【Translation】 Babubabu Honpo 2 Veteran Papa Hen


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

ばぶばぶ本舗2 ベテランパパ編

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Hello, Little Baby


I’m home.


Oh, you were playing with your toy.

There, there. Good girl.

Wow! You’ve gotten so much better at crawling. Were you practicing when Papa wasn’t here?

That’s amazing. Good job. Well done.

Ah, no hugs just yet. I have to wash my hands, rinse my mouth and change first.

Even if you make that face, it’s not happening. Colds spread that way, you know? And it’ll be bad if it gets passed onto you whom I treasure.

I’ll be done in a jiffy, so please wait for a bit.


Sorry to keep you waitin-

Ah! Hey, you can’t be throwing your toy.

Hey! Bad!

Hmm…I bought some presents thinking that you’ve been a well-behaved child, but if you’re going to misbehave like that, I guess you’re not having this.

Yes, that’s right, they’re your favorite biscuits.

Do you want them?

Oh, but you didn’t listen to me earlier. What should I do I wonder~


Then can you promise me that you won’t throw your toys anymore?

Good answer.

Let’s have them after we eat dinner and your little belly is a little less full then.

Eh? You want to eat them now?

Oh, but it’s almost time for dinner. Are you so hungry that you can’t wait?

I guess it can’t be helped. Just a little, okay?


Ah! Opening it is still impossible for you. It’ll be bad if you hurt your hands, so Papa here will open it for you.

Just a moment.

Okay. Here you go.

Eat it slowly, okay?


Is it tasty?

Haha! You love biscuits, after all.

Hmm? You’re giving Papa one?

Oh, thank you. You’re so considerate. Papa’s really happy that you’ve been raised into a kind child.

You’ll feed it to me?

Alright. Aah…

That’s not my mouth, that’s my cheek.

You’re such a mischievous child. Papa’s mouth is here.

Yes, here. Alright, so… Aah.


It tastes good. Baby biscuits are simple yet surprisingly delicious.

Hmm? You want one more?

Oh, but you won’t have room for dinner.

I can’t say no when you ask me so cutely. If you can promise me that you’ll finish your dinner, I’ll give you one more. So what do you plan to do? Will you make the promise?

Yes, good answer.

Just for today, alright? This is a special expectation, okay?

Okay, here you go.


Does it taste good?

Ah. If you gobble it down in a rush, it’ll get caught in your throat.

Yup, yup, slowly.

How cute.

When I see you eating away so happily, it makes me forget all the bad things. So when you urge me, I end up wanting to give you a little more, just one more, but…I ought to have more self-control, don’t I?

Whenever you eat sweets, you barely eat dinner. Having nutritional imbalance is not a good thing, after all.


Nutritional balance is something that’s important.

They say that the human body is made up of things they’ve eaten in the past 6 months. Your lovely hair, your fine skin, and your cute lips are all made of things you’ve eaten during the past 6 months.


For the sake of maintaining this beautiful body, you can’t just eat sweets, you have to eat something proper to balance it out.

Was that too complicated for you?

I’ll tell you again when you get older.

Ah! There’re biscuit crumbs stuck to your mouth. Papa will get it off for you, so please stay still.


There, it’s off.

You want a little smooch?


You can’t smooch other men, okay?

M-m. Even if they say “let’s do it”, you have to refuse them properly. A smooth on the lips has to be with someone you like. Understand?

Good girl.


Eh? One more?

Do you like Papa?

I see. Papa loves you too.


Track 2: Papa’s Boobies


Now then, it’s about time for your milk. I’ll make it right away, so please wait for a bit.

Hmm? You feel lonely?

A hug?

Sure. There, there.

I’ll go make the milk then. Do you think you’ll be able to wait?

I’ll be back before you know it, so it’ll be fine.


Hmm…how about a bunny doll?

Wola! You love this bunny, right?

Good girl. Now please wait a little bit with dear Bunny here, oaky?


The temperature is…

Yup, exactly body temperature.

Alright, I’m done.


Sorry to keep you waiting, I’ve finished making your delicious milk. Were you a good girl while you were with dear Bunny here?


