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CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋), Ootani Yuuki (大谷祐貴)

Track 1: Three-way Relationship


T: Mom, are you awake?

T: There’s something important I’d like to talk to you about. Is it okay if I come in?

T: I’m coming in, then.


T: Is it alright if I sit over there?

T: Thank you.

T: I’m bad with beating around the bush, so I’ll get straight to the point.

T: Mom, you slept with Ataru, right?

T: Don’t lie! When I secretly returned the other day with a present for you for Mother’s day, I saw you and Ataru having sex.


T: Hey, was it because of me? Don’t tell me Ataru did something to you that day?

A: Correct.

A: Thanks to you, Tsutomu, I had a wonderful meal.

T: Ataru, you…

A: Well, Tsutomu, there’s something you want to ask me, don’t you? You’ve been forcing a smile the whole day at university.

A: Come on, ask. Let’s hurry up and continue this conversation.

T: Did you rape, Mom?

A: Sure did. And I decided to creampie her to complete the act.

T: …

A: But she doesn’t seem to be getting pregnant, it’s already been half a year since then.


T: Unbelievable. There’s no way, haven’t we been close friends all this time?

A: Sorry, Tsutomu, but you were certainly important to me. However, I found something that I prioritize over a close friend, so it can’t be helped.

T: Ataru, you-!!!

A: Whoa there. If you punch me now, I’ll immediately press this send button.

T: Is that…

A: It’s fine, right? In that case, I’ll pump my load after I make you cumーー

A: It’s been shot nicely, don’t you think?

A: It’s a sex tape of me and her, and it was filmed so beautifully that it makes me want to send this to the entire world.

T: You’re threatening me? Me, your close friend?


A: Yup, I’m threatening you. I’m willing to do anything to make her mine.

T: I never realized that you were such a scumbag.

A: Well, course. Tsutomu, you’re so thickheaded that even if you knew I was bad news, you wouldn’t be able to imagine just how bad things are.

A: However, she’s different, she understands everything about me.

T: Did you violate my mom based on these selfish feelings?

A: Haha! But Tsutomu, didn’t you attempt to assault her because of your self-conceited love? If I hadn’t stopped you, you would’ve become the rapist, Tsutomu, and here you are criticizing me.

T: That’s…

A: For that effect, I’ll give you a present I reserved for today.


T: Present?

A: If you don’t want this video to be leaked then fuck her. Let’s be accomplices.

T: What are you saying? I swore to become a good son, so to do that now is-

A: HahaHAHAHA!!!

T: What is it?

A: A good son? You sure say some funny things. You were beating your meat he other day while spying in on us having sex through a gap in the door.

T: I have done no such thing…!!!

A: It was obvious. Anyone can tell when they hear such rough panting. Oh, but she was dazed after being made to cum 3 times by me, so she didn’t hear it.


A: Hey, Tsutomu. This is an order.

A: Tsutomu, you’re being threatening, so you can’t avoid having sex with her. It is for the sake of protecting her, after all.

T: For the sake of protecting Mom?

A: That’s right. It’s for the sake of protecting her, so Tsutomu has done nothing wrong, if anything, you’re doing her a favor.

A: Well, Tsutomu, you should know what you should do now, right?


A: Come on, hurry. Do it.

A: If you’re a good son, you’ll rush to protect your mom, right?

T: You’re right. For the sake of protecting Mom, I have no choice but to do this.

T: Sorry Mom, in truth, I still love you as a woman.


T: I love you, Mom. I love you more than Ataru does, Mom.


A: Hehe. Tsutomu seems bad at kissing too. As expected of a virgin.

T: Shut up! I’m far better than a playboy like you.

A: Isn’t that just rumors? Right now, I’m only with her. That aside, I want to quickly film a sex tape so could you shove it in already?

T: You’re filming me having sex with Mom?

A: Yup, I’m filming. I want to increase my collection.

T: You’re the worst.

A: I know. Why don’t you lick her pussy so that it can enter smoothly? Even if you’re a virgin, you can do that at least, right?

A: Pick up the pace.


T: Sorry. Mom, I’m sorry.

A: Hey, Tsutomu, it’s better if you licked the clitoris gently at the start. And once it has perked up, you can pinch it between your lips and suck on it hard.

A: Yes, just like that. And while you’re licking her like that, slowly insert your index and middle finger.

A: After you insert them all the way in, bend your fingers slightly upwards, and stroke it gently with the ball of your fingers.

A: If you find a spot with a different texture, that’s the G-spot.

T: Here? This area?


A: Congratulations, you found her G-spot.

A: Now knock and caress that area with your fingers. And you mustn’t claw at it recklessly, otherwise, it wouldn’t be a good AV at all.

T: I know. I can do it if I try.

T: Stop…? Does it hurt?

A: M-m, that’s how it is.

T: But Mom said she doesn’t like it.


A: Take a look at her, Tsutomu. Does it look like she hates it?

