【Translation】 Meguru Koi wa Renge no Gotoku vol.2 Oboete iru Kare


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

廻ル恋は蓮華の如く 二ノ巻 憶えている彼

CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Prologue


Once upon a time, in a certain village, there was a man and a woman. A man who was feared and called an “oni” by the people and a girl who was born to a family that has protected the village for generations. 

The two of them fell in love at first sight and grew to love each otherーーnot knowing that what awaited them was a life apart.


If we miss this chance now, I won’t be able to ever retrieve you, you know?

Is this…your reply?

Although it was brief, I came thinking that you were a woman whom I had exchanged feelings with, but I guess it was a fool’s errand.

See ya then, human woman.


In his next life, the man, whilst retaining his memories as an oni, reincarnated in a human and came to realize his mistake. Despite searching for the one who possesses the girl’s soul, his life ended without them ever meeting.

As time passed, after living six lives, someone who possessed the girl’s soul finally appeared by the man’s side.

However, the man’s joy was short-lived.

Her reincarnation remembered nothing about the oni nor the girl.

Whether it was buddha’s mercy or it was god’s punishment, this marks the beginning of a love story full of ups and downs.


Track 2: His Daily Life


Whoa there.

Haha! I’m fine. Nothing broke, so don’t worry about it. Plus, I was walking around absentmindedly too.

Oh, I apologize. Are you hurt anywhere?

I see. I’m glad.

Let’s both be careful while we’re walking.



Another miss…

I thought that this time it’d be her.


“You can recognize the person whom you have a deeply entwined fate with from a glance when you do meet by chance”

When I first reincarnated, I believed in the words spoken of her final days and searched for her constantly, but…


I’m 31 years old as Douji Mei this year.

This time, will it also end without us meeting?


Track 3: Encounter


AH! I’m glad the door was closed.

I’m so sorry, I’m completely pinning you down right now, aren’t I? Are you okay?

!? You’re…


It’s pretty shaky today, isn’t it?

I apologize because I didn’t step the right way, we ended up in this position.

Eh? Oh, I’m perfectly fine.

Thank you for worrying about me.


Say, umm…we’ve met before, right?

Eh? Uh, that’s not what I meant. I’m not trying to pick you up, I meant it as is.

Do you not remember?

Is that so…

Even though it definitely is her, yet why?


We’ve arrived at the station. Are you getting off here?

I’ll move aside as soon as it stops then.


Err, my station’s the next one. Oh, and please don’t concern yourself with that question earlier. I’m sorry for suddenly asking something strange.

Take care.


Excuse me.

Umm, for take-out, 2 small lattes, and 1 medium blend. Also, what’s today’s coffee?

Eh!? You…

I-I’m sorry, erm, what’s today’s coffee?

Then I’d like 2 mediums of that. Please make them all hot.

Ahem. That’s it.

Thank you.


Eh? Ah. Oh, this morning?

This is quite a coincidence, isn’t it?

Huh? But this morning, you got off at the neighboring station, didn’t you?

I see, so you’re a student. …I guess it was obvious, there’s no way I wouldn’t have noticed if they were this close.

No, I was just thinking that I should’ve seen you before whenever I stop by for business.

Oh, my workplace is very close to here. I often come here for a change of pace.

Thank you.


Why did she suddenly… This is bad for my heart.

Eh? N-No, it’s nothing.

Well then, do your best at your part-time job.


Whoa, whoa!!!


G-Good morning. We’ve met again, haven’t we?

Searched? For me?

Oh. For the past few days, because of circumstances with work, I rode the train two trains earlier.


My job, err…

If I’m not wrong, this is your station, right?


Uwah. Ah! Wait, I’m getting on.

It went…

Haha. I was pushed out. Today, it was jam-packed just like the other day. I’ll wait for the next train then.

No, it’s not your fault.

Don’t you have an important lecture you’re willing to go through rush hour for? So don’t worry about me.


Umm, it’s not like you remembered anything, right?

……I guess things can’t be that convenient.

Now that you mention it, we don’t even know each other’s names.

I’m Douji Mei, and my job is in construction.

Not build, but design.


Oh, that. I felt like you resembled a past acquaintance, but I was mistaken.