You put Babbit to sleep?

Good job. Well done.

Bunny is sound asleep, aren’t they? Were you copying Papa?

How cute.

Then, how about we have dinner while Bunny is sleeping?


Good answer. Now come on Papa’s lap.

Okay, say “ah.” Ah.


Is it tasty?

Drink it slowly.

It’s spilling. I’ll wipe it up for you, so stay still.

Okay, that’s good. Alright, say “ah” again. Ah.


Hmm? What’s wrong? Say “ah” and put it in your mouth.

Oh, is your belly full already?

It’s all because you ate two biscuits. This is why I told you that you won’t have room for dinner.

Don’t cry. I’m not angry, it’s just that you have to get balanced nutrition; otherwise, you’ll have problems popping up all over your body once you become an adult. So you have to be careful not to eat too many sweets next time, okay?

Hmm, you’re sad now. I see. I see. There, there.


Hmm? Boobies?

You want breast milk, not formula?

But Papa’s a man so no milk will come out. Do you just want something in your mouth? How about I bring over a pacifier?

You’re fine with Papa’s boobies?

Alright. Today’s special, okay?


You’re happy?

I see. Then come down a little and wait for a bit.

Okay. Go ahead, come on Papa’s lap.

Do you like Papa’s boobies?

That’s why I told you, Papa’s a man, so no matter how much you suck on it, no milk will come out.


Are you hungry? Would you like to drink some milk?

You’re fine with Papa’s boobies?

You’re a troublesome girl, aren’t you?

You can’t be licking with your tongue, you know? Where did you learn such a lewd way of sucking it?

Why are you looking so worried?

Oh, it doesn’t hurt. Were you worried about me?

Thank you. You’re such a considerate child, but Papa’s alright, so don’t worry about anything and just suck on Papa’s boobies as much as you’d like.


It’s fine to suck on them, but the way you use your tongue is pretty indecent. Are you always sucking on your thumb that way?

You mustn’t bite them.

Since you’re starting to grow teeth, were your gums itching?

Hmm? Oh, that was nothing. It’s just a bit swollen, so don’t worry about it.

Ah! That place…

Are you bothered by that?

You’re right, it is pressing against your body, but if you were to do that, it’ll become more concerning.


Hmm? You want to suck the other boobie?

Sure. Come.

You’re sucking on it like that again…

Are you satisfied?

That’s good to hear.


Track 3: Bath


You’ve got enough of the boobies?

Papa will put on his clothes then.

You can’t be poking that place. I’ll gobble up that naughty hand that’s been doing bad things.

Nom, nom, nom.

Alright, I’ve got the apron back on.


Hmm? Why are you grumbling?

Oh, the milk that spilled earlier has soaked all the way to your underwear. That must feel unpleasant, right? I’m sorry that I took so long to notice.

There, there. There, there. There, there, you don’t have to cry. You’ll be clean in a bit.

I got an idea!

You’ve sweat too, so although it’s a bit early, how about we take a bath?

Mhm. You love baths, don’t you? Even though you’re so small, you’re still a girl. Though, it must feel bad to remain like this while I’m preparing the bath, so let’s take things off.

Alright, let’s undo the buttons…


Hey, hey! Don’t move. If you start a ruckus, you’ll wake up Bunny.

It’ll be quick, so bear with it.

Wrap you up in a towel…

You’re not cold, right?

Yup, you seem fine. Now then, let’s head over to the bathroom and get clean.

Alright, let me hold you.

Oh, you’re happy when I carry you? That’s great.


Okay! We’ve arrived.

I added some aroma oils so that you can relax. It’s a wonderfully sweet scent, don’t you think?

It’s Ylang-ylang oil.

It has the effect of calming your mind and making you relax. Also, they say that it boosts the secretion of female hormones too.


Alright. Sit down here.

I guess a little baby still won’t know yet. Papa will undress too, so sit there and wait.


There we go. Sorry to keep you waiting.

I’ll pour it on you steadily and get your body used to it so that it doesn’t startle you.