T: Doesn’t seem that way.

A: I know, right? She’s trying to stop herself from cumming with all her strength.

A: Come on, cum.

A: You’re about to cum from the tongue and fingers of your son, right?


A: Hah. As always, you’re not honest with yourself.

A: Tsutomu, I’ll tease her nipples, so why don’t you continue caressing her clitoris and G-spot? Let’s make her squirt buckets.

T: Squirt?

A: Yes, I trained her to be that way. She feels it even from her ears now.


T: Mom, you’re so cute. This place is twitching. It feels good, doesn’t it?

A: What a nice sound.

A: Making love with two men at once hasn’t happened before in that straight-laced life of yours, right?

A: It’s going to be 2 times the pleasure. Isn’t that great?


T: Ataru, something coming out. Is this what you meant by “squirting”?

A: That’s right. That means we made her cum.

A: Now hurry up and shove it in. If you insert it right after she cums, she’ll cum countless times in a row.

T: Is that so?

T: I’m putting it in, Mom.


T: Damn, what is this? So her insides felt this good?

A: Oh, is it all in?

A: Well then, sorry for lack of warning, but can you grab her and stand her on her knees?

T: With it in?

A: Yeah. If you don’t do what I say, I’ll leak the videos.

T: I get it.

T: Is this alright?

A: Perfect. Now allow me to intrude inside too.

T: What do you mean-?


A: In we go.

T: You, don’t tell me-

A: There’s no maybe, you can tell by the sensation, right? …Since we’re inside the same hole.

A: Ah, it feels so nice today too.

T: If we do this, Mom will die.

A: She won’t die. Lately, she’s been swallowing me up happily while having a thick vibrator inside her, so this is easy.

A: With this, we’re truly hole brothers.


T: I’ll pull out.

A: Did you forget? You have no choice, Tsutomu. Besides, I’d feel bad if we make her wait.

A: Look. By a simple jolt, her insides start squeezing down tightly and her juices start trickling down.

T: Idiot, if you move like that-

A: Hey, I find Tsutomu pitiful with the way things are going, so tell him. “Tsutomu, I want you to ram my insides hard with your dick”

A: If you don’t say it, we’ll stay like this forever.


A: Did you hear that just now? Even if only by law, she wants to be fucked by her son.

T: I’m no longer her son.

A: Hah?

T: After doing this, I can’t say that I’m her son. Mom…no, this person’s my woman.


A: No, you’re mistaken. She’s my future wife.


A: You seem to be feeling more pleasure today than usual. Your entire body’s trembling. Have you taken that much of a liking to Tsutomu’s dick?

A: However, you like mine better, right?

T: Mine’s better, obviously. It’s filled with emotion.

A: In that case, mine’s surely better. After all, I love her so much that I’m willing to give up everything.

T: I…I love her most in the world.


T: I’m at my limit, I’m about to cum.

A: Can’t you hang in for a little longer? Let’s enjoy this some more.

T: I can’t. Withstanding such pleasure is impossible, I’m seriously about to cum-

A: Then let’s creampie her together.

T: But inside is…

A: Don’t worry, don’t worry, today’s not a risky day, so cum all you want.

T: Is today really not a risky day?

A: Uh-huh, this is the one thing I won’t lie about. I can’t let her become pregnant with your child, Tsutomu.

T: I can’t let her become pregnant with your child either.


A: Yeah, yeah, in any case, right now, let’s fill her womb to the brim with our cum.

T: I’m seriously at my limit. I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming-!

A: I’m cumming too.

A: Cumming!


A: Well, it seems like she had quite the orgasm.

T: There’s no turning back now.

A: Then let’s continue onwards. Starting now, let’s pleasure her together.

A: Oh, but once she divorces, the one marrying her is me.

T: To continue a three-way relationship with me is…

A: Good grief, you two are forgetful. Listen, this is an order, so it’s not like you can voluntarily end these relations.

A: Poor Tsutomu, because of me, you have no choice but to violate her.


T: No, don’t take my feelings that lightly. I tainted Mom on my own will and desires, so it’s not your fault.

A: You’re such an idiot, if you remained blind to it then you wouldn’t have to get hurt.

T: So, is this all there is for today?

T: I’m still far from satisfied, though.

A: Of course it’s not over yet, I want to creampie her another 2 times.


……Plus, your insides are saying that it wants that.


T: She’s tightening so much.

A: You two are great, this is wonderful.

A: Let’s continue to get along, alright?

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  1. Kborenai

    I knew it! I KNEW IT! With my limited Japanese, I had a feeling Ataru said along the lines of “vag*na brothers” which got me laughing for 5 minutes straight the moment I first heard it. HOLE BROTHERS, LMFAO.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Kborenai

        I did know about the female equivalent – “D*ck Sisters – saoshimai”, from this yakuza manga I’ve been reading. But hole brothers, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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