It was someone I parted ways with long ago whom I don’t think I’ll ever meet again. And I was flustered because I thought it just might’ve been you.

And once I had a good look at you again, you didn’t resemble them at all.

Mhm. You’re not her.


Track 4: Fuji’s Memories ~This Life’s Spring~


Who is it?

Oh? For a woman to march into an oni’s house alone, you’ve got quite the guts. But, sorry that it had to be me.

This is the residence of the Oni Chief, Yamafuji, so don’t think you can leave unscathed, Human Girl.

Just kidding.

You didn’t get lost on the road, right?


That’s a relief.

I should be the one descending the mountains to see you, but the village will start a massive ruckus on the off-chance that I’m seen.

Sorry for placing so much burden on you.


Was that hard on you?

It seems like you still don’t know how to breathe.

Even if you glare at me like that…I can’t control myself, so hurry up and get used to it.

You can’t be worried about this and that. When it comes to these things, you entrust it to your instincts. Even if you lack experience, your body knows full well what feels good.

I’ll get to it at once so that your body starts reacting before your mind.


What’s this? Did you take a bath today?

Even if you have been clean, you get dirty on the way here. What a strange fella you are.

As expected, your precious scent…is faint.

The taste’s mild. What a waste.


Ah, it’s not as if I were some fast-talking hermit, I just note at least one or two things. Is that what you were worried about?

I see. I get that you did it because that’s what you thought was right. However, it is a waste, so don’t take one next time. We don’t get to meet that readily.

I want to fully remember both your scent and taste.


For me, there’s no better feeling than this.

Both your scent and sweat are sweeter than any fruit and more intoxicating than any drink.

Well? Your breasts are fruits in of themselves, no?

What a nice sound. Let me hear more of it.

What? Are you already unable to stand?

I wanted to embrace you here, but it can’t be helped. Let’s change locations.


As always, you’re light.

I wouldn’t mind if you grew some more meat here, though. As it is now, it feels like I’ll break you if I mess up the amount of strength I use.

But I guess you’ll naturally grow meat once you’re blessed with a child.

No matter how many years pass, I’ll continue to embrace you, so be prepared.



Now then, you can conceive, can’t you? There’s none here, but I’ve heard of tales of children with the blood of both oni and human.

Well, onis have strong vitality, after all.

Who knows, it might be easier to be blessed with a child than it would be with a human.

As I hold you in my arms, this place of yours smells of a particularly strong scent of sweet nectar. It is already overflowing?

It’s the long-awaited nectar.

Before we do anything, I’ll lick it all up.


Come on, spread it yourself.

If you don’t do it, I’ll grab your legs and spread them nice and wide so you can see.

Yes, that’s good.

Wow. I keep licking and licking, but it continues to flow.

I have to loosen this hole up properly. It’s still painful at the start, right?

Although we could do it until you’re completely molded to my shape, I can’t screw you so much that you can’t descend the mountains. So, we have to take things slow.


Your insides tightened just now.

Did you cum slightly from being licked and teased?

Why are you apologizing? I teased you so that you’d cum. It’d worry me more if you weren’t feeling good. Besides…

This place of yours feels better after you cum. Climax as many times as you’d like.


Is it alright now?


It’s finally gotten easier.

Hmm? What?

Oh, I don’t mind staying like this. If I undress, you’ll end up seeing it, no?

Your place here isn’t scared, but your mind doesn’t seem ready. I think it’ll go in with trouble if I hide it at the start.

Though, the moment you take it in, your insides will wrap around it.

What? I’m not lying.

Alright, I’m entering.


Is it painful?

Sorry, getting you used to this is…

I didn’t think it mattered that we’re a human and an oni, but if I mention the way things are, it makes it frightening.

Like bears or large beasts, if one is hopelessly large enough, people would first think to run, no?

Us onis are merely a tad bigger.

But that tad bit, that we could do nothing about, draws in fear and causes humans to instinctively hold up arms.

Though I guess that isn’t something I should be talking about in the middle of it.


Is it alright now? I’ll start moving then.

This much is fine, right?


Isn’t it too early to be befuddled? Entwine your tongue more with mine.

It’s really twitching. You’re at your limit.

Then I’ll also…


Let me hear more of those moans.

Call my name.


Sorry. At the end of it…there’ll be a mark left on your shoulder here for the next time.