Okay, we’re done. Alright, grab onto Papa and let get in together.


How’s the temperature of the bath?

That’s a relief. Let’s warm you up fully. And once you’re nice and warm, your circulation gets better and any swelling lessens.

In addition to bathing, they say that diets are effective too. Though I guess dieting is still too early for you.

I wonder if you’re going to start saying “I’m fat so I don’t need to eat” because of that.

I’ll sure you’ll grow up to be a beautiful girl. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m sure tons of men will approach you, but don’t get caught up with bad men, alright? Promise?


I guess you don’t understand.

Your cheeks are red. Have you warmed up, I wonder?

Good answer.

Alright, it’s about time we got out and wash our bodies.


Okay. Sit down here.

There we go. You’re such a well-behaved child. I’ll use a hair net and lather you in baby soap.

Hmm? You’re right, it’s all fluffy. It’s almost like cotton candy.

Then let’s clean with this fluffy foam, alright?

Mhm, your skin’s soft and delicate, so I’ll wash you directly with my hands.

I’ll thoroughly clean this neck since it gets sweaty easily. And also the breasts that got milk spilled on them earlier.


Your nipples are delicate, so…

You’ve perked them up so that they’re easier to clean?

You’re so considerate. Let’s wash everything carefully then.

Hmm? Does it tickle?

But I have to clean it properly, so bear with it. Please leave it to Papa.


Alright, next is your stomach.

Hmm? This place tickles too…? You’re so ticklish, aren’t you?

Next is your arms.

Eh? Your arms feel good? Is that so?

And then your shoulders…


Does it feel good?

Oh, really?

Then let’s wash your most precious place.

Spread your legs. This place is extremely delicate, so I’ll do it gently with my fingers and all the more so with the soft spots as though I’m tracing them.

It tickles?

Bear with it.

It’ll hurt if the foam gets inside through the spaces between the crevices. Let’s be careful not to get anything inside.

And this puff up this place too. Gently.


This place is particularly ticklish? Well, it is a sensitive place, but bear with it. Let’s make it clean.

If you endure the ticklishness, it’ll start feeling good.

See? It’s feeling better, right?

Hmm? It’s scary?

Don’t worry. A bath is a place where you release a day’s worth of fatigue and relax, right? So feeling good is an extremely good thing.

And so, don’t worry about it and just let yourself feel good.


Okay, let’s wash your butt too.

Your feet and between your toes…

Alright. You did well. Good girl. Finally, let’s rinse it all clean. Let’s rinse you properly so that we don’t leave any soap behind.


Okay! We’re done.

You were such a good girl. Well done. Let’s wipe your body and apply baby lotion on it over on the other side so that it doesn’t get chapped.

Alright. Let’s dry you thoroughly so that you don’t catch a cold.

And then, so that you don’t get cold, let’s wrap you in a new towel.


There we go. We’re done.

Grab onto Papa and let’s get you over to the other room. Okay?


Alright, now flop down here.

Flop. Well done.

Now let’s moisturize you with baby lotion.

Should I apply it from top to bottom? I’ll apply it moderately to your easily sweaty neck and armpits and tons onto your easily dry elbows.

On your belly too…

And also your cute butt. And legs. And then a bunch onto your heels and knees.

They’re rubbed against a lot while you’re crawling, so I have to be careful with your knees.


Okay, I’m finished. Is there any place where I haven’t applied enough?

It seems alright?

In that case, let’s get you dressed so that you don’t get cold.

Let’s put on your nappy.


Okay. There we go. All that’s left is for us to put on your clothes, so keep at it for a little longer.

Ah! Hey, hey, you can’t be moving around. Right?

The buttons on the back. Three. Two. One.

Alright, we’re done.

You’re so well-behaved. There, there. There, there. There, there. Since you ate biscuits, let’s brush your teeth so that you don’t get cavities.


Hmm? You don’t want to?

But let’s do our best to brush them. Cavities hurt a lot, you know? You don’t want that to happen, right?

You don’t have to rinse your mouth, let’s brush it with toothpaste.

Come on, open your mouth. Say “ah.”

