【Translation】 Call Lover ~Vol.1 S na Kare~


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Call Lover ~Vol.1 Sな彼~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Video Call with Him Before Bed……



You called me 7 times, and now you are asking whether I am awake?

Good grief, your questions are always contradictory.

No, I would not call it a bother. It would be dreadful to ruin the mood of you, my superior’s daughter, after all.

As your fiance, let us pretend that I was lonely too.


Are you angry?

You were the one who desired me as your fiance, were you not? Also, if you so desire, I could cancel the engagement right now.

Oh? Despite all that you have said, you still plan to persist.

I am amazed by your zealousness.

What part of a man, whose face, body, and talents merit no worth outside of work, did you get so infatuated with?

Even now, it is a wonder to me.



How impolite. I gave only an objective assessment. Or did you find fault with the words I spoke earlier?

Very well.

Now then, now that your request to hear my voice has been granted, I will hang up now.


What a foolish question. Whether or not I want to see you, is that something to be asking now?

Then which one do you think it is?

Before asking someone, please tell me what your feelings regarding it are.


Oh? You want to be looked at by me that badly?

Understood. Since you have held me up for that long, let us strive towards that.

Yes, we require a special passion beyond what you have experienced until now.

It is simple.

First, turn on video chat.

Make it so that I can see what state you are in.


Ah, so that is the nightgown you have on today.

No, I think it really suits you. The way it makes it easy to see where your nipples are is particularly arousing.


Telling me not to look… You are saying some rather strange things, you were the one who wanted me to look, were you not?

As you requested, I will stare at them thoroughly.

Now then, roll up your nightgown.


Move that hand aside.

You went all the way to roll it up, but it would be pointless if I cannot see.

Hehe. What is with those nipples?

For them to already be erect, it is almost as if you were expecting me to violate them with my eyes.

Hey, you must not hide them.

Pinch those perky nipples the way I usually do.


What is the matter?

We have had sex countless times, so it is easy to remember, is it not?

Come on. Hold your nipple between your thumb and index finger, and start by massaging them gently.

You do not wish to?

If you cannot do at least that much then I am hanging up the call.


Good girl.

Now then, how about you apply a little more strength?

Yes, I have a clear view.

Your nipples have been flattened and have turned red, and have been altered to an indecent shape.

But this is still not enough. Imagine a fuller image of my fingers, and remember how I knead those tips.


That is right. It appears that you have finally remembered.

Press them down firmly until the tips are throbbing so that it becomes a mix of pain and pleasure.


Your face is smeared with pleasure.

Do my fingers feel good?

Of course, it does. Whenever I knead your nipples like that, your place below immediately becomes wet.

I can already imagine your soaked panties.


That is not the case? Then show me proof.

Come on. While teasing your nipples with one hand, touch your lower-half with the other.

If you are unable to do it then the call ends now.


Oh my.

Although you insisted that you were not wet, I heard the sound of wetness. Was that perhaps my imagination?

I want to be absolutely certain, so please slide your fingers back and forth.


Stroke your sensitive spots gently like the way I normally do.


That is odd, the sloppy sounds are gradually becoming louder.

I can clearly hear the obscene sound of wetness from where I am.

We cannot have that. Who said you could stop your hands? Even if you are embarrassed, please continue to move your hands.

……As they are now no longer your hands.

Yes, I told you earlier, did I not? Those are my hands. The fingers kneading your nipples and caressing that hot, soaking wet place are my fingers.


Your voice has become sweeter.

I am glad that you have understood who those fingers belong to.

Next, let us have you insert those fingers inside.


Ah. You must not rush it. Insert them slowly after tracing around the entrance so as to not hurt your insides.

I heard some indecent noises again.

Merely by sticking fingers inside, you are already leaking out this much.


You feel it so easily, and I find it attractive.

Yes, it is true. You are attractive. So much so that, in spite of myself, I am losing my self-control.

Hmm? What is wrong?

That is correct. I was masturbating the whole time too while looking at your cute appearance. Did you not notice?

A pervert?

You say some rather funny things. Anyone would get aroused when seeing their fiancee in that state.


Now then, let us stop talking. It is about time we increased the number of fingers inside.

While imagining my hardness and girth, recollect the way how I would always churn your insides in detail.


Nice. When I hear that voice, it is almost as if I am actually thrusting into you.

Look, can you see?

Because you are so naughty and cute, my thing has…gotten this big.


Your face is bright red.

Even though this is the thing that has been going inside you every day, you still have trouble looking at it.

Come on, do not avert your eyes.

Remember the sensation when this hard tip grinds up against your deepest spots.


Yes, I am remembering all the specifics too.

When this hard tip strikes your inner depths, your juices would increase and your womb would start sucking at the tip.

Your face would be smeared with pleasure like it is now, and it would stir up my carnal desires. I would then feel the unbearable urge to fill your womb with my cum.


Are you already about to cum?

That is quick. Were you that hungry for me?

It cannot be helped. In that case, please cum while calling out my name. And I will cum together with you.


Cumming. I’m cumming!


Your face after you cum is cute, and I like it.

Hmm? Is it that strange for me to say that I like something?

That is regrettable. Is that not because you always fail to hear it? Have I not said it numerous times during sex?

I get it.

As a reward for following along to what I said, I will say it properly.


Now then, please bring your ear closer and listen well.

I love you.

So much so that during the 3 days that I had you on edge, it felt like I was the one who was going to go crazy.



That is right. Because I wanted to see your cute side, I refrained myself from phoning you for 3 days.

However, I did not think that it would go this far. It was beyond my imagination.

Please do not sulk.

When I get back, I will fuck you until you faint, so prepare for that day and sleep for tonight.

Good night. Talk to you again tomorrow.


Track 2: Good Morning


Good morning.

Did you sleep well last night?

I see. That is wonderful.


As for me, for a little while after that, I was thinking back upon your cute appearance and your sweet voice.

The desire to hurry up and shove it all the way inside that sloppy place and churn it up so that I could see an even more messy state…is what I could not help but imagine.


If you get embarrassed over that then you would not be fit to be my wife, you know? Or perhaps, shall we actually cancel the engagement?

I see, so there is still more leeway.

Then for tonight, insert a vibrator with the same thickness as me and mess around with that.


There is leeway for that, is there not?

I am relieved.

Oh, right, the present I sent, the vibrator, should be arriving tonight, so prepare yourself mentally. And if you return straight home, I will give you another special reward.

Now then, please take care.

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