I see, both the mountains and villages are suffering the same types of problems.

Well, well, to subjugate us… Those humans, they’re planning up something dreadful, aren’t they?

An oni’s curse, huh.

I’ve never once seen an oni with power strong enough to alter the weather, but fearing the unknown is the nature of living things. It can’t be helped that there are such rumors.


I can’t choose between you and my family.

Before I make you my bride, let’s think of a way to reconcile.


Track 5: Appropriate Distance


Thank you for staying late.

Mhm. Just the usual.

Even though it’s been a month, it feels like you’ve got the complete hang of things.

I’m impressed that you’re able to remember my co-workers and other customers.

Thank you.


Yup, I’m already done for today.

The project I’m in charge of has settled down, so I’m able to leave around this time for the next while.

Is that so? You’re closing up too.

Umm, since it’s a rare chance, how about we head home together?

Mhm. There’s a seat in that area, so hang in there for the last 30 minutes.


Was I perhaps a bother?

No, it just seemed as though you were restless and I was thinking that this situation was the cause.

Are you worrying about something, then?

Could it be that you were expecting a different kind of invitation?

Erm, I think it was just my imagination, but when I said “Let’s head home together,” you looked disappointed for a moment.

Aside from that, wherever we meet on the train, even if right where we part ways, you would wave your hand at me without fail.

And whenever I visit the shop your eyes, uh…really light up.


So umm, I was thinking that, as we head home together like this, in reality, you want me to take you out for dinner and open the doors to meeting in places other than the shop and the train.



Once I summed it up properly, what I said just now might just be me being overly-conscious.

Sorry. Please forget everything I said just now!

Let’s just head home, alright?


As expected, you can’t forget on a whim.

Of course, from your perspective, this kind of misunderstanding is nothing more than a nuisance-

Uh. Oh.

I see. It wasn’t my imagination.

That, how should I say it? …I don’t know what to say.

To be frank, I was constantly hoping for this. Whether our meeting was a pretense or by coincidence, it continued on like a drama.

I think it was inevitable that I was drawn in by you and felt you were special.


What was exceptional was how we were consistently meeting. I, myself, am your average, unnoteworthy old man.

My interests are mountain-climbing and architecture.

If I have to classify myself, I’m your plain-old old man.

Isn’t it better to remember our drama-like meeting as special and put an end to the status quo?

For me, it’ll be painful for you to say that I’m different from what you expected once we start dating. …You, who does not remember, and me, who does, it’s best if we don’t get involved.


I’ll kill some time here before I go, so please get on the train before me.

Starting from tomorrow, I’ll change the time of my morning train. And for the time being, I’ll refrain from visiting the store.

If I carelessly show my face, you won’t be able to sort out your feelings.


I’m happy that you’d say that, but I still think it’ll be difficult for us.

Even if we are fine with it, your family, your friends…

Once we date long enough, this age difference will surely become the reason we split.

You may not understand, but I…I do.


After all that I’ve said, you’re still not giving up, huh.

I really don’t think I’m the adult that you think I am. Are you fine with it despite that?

I get it.

Then like you suggested, let’s test it out until we reach an understanding. However, it won’t be as lovers, it’ll only be as a prospect.

Physical intimacy​ will be limited to below kisses.

By maintaining a clear distance, let’s test to see whether your feelings are correct or whether my predictions are.


Track 6: Fuji’s Memories ~Betrayal~



How unusual for you to come someplace this high.

What’s the matter? Did something happen at the village?

Watch out!!!

Tch. They were quick to escape.


I recognize that man. He’s the man who left you and ran away when we met in the mountains in the past.

There’s more?

I would like an explanation for this, but as long as those bastards are around, we’re in no place to talk.

Crow over there, tell the rest that I’ll handle it, so go secure your safety.


I’ll run through them in one go, so never let go of this hand.


With that track, they probably won’t be able to catch us for the time being.

Sorry. I should’ve run with you on my shoulders, but as expected, that’s impossible with the way this leg is now.

Are you hurt?

I see.

Hey, Crow over there, are the others safe?

I see, thank you for your help. One day, I’ll repay this debt.


Now then, don’t make a blatant excuse like “I was followed.” To begin with, you have not once visited when it’s this bright out.