Well done.

It’ll be done in a jiffy, so stay still.


It has a nice taste?

It is orange-flavored, after all. Make sure to get right into the corners.

Hmm? You don’t like that?

Bear with it a little longer.

Yes, well done. There’s just the other side left, so just a bit more.


Alright, we’re done. You did great!

There, there.


Track 4: Massage


Your eyes are dazed. Are you sleepy?

Oh, I see. You’re sleepy.

Your belly’s full and you’re refreshed from the bath, it’s a bit early, but let’s sleep.

You don’t want to? But aren’t you sleepy?

Oh, you’re sleepy, but you don’t want to sleep just yet. In that case, let’s play.


Alright. What should we play then?

Shall we play with toys?

Then leave the toys there and let’s play together.

Okay, come here.


You’ve gotten really good at crawling, haven’t you? If you continue going at it a bit more, you might be able to stand with help.

Hmm? Standing with help means you’re walking while grabbing onto something.

One day you’ll be able to walk upright without holding onto anything like Papa.

You don’t want to? You’d rather crawl?

I see. Papa wants you to always remain a little baby who can only crawl too. That way, I can always be by your side to protect you.

Oh, what am I saying? Please forget what I said just now.


Haha. I guess you didn’t understand.

That said, Papa is always praying for your happiness. You’re Papa’s precious little baby, after all.

Now then, what toys shall we play with?

Oh, it’s hard to see them like this, right? So let’s bring them all out.

You couldn’t wait?

I guess it’s faster to bring them all out and slowly put them back. Now then, that’s enough. Look, this is all of them. What would you like?


Hmm? Oh, the cat puppet. It’s been a long time since we last played with it.

Well then, how about we have a little chat with the little kitty here? I’ll wake them up right now, so wait just a bit.

Little kitty, wake up. Please wake up. Little baby here said that they wanted to talk to you.



“Good evening. It’s been a while, have you been well?”

“That’s great to hear, I’ve been well too. I’ve been wanting to see you, so I’m happy that you came to visit me. So, what did you do today?”

“Oh? You took a bath with Papa”

“How nice. I wish I could’ve been in there too”

“Eh? You don’t want that? But why?”

“You don’t want to if it’s no Papa? Between me and Papa, who do you like better?”

“I see, so you love Papa”

“It’s a secret, but Papa said that they loved you more than anything in the world too”

“Mhm. Then let’s play again some time. Bye-bye!”


Little kitty went back into the toy box, didn’t they? Were you able to have a nice chat?

Oh, I see. That’s great!

Little kitty didn’t talk to you about the secret I had them keep?

They did? …How embarrassing.

Yes, I heard how you didn’t want to take a bath with anyone but Papa. Was that supposed to be a secret?

What a loose-lipped kitty. Papa will scold them next time.


Hmm? I mustn’t get angry?

You’re such a kind child. You don’t need to cry, I won’t get angry at a good girl.

Now then, what should we play with next?

Oh, you want to play ball?

Pass it to me.

Thank you.

Alright. Papa will throw it, so can you crawl over and grab it?


Okay, I’m throwing it.


Oh. Yes, yes, yes, keep going!!!

You got it. Amazing, well done! Now, throw it to Papa this time.

Are you able to do it?

That’s right! You’re good.

I’ll throw it to you now. I wonder if you can fetch it this time?


Wow. You’re doing great, you’re doing great.

Can you throw it back to me again?

Hmm? What’s wrong? Are you tired? Well?

Then did something happen? Did you get a boo-boo?

Ah! It’s a bit strained. Your legs too?

You’re right, your legs are swollen. It seemed like you were practicing crawling a lot while Papa wasn’t here so that exhaustion might’ve been building up.

It’s about time we finish playing with toys and get you an oil massage.


Yup. Papa will clean up later, so it’s fine. So, come on, let’s head over to the bed.

Papa will carry you there, alright?


Okay, we’ve arrived.

Now then, I’ll undress you, so stay still.

Let’s take off your diaper too.

Alright. I’ll start by massaging your backside, so lie down.


Good job. There, there.

