

It’s not it-

It feels good, it feels good, but no, that’s not the problem…

No, no, that’s not it. That’s not it, but…if you don’t slow down, I’ll cum! I’ll cum, I’ll cum!!! Stop, stop…!!!

No, I don’t want that, please stop!

I’m telling you but…


T-That’s not it, that’s not it, it’s not your fault, it’s my fault. It’s my fault for not being about to endure it.

I’ll do my best. I’ll hang on, I’ll hang on, so…please don’t make that face.


Like I thought, I can’t, I can’t hold it any longer.

I’m cumming. Please let me cum.

I’m sorry for being so useless. I’m such a pathetic man…

I’m sorry, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Can I, can I cum?

I’m cumming inside you then.


Stop, no!!! I-I just came, so please don’t move……

No, ahh, no, it hurts. Stop, please stop, please…!!! I’m begging you, forgive me, please forgive me!!!


Today, why are you so…

What? Don’t look at me like that, it’s embarrassing.

Like I said, I’m not cute!!! Also, what was that earlier? You’re acting really strange today. It’s almost like you’re-

What’s with that? Don’t think you can trick me with kisses.


Please don’t go any further-

I told you that you mustn’t, I’ll get hard again.

You’re not wrong. Because I couldn’t last, I’m the only one who came, so you’re not properly satisfied, right?

Although I talked about going at your pace…

I’m really sorry. I’ll do my best to make sure it works out this time.

I’ll change the condom, so can you let it for a bit?


Track 7: Second Time with Big Brother


Then, umm…let’s kiss.

It feels kind of weird when you say, “Please go ahead.”

Slowly, alright. Slowly. Slowly.


I’m being swallowed up…

U-Umm, this time, it’s alright for me to move too, right? …Since you were doing most of the work.


Was it like this?


I’m sorry!!! Did that hurt?

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I want to make you feel good too. I’ll feel good either way since I’m doing it with you.

Oh, right, you liked it when I teased your breasts, right-?

Eh? Use? Use what?

Use…my body?


That voice just now was cute.

Does it feel good?

I see, you’re feeling good because of me. How cute. I’m really happy. That face, it’s the same expression you had when I was teasing you down below earlier.


Does it really feel that good to do it with me?


Hey, let’s hold hands.

When I’m joined with you, I get filled with feelings of love. Can you…feel them? My feelings, that is.

That, that voice. Please let me hear more of it.

Please call my name in that voice.

Not Yuu, but my actual name.



I love you, I love you. I’ve always loved you, and I’ve always wanted to do this, time and time again.

I’m so happy right now that I’m on the verge of tears.

For you to feel good because of me… It’s like a dream. Perhaps, it is a dream.


Sorry, I’m about to cum again.

Don’t squeeze down!!! I’m seriously at my limit.

No, no, I’m going to cum before you again. I’m going to cum. I can’t last any longer.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m the only one who’s feeling good……


I’m cumming. I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!


I’m really sorry, I really, on my own, I …

What’s with that?

You seriously are cute.

Come here, I’m feeling nostalgic, I’ll punish you hugs and kisses.


Idiot, if you give me such an adorable kiss, how could I not be aroused? Not to mention, there’s a whole load of stuff that’s been piling and piling up.

You don’t mind?

You…how many years worth do you think it is? Seriously, there’s so much that you’ll be left speechless.


Are you really sure about it?

Then I don’t care what happens. A naughty girl like you should just get crushed by Big Brother’s love and affection.

Haha. What’s with that face? Are you crying or are you smiling?

……I wonder what kind of expression I’m making.


Track 8: Big Brother’s 10 Years


How many times is this?

Hey, are you okay? You seem kind of out of it.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

Then I’ll pull out. Please bear with it a little.


The entrance is a little red.

Does it hurt? Does it sting?

It may be fine now, but it might hurt when something touches it. Though I say that, I don’t know what to actually do about it.

In any case, it’ll be bad if we get cold, so let’s get dressed.

No, wait, before that, we ought to wipe our sweat first.

I’ll grab a towel, so wait quietly in the futon.


You’ve sweated a lot. You must be tired, right? I apologize.

Is your body aching?