Even an idiot looking at this situation could tell that you’ve guided the humans all the way to my dwelling.

They were speaking as though they were searching for other onis, but…

Don’t tell me they’re actually planning to go through with the oni subjugation you mentioned earlier, right?


Hahaha! How foolish.

I told you this before, but us onis have no such power; weather’s under the domain of Gods.

We who only have the ability to speak to animals are not beings that can alter it no matter how many of us you gather.

After isolating ourselves for so long, we got the opposite result, huh.

I’ll explain it to the village headman directly. Sorry for getting you wrapped up in this.


Hmm? What’s wrong?

Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.

Hah? If those village bastards fully understand the extent of our powers then why are they trying to subjugate us?

Hey, are you saying that they’re killing onis for the humans’ peace of mind? Despite knowing that nothing will come of it?!!


If they’re going to subjugate us then they need someone who’s well-versed in where the onis live.

Ultimately, you’re the decoy meant to catch me off guard, huh.

To use even your body for the sake of the village, I’m sure the humans are extremely grateful to you.

Sorry to say, but your subjugation’s a failure. Becoming damaged goods was for naught.

I thought you alone were different, but at the end of the day, a human’s a human. I’m a fool for trusting you.


Track 7: Trial Couple


Sorry to keep you waiting, you’re fine with a medium caramel, right?

I didn’t think the system would’ve changed this much in the long time that I haven’t been here.

Completely unrelated to our contest, I feel like I’ve aged.

I have seen now and then on the news that the number of attractions has increased, but for it to change this much, it’s almost like a separate amusement park.


The last time I came was hmm…before I started job hunting, about the point in life you’re in now.

During those days, there hadn’t been a reservation system, so in order to ride even one more, the guys from my circle would get off immediately and race towards the next attraction.

There’s still quite a lot of time until our next reservation, right?

Shall we ride the rides we discuss, look at souvenirs or whimsically search for their mascot?


Hmm? Is there something over there?

Oh? There’re strap engraving services now too. Wouldn’t that be nice as a commemoration?

You already decided on the etching?

Our names…? Isn’t that embarrassing?

I’m not saying we can’t, but we’re still in a trial period.


Hmm? Oh, Mr. Yasuda, what a coincidence. You wouldn’t have…come here alone, right? Where’s your family?

I see. Good work there.

As for me…

That was the plan. My niece wanted to see the current show that’s running no matter what, so I’m attending to her.

Oh, aren’t those people waving their hands, your family, Mr. Yasuda?

Yes. See you again at work on Monday.


As expected of the number 1 most popular amusement park. With this many guests, there ought to be one or two acquaintances here.

Sorry, when they asked whether you were my relative so confidently, it’s hard to deny, right? At the end of the day, we’re prospects in the midst of a trial and not lovers.

Like I thought, we don’t seem like a couple.

For example, if it were another student, they would have more things in common with you than I do, no?

At the very least, you wouldn’t be mistaken for a relative during a date.


Aren’t there better people around you? Such as the people at your part-time job.

I believe it’s about time you made a decision on what’s right.

Since going out together normally was fun, our view’s slanted, so now’s the time.


Why are you making that expression?

For your sake I-

I’m sorry, everything just now was a lie. It’s my loss, so I’m begging you, please don’t leave for another man.


Track 8: Night of Quick Intimacy


I’m sorry, I dragged you all the way here, but let’s stop here for today. I’ll call a taxi once I’ve calmed down, so take that and-

Since we’re now lovers, there’ll be many other opportunities in the future.

I won’t be able to be gentle today so at another time we…


I wanted to be mature and composed for the first time, but that’s not happening.

Place your hand on my chest.

My heart is filled with the desire to etch the fact that you’re my lover onto this body.

I plan to restrain myself as much as possible with self-control, but I’m not confident I can. Are you fine with it despite that?


You have far more guts than I do.

I’ve always loved that part of you ever since we first met.


Let’s take this off first.


Later. I should have more self-control clothed.

Eh? Hey! Jeez, you’re so…

Just the shirt, alright? Let’s seriously leave the bottom for later. Okay?

Alright. Thank you.

On that note, where did you learn that seduction?


Despite trying to take the confession one step at a time… You’re such a naughty girl.