I’ll start then.

First I’ll spread the oil from your shoulders to your back.

Is it not cold?

That’s a relief. Please tell me right away if it hurts.


How’s this amount of pressure? Does it hurt?

I’ll start from there then.

Oh, your shoulders are stiff. It’s proof that you’ve been working hard.

It must’ve been hard, right? Papa will return it to normal.

When your shoulders are tired, it goes harder to breathe and even your head might start hurting, so I have to loosen them up properly.

That said, I can’t massage them too much.

Even if it feels good more, it’ll end up hurting more later.


Some say that it hurts because there are toxins being expelling, but in situations like that, it doesn’t just hurt, your body might also be a bit sluggish or you might feel sleepy.

It hurts because your muscles are damaged and inflamed.

Hmm? You don’t understand?

Of course, you are a little baby, after all. I’ll tell you again when you get older.


It’s gotten much softer.

Next, I’ll massage your back.

Your shoulder blade area is particularly stiff.

Does it feel good?

If we left it as is, it’ll become chronic, so I have to loosen it up before that happens. I’ll gently massage the arms that worked hard to crawl too.

Pour out the oil…


Does it tickle when I go under your armpits?

But there’re lymph nodes here, so it’s easy to collect toxins here. Please bear with it for a bit.

Here we go. Well done.

Doesn’t it feel better when it’s numbingly warm?

Mhm. Then let’s pour some oil on your cute butt too. You’re always sitting on it, so it’s probably worn-out. Let’s massage it nice and good.


It’s soft, it’s bouncy, and it has a nice shape. Is it because you’re always crawling?

Oh, your skin’s slowly turning rosier.

Your blood flow’s better, so is it feeling nice and warm?

Let’s massage your thighs and calves too.

This place is particularly tight and there’s swelling too. They say that the part of the body that swells the easiest are the legs.

It’s far from the heart, so it’s easier to get poor circulation there. Also, it has to do with how gravity makes it easier for water to pool there.


It’s complicated, so you don’t understand, right? But don’t worry, you don’t have to think about anything, just relax and let yourself feel good.

Mhm. It’s tough when it’s swollen, right?

I’ll massage it gently and make it better.

It’s slowly becoming softer…


Alright, it’s a lot better.

Is it a little more comfortable now?

I see.

I’ll massage the front next then. Can you flip around for me?


Well done. I’ll start by massaging the chest. I’ll massage it extra gently.


There’s fatigue built up, so I’ll loosen it up properly.

When you improve circulation here, it’ll become more elastic, and it’ll increase your bust. But that’s still early for you, isn’t it?

Look, it’s slowly becoming warmer, right?

Oh, this place has perked up and gotten hard. Looks like it’s pretty stiff.

When I knead them with my fingers, they get even harder.

Can you tell?

I can’t quite unravel them…


Oh, right, do you know about cupping?

Of course you don’t know.

You take a cup made out of glass and place it on the place that’s stiff. When you remove the air from there, the cup clings tightly onto the skin.

Just like that, blood gets congested there, and after a while, it gets removed and your circulation is improved.

And that’s what cupping is.

That might be good for you right now. We don’t have the tools right now, so Papa will use his mouth to cup you.

It’s a delicate place, so I’ll be gentle.


Does it feel good?

When I do this, that painful stiffness gets better, right?

I’ll suck on this other stiff place.

Oh, it’s really stiff. I have to suck it hard.


Does it feel a lot better now?

That’s great.

Then next up is the base of your foot.

Pour out the oil…

I’ll rub it so that the lymph gets flowing. When you’re sitting, it easily piles here.

See? It feels good when I rub it like this and get the lymph flowing, right?


Hmm? Why are you restless?

Oh, your precious place is aching?

Don’t worry, it’s alright, it’s proof that you’re being fully detoxed. Let’s leave that for last and give it a thorough massage.


Alright. I think most of it is flowing.

Since I just massaged the base of your foot, let’s do the front this time. I’ll spread the oil on it, okay?

The good feeling is different when I massage the top, right?

The accumulated lymph is flowing, so it looks more slender than before. And it feels softer to the touch I think.