Because you know, we went quite far, quite a number of times…so doesn’t it hurt in places?

I see.

How are your legs? Your arms?

I see. So you’re fine…

Girls are pretty strong, huh.

No, I guess I’m just pathetic.


Why are you staring at me?

Huh? My wrists?

They don’t hurt at all. They’re just a bit red, so don’t worry about it, they’ll disappear before long. Besides, although it would’ve been a big deal if there were marks on your wrist, I’m a bit happy to have them on me.

Like I said, I don’t have that kind of hobby. I…

I’m still a bit afraid of cumming just by myself.

Also, I’m genuinely happy about all the things you’ve done. The most important thing for me is what you want, after all.


I think you’re misunderstanding something.

Oh well.

Come on, get changed.

It’s my shirt, though. If you don’t want to wear it then cover yourself with the futon so that you don’t get cold.

I’m fine. I’m still feeling a bit hot.

That’s not it?

I was just thinking about things…

No, preparing my resolve would be more accurate. I was considering what exactly I should do, but perhaps, that was what I should’ve done at the start.

The resolve to never avert my eyes from you regardless of our relation to each other. And the resolve to continue striving for your happiness.


You look like you don’t understand. However, you don’t have to understand it now.

I don’t think it’ll be an interesting talk, but do you still want to listen to it regardless?

Well, it’s not like I’m hiding it, so I guess it’s fine.

I believe that I’ve said it before, but we’re closer than childhood friends normally are. I’m an only child, but I treasured you more than I would an actual sister.

Our parents knew each other and it felt like a lifelong bond.

I never really questioned the implications, but when I thought about it for the first time, it horrified me.


It means that not no matter what happens, I can’t leave you, does it not?

I was dreaming and hoping that I would one day date you too. However, when I consider the possibility of separating, I just couldn’t date you.

Because even after we break up, our relationship will continue regardlessーwith me still loving you.

Even if I were to date you for a time; if we were to break-up and you were to fall in love with another man and marry him…

Then on comes the report of your marriage, an invitation to your wedding then a New Year’s card with your child’s face on it.

Those will eventually arrive at my door, no?

I really can’t. I would die if I were to see that.

…..Though, I wouldn’t actually die.


And so, why are we childhood friends? Why are we so far apart in age? Why can’t I attend the same school as you?

I went into a phase where I resented God.

That said, I was able to be with you because I was your childhood friend, and precisely because I was older, you were left in my care when you were young and am relied on by you, no?

So, if you were to ask me to choose. Ultimately, I wouldn’t be able to decide.

There are no “what ifs” in life, but you just can’t help but imagine it. And I’ve been imagining it constantly for years.

We parted ways when I went off to university, and as things go, I even found a job here. However, I didn’t think you would come all the way here as well.


You know, the first time I wanted to embrace you was when I was a middle schooler.

Yes, I wanted to make you mine while you were still in elementary school. That’s just how grave my feelings for you were.

Did you just notice?

There’s no way I wouldn’t have considered taking you by force, is there? That would be too naive.

I’ve brainstormed many methods and ways to do so.


First would be the straight-forward route of imprisoning you.

However, everyone would find it suspicious if you were to suddenly disappear, no? Therefore, I had to think of a reason behind it.

You, moving somewhere far away, for example.

Regardless, if they’re unable to contact you, it’ll produce the same result.

If moving doesn’t work then perhaps injury or illness?

You have an incurable illness with the prognosis that not even current medicinal technology can treat you.

That said, why do only I know of it, but not your family? It’s strange, is it not?

Thus, it does not work either.


Next is, you know, that. Dangerous drugs whatnot.

The problem is that I don’t have friends that are that shady, so I have to obtain things myself.

I may be able to purchase them online right now, but in terms of not being traced by the police, that’s impossible for me.

After all, taking someone captive is fundamentally a crime, no?

Ah… How troubling.

And well, I consider many things along those lines, and ultimately, I reached the conclusion that the only way to obtain you is to have you like me.

However, I reached that conclusion when I was in university and you were in middle school.


While thinking, hey, hey, how the hell are you going to approach a middle schooler?

Who’s your first love? Or my friend, so-and-so, is dating so-and-so, or I saw someone kissing, or that senior is dating a high schooler and it’s going super well.