So it feels good when I lick your fingers.

Then I ought to lick them more so that you’re reminded of this when you look at your fingers tomorrow.


Your fingers are covered in my saliva.

Can you touch your own chest with these fingers?

Come on, this tip here. Imitate the way I’m teasing this one and use your wet fingers to tease your other breast.

Is it embarrassing to be seen playing with yourself?

Of course, it is.

You’re extremely lewd, yet cute right now.


It’s about time we ready this place to accept me.

Lift your hips a little.


You’re pretty wet.

With the way it feels, it should be alright to insert one more.

It doesn’t hurt, right?

I’m sorry, this big brother isn’t as composed as he seems.


Is this place your good spot?

I’m right.

When I move my fingers around, look, your insides wrap tightly around me. Shall I make you cum once with my fingers?

Jeez, why do you say things that destroy a person’s reason?

You’re so cute that I won’t be able to hold back.


Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to stop before it’s too much.

You’re fine with having me as your first, right?

Alright, this is it.


Hmm? What’s the matter? As you wanted, you still haven’t cum yet, right?

That’s why I told you that I might not be able to be gentle.


Relax a little more.

After stopping just before, was the stimulus too strong for your body? The moment I entered deep inside, it told me that you came by twitching.

Incredible. Your insides are hot and are sucking me in.

Have you taken that much of a liking to this?


To tell you the truth, there’s an oni inside of me. An oni who has always loved you.

With a day like today, I won’t be able to suppress that oni, and instead of being gentle, I’ll be driven by instinct.

But well, I love you so much that I won’t lose to the oni.

I wanted to spoil you rotten and take the backbone out of it, but…being greedy and being gentle is both me, so I’d be happy if you can accept either.


This place, you like this place deep inside, right?

I’ll grind against this place lots and make you feel more pleasure.


I’m cumming…let’s cum together.


Darn, I’m so happy right now.


Track 9: Fuji’s Memories ~Lies and Separation~


This is quite the airy room.

How does it feel to be thrown in a prison?

Regardless of the reason, I didn’t think the human villagers would treat you who was in touch with the onis with decency. However, with this, you’re the same as the onisーan existence loathed by the villagers.

Serves you right.


Hmm? Oh, this?

This is something I borrowed from the prison guards outside with brute force.


Heh. You’re worried about my wounds now?

As you can see, it still causes me some inconvenience. Nevertheless, I was able to deal with the prison guards myself, so I can at least take a single human woman on my shoulders and make a run for it.

Since you outright came to my residence, I had all the other onis escape.

If the aim was subjugation, you would’ve guided them to the settlement first, right?


Were you threatened? Or were you truly intent on betraying me?

With the way things are now, I don’t care which it is. We may have lost our place to live, but as long as we’re alive, we can rebuild it as many times as it takes.

I’m a man with tolerance as great as my stature.

By the time this wound heals, I’ll probably forget everything you said that day, so please come with me.

Let’s live together.


Kuh. We’ve been noticed. We have to get out of here quickly-

If we miss this chance now, I won’t be able to ever retrieve you, you know?

Is this…your reply?

Although it was brief, I couldn’t just leave a woman whom I exchanged feelings with and escape on my own, but I guess it was a fool’s errand.

See ya then, human woman.

I don’t want to see you again, but as gratitude for saving my tribe, I pray that you can live with full pride as a human.


Track 10: Revolving Love


No, don’t leave…!!!


Thank god, we’re still together.

Oh, sorry, I was half-sleep. Is something the matter?

I see. You were comforting me.

Of course, it wasn’t a nice dream. It was at the part that marked where I, the oni, and you, my lover, part.

It’s probably because I mentioned onis earlier.


I’m so sorry.


Let’s see. It’s for teasing you so much earlier, being unreasonably jealous, things before that, and things way before that.

It’s an apology for all of that together.

I just wanted to say it, but when you accept it so wholeheartedly, it worries me more instead.


We took a really roundabout way, but I think everything up until now was necessary so that we could once again meet by chance like this.

I love you. I’ll never let go of this hand ever again.

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    Hahaha I really love this series. I’m always such a sucker for these reincarnation themes. When I read the first volume from another blog, I was hoping I could also read the others. So thank you thank you for thiiis!! ❤️


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