Does it feel better?

That’s great. Seeing you happy makes Papa the happiest.


Hmm? What’s wrong?

Your precious place is suffering? You can’t wait?

I got it.

Let’s massage this place thoroughly too.


Track 5: Plenty of Requests


Alright. Can you spread your legs nice and wide?

Well done. There, there.

Oh, it’s already this wet.

Don’t look so worried, Papa knows full well that it’s not pee. You were so worried that you cried, right?

I know. Crying is detoxing for the heart, so it’s alright to continue crying, Papa will lick it all up.

There, there.

Let’s massage this place too then.

Loosen up your body and relax.

Since it doesn’t seem like you need the oil, so how about I massage you with my fingers as is?


First, let’s gently stroke this perky place up and down.

Hmm? It feels good?

Your tears are spilling again.

There, there. Let’s make you feel better. Up and down. Gently. Extra Gently.

Caressing it is a cute feeling, right?

In that case, I’ll massage this swollen part, your most sensitive place, then.


How’s that? Does it feel good?

That’s good to hear.

Look like this swollen part is pretty stiff. Papa will gently cup this place with his lips too.

Oh, but your nipples are still stiff, so let’s massage them both.


This other nipple too.


I’ve sucked them a lot.

Oh, you’ve cried so much again. Papa will wipe you up cleanly.

Hmm? You feel like you’ll cry more?

It’s fine, cry lots, Papa will watch over you.


You’ve cried a lot, haven’t you?

Hmm? Your mouth feels empty?

Your pacifier is in the room, so make do with Papa’s kisses for now.


Where did you learn to kiss with tongue?

You’re such a naughty girl.

Then let’s see if there’re any more tears left inside. Papa will insert his finger inside, so please tell me right away if it hurts.

Good answer.

I’ll put it in then.


Are you alright?

That’s a relief. Make sure to tell Papa even if it hurts only a little, okay?

Oh, looks like there’re still tears left inside. I wonder if they’re stuck there and can’t quite get out?

Don’t worry, it’ll be alright. They’ll surely come out once I massage you with my fingers.


Huh? That swollen part is still a bit stiff.

Let’s massage this place as well then.


Your insides are twitching and there’re tears pouring out.

I’ve found the place where it gets blocked. It’s this firm part inside you here. Look, when I stroke it, your hips start trembling, no?

It’s squeezing tightly around my fingers.

If I remove this blockage, I’m sure plenty of tears will start flooding out.


Your insides are squeezing harder.

I’ll remove the blockage in a bit.


Did that feel good?

Looks like we got rid of the build-up. That said, it appears that there’s still some deep inside.

I can’t reach it with my fingers.

If it’s Papa’s ‘that’, it might be able to reach it, but is that alright with you?

Then let’s massage you with this.


Hmm? Your mouth still feels empty? How about I grab your pacifier?

Eh? You’re fine with Papa’s ‘that’?

Sure, of course, Papa’s entire body belongs to you.

Let’s put a cover on you so that you don’t get your mouth dirty.

You don’t want a cover?

Papa doesn’t mind, but you might get your mouth dirty, you know? Are you alright with that?

Is that so? It might get stuck in your throat if you’re laying sprawled out, so let’s get you up and let you suck it that way.


Do you think you can get up?

You got up! Good job.

Papa will stretch out his legs and sit down like this, and you, little baby, can face down and suck on Papa’s binky as much as you want.


The way you suck is so indecent.

Are you always have your mouth on your pacifiers like this?

Ah, that place…

No, it’s fine. You can touch it however you like.

It feels nice to stroke it?

The way you’re sucking it with all your might is…cute. Do you like Papa’s binky? Your warm tongue is wrapping around it and it feels really good.


Little baby, you’re really good at blowing.

Papa’s about to release his milk. At this rate, it’s going to pump into your mouth, so can you take your mouth off of it?

Hmm? You don’t want to? …But your belly’s full, no?

I’m cumming into your mouth.

You want to gulp some milk?

Were you hungry?

I get it, I’ll release my milk then.