Were you trying to torture me?

Yes, I remember.

When you got yourself your first boyfriend in high school, you shyly admitted, “Actually, my first love was you, Yuu.” …Even though in middle school, you said that your first love was someone from the same elementary school.


Hey, turn this way.

This is the man whom you barged in on and pinned down while proclaiming your love for them.

You claim to love this person who remembers the past down to every last detail, you know? And also, you chose them as your boyfriend.

It’s me, whose mind has one too many raw nerves and has plenty dirt to uncover no matter where you look, though.

Are you really fine with that?


A quick decision, huh.


As expected, I can’t remain like this.

Hey, you know, I’ve told you many times to strive to become independent until now, but you don’t need to anymore.

Because from now on, I’ll work towards becoming a good man.


What’s with that expression? Is it that surprising? Or do you prefer that I constantly reminisce over past memories?


I’ll treasure you for life.


Track 9: Big Brother and Lover


Oh, you’re awake.

It’s been a long time since I last saw your sleeping face, so I’ve been staring at it the whole time.

That has happened a lot, but I desperately made sure not to look at you so that I wouldn’t lay hands on you.

I am relishing in happiness.


Your expression when sleeping hasn’t changed from before.

It was lax and cute.

Hmm? How is it unfair? You’ll have plenty of chances to see my sleeping face in the future.

Yes, because we’re lovers.

Oh, but let’s keep it a secret from our parents for the time being.

If we were to tell them then it’ll be hard to visit my house, no? So, I want to savor the new-wed feeling a little longer.

Don’t point out minute things. It’s a feeling, a feeling.

It’s fine at the start, no?


Hey, my ears are off-limits-!


Wow, you’re amazing. You’re far better at cooking than I, who has lived alone for a long time, am.

No, the “that’s just how men are”… How the hell do you live on a rice cooker?

I also have, you know, cup noodles.

Yes, I know they’re bad for your body.

More importantly, I want to hurry up and eat your cooking. Come on, quickly take a seat.


Are you ready now?

Hehe. I’m digging in then.


Whoa, it’s delicious!

It’s not just appearances, it really is delicious. As expected, girls are good at cooking, aren’t they?

Hmm? What’s wrong? You should eat too.

N-Normally, it’s the opposite, isn’t it!? Aren’t you supposed to feed me?

Don’t look so sad.


I get it. Come on, lift your face.

Open your mouth.

Say, “ah.”

Jeez, don’t laugh so gleefully.

This time, you…for me…

I said nothing. I said absolutely nothing. Don’t laugh.


Hmm? What is it?

I’ll wash the dishes, so you should get prepared to head out. Girls take time to get ready, no?

Thank you, that was helpful.

Uh, umm…can I say something really cliche?

I mean, you more or less should know what I’m about to say, but please listen till the end. Also, don’t laugh.


Well. Ahem, it’s really like we’re newly-weds right now.

Hey, what are you hanging your head down for?

I told you not to laugh, didn’t I? Hey, it’s punishment for going against Big Brother’s orders, so no running away.

Nope. I’m punishing you with hugs and kisses.


Alright, we’re done.

Let’s quickly tidy up and leave, my bride.


Hey, don’t walk by the roadside.

Oh, that dog.

It certainly is cute. However, even if it is cute, we can’t buy one. More importantly, if you get enticed by a dog, trip, and fall onto the road…

It’s fine for me to overthink.

Don’t leave this area. It’s a substitute for a lease.

What are you sulking for? It can’t be helped, right? You’re the one who’s like a puppy.


Oh, a phone call. Is it in the other pocket?

It’s kind of hard to reach.

Thank you.

A message?

We can leave until later. On that note, err, is it not extremely embarrassing to reach your hand into someone else’s pocket?

Whoa, a delayed reaction.

Even your ears are red. How cute.


So, how about we kiss here?

I’m kidding, I won’t do it outside. That’s for when we’re alone together.

Let’s swiftly return then.

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    1. Criy

      Depends on how you define it. It’s walking a fine line, but since he doesn’t have a preference for that age range and their age gap may be as little 4 years, diagnostically speaking, no.


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