I released-

Oh, you already drank it? Was Papa’s milk delicious?

I see, that’s good to hear.

Let’s continue the massage then. I’ll go put on a cover right now.


Hmm? You want to do it while hugging?

I see, then I’ll massage you while holding you in my arms.

Come here.

Papa will get in place.

Can you slowly lower your hips?

Well done. Good girl.


It’s all in. It doesn’t hurt, right?

That’s a relief.

I’ll massage you thoroughly. Please tell Papa right away if it hurts.


It’s hitting really deep, are you alright?

It feels good?

That’s great to hear.

Well? Can you tell by sounds? The blockage is gone and your tears are pouring out non-stop.

Let it all out. And once you clear your body, you’ll be able to do your best tomorrow.



Sure, of course. Papa will massage you as he smooches you.


Are you holding back your cries?

There’s no need for you to hold back. A little baby’s job is a cry.

Even if you suppress your voice when you’re with someone else, you don’t have to do that with Papa.

I’m little baby’s Papa, after all.


Yes. Yes, that’s good.

Good job.

See? You feel even better from the massage when you let out your voice, right?


Your insides are tightening…

It seems like we’ll be getting rid of the build-up soon.


It looks like we got rid of the build-up.

I’m glad.

I’ll get rid of the last bit of tears, so bear with it for a little longer.


I scooped out all the tears left deep inside.

You worked hard. Well done.

I’ll bring a new hot towel, so wait here like a good girl.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

I’ll wipe all the oil off. I’ll start by wiping your neck.

How’s the temperature of the towel?

Hmm, it seems alright.

Does it feel good?

Let’s wipe your chest clean. And this place that’s been shedding lots of tears, let’s clean it extra thoroughly.


You shredded tons of wet tears, didn’t you?

Hmm? Does it tickle?

But please bear with it a little longer.

Alright, you’re clean now.


The swelling’s entirely gone.

Whether things get rough, Papa will massage you at any time.

Hmm? You want to sleep?

You’re right. Let’s get in the futon and go sleepie.

Mhm. I’ll put on a diaper.


Okay, it’s done.

Let’s go sleepie now.


Track 6: Reading Out Loud


Hmm? What’s wrong? You were sleepy until just now, but your little eyes were blinking slightly.

Did you wake up, perhaps?

Oh, I see.

How about Papa read you a picture book until you fall asleep?

Haha. Let’s do that then.


Once upon a time, in a certain kingdom, a beautiful, kind young girl named Cinderella was living happily. But one day, she lost her mother…

You’re right, it’s sad, right?

Her father brought along a step-mother and two older step-sisters.

Cinderella was happy that her family has grown, but it so happens that the three of them were especially mean. The three of them forced harsh labor on her, made her sleep in a crude bed, and had her wear tattered clothing.

Cinderella’s heart was filled with sorrow.


You’ve got a point. Bullying someone is bad.

Whenever Cinderella was alone, she would reminisce about the happy days where her mother had been alive and cry.

Don’t make that face, it’s alright.

This picture book is a happy story about Cinderella, so even if it seems sad now, she’ll become super happy later.

I’ll continue reading then.


One day, the castle was announced to be hosting a ball and it so happens that it was for the sake of finding a princess consort​ for the prince, and her sisters had received written invitations.

The two sisters were in incredibly high spirits and ordered Cinderella to assist in the preparations.

After seeing off her beautifully dressed sisters and becoming alone, Cinderella covered her face with both her hands and cried in sadness.

“I wish I could wear a pretty dress and attend the ball too”


Huh? She fell asleep?

I couldn’t let you hear the happy part.

Good night. I hope you have a nice dream.


Whoa, it’s already this late. Time passed by in the blink of an eye.

Thank you for your business today.

Had it been a wonderful time for you?

Please designate me again the next time you come, and let’s read the rest of the picture book together.

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  1. Kiseki

    Yoooooo i thought this cd was about the mc being a mother with a newborn baby but track 2 title made me question a lot of things… Good job in translating track 1, Criy. I totally thought this was a wholesome cd till track 2 